FanFiction Fridays – Recs for June 1/12

Isn’t this incredible?! Absolutely gorgeous! Oh Edward!! *swoon*

*I’m not certain who made this, but if it’s yours please let me know and I will credit you here accordingly.*

So yeah, Happy Friday indeed! 😀 I had to share that Edward through the Saga banner I saw on Facebook because I think it’s just stunning! H00r down! *fans self & clears throat* Okay, onto business, where was I, oh yes, fanfics to rec, right, well today I have  1 wicked WIP rec for you, and the lovely Cared is joining me with several of her own – 1 WIP and 1 complete. Please enjoy!

This week I stumbled upon a new WIP by the ever-talented SydneyAlice, it’s entitled Moments. Posting began on May 19th and so far we have 5 chapters with over 1100 reviews, and WOW, such a powerful story already. Moments starts out with a punch, dealing with some serious issues in the storylines and the emotions she sets forth through these characters are incredible! I am completely captivated!

*made by twistedinmasen*

Summary for Moments: “She’s a college student working toward a dream. He’s a man walking away from the only dream he’s ever known. There are moments that can change your life forever. This is their moment.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 5 – Words: 11,203 – Reviews: 1117 – Updated: 5-30-12 – Published: 5-19-12 – Bella & Edward”

As the story begins with the first gripping chapter, we learn of the realities of Bella’s life, with her hard at work in a “greasy diner” as a way to finish putting herself through her senior year of college. It’s just a normal, busy night at the restaurant, soon to be closing time, or so Bella thought, until her last, but certainly not least, customer, a “beautiful disaster” as she describes him, walks in…

I glanced at my watch and sighed with relief. It was nearly closing time, and my tired body was ready for a bubble bath and a glass of cheap wine. With renewed energy that only comes at the end of my shift, I grabbed a rag and began to wipe the counter. The place was blissfully empty, which would make closing that much easier.

Ten minutes. If only the customers will stay away for ten more minutes.

But no, the universe was cruel.

At five minutes until closing time, he walked in. Without a glance toward the tired waitress desperate to lock the doors, he found a stool at the end of the counter.

Sighing, I grabbed the coffee pot and a mug before making my way over to him.

“I’m afraid the grill is closed,” I said in apology. “It’s nearly closing time, and all we have is coffee and pie.”

The man said nothing. He simply stared ahead with glazed eyes as I poured a cup of decaf. His rude silence gave me the chance to really check him out. He had a wild head of bronze hair and the kind of sculpted cheekbones you’d expect to see on the face of a runway model. His eyes, as lifeless as they were, were a beautiful shade of green.

Despite all of that perfection, he looked like absolute shit.

His clothes looked as if he’d slept in them—for about a week. The wrinkled dress shirt had been white once upon a time, and a dingy tie hung haphazardly around his neck. His slacks were torn at the knees, and his leather shoes looked as if he’d stepped into the nearest muddy puddle.

On his wrist, was a Rolex.


I cleared my throat. “Can I get you a slice of pie? We have apple and, I think, one slice of cherry.”

He finally looked my way, and the intensity of those eyes pierced through me.

Beautiful green and painfully cold.

“Your name is Bella?”

The question surprised me, and quite frankly, scared me a little. But then I remembered I’m a waitress, and wearing a name tag is part of the gig.

“Yes, I’m Bella.”

He nodded once, and that was the end of our conversation.

I finished closing up and tried not to stare at the beautiful disaster sitting at the end of the counter. He must have money, if the watch on his wrist was any indication. Why would he be dressed as if he spent his nights sleeping in a cardboard box in an alley?

After gathering dishes, I headed back to the kitchen….

 I made my way back out front, expecting to see the handsome homeless man sitting at the counter.

To my surprise, he was gone.

I walked to the end of counter, and that’s when I saw two things that made me stop in my tracks.

A full cup of coffee.

And his Rolex.

Nice tip, eh? And why would someone who looked so destitute leave his Rolex for a tip? Well, Bella will soon find this out… She finishes cleaning up the diner and heads home on foot in the frigid mid November air in Seattle, just hoping for that warm bath and some relaxation after her busy school and work day, but those hopes are shattered when she stumbles upon her mysterious last customer again…

I pulled my jacket tighter around me and quickened my pace toward my apartment. It wasn’t a long walk between the diner and my place, but the cold temperature made it seem like miles. I was just making my way across the Washington Street Bridge when something caught my eye.

A man was standing along the barrier of the bridge, looking down into the frigid water below.

Without a backwards glance, he placed one leg over the edge, and that’s when I recognized him.

I screamed.

His head jerked up, and there, under the lights of the city, my eyes locked with the beautiful man who’d left his watch on my counter.

And he was going to jump.

*GASP* Yes, my friends, that is exactly where I am going to leave you because you’ve just read most of chapter 1 and it’s so worth reading the remaining defining Moments between Bella and Edward for yourselves. SydneyAlice is updating quite regularly and she says, “As of now, I plan to update weekly. Maybe more, depending on my schedule. As some of you know, I’m working on my first novel, so that’s keeping me super busy, but I’ve missed you guys and wanted to write you a little something. It won’t be super angsty, although it starts out a little dramatic. If you know me at all, you know how it’ll end. If you haven’t read my stories, I’m a happy-ever-after kind of girl, so trust me.”

I’m confident this will be another of SydneyAlice’s fabulous stories, and if you choose to read Moments, I know you will be as enraptured as I was right from this first intense chapter!

You can also visit SydneyAlice’s Blog for more information:

xx MC

******************  Cared ******************

I love to read contest entries and fandom gives back submissions.  It grants me the opportunity to read genres and pairings that I would not normally consider.  More than that, through those one-shots, I have found some truly wonderful authors.  Even better is discovering that a great one shot has been extended.  Volition by Rochelle Allison, and She Gives Me Religion by Liz Lemon Bennett, for example, both started life as one shot contest entries and are now fabulous full-length fics. Let’s have a quick look at some lovely stories that started as one shots.

A Promise Kept by Cullen312 was an Age Of Edward one-shot that has been turned into a Novella.  It began posting on 10th April 2012, to mark the 100th Anniversary of the maiden and only voyage of the Titanic.  It’s now five chapters in and is also told in alternating EPOV and BPOV.

Summary for A Promise Kept: “Edward Masen, Earl of Whitmore, never expected to fall in love but then he meets beautiful American, Isabella Swan. Set in the midst of one of the greatest maritime disasters in history the odds are stacked against them. AH-Set in 1912.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 5 – Words: 43,722 – Reviews: 154 – Updated: 5-26-12 – Published: 4-10-12 – Bella & Edward”

We meet Edward Masen, the dashing and handsome Earl of Whitmore while in a foul mood at the prospect of spending Christmas fending off the unwanted attentions of an American heiress, presumably in search of a title.   Neither acquiring a title nor finding a husband, hold any interest for Ms. Isabella Swan, a delightful plucky and modern woman for 1912.  As Edward soon finds out, there is much more to Isabella than this slightly stuffy Edwardian Edward could possibly have imagined.  She is completely unlike any member of the opposite sex he has previously met.  The poor man doesn’t understand what is happening to him as he falls helplessly under her spell.

After that it didn’t take long for the conversation to pick up and it turned out that Miss Isabella Swan was both well educated and well spoken. She easily fell into conversation around us and actually had insightful words and ideas to add.

I also noticed that she didn’t seem out of place at a formal English dinner. I’d seen many an American heiress fumble her way through dinner and commit several faux pas in my past dining experiences, but Miss Swan didn’t seem out of place or even the slightest bit nervous.

I would never admit it, but by the time dessert was being served I was intrigued by Miss Isabella Swan.

After our meal was finished, we made our way into the parlor hall where the tree had been set up for us to decorate. As our party made its way in there, I kept track of where Miss Swan was in hopes of having a little more time to observe and converse with her.

It wasn’t hard to find her once I entered the hall and saw her talking quietly with Alice and Jasper.

Of course Alice would be drawn to her. Alice was easily the youngest in our family party and always in search of someone new to chat with and befriend. I couldn’t help but smile as I saw them conversing together with ease.

“Edward, we were just telling Miss Swan about the events planned for the evening,” Jasper said.

“Yes, and it turns out Miss Isabella plays piano and does a little singing,” Alice said with a delightful smile on her face.

“I don’t do either particularly well,” Miss Swan added quietly with a blush.

“I invite you to join us later, if you feel so inclined. I also invite you to take your turn at the piano, as well,” I said. She looked at me with another shy smile and I couldn’t help but return it.

The festivities began shortly after and we all talked and enjoyed each other’s company as we trimmed the tree. I found myself staying close to Miss Swan and on more than one occasion I helped her place an ornament when she couldn’t reach the branch she was reaching for.

“Thank you,” she whispered quietly before turning around to face me.

“You’re welcome,” I added with my own whisper and smile. She was very sweet and I liked the way her voice sounded when she talked not to mention how pretty she looked when she smiled.

My intrigue grew.

As the author says, A Promise Kept follows Edward Masen, Earl of Whitmore as he meets and falls in love with American heiress, Isabella Swan.  Just after their wedding and honeymoon in England they travel to America to introduce Edward to Bella’s American family and friends.  With a voyage on The Titanic, their married life will be anything but plain sailing; there are icebergs ahead. (Sorry I couldn’t resist it.) Will Edward and his bride be among the survivors?  I know that I’m hoping so.

Edward Masen, Earl of Whitmore, never expected to fall in love but then he meets beautiful American, Isabella Swan. Set in the midst of one of the greatest maritime disasters in history the odds are stacked against them. AH-Set in 1912.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 4 – Words: 35,686 – Reviews: 131 – Updated: 5-1-12 – Published: 4-10-12 – Bella & Edward

Author blog – for images and more.


The Harvest of Avarice by Emmamama88 caught my eye in the Age of Edward contest.  To be entirely honest, it brought a tear to my eye too. Grant you, while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, I happened to read this story on my phone while at the hairdressers!

*Banner by Ashes AtMidnight*

Summary for The Harvest of Avarice: “*Entry for Age of Edward 2012* Meet Edward Masen, one member of America’s ‘Greatest Generation’. “…just as fire tempers iron into fine steel so does adversity temper one’s character into firmness, tolerance and determination….”

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst – Chapters: 6 – Words: 20,145 – Reviews: 104 – Updated: 4-25-12 – Published: 2-4-12 – Edward & Bella – Complete”

It’s hard to say much about this interesting story without giving the intriguing twist away.  It opens in 1944 on what Edward calls one hell of a strange day.  He meets an elderly gentleman and tells a story that takes us back to St. Louis and Edward’s childhood during the depression era. The unfortunate financial circumstances of both their families throw the young Edward and Bella together.  Edward is charming and Bella is sweet and while still in high school, they fall in love.

Talking about twists, Emmamama88 based this complete short story on the film that her character Edward, an actor, played in one of her other stories, Virgins and Villains.

You are perfect,” she whispered, “at least in my eyes you are.”

I looked into those eyes, and suddenly everything became clear. I was in love with her, and had been for some time. Probably since the day we met. I allowed my gaze to drift downward to Bella’s lips. The urge to feel those lips pressed against mine was overwhelming, and I’m ashamed to say that I acted upon that urge without a second thought.

I grasped her arms, pulling her to me, and brought my lips to hers before melting into the soft warm kiss. The feel of those lips against mine was heaven and I knew that I wanted this forever. When Bella sighed ever so softly, I was abruptly made aware of my inappropriate behavior and immediately pulled back, barely able to look her in the eye. “Oh Bella, I apologize. What must you think of me…”

Bella looked at me curiously. “Edward, what are you talking about?”

“I am so sorry for my ungentlemanly behavior. I hope you know I’m not the sort of fellow to go around stealing kisses.”

Bella smiled; amused. “I should hope not Edward. Have you kissed many girls?”

My mouth fell open in surprise. “Why no, of course not.” I defended before adding in a whisper, “You are the first.”

“Well then, you haven’t stolen any kisses, because I gave that one of my own free will.” Her smile was so happy and bright that I couldn’t resist smiling along with her, and kissing her again for good measure.

This is not just a story of a young Edward and Bella falling in love.  This is a story about what happens when life takes a turn you do not expect and would never willingly choose. What I love most about this The Harvest of Avarice is the lesson that evil, war, distance or time cannot destroy or diminish true love.



Well, I hope you have enjoyed today’s recs, please share what you’re reading as well, and THANK YOU, once again, to Cared for her recs!

Have a wonderful week! Midnight Cougar

p.s.: It would appear that is doing some “housecleaning” 😉 therefore you may find that some of the previous FFF rec’s links are no longer valid. Just FYI lovelies!



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15 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Recs for June 1/12

  1. Hello Lovely Ladies

    I hope all is well with everyone this week!! I am going to be honest, I have had a crappy week, but FFF has cheered me up no end, so thanks to MC and Cared!

    I love the sound of all these stories, and Cared, there were some little gems that came out of that Age of Edward contest wasn’t there! A couple more for my list!

    MC, Moments sounds fabulous, you have intrigued me for sure – I have enjoyed all of SydneyAlice’s stories that I have read, I bet this one will be no exception!

    I have been reading Words with Strangers by Nolebucgrl this week, which needs no pimping here. I am loving it as much as I loved Words with Friends last week.

    Hugs.. AV x

  2. MC, thanks for your post.
    I’m going to say that I hate ff housecleaning 😦

    This week I was reading This is My Wish by ericastwilight – . Really good story, but also so sad, I needed boxes of tissues for this one.
    “Dear Wishes for You, My name is Riley Biers and I’m nine years old. Soon, very soon I’ll leave behind my mom because I have terminal cancer. I write to you today and this is my wish… Rated M for language”
    I couldn’t sleep last night after reading the last chapter.
    Now I need something funny and fluffy.

    • E. I know what you mean. This is My Wish is a beautiful story. I found it early on and added it to the Best of Actorward Community and I think it’s one of the very best there is.

  3. What great new recommendations! I just started Moments! It’s really wonderful.

    I am also reading and when I say reading, I should clarify that I am obsessed with reading PrettyKittyArtist’s story It Had To Be You. It’s already heartbreaking and to be honest, I want to punch that Edward in the face. It lists the characters as Bella and Jasper, but I’m not too sure how that’s going to happen.

    You really will be very angry for Bella at moments and others times at the character for not using her brain. But trust me, so far the ride is completely worth it. She’s an incredible writer.

    Here’s the link… www,

    Stacey (staceleo)

    • HI Stacey, thanks for coming back! Yeah, moments is really good, I am totally invested & love that she is updating so regularly. And, PrettyKitty’s stories are great, have you read her Snapdragon yet, I love it! xx

  4. Oh MC, Moments seems really good, thanks. What’s the harm in starting just one more WIP? LOL

  5. Sus

    I read “The Breakers ” by les16 this week, and loved it! I believe it was rec’d here before.
    I hear that FF is pulling down a bunch of stories right now. Wonder why they start doing this? A few authors are leaving FF because of this.

    • Hi Sus

      Yeah, FF have taken down a load of stories – just a week ago there were over 200,000 Twilight stories now there are 198,600 or so, I know I am missing a heap of out of my favourites, Eternally Damned by TwiXlite is one, A Taste of Honey by SoapyMayhem is another. I think a lot of CaraNo’s were taken down too. A lot of authors are re-posting over at TWCS.

      I find it amusing that they have pulled something like Eternally Damned (that is very tame) but Buried Amongst the Begonia’s is still up. Weird! AV x

      • rita01tx

        This is why some of our favorite authors create separate blogs for certain stories, remember? Like Savage did for “Could Be Worse, Right?” and Jadalulu’s “Fold Your Wings.” Although “Dead Confederates” is still up on FF, the uncensored version is also on a separate blog.
        Nyddi was so pissed off, she just went ahead and pulled everything (including “Genesis”) from FF and is moving lock, stock and smoking barrels over to TWCS!
        Soapy says she’s keeping what doesn’t disappear on FF, but “A Taste of Honey” and “Hot Bubblegum” will be on her blog:
        Ladies! This is why we pdf the crap out of complete stories as soon as we can!
        If you don’t already have them, I have Eternally Damned, and 3 more of TwiXLite’s stories, Ally!

        • Hey Rita, thanks so much – I have a copy of it, I am pretty paranoid these days and save just about everything. I don’t get the pulling of Eternally Damned though? It wasn’t smutty .. but maybe it was the violence, I guess. Thank God for other sites such as TWCS and A Different Forest! AV x

          • rita01tx

            Ally, beats the hell out of me! According to Catastrophia, “children” have found her stories and reported her. FF has told her to pull one of her stories {Me and Mr. Cullen} or else! Cat rates it an M and FF sees it as an MA for erotica, which they do not support.
            Well, damn! Isn’t there a “do not enter if you are under 17” button somewhere?
            Anyway, as long as no one goes to Twilighted, I’ll be following them. I read at TWCS sometimes, but it’s not very user friendly. Can’t for the life of me see how to get an author alert for new postings.
            Oh, well. I’ll just keep trying to figure it out LOL!

            • I’m reading Me and Mr Cullen and there is no way that it could be classed as erotica. Maybe we should send some erotica to the ffn gombeens so they know what it actually is.

  6. ilovealion

    Hi ladies.

    It took me a couple of days to get here, but I’m so glad I stopped by. Let’s just say… I know what I’ll be reading during my layover in Atlanta on Wednesday. You have given a diverse group of stories here, so I can’t wait to dive in.

    Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to feed our addictions. I am currently enjoying a little guilt-free reading because I’ve put PR on hold until we get back from Vegas. Loving loving loving my fics.

    I’ve just finished my very first Harry Potter fic. Cared has been after me to read Finding Himself by minisinoo for quite a while. I must say… it was WONDERFUL.

    I haven’t read the books, but I have seen all the movies… so I was able to follow along. Basically, in this story, Cedric doesn’t die in “The Goblet of FIre” and he and Hermione fall in love.

    You should go give it a look. It was quite a nice, refreshing change from Twific. Of course, I’m now returning to Edward and Bella… but Cedric and Hermione were a fun distraction.

    As always, thanks for sharing!!


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