Mission: Monday Military Manip Madness!!!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Dear Angelz,

Your Mission should you accept it is to read and survive the following post about Robert Pattion’s new Movie Role as officer Maddox in “Mission Blacklist #1” including all the great manips made by hOOrs and Angelz like us!!

The following is a fan made poster for the new movie made by nyflntumblr.com:

nyfln tumblr

{Great work but don’t worry, I’m saving the best ones for last lol}

BUT this is the official movie poster for Mission Blacklist.

“OMG! Those incredible eyes! I would know them anywhere!!”

The film is based on the book Mission: Black List #1 – The Inside Story of the Search for Saddam Hussein.

{OMG ROB! Have you got a ribbon for being fuckhawt in a uniform? If you don’t BB, you deserve one!! -Faints-}

The thriller follows an Interrogator fresh out of training, Eric Maddox (Robert Pattinson) who has a unique ability to decipher highly complex patterns from seemingly random events.

His mission is to trap the world’s most wanted man, Saddam Hussein – and he must defy his superiors to uncover his prey. The closer he gets to the truth, the more dangerous the hunt becomes.

Mission: Blacklist is directed by Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire from a screenplay written by Erik Jendressen, Dylan Kussman and Trace Sheehan. The film will be released in theaters in 2013.

{Hehehe you can drill me any time ou want to Sergeant Pattinson! ~Snickers~}

“This movie is a gripping, edge of your set thriller “, says Ross M. Dinerstein, one of the film’s producers.  ” I have been inspired by Robert and Jean-Stephane’s dedication.”

{You already do Baby! Everyday in Everyway!! Mwah!}

It sounds like Rob is going to be playing a pretty intense military character and he’ll have to get super buffed-up to be in top shape.

{Lookin mighty fine! Can I play with your six pack?}

We know Rob hates working out, but we guess he will have to endure to take on this challenging new role.

But I cannot wait to see him pump up those guns and tighten those long {already fuckhawt} thighs!!

{UNF! this is my second favorite manip and I’m sure you can see why~SWOON!~}

And if he turns up looking anything like this…

Yes, this is my favorite manip if you hadn’t guessed by now.

We is all gonna be a bunch of DED-ass hOOrz!! Good lord have MERCY!!

While I was doing some research on this film I ran across this awesome movie fan blog for mission black list. There is already quite a bit on there about MB including an interview with the real Maddox about Robert! So click the pick and check them out!!

My reaction about this movie and especially these last two manips was something like this…

Only I was a little more excited LOL.

I dunno bout you ladies but I think these manips are off the charts hot! Have you got anymore Military Manips for me? SHOW ME PLEASE!!! I NEED MORE!!

Much Love to you All,




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11 responses to “Mission: Monday Military Manip Madness!!!

  1. a buffed. rob. in. cammos….. i see your squeals of delight and raise you a cheering happy dance around the room. there will be a scene where he has to be topless right? RIGHT??? damn it add one people it’ll double your gross at the box office.

    there is a militaryward group on facebook to tide us over in the meantime.

    • hi there Natalie! There has to be a topless Military Rob!! If they have abrain in their heads they will have one! i’ll check you link and get back here to comment tomorrow!! Thanks Natalie!! 🙂

  2. annettepattinson71

    Love love these manips

  3. naughtyhisbella

    First off, Happy Birthday, RobsFantasy!!! Have a lovely day!
    I absolutely love these manips. I can’t wait for this film. I’m a bit worried about their choice of location…Iraq. Deano better be on the ball! That last manip sent me over the edge this morning! Thanks, I needed it!

    • thank you naughty!! 🙂 I did have a wonderful day!!! I agree i don’t like the thought of our boy {any of our boys} being in the danger zone!!! Take care of him Deanor you will answer to a hoard of angry hOOrs!!!!! IKR??? that last manip is killer. I hope and pray he buffs up to look like that!! it will be the death of me FOR SURE!!! but DAY~UM!!! What a way to go!!!

  4. rita01tx

    Jesus wept, woman! You said you had some military manips for Black List, but DAYUM! *THUD!* I can’t pick a favorite…they’re all so gooood!
    And I’m with Naughty darlin’! I shudder to think of The Precious risking his life in Iraq just to make a fuckin’ movie! I’m sure there are other, safer places to shoot it!

  5. haystackhair

    Holy shizzz!!! I am so glad I stopped by this morning! DAYUM I’m awake now!! Hi ladies! Haven’t checked in for a while – it’s been a crap month or so for me, lost a fur baby, then a good friend. I think I am all cried out for at least a day. Nothing like you ladies and some F*ckhawt Rob manips to cheer me up!!

    • rita01tx

      Awww, haystackhair darlin’! You’ve been having a rough time, haven’t you BB? Well, you know we’re always here for you {{warm, fuzzy hugs!}} and RobPorn ALWAYS brightens up our darkest days!!!

    • Hello HSH!! we sure have missed you!! I’m sorry you lost your fur babt and a friend too :{ ~BIG HUGS~ We’ll try to keep you smiling if you come back again. Take care Darlin! Laters, Mwah!!!

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