Sensual Sunday ~ The Birthday Hangover!


Good afternoon, ladies!

Well, after a whole week of partying with our friends to celebrate Rob’s 26th birthday, I didn’t know if I’d even have the energy to  get out of bed this morning!

Hell’n I wonder if Rob survived his own birthday bash! Let’s go find out, shall we?

Knock, knock!! {cracks open Rob’s bedroom door} *Shhhhhh!*


*Whispers* Awwww, he’s still asleep! Just look at him…precious angel! But, not for long…

ROB! Wake up! You got company!!

Zzz…wha…? Rita? What the fuck?

Open them pretty eyes, baby!

Damnit, woman! It’s the ass crack of dawn…what’re you doing here?

You’re in my time zone, darlin’, and it’s way past NOON! I just came by to see how you was feelin’!

Like Hell, if you must know…can’t I just go back to sleep?

Anythin’ I can do to make you feel better, angel? Breakfast in bed, maybe?

*Groan!* God, Rita! Don’t even mention food to me right now!

Well, come on down to the kitchen, then, and I’ll make you some coffee…how’s that sound?

Strong and black, if you don’t mind, thanks!

Sure thing, baby! Comin’ right up!

Owww, my head is killing me!

You want a couple aspirin for your headache, darlin’?

You got some? Yeah, that’d be great…you’re a star, Rita!

No problem, hon! You startin’ to feel a little bit better?

Umm, yeah, thanks.  Rita? I appreciate all your help, but I really need to get my ass in gear!

*Gigglesnort!* You goin’ out lookin’ like that?  What WILL the neighbors think? BWAHAHAHA!

Huh? Aw, hell, Rita!

Have a good day, Rob! Laters BB! MWAH!!!

*Pssst!* Ladies! Don’t tell Rita, but her coffee sucks ass! Had to find a Starbucks FAST!!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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10 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ The Birthday Hangover!

  1. coffee sucks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bwahahahahaha

    • rita01tx

      Hi Anastasia darlin’! Actually, my coffee does suck LOL! I don’t drink it myself, so I have no idea how to make a good cup. My DH goes out for his LMAO!!!

  2. Sus

    Great job, Rita….our boy is looking a little rough, but sexy-hawt as always!

  3. rita01tx

    Just a little Sunday giggle, Sus darlin’! Awake or asleep, Rob always looks sexy-hawt. Check out this photo I snagged off Melbie’s tumblr…it’s Rob asleep on the set of The Summer House:
    Even in his sleep, he’s irressistible!!

  4. BWAHHHAHAHH Love the post Rita but BB what’s wrong with you????? You had Rob, alone, in bed, (and I knows you have handcuffs *snickers*) and you wake him up and send him off to work???? Bad hOOr Bad! LMAO!!!

    • rita01tx

      Oh, I thought about it alright! But, bad as I’d just luuuv to jump that man’s bone(r)s, I ain’t the one that he wants BB!

  5. edwardsvamptramp69

    Rita, your convo’s with Rob just kill me! How do you find the time and creativity to find just the PERFECT pics?? I love the way your pervy mind thinks. But RobsFan-tasy is right…………..Bad h00r, Bad for not jumping on top of him! 😉

    • rita01tx

      EVT darlin’! I surprise my own self sometimes LOL! And like I told RF, that morning wood wasn’t meant for me…but I did peek when he threw back the covers to ge up LMAO!! And don’t I WISH it was for ME!!

  6. exaltada

    And, in the starbucks, he meets me! Here, I live very near an Starbucks! I can bring you anything, anything you want, bb (*sounds desperate*). LOL, Rita, Wow and Wow. I always say the same thing… my English is poor to describe how I love your posts. Great job, and thanks!

    • rita01tx

      LOL! Oh, exaltada darlin’! What you lack in English (which ain’t much, by the way…you do real good!), you more than make up for with your enthusiasm!! I always love seeing your comments BB! MWAH!!

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