FanFiction Fridays – Recs for May 25/12

Happy Friday everyone, it’s absolutely beautiful here today, too nice to be inside reading fics, but ya know… when you’re a fanfic h00r, you gotta own it, right? lol So, this week I have a jam-packed post for you, including two excellent WIPs recs for your reading pleasure, a Docward and a CEOward, both stories have been owning me lately, and also, I will recap a previously rec’d WIP that is now complete. <—- for you eewee333! MUAH!

My first rec this week is a romantic Docward fic called Accidentally in Love by Missus Tand I must say I was intrigued right from the beginning, definitely wanting more, and I read all five well-written chapters in one sitting.

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Summary for Accidentally in Love: “A personal ad for a fake fiancée leads to something they never expected. Two lonely souls discover that faking it might be the best thing that ever happened to them. ExB AH

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 6 – Words: 24,001 – Reviews: 419 – Updated: 5-15-12 – Published: 1-27-12 – Edward & Bella”

It’s a very interesting and unique plotline premise that came from a one shot idea, and in an A/N Missus T says, “This was originally posted with the title From Sea to Shining Sea and was my entry in the Twilight of Craigslist One-Shot Contest (Part II). I followed the July 4th Party Weekend prompt by ShinyVolvoLurver – which you should read cuz it’s freakin’ hysterical – it can be found here –  I didn’t win anything, but the prompt was fun and I like how this o/s kicks off a fun story. I’m going to continue this..”

And, Missus T has continued it, and IMHO, done a fabulous job too. We now have six chapters, updating every two weeks, every Tuesday, and so worth the wait. The story is based on how Edward gets himself into a hell of a bind when he tells his meddling mother that he has a fiancée, when in fact he isn’t even dating, just so she will leave him alone and stop trying to set him up on dates. It seems to me that a lot of things played into Edward faking a fiancée, that he felt lonely, guilty, pressured by his mother, and exhausted from being an overworked young doctor, and it all got to him causing him to lie. But, now he is going home to New York from Seattle for the July 4th weekend and he has to produce this imaginary fiancée, so he puts out a drunken ad in Craigslist, and this is how, in chapter 1, Bella Swan responds to his ad and comes to find and help Edward Cullen, MD…

From: IdealFakeFiance (at) craigslist (dot) org

To: FutureHusband (at) craigslist (dot) org

Re: Fake fiancée needed for weekend in the Hamptons. Cash reward. (Seattle)

Dear FutureHusband:

Wow, it feels totally weird to call you that. LOL

I’m responding to your ad because I think we may be able to help each other out. I’ve always wanted to see the East Coast and the Atlantic, but I haven’t made it past the Mississippi River in my travels.

I have to admit that your requirements seem very specific, but I think I meet most, if not all, of them. I’m a brunette, a non-drug user, and casual drinker. I’m a teacher, so I have the summer off and would be available to travel with you. My father is a cop, so I can relate to your brother on the force. I’m not sure how I feel about your sister dressing me up like a Barbie, but I’m pretty low maintenance so fashion advice is always welcome. My roommate says that I’m shy (I would disagree and say that I’m just contemplative) and that I am a strong eight in the looks department (she says I have to explain that I’m petite and short or she’d score me higher. I have no idea what that means, I’d be a ten if I was taller and fatter? I don’t know).

Now that I’m completely embarrassed, I’d like to propose—if you’re interested in allowing me to act as your fake fiancée—that we meet for coffee or a glass of wine to see if it could work out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Much to Angela’s dismay, I turned off my laptop as soon as we sent the message. I knew myself too well, and I’d continue to hit refresh all evening if I didn’t.

We made dinner together and sat down to eat while we watched Jeopardy. It was early June and we had two weeks left of school. It was only my third year out of college teaching and while I loved what I did, I couldn’t wait for summer vacation. I taught middle school math and there was only so much puberty a person could take. Angela had gotten roped into teaching summer school, so she only had a few days off before it started, but I would be off work for two months. She was jealous of my time off, but as low man on the totem pole I’d gotten screwed into working summer school the year before, so I didn’t feel bad for her.

We cleaned up the dishes and were choosing a movie to watch when my phone vibrated. I checked the screen and then looked at Angela in confusion.

“You set up that Craigslist account to alert my phone? When did you do that?”

She laughed and waggled her eyebrows. “I’m pretty sneaky. Now open it up. What does he have to say?”

Biting my lower lip, I opened the message and read it to myself before showing her.


From: FutureHusband (at) craigslist (dot) org

To: IdealFakeFiancee (at) craigslist (dot) org

Re: Coffee or wine?

Dear IdealFakeFiancee:

You’re right, that is strange to type. LOL

Thanks for responding to my ad. I don’t mean to be a smart ass, but you sound a little too good to be true. You wouldn’t believe the other responses I’ve received. I’m going to remain hopeful that you could be just who I am looking for and if this works out, I can help you achieve your goal of seeing the East Coast. Though having seen both, I truly prefer the West Coast.

I think meeting in person is a great idea. My schedule at the hospital is pretty hectic, but I think we can make it work. By the way, I’m totally jealous that you’ll have the summer off.

Could we meet Wednesday night at 7 p.m. at Heads or Tails on Aurora for a drink? Message me back and let me know if this works, if not we’ll come up with something else. Also, if you don’t mind, please include your phone number so I can text you if there’s an emergency at the hospital and I have to cancel (this is, I’m sorry to say, entirely possible).


A.K.A. Edward


So, they meet and hit it off, and the rest, as they say, is history…. or is it? I think NOT! This is so enjoyable to read, Edward is adorable, and Bella, a teacher who will be off for the summer, who will be his fake fiancée, is in for quite an interesting trip to the East Coast as she meets the Cullens. Because how do Edward and Bella pull off this ruse? And, will it stay “fake”? How will they view each other and their developing relationship? I somehow don’t think having a fake fiancée is going to solve all his problems and be quite as simple as Edward originally thought it would be. I can’t wait to find out more, and this Tuesday, May 29/12 we should have a chapter 7 update. I know you will enjoy this story, it’s like a relationship growing/progressing backwards, but I have the distinct impression that what started out as a foot in the mouth problem for Edward, may just end up being the best thing that ever happened to him. Accidentally in Love is like nothing I have ever read before and I really am addicted to this Romance/Humor fic!   🙂

Visit Missus T’s Blog for more info:


My second rec is called High Fidelity by  IReen H. This rec was sent to me by one of RA’s FFF readers, nebfan51, who said, “I’ve never done this before – EVER – sent a rec to someone – but I really think this story deserves some love.  I highly urge you to read this ff … I cannot quit reading it.  The characters have been developed so expressively and yet the author is not overly flowery but more short and to the point.  This is quite an emotional story – read it to find out why… I cannot wait for more.  Don’t let the first couple of chapters fool you – there is sooo much more to this story than just the beginning tale.  In looking over the authors profile, she is relatively new to ff – I had never heard of her before and I definitely have not read anything of hers before.  This is her first multi-chapter story. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my fondness for this story.  I urge you to rec it on Fanfiction Fridays.”  I could not have said it better myself, and I thank nebfan51 for recing this for me to read because it really is an excellent story.

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Summary for High Fidelity: “Edward is an unfeeling bastard. Bella gets caught up in his games. Language and lots of it. Lemons eventually. It’s a slow burn, slow and painful. Mature. Lots of random pop culture references. AH, AU, ExB.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst – Chapters: 13 – Words: 99,475 – Reviews: 2206 – Updated: 5-17-12 – Published: 1-24-12 – Bella & Edward”

So, I guess you could say we have a powerful CEOward, as Edward owns his own family insurance company with his siblings, but he’s so much more than that, complex callous ass, would work too. 😉 And, Bella, she works in the same building as Edward, but in the Real Estate realm, and coincidentally their offices are next door to each other. Bella describes her relationship, or lack thereof, with Edward and tells us a bit about herself and her first verbal encounter with him in chapter 2…

Back in July

I was at work, just finishing up the accounts payable and fighting the urge to crawl under my desk and nap when I heard the door to our suite open. Heels clicked across our unmanned reception area’s tile floor, then were muffled by the carpet as the visitor suddenly appeared at my office door.

It’s him. Edward Cullen. We have worked in the same office building for over five years and never spoken to each other.

Our complex has ten suites in it. A bunch of white collar offices including a handful of lawyers, a realtor, a dentist, some accountants, an auto repossession company, and the insurance place right next to me. Sometimes when Emmett Cullen slams a filing cabinet in his office, stuff falls off the shelves in mine. I work for the realtor.

Edward and I pass in the hallway on occasion. I smile politely, he nods. We don’t talk…

“Hi.” I looked up at him expectantly.

He leaned against the door frame like he was posing for a cover shoot for GQ. I had a hard time keeping saliva from pooling in the corners of my mouth. Yeah – he is pretty.

“Do you happen to know who owns the Red Isuzu Rodeo in our lot?”

“Ya – I do.” Uh oh. Did I leave my lights on?

“Did you know that you hit someone in the parking lot this morning?”

Come again?

“Uh. No I didn’t. Wait, you mean, someone hit me?” I thought maybe he had misstated what he was trying to say.

“No, you hit another car in the parking lot.”

I actually laughed. This was absurd. “Nope, wasn’t me.”

He just looked at me. I noticed that his eyes were a stunning shade of green.

“You have a dent in your bumper.” Good job Sherlock. Yeah, I have a dent in my bumper, and the paint has oxidized off the hood, I am missing one of the roof rack handles and there is a huge bleach stain on the floor in the backseat. I probably drive a shittier car than anyone else here. But I love it. It goes everywhere, rides just a little bouncy, and I know my way around the engine.

A few months ago my neighbor’s girlfriend parked her Honda CRX in front of my house, halfway blocking my driveway. The next morning when I left I told myself to shimmy around it and then totally forgot and rolled right into it. My bumper dented and she has a nice ding over her right rear tire. She didn’t care, I didn’t care. We didn’t make a thing out of it.

I cannot tell you how many times I have been harassed by guys in parking lots who offer to pop the dent out for me, no trouble at all. I turn them down. I can handle that myself… I just haven’t done it yet.

It’s on my to-do list.

“Yes, I have a dent in my bumper. It’s been there for months. I hit a friend of mine back in May.”

Edward Cullen looked at me like I was full of shit. Jasper appeared next to him.

“It’s true, she’s had that dent for ages.” Thank you, Jasper.

Edward looked disappointed. “Oh. I thought I solved the mystery. It lined up perfectly.”

“No, sorry.” Actually I wasn’t, but it seemed like the appropriate thing to say. “Who got hit?”

“The dentist’s wife, Mrs. Kaimana.”

“Bummer. And no one saw anything?” I know for sure no one saw me hit her car, because I didn’t.

“Apparently not. Well, sorry for the inconvenience-” Edward looked at the name tag I have on my desk, -“Isabella Swan.” Then he turned and vacated my doorway. I heard the tap-tap-tap as he crossed the tile on his way out.

After he graces her with his accusatory, arrogant presence, they go back to basically pretending the other doesn’t exist, but if we go back to chapter 1, which is sort of a prologue, we see the foreshadowing indicating that this story is gonna be a hell of a fireworks relationship between Edward and Bella and that they won’t be ignoring each other for long…

Mid September

Junk, junk, junk, Macy’s catalog, junk, bill, bill, bill.

I toss the catalog in the outside garbage can on the way in to my house, because it stinks like what I imagine The Situation must smell like. Gag.

I head into my kitchen and pull out some cinnamon gummy bears as I stand over my trash can and open the mail.

Water bill, internet bill. An invitation to go deeper into debt, courtesy of CapitalOne.

Vonage wants my business.

So does AARP for some reason. How insulting. I’m only 27 for Christ’s sake. I toss it in the bin and slit open the next envelope. Hmmm, it’s from Allstate. They are probably offering to protect me from Mayhem, at a better rate then I am currently paying to State Farm.

I open it.



The Fuck?

I almost choke on my Cinnabears.

I am holding what appears to be a collection notice in regards to a HIT and RUN accident back in July. Oh fucking shit. $982 in damages?

For a moment I struggle to understand exactly what I am looking at, and then it dawns on me.

No he DIDN’T.

I am going to kill Edward Cullen.

And, so it begins… As I continued to read the story, my emotions were all over the place. We have both EPOV and BPOV, which really adds a whole different dimension to the story because we not only see what they are up to in their own lives, we see how differently they view each other and the events between them.

Bella is a strong, kick-ass gal in this story, and I love her here, she is a real, relatable character to me, not perfect, physically or emotionally, and she takes some wicked emotional highs and lows from Edward, but she is also more than capable of flinging it right back at him. I don’t want to give too much away because experiencing reading this story yourself is definitely part of its incredible adventure – learning all about these two intricate characters that IReen H has so skillfully crafted.  And Edward, well, he is a complicated man with many underlying issues he is dealing with in his life and the author says that, “…Edward, you are a continuing source of assholery from which I can draw…” and then warns when we get to chapter 13, “Welcome to Chapter 13. Please make sure your safety harness is fully closed and locked. Please stow all valuables, remember to keep your arms and legs inside the chapter at all times and remain seated until the chapter comes to a complete stop. Please do not ride this chapter if the use of drugs offends or upsets you.”

Oh yeah, it’s a hell of an intense chapter, I wanted to kick Edward’s ass after I read it *GAH*! lol But, it’s so fascinating to read the dynamics between this story’s Edward and Bella. I have many adjectives I could use to describe this incredibly gripping story, so many emotions evoked in me when I read High Fidelity, so I asked some friends in a private Facebook group I belong to, how they would describe HF, in 5 words or less, and these were some of the things they said, “Mary Kitty Masen – suspenseful, gut wrenching; Sandra – It’s hard to describe that fic with just a few words…. how bout – thought provoking, intense, sad – but not without hope, real; Monica Nopi – raw, true, intense, gut wrenching, provoking;  Nic (from The Lemonade Stand) – unprocessed, real, fierce, powerful, imprinted on your soul; Twific Crackmum – Brave; and Ffaddward CMasen – Crushing, heart stopper, addictive, powerful, utterly devastating!” Thank you ladies for your input. So, there you have it, I call that perfect opinions from the experts! You know you are gonna want to read this ladies, so please enjoy!

For teasers and more story info:


NOW COMPLETE! For any of you FanFiction Fridays readers who only read complete fics, you will be thrilled to know that the epic saga by Nolebucgrl Words with Friends and its companion in EPOV, Words with Strangers is now complete! 😀 It was first rec’d here on FanFiction Fridays – Actorward Special Edition (Oct 14/11).

Summary for Words with Friends: “Bella Swan has a major crush on a major star, Edward Cullen. They have an obsession with the same game. Can they connect through Words with Friends and become more than that? Time will tell! Rated M for possible lemons down the line and some language.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 60 – Words: 352,436 – Reviews: 17121 – Updated: 5-18-12 – Published: 4-16-11 – Bella & Edward – Complete”

Summary for Words with Strangers: “EPOV Companion Piece to Words with Friends. Movie star Edward Cullen is done with women and focused on his career. A stranger reaches out to him via Words with Friends. Will her words change his mind?

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 50 – Words: 305,604 – Reviews: 12334 – Updated: 5-18-12 – Published: 7-13-11 – Edward & Bella – Complete”


Well, there you have it, this week’s recs, I hope there is something there to tickle your literary fancy, and please share what’s been owning you this week in the FanFiction world!

Also, please check out my new FFF Posts page and let me know what you think!

And, if there is anyone who would like to write a rec for a FanFiction Fridays, I would love to have some Guest Review Recs to help out with my upcoming crazy, busy summer, so please feel free, and e-mail me at TY xx

Midnight Cougar



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18 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Recs for May 25/12

  1. rita01tx

    Lots of hot recs there, MC darlin’! High Fidelity got 4 (out of 5) stars from me and we haven’t even gotten to the lemons! That story KICKS ASS!!!
    I’ve been waiting forever for Word With Friends / Words With Strangers to complete and I was thrilled when they did! Now, if I can just find time to read them LOL!
    Question: Should they be read side-by-side? One after the other? What do you recommend?
    Accidently in Love also sound like one I’d purely enjoy reading, so thanks for the rec! MWAH!!

    • Hey Rita my love! In answer to your question about WwF, I asked Nolebucgrl that same question and she said to definitely read the first 12 chapters of WwF before starting WwS. I have decided to save WwS so I have something to look forward after I finish WwF – you will love WwF, for sure 🙂 AV x

    • MUAH right back at ya luv! I knew you were reading HF too, I got your e-mail! lol As for WWF/WWS, start WWF first b/c that started posting first 4-16-11, then after you’ve read at least the 1st three chapters you can start WWS but she didn’t start posting WWF/EPOV until 7-13-11 – then she would post separately/alternately – it’s a companion, and you don’t have to read it to get the whole story, you can get that from BPOV in WWF, although EPOV is so great too. You should also be able to tell by her A/Ns when to read WWS. lol Hope this helps. xx

  2. Happy Friday ladies – it’s beautiful in the East of England today.

    For possibly the first time ever, I’ve read and loved everything you’ve talked about today, though I’m excited to be able to catch up with WWF and WWS now that they are complete.

    HiFi requires big girl’s panties, IreenH doesn’t pander to anyone, but that’s what makes her story a cut above. She explores what it really means to be a woman, or a man. MC, your rec was great.

    I accidentally began reading Accidentally, and loved it. It’s sweet and refreshing, and despite the premise, real in a very different way to HiFi.

    But what I wanted to tell you about was My Wounded Soldier by Counselor. Oh, oh, oh, this one is special. Lyrical in a very particular historical voice, it details the life of a man recently home from the Civil War. I am completely, utterly, head-over-heels in love with this Edward. It’s WiP, but long, and updates several times a week.

    • Thank you GG, I love your view on HiFi too, it was a difficult rec for me to write b/c I didn’t want to give too much away, but wanted to do it justice at the same time, I hope it was okay. And, I love AiL too, I can’t wait to see how things develop for them & what obstacles they face, & Thanks for the rec, sounds great!

  3. Hello MC and ladies!

    MC – as always wonderful reviews this week 🙂 I have had the top two stories on my “Never Ending List”. They both intrigue me…

    As for Words with Friends – well… I knew it was good, as Cared is a big fan, but I started it last Sunday and OMG – it is SO good – I have not quite finished it yet, but I just know it will end up on my most favourite list and *gasp* dare I say it – it just might be the best Actorward story I have ever read. And you know I have read a damn lot of those! Also the amazing this about reading WwF? I have reviewed every chapter, and Nolebucgrl has replied to every review.. amazing!

    So no recs for me this week ladies, as WwF has kept me busy 🙂 But you won’t find me complaining.. hehe

    AV x

  4. kalaekalae

    Ladies, 😉
    Another great Friday… it’s hot and sunny in Portugal today… a beautiful day to read fanfic… 🙂
    Thank you MC…

  5. Thanks MC, you picked too great WIPs there from totally opposite ends of the fanfiction spectrum. I’m reading and enjoying both for very different reasons. I love the characters in Accidentally In Love and can’t wait for their ruse to be real. High Fidelity brings out very different and conflicting emotions in me, and at the moment I’m not sure if I want Edward and Bella to be together but I expect that will change. As for Words With Friends and Words With Strangers, they are among my all time favourite fics. I’m going to miss Nolebucgrl’s wonderful characters, not just Edward and Bella but the entire gang.

    This week The Runner by coldplaywhore completed at 25 short chapters. The entire story is a lovely read but I think coldplaywhore saved the best for last as the final chapter is my favourite.
    The last place she wants to be is Forks, Washington, but Bella has to go back. Will having a travel companion in Edward make things better when she gets home?

    I also read a one-shot by kyla713, Tendrils of Life. It’s sad yet hopeful, happy and sweet. It’s definitely worth a read.
    Our scars are more than skin deep. We just have to be willing to reach through them. Written with ericastwilight for Fandom for Preemies 2012.

  6. MC thanks so much for reading and rec’ing AiL. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I’m way flattered to be rec’d at all, let alone in a post with Hi-Fi and WWF/WWS! They’re all such amazing fics! Thanks again!

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  8. I am finally commenting to this fantastic site! I love High Fidelity! The last chapter of it was so many things…angsty and heartbreaking, but it also made me proud of Bella. I love that she’s tough, but still she has a sensitivity. Not to give anything away, but what she did at the end of that last chapter was worth reading!

    I am also reading a story called, A New Beginning by krida86. It’s link on ff, is It is a historical story that takes place in the West and Bella marries a widow Edward to take care of his daughter. It’s a great blend of romance and angst. It doesn’t update often, but well worth starting. (The author finally updated yesterday! I was extremely excited!)

    -Thanks for the great story recommendations, Midnight Cougar!

    Stacey (staceleo)

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  10. nebfan51

    MC – I am bad for not doing this a loooong time ago – but THANK YOU for putting my thoughts for HiFidelity on your blog. I’ve been gone, RL busy -ya know all that kind of stuff – irregardless I have had this on my mind for quite some time. HF just keeps getting better and better – wonder if she will tell him her little secret soon? Take care and we must say prayers for our beautiful boy, Rob.

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