Rob in Cannes…Cannes you handle it?

Hello Everybody *waves*



Hello Ladies, like all of you I have been licking clicking and saving all the Rob ~ Cannes goodness for days…

 and I’m still behind…

 no, not that behind Rob {snickers} although it IS a great one. When I heard Rob received an eight and a half minute standing ovation I was not only thrilled for him but undescribably proud of him. While searching for the beautiful edits I knew would be on FB and Tumblr I saw this one from Melbie Toast and she managed to elegantly put into words what I was feeling… {I Added some pics between her words}

“My dear friends, I’m still so overwhelmed by the events yesterday…which I shared with my dear friend Jackie, I felt I must write something to all of you about my feelings. The standing ovation Rob received at the premiere of Cosmopolis so moved me, and him… to see Rob FINALLY get the respect and admiration for his acting abilities by the elite…I know it must have been tremendous emotionally… Just incredible…I am so damn happy for him…

 As Jackie mentioned to me, “I think we actually think feel his elation and also his relief too. We are his fans and we love him so much but this is finally acceptance from those who matter in his career. It’s just so wonderful. He is blessed with a wonderful life at the moment and long may it last….I want nothing but love and happiness for this wonderful young man. Maybe it is a little strange, the effect he has on us…It’s like we feel what he feels…Well, a little maybe!”
I agree with Jackie; Yes, it is strange, in a way… how we feel about him… so devoted to his success…but we’ve followed his every move for years, rejoicing in his talents, and to finally see him recognized in such a profound way by his peers… this is just so awesome – we can’t help but vicariously enjoy and be moved by his success at Cannes. 

I’ve never cared so deeply for a celebrity… it’s just him…he is just so charming, disarming, uninhibited, humble, and filled with so much sweetness and sexiness at the same time and oh so very talented in so many ways…. he has beguiled us… this love and admiration I have for Rob is entirely new to me and I wonder sometimes why I am experiencing something like this so late in my life… maybe it is because I am mature enough to see beyond the shell of celebrity and truly admire the wonderful person that Rob is. 

Yes, Rob is a very handsome man, but there are a lot of handsome men out there…it is his personality that has reeled us in and made us love him so much and be devoted to him like no other. He joked in the past that his fans were in love with “the vampire”… and that may have been true years ago…but now…we have gotten to know his true self via hundreds of interviews and appearances and in many of your cases, an actual meeting… and we’ve heard all the stories of how wonderful he is to fans in person from those who have met him…. we have grown to truly love and adore this man for WHO he is…inside.

I just absolutely adore him and I think that is why his success at Cannes has so affected me… I’m just so proud of him and so happy for him, I had to put it in words! I just can’t go to sleep until I had done this…” ~Melbie Toast

Thank you Melbie for saying so beautifully what Icould not… {Bravo BB}

Until Next time ladies, Keep Lickin’ Clickin’ and Savin’!!

Much love to you all,



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28 responses to “Rob in Cannes…Cannes you handle it?

  1. mississippibellalis

    I, too, want “nothing but love and happiness for this wonderful young man.” My prayers are with you, Robert.

    “I wonder sometimes why I am experiencing something like this so late in my life.” I have wondered bout that and blame it on change-of-life. That last power surge of hormones. But, seriously, I was sleeping somewhere in my mind until I saw him. I became awake like never before. It was as if a part of me had died and came back to life because of this man. It’s really not that difficult to love him whole-hearted and want him to experience a happy and fulfilling life.

    I, also, never felt for a celebrity like this before either. When it comes to Robert, I can’t get enough of this man. Now, when Mom calls she always asks, “What’s Robert up to these days?” And then I go into a fifteen minute long explanation.

    I’ll be going through the news in my feed reader for the next two weeks. Can’t wait to see you in Cosmopolis, Rob!

    • Sus

      Ditto…You said exactly what I’m feeling!
      I’m just so proud of Rob and who he is as a man!

    • rita01tx

      Missy darlin’! I was way past the change when Rob lit up my life! Can’t blame it on the hormones. Maybe the fact is that he’s given them BACK just by existing LOL!!

      • mississippibellalis

        Hi Rita, you said, ‘he’s given them BACK,’ well, that’s what happened to me. All was quiet down there then suddenly an upsurge. He’s caused my clock to wind backwards.

    • i hear ya missi, not even when i was a teenager did i feel like this for anyone. i never had posters on my walls of actors or rock groups but i have photos of rob in my room now!! and i ain’t even going to admit my age lol.

      • mississippibellalis

        Hi RobsFan-tasy, I’ve got a fav pic I was thinking of having printed, framing it, and setting it on the bedside table. I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

  2. it’s wonderful that he’s being seen as so much more than just that guy from twilight by the filmworld elite. took them long enough 😉 they could have just asked us how amazing he is.

    • rita01tx

      Yeah, but you have to admit…wez prejudiced LMAO!!
      Having said that, we are prejudiced for a very good reason! Rob is awesome at his craft! Even without dialogue, Rob’s body language and expressions convey a wealth of emotion obvious to anyone actually paying attention (and, boy, do we pay attention to every nuance)!
      Apparently, his previous films were not impressive enough for the pseudo-intellectual hoi poloi of the international film community. Shame on them!
      Thank you, David Cronenberg, for taking the scales off their eyes!!

    • Natalie, ain’t it the truth? they would get alot farther if they knew we werent all teenagers going gaga over a vampire but mature women inspired and captivated by the talent and charisma of Robert the man!!!

  3. Dear RF, thank you so much for sharing my thoughts here, I am honored. This past week has been a glorious one for us – those who love this lovely young man Robert Pattinson. I am ever grateful to him for the joy and countless smiles, wonderful dreams, and fabulous friends that loving Rob has brought to me in my later years. Thank you again. xoxo

    • rita01tx

      Amen, sistah Melbie!!

    • Oh Melbie!!! i may not comment on every post as i get lots and lots of them from FB book i read and look at everything you all send my or tag me in and i just had to share your beautiful words! and once again you have in your comment expressed what i feel for all those lovely ladies who take the time to include me in their posts and comments all because we share one thing in common, the exquisitely beautiful {inside and out} Robert Pattinson!!! Thank you Melbie for being a part of RA!!

    • It’s so nice to see Rob & Kristen HAPPY instead of ‘hunted & hounded’ by the paps. I’m thrilled for their success and can’t wait to see what the next projects will be. He always picks such interesting books to portray, I always read them first before seeing the films and have never been disappointed. His character, ‘Eric Packer’ makes ‘George Duroy’ seem like such a nice thoughtful young man.

      • o.O INTERESTING! I haven’t seen either movie yet so I can’t wait to see them now more than ever. have you heard about the military flick he is going todo? cannot wait tosee Rob in uniform!! {SWOON} i am going to do a monday manip madness post of rob in different military outfits so if any of you have any that you would like me to use send them to me at and hang on tight this coming Monday lol

  4. I’ve been reading the interviews all weekend now, and was thrilled to hear Rob talk about his future. I will say that it still bothers me when he talks about his fans loving him only for Edward, but I know, well maybe I hope, that he equates that to his younger fans. I think he will be surprised at our support after Twilight is done.

    I was surprised by MY reaction to reading about the standing ovation at Cannes. It brought tears to my eyes, happy proud ones for him.

    Thanks RF and Melbie to doing this post, that expresses what we are all feeling and wanting for our Rob. 🙂

    • rita01tx

      I mighta pinked a tear or two myself, Katiebirdie darlin’! And, we dedicated Rob (not Twilight) fans will support him in all his endeavors: Missions Black List, The Rovers, The Band, and whatever else he’s got up his sleeve with Cronenberg. Man, those two are a great combination!

    • I think he will be stunned when the response comes in from arould the world for cosmopolis and bel ami and his new movies too. that should once and for all convince him that we aren’t all living in a vampire fantasy.

      thank you for commenting katie!!

  5. rita01tx

    Remember this quote from Midnight Sun?

    “My life was an unending, unchanging midnight. It must, by necessity, always be midnight for me. So how was it possible that the sun was rising now, in the middle of my midnight?”

    Pretty much says it for me!

  6. somanywards

    Love you ladies* Love the high that comes with his happiness* Love all the beautiful pictures capturing this* big HUGS xo

  7. Beautiful post, thanks RFT and Melbie.

  8. exaltada

    I´m still amazed by the feelings this man awakes in me. Never felt like a fangirl, in my whole life, and now, in my forties, I feel like a teen. And I like reading that other women feel the same. This post shows it very well. He inspires us, he´s beautiful, but over all of this, we feel he´s beautiful inside (quoting Melbie). Thanks, RF!

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