Sensual Sunday ~ Rob at Cannes…need I say more!?


Good afternoon, ladies!

I don’t know ’bout ya’ll, but all the woundrous beauty and excitement of Rob’s appearances at Cannes damn near killed me!!!

My poor fingers are all twisted and swollen from lickin’ ‘n savin’ at least a bazillion photos of Rob {you too? thought so!}…

Don’t now why I wasn’t expectin’ him to show up until the Cosmopolis premier, but there he was on Wednesday, May 23rd, gettin’ off a speedboot to walk the red carpet for On The Road!

I can just hear Stephanie goin’ “Goose, goose…duck!” in her head LMAO!!! {I’d a gone for it!}

Mr. Sex-on-Legs lookin’ so cool comin’ down those rocky steps! {Do try and keep up, Nick!}

Wonder how much of Rob’s quiet confidence came from havin’ the ever watchful Dean at his side?

Rob’s regal profile! {JawPorn *DED!*}

You know me and my love affair with shadowed photos highlightin’ Rob’s gorgeous eyes! {*le sigh!*}

Not in favor of hidin’ those eyes, but Rob in RayBans on a Red background? Triple R treat!

{*Squeee!*} I’d been waitin’ for Rob to bless us with his ducky lips and he didn’t let me down LOL!

Despite all the madness, Rob has an air of innocence you won’t find in any other so-called celebrity on the planet!!!

The cameras love Rob…we love Rob! What’s not to love? {Couldn’t resist the happy tail LOL!}

Then Friday, May 25th! FINALLY! The premier of Cosmopolis! Rob was super busy that day, startin’ with…


Rob didn’t get much time with his fans at Cannes, but at least some of them got to see him {lucky hOOrs!}

Wish I had room to share them all with you, but here are some of my favorites!

Rob and David Cronenberg were thick as thieves the whole time. I think it’s safe to bet on another project together!!

Sinfully gorgeous!

So not leavin’ this one out! Me and my shadows again LOL!


Was Rita in shadowy heaven with these shots? Why, yes she was!!


That luscious upper lip is MINE! Gimme more, baby!

And my wish was granted…I am DONE!!!

Well, I’m runnin’ out of room here, but don’t worry! RobsFan~tasy is just itchin’ to run with Rob on the Red Carpet, so check back tomorrow for her Monday Madness post!

Oh, one last thing…saw his interview on Robsessed and it’s the best one so far. Both Rob and David speak intelligently about Cosmopolis.  BUT, you know Rob{*snickers!*}  It wasn’t on YouTube, so here’s the link.

All I can say is enjoy!

Allocine interview with Rob and David re Cosmopolis

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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27 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Rob at Cannes…need I say more!?

  1. There is nothing to say except *H00r Down* LOL

    Lovely job Rita.

  2. rita01tx

    Thanks BB! I understand…he leaves me speechless too LOL! Good thing Rob doesn’t have that problem! Did you look at the interview? I laughed my ass off when he described the prostate exam scene LMAO!!

  3. Sus

    OMG, Cannes Rob was just too much! I, too, have licked and clicked so many times this week. Even added a few of yours here that I didn’t have! What an amazing week for our boy! So proud of him, and can’t wait to see “Cosmopolis.”
    Also, for us Robsten fans, this week was epic, with the PDA video!
    Rob just gets more and more amazing to me……

    Thanks, bb, for this delicious post!

    • i need bandages for my fingers now lol
      so proud of him and happy and excited for him as well. i am too excited for the new military pic he’s doing as well. i will be bouncing off my seat till its out. i wonder if they will film it in the US?

      • rita01tx

        Last I heard, both Rob and the director wanted as much authenticity as possible, so they’re scounting locations in IRAQ!?!?!?!
        Oh NOZE! How they gonna keep The Pretty safe????

  4. rita01tx

    Sus darlin’! It’s been epic and now all we have to do it wait a bit longer for the winner to be announced! Fingers crossed…check! Toes crossed…check! Legs crossed…uh, hell no {gigglesnort}!
    As to the PDA, I did look at it {bad Rita!} but Rob diving onto her shoulder after the 8.5 minute standing ovation at the end of Cosmopolis? So, so tender and just so real!
    And, even though I’m a die hard Rob fan, I confess to snagging a couple photos of her in that stunning red gown! She.was.beautiful!

  5. Thank you Rita! There are just not enough words to describe how I felt watching Rob in Cannes. I was so thrilled for him, he deserves all the credit he gets for his acting! I can’t wait to see Cosmopolis, but hope to see Bel Ami first soon! The pics above and all I’ve seen from Cannes, well, *h00r down* is all I can say. Gorgeous and beautiful, as always! xx

    • rita01tx

      I don’t know how we all survived, MC darlin’! I think I’m still in a RobComa LMAO!! Still lickin’ and savin’ like mad cause they just keep coming (twss!), not to mention the gorgeous edits popping up on Tumbler…you know our Miss Melbie {snickers}!

  6. rita01tx

    And Jules, of course! I’m using Pinterest at the moment so Imma see if I can link you her edit:

  7. Wow, nice post and gorgeous pics :)! As you maybe know, I live close to Cannes and went there on Friday and Sunday, hoping to see Rob. I did, on Friday, even if it was from a distance. It was raining so Rob didn’t take much time to greet his fans. I felt privileged to see him though, watching those long legs walking up the steps on the red carpet was wonderful. I wish to be closer next time though :)!

    • rita01tx

      I was wonderin’ if you made it down to Cannes BB! Too bad you saw him from so far away, but still…it was ROB in person *squeeee!*
      The whole atmosphere in Cannes looked wild but really really fun.
      What kind of vibes did you get from the whole thing? Did you see any films while you were there?

  8. exaltada

    OMG, Rita! You killed me! Well… Rob killed me, but you helped him! And I helped you both, because I´ve been warned about the content of this ;). Oooh… my fingers are sticky with my saliva, because I´m drooling like a baby with his first dentition XD. Thanks for the pics and your funny comments, baby. ¡Besos!

  9. I got to admit I was so disappointed on Friday night I could have cried. But after, I realized how lucky I had been to have seen Rob. The whole afternoon was crazy and when the night started, some women from Germany came and talked to me, asking what movie was presented, what actors played…When some stars started to arrive, there was a little noise of course and the mom suggested that Rob was here. I laughed and told her she had seen nothing yet :). When he got there, a wave of hysteria seized the crowd, it was crazy and she said that i was right.

    • rita01tx

      Sounds like there were just too damn many people around. No way you could get anywhere near him. That was too bad. I’ve been looking at the photos from Lisbon and what a difference! Just enough fans around that Rob was comfortable talking to them and signing stuff! One girl even had him sign a A4 size blow-up of the photo of him with his head buried against KS’s shoulder, with her arm around his head, after the screening of Cosmopolis! He just smiled and signed LOL!

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