Sensual Sunday ~ Falling In Love All Over Again…with Rob!


Holy Mother of Pearl, Angelz!

Rob sure as hell killed us with Cannesness (LOL!), but that wasn’t enough for him, was it? Oh, no! He had lots more in store for us!

This past week has seen some epic RobGoodness cross our screens, starting with the relaxed, laid back atmosphere of his arrival in Lisbon!

There were just enough fans around to make it a manageable and enjoyable experience for everyone… well, except for poor Dean LOL!

Sure hope my Mom and Dad don’t see that T-shirt! {Watch the hands, ladies!!}

In fact, I read somewhere that Claire refused to have her photo taken with that girl LOL!

Damnit, Dean! She’s goosing me! Get her off me!!

Dean wasn’t always successful at keeping their hands off The Pretty’s delectable ass {lucky hOOr}!

To say that I was disappointed at the lack of good quality professional photos of Rob from Lisbon is an understatement.  Hell’n his fans took better pictures of him!

Well, that was embarrassing!

No idea how Rob really felt about signing that particular photo, but he did it graciously!

So, when David told me I had to get naked…!?!

I didn’t say there weren’t ANY good professional photos…just that there weren’t many! I had to take Rob in hand my own self to make him presentable! {*Groan!* …take Rob in hand THUD!}

Thanks, Rita! Maybe this Manuel guy just needs a better camera!

No problemo, baby! {Phew! He didn’t catch me out on that one!}

Photowise, things improved considerably once Rob got to Paris…

{This way, Boss! I got your back!}

OK, that was a pap pic, but did you see the long, sexy fuckin’ legs on our boy? DAYUM!!

For crying out loud, Rita! I’m trying to be professional here! Now, stop perving on me!

Sorry, Rob darlin’! You know how I get, right? {Fuuuck me sideways! Rob so totally rocks that salmon shirt and plaid suit *swoon!*}

Oh, yeah! I know you’re completely incorrigible and damned persistent!

Guilty as charged, angel…and proud of it LOL! {Oooh! He’s using big words on me! I LOVE it!!}

Berlin always give us the very best of Rob!  And, once again, they delivered BIG TIME!!

Aren’t they ever going to get enough photos?

*Pffffft!* Like we could EVER get enough of Rob LMAO!

Did you just roll your eyes at me, Rita?

*GULP!* Yeeees… ! You gonna punish me now? {Please please please please!!}

Absolutely! You know you’re just asking for it!

No, I’m fuckin’ BEGGING for it…Sir!

Right! That’s IT, Rita!  Now, KNEEL! Open your mouth! Smile and pray!

*THUD!* {OMFG! Public humiliation! He’s not even gonna wait til we get to the RRoP!}

That’s my good girl!

. . . . . . . .

Uh, moving right along to the Q&A session at The Apple Store in London…

Have you learned your lesson, woman?

Yes, Rob…I’ll be good, now! {Holy fuck! That look…kill me now!!}

I hope so, because if not….

If not, what…Sir? *shudder!*

Ummm, something a little more…painful, perhaps?

*Pant! Pant!* Would you be referring to, um…the flogger…Master?

Would you like that?

*Jesus wept!* If I might suggest the crop as a better option, Sir?

Why, yes! If you prefer…or, a little rope play?

*Rope play FTMFW!*  Let me just go make the preparations!!!

If you’ll excuse us for a moment, ladies! Someone I know deserves a little surprise…

 If you are all wondering what the surprise is…

Well, not until tomorrow, but, since I’m not posting tomorrow, Rob wanted to party today!

He even got her a cake!

Thanks to MC and Cared for the birthday manips…I only helped a little bit {I fucked up the cake LOL!}

Once again, Rob saved the day!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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31 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Falling In Love All Over Again…with Rob!

  1. Sus

    OK, Rita, you big hoor….those pics almost KILLED me! What a wonderful selection of pics came out of the Cosmopolis media frenzy! OMG…..spankbank is full!!!

    Happy, Happy Birthday to RobsFan-tasy! Have a wonderful celebration!


    • Sus

      P.S. I almost fell on the floor when I first saw SalmonShirt Rob! Holly hell!

      • rita01tx

        *Gigglesnort!* Ah, Sus darlin’! Just the reaction I was hoping for LOL!
        It was really hard (TWSS) to leave any photos behind, but I think I got the best ones on here…I hope!
        Whoever is picking out Rob’s wardrobe for the Cosmo promo is a fuckin’ genius! SalmonShirt Rob was an awesome choice!

    • Thank you Sus!!! rob’s cosmo promo tur has made my birthday week!!! i’ll always have them to remember it by and this wonderful post as well!!

  2. naughtyhisbella

    These pics are priceless! Rita! You’ve been a naughty girl! So good!
    The apple ones are killing me…*fans self*

  3. naughtyhisbella

    That one has to be my favorite too! Nom Nom Nom… We need more chest hair Rob…jmo

  4. Happy Bday, RF! But I think I got all the gifts today, you are the bestest friend a Robhoor ever had, Rita! thanks so much! I licked and clicked and got all rabbity happy! Also, I know I’m slow, but just finished Waiting in Twilight-for all that is holy, girl, tell me you are still writing????? LOVED it, in fact, one of my fave private daydreams about him come to life in your hilarious and smexy words! Unf! I’ve been visiting all your rooms this last month or 2, since discovering my new home for Rob fuckhawtness, and went to the FF Library tonite…there u were! Need more! Help! I’m hopelessly addicted….oh, and btw, salmon is my new fave color…salmon panties, anyone???? lol

    • OH Robbie Elise!! Thank you Dear one!! Rita is the bestus friend evah!! So are MC, Cared and Maggie!! I am so lucky to have all my dear friends here at RA with me to do such wonderful things for me!!!

      Yes I am still writing “Waiting in the Twilight” in facti have the next two days off and plan to spend every spare moment working on it!! thank you so muchfor reading it and i am thrilled that you like it so much. more is coming {TWSS} very soon. and i will keep writing it until i complete it. I may be slow but i is persistent lol.

      panties? Rob melted all of mines a long time ago {SNICKERS}

  5. dazzledbyrp

    The hotness of Rob these last few weeks is pretty much beyond compare. Like a fine wine, he gets better as he ages. The pics from the Apple store in particular slay me.

    Is it almost RF’s B-DAY?? Happy birthday my sweet friend. Enjoy! ( I owe you an email……..)

    • IKR? can you imagine how hot he will be in his thirties? {SWOON}

      Thank You Dear Maggie!! that’s ok i understand, we all get busy. we’d like to get busy with ROB in rl but we take what we can get. 🙂

  6. Dear Rita, you sneaky little woman you!!! I read this whole post never suspecting a thing!! No Wonder Rob punished you!! hehehe Thank you for this wonderful surprise! I thought you said you sucked at birthdays???
    Thnak you Cared and MC for the wonderful manips as well!! ALL you girls RAWK!!! MUCH MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! MWAH!!! MWAH!!! MWAH!!!

    • rita01tx

      Oh, I still suck at birthdays…you can thank MC for reminding me LOL!
      She and Cared did the manips for me. I shocked myself at even being able to add the smooshed cake to the one photo LOL!

    • Happy Birthday RF, you are very welcome, love you & have a wonderful day today!!

      Rita, this post is epic, damn girl, Rob is a suit is the best!! *swoon*

  7. annettepattinson71

    Happy birthday the salmon shirt,Robert looks pretty in pink.

  8. ilovealion

    Love love love the pics!

    Happy Birthday RobsFan-tasy. Hope your day is grand.

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