Sensual Sunday ~ Rob Takin’ Toronto!

Good afternoon, ladies!

Well, Toronto was the last stop on the Cosmopolis promo tour and didn’t Rob just shine?!?!?!

Seriously, did you see him strut out onto that stage like he owned the world?  And HE DOES!!!

Star date: June 4, 2012

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Event: Cosmopolis Premier!

“Ladies and gentlemen…Mr. Robert Pattinson!” ***APPLAUSE!!!***

For the audience Q&A, Rob tried to put on his serious face and follow David’s example…

Host: So why Robert Pattinson?
David: “I knew he would be good, but I had to convince him he would be good.”

He really did…

David: “The movie is very philosophical. Philosophical observations about the nature of capitalism.” blah blah blah

But it wasn’t long…

David: “You’ve got the people you love to work with and you’re creating something and you’re killing yourself laughing.”

Before his irrepressible sense of humor had Paul Giamatti crackin’ the fuck up!

{regarding the prostate exam in the back of the limo…}
” He {David} was like, “I want to shoot it… and just cup the frame with your balls at the top.” I genuinely believed him!”

There was no stopping Rob after that!

“Wow, it’s wall-to-wall dialogue. It’s very complex. It could be great. But am I going to f*** it up?”

Not in a million years, darlin’!

{Gratuitous ThighPorn…*GAH!!!*}

We didn’t get any of that during the press conference, but we DID get some great shots of The Pretty being, well…oh, so Pretty!!!

“I’ve never really taken myself seriously as an actor.”

As self-deprecating as ever! We always knew he was a serious actor!!

“I don’t really know how accepted I am,”

Baby, we accept you unconditionally!

“It is surprising the amount of people who think I’m going to be really dumb,”

Little do these “people” know! Rob is far from dumb!

‘It’s so different to other films, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to do it.”

Aw crap! ChestHairPorn! FingerPorn! *THUD!*

“Getting the movie, getting it to Cannes and getting the movie I got recently are three of the happiest moments of my life.”

So good to see Rob getting what he wants out of his career!

“I think he {David} heard me in the very obvious throes of a panic attack. He said, ‘When we start shooting, what will be will be.’ ”

And I just know it will be great! In fact, I just found out Cosmopolis is playing here in Holland *squeeee*!  I intend to go see it as soon as possible!!

*   *   *   *

Rob’s fine ass was draggin’ by the end of it all, so much so that he apologized to the audience for gettin’ the short end of the straw LOL! But, maybe, if we’re lucky, he’ll show up for the US premier on August 17th, either in LA or NYC!

Hmmm…well, I just might be pursuaded to make an appearance!

Hell yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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18 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Rob Takin’ Toronto!

  1. christa64c

    He was on the top of the world during that junket. He looked like he owned the world and was finally accepting his place on top of the mountain. He was still just as honest and humble as always but I felt that he was becoming more comfortable with the attention and it certainly didn’t hurt to have such a well respected director sing your praises.

    Rob, please, please, please show up for our premieres. We’ve followed you around the world and we want our turn with you!

    • rita01tx

      Christa baby {HUGS!} I couldn’t agree with you more! Cronenberg was intelligent, articulate and indefatigable…I was so impressed! Rob couldn’t have found a better mentor to emulate! You could see him glow (and grow) under DC’s tutelage!
      We all hope Rob will be able to attend all the premieres…I think we need to clone him for that, though LOL!

  2. Sus

    Oh, hon, I think your comments are so hysterical (but true!). Man alive, Toronto Rob was HAWT! Is that the watch from Cosmopolis?

    I am super bummed that we have to wait til August to see Cosmopolis in the U.S. 😦

    Thanks for Sensual Sunday! He truly is so, so sensual!

  3. dazzledbyrp

    Oh Rita. Our boy sure dazzled us throughout this entire press junket. He never looked hotter, and he was so confident and thoughtful yet still so funny and still the Rob we all are mad about. I can’t wait to see what happens next with his career. I was also so happy to see that he’s trying to stop smoking. And voila we get something deliciously new to hyperventilate over – toothpick porn is born!

  4. Rita, as always great post.. honestly some of these pictures of Rob are some of the hottest I have seen. He absolutely is rocking that grey suit. In my perfect world, Rob would live in a grey suit. Oh, and maybe the sexpenders.. YUM .. AV

    • rita01tx

      *Drool!* Seeexspenders!!! Oh, Ally darlin’! You bring back such fond memories! Will we ever see Rob wearing them again? Maybe only in a film role {like in WFE}, but we can dream, right?

  5. Beautifully done with proper respect and love for the gifted actor that he is, along with being so much more. Thanks, Rita!

    • rita01tx

      My very great pleasure, BOH darlin’! Rob deserves every bit of love and respect we can give him! I’m very excited to see Cosmopolis tomorrow night…will report back on Sunday *squeee!*

  6. exaltada

    Rita, I have no time for more words…. only thanks a lot for this post, as always

    • rita01tx

      Hi, Exaltada darlin’! You catchin’ up on some of my past posts? Have you had the pleasure of seeing Cosmopolis yet? I really want to see it again, and again….

      • exaltada

        rita, they haven´t yet released the film in my country, yet. They´ll do it in october or november, don´t remember well … we look forward to know if Rob will be here at that time as it coincides with the festival of Sitges fantasy film. I want to see that film NOW!

        • rita01tx

          That’s around the time our poor baby will be forced to endure BD2 promotion crap! I will go see it, but only because Rob is in it…hell, I never would’ve seen any of them if not for him LOL!

          • exaltada

            Oh, yes… I have to say, I watched the DVD of twilight a lot of times, New moon twice, and since Eclipse… I watched that DVD once, and not the whole of it. I don´t have the BD DVD ;). So… I agree with you.
            But, since the Sitges festival is about fantastic cinema, every year someone of the cast attend to it. May be Rob could do promotion of both films? Don´t know, but I hope it! Kisses…

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