Rob’s Birthday Blog Train ~ Day 4: Birthday Memories!

Welcome back, ladies!!

RobsFan~tasy and I are continuing our week long journey with our blogger friends to wish Rob a happy 26th birthday!

It’s my turn again and today’s theme is: Birthday Memories! I’ll be showing Rob some of the things I love that he’s done since his last birthday!!

{You’ll notice I’m having a problem following a specific timeline…Rob keeps goosing me LOL!}

Needless to say, everything Rob’s done this past year was memorable and I loved it ALL, especially his personal appearances!  He found a way to shock and amaze us every damn time LOL!

Remember the MTV Movie Awards on June 5th, 2011?  His famous speech to Reese?

*Gigglesnort! Oh, Rob!*

When he showed up at ComicCon on July 21st with lopsided hair? OMG! We’d all seen the results of his botched Cosmopolis haircut, but nobody expected him to KEEP it…not that it detracted in any way from his inate Hawtness LMAO!!

*See what I mean?*

Last year Rob amazed everyone with his poignant performance in Water for Elephants and we ALL fell in love with Jacob Jankowski…

*THUD!* *DED!!* *HOOR DOWN!!!*

I love that film more each time I watch it *sigh!*

This year, Rob awed us with his portrayal of Georges DuRoy in Bel Ami…

*By George, Rob WAS Georges!*

Who could forget the greatly anticipated release of Breaking Dawn, Part 1, where Edward and Bella FINALLY got all groiny with each other, and we got OUR release LOL?!

Rob went into drought mode for a couple of months between promo tours and we were all bouncing on our seats to see what his transformation from Grizzly Adams Rob to Promo Tour Rob would look like… then THIS photo from Paris  appeared and Goatee Rob literally blew us away!!!

*Puddle of goo!*

Of all the promos, and there were too many to cover here, his interview on Jimmy Kimmel forBD1 was epic Rob!  My favorite Rob quotes were“I’m a butt double for like a lot of different actors!” and, “I want there to be mayhem!” But, the BEST one was “Yeah, they [the fans] want to see thrusting, not probing!” Hell’n I’m gonna have to watch the “thrusting” part of that interview again…

Now, I ask you…how did he know that’s what we wanted to see if he WASN’T reading our blogs?  ROTFLMFAO!!!

Well, Rob has much more in store for us before his next birthday, such as the premier of Cosmopolis at Cannes on May 25th!  {NEXT WEEK *squeeee!*} The teaser trailer that exploded onto the internet back in March was, for me, the most memorable thing Rob has done this past year!

Oops!  I guess I shoulda told you this post was NSFW!

Happy Birthday, Rob darlin’!

Next stop…

12 Months of Rob

Thanks for riding this year’s Rob Birthday Blog Train!

Friday is *Pic Spam* day!  RobsFan~tasy’s will remind you tomorrow and steer you to the One and Only blog where all the photos will be posted. It’s not here on RA, so please be sure and follow the link to Robmusement!

Happy Thursday, ya’ll!


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17 responses to “Rob’s Birthday Blog Train ~ Day 4: Birthday Memories!

  1. itsjustme1217

    Such great memories!

  2. I was sooooo torn between the Rob F bomb and Bear for my TJA post and I went with Bear – so I’m really glad you girls included the MTV Awards! Those two moments tie for my favorite memories from last year. I think all of us 12 Month girls were watching it together via Skype (right girls?) and were like, did Rob just say what I thought he just said? Love that he beat the censor on that one!!!! Just another reason why we love you Rob!!!

    • rita01tx

      *gigglesnort!* Oh, he was on a roll that night, wasn’t he? I’ll go over and see your Bear story when I get home from work!
      Before I forget, I apologize now for failing to comment, but when I try, I get asked how I want to login and WP says Rita01tx isn’t my identity, or some shit! Pisses me off cause it’s the only account I have (I think)…at least the only one I use every day LOL!

  3. bellatesoro

    Oh his pouty lips. I could just suck on them. Great post!

    • rita01tx

      Rob’s lips are worthy of epic poetry! I wonder if he’s even aware that doing that pouty thing kills us all DED!!

  4. Sus

    Oh, hell….I love them all! Also, during the J. Kimmel show, Rob said something about “just the tip” and put his hand over his mouth cuz his parents were in the audience. Love me an unfiltered Rob!

    Can’t wait to see “Cosmopolis”, but we here in the U.S. still don’t have a release date! Maybe after a successful run @ Cannes, we will get one! I would encourage all you hoors to read the book before you see it. It has so many WTF moments, that it is sometimes hard to follow!

    Wonder if Rob’s still in London while Kristen is galavanting all over Europe for SWATH? Miss his pretty face!


    • rita01tx

      If he is with Kristen, there have been no ninja sightings (yet). Wherever he is, I hope he’s enjoying himself…no one deserves it more!!
      Just a few more day until Rob is unleased on Cannes again! It’s gonna be AWESOME! I have my spank bank folders all set up to catch the goodies LMAO!

  5. I gotta say Goatee Rob Floored my add big time and I usually HATE goatees. F-Bomb Rob shocked me and made me Giggle and hearing him say Beah was swoon worthy! Oh that english accent in that velvet voice… *falls in gutter* All I can say is MORE PLEASE!!!

  6. naughtyhisbella

    Mmmmm…Goatee Rob. So fine.
    You Rob Attack ladies are so fantastic! Beyond words!!!
    These are awesome memories!

  7. omg I loved goatee Rob and all the pics in this post are panty poofing! How on earth does he look so fuckhawt without even trying?

    • rita01tx

      We’ve been asking ourselves that very question for YEARS, TeamRob darlin’! LMAO!! He just IS…he can’t help it! The fact that fuckhawtness comes naturally to him just makes him that much more adorable to us!
      And it just keeps gettin’ BETTER! I swear, I don’t know how we survive him…it’s hard (twss), but SO worth it *le sigh!*

  8. You kind of lost me after “Sex Face Alert”… I might’ve fainted after that…

    • rita01tx

      I don’t know who made that gif, Bleriana darlin’, but they deserve some kind of award for that shit LOL!!!

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