Sensual Sunday ~ Rob Showed Me Something I Didn’t Know!!!


Conversation I had with my friend, Karin, earlier this week at work…

“Hey, Karin!” I said, sidlin’ up to bump her with my shoulder, a shit-eatin’ grin spread across my face.

“Oh, hell!” she groaned. “It’s finally out, isn’t it?”

She hated Bel Ami, so gettin’ her to agree to go with me to see Cosmopolis when it came out had taken some almighty beggin’ on my part LOL! But, bless her, she knows how much I love Rob!

“Yup!” I allowed. “It’s playin’ at one of them ‘indie’ theatres in Haarlem. Only problem is it starts at 9:30 pm…no early screenin’s.”

“Well, no way are we going on a weeknight then,” she huffed.

“Nope…let’s go Saturday night, OK?” I urged. “Oh, and, by the way?”

“What?”she wondered.

“That indie theatre is the one right across the alley from your favorite Irish pub!” I chortled.

She didn’t need any more convincin’ after that!  I didn’t even have to show her that fuckawesome teaser trailer!

So, last night we met up at the Irish early enough to have a drink before amblin’ across the alley to the Filmschuur.  Just seein’ this poster in the window had me internally squeein’ my ass off!!

I was pleasantly surprised to see so many people already seated…most of them middle aged men and their wives, with nary a teenie in sight.  Probably pretentious Cronenbergians, I figgered, although their womenfolk probably harbored a secret Robsession *gigglesnort!*

From the opening scene, with the line “We want a haircut.” I was riveted to my seat! Rob was perfectly, inhumanly cool as Eric Packer!

Most of the action takes place in that damnably sleek, futuristic limo, where Eric is king of his world. Information flowing at his fingertips…people coming and going at his beck and call!

We don’t see his eyes until he steps out of his limo into the cab with his wife. Except for the fact that they were both obscenely wealthy people (maybe she was a merger & acquisition to him, or vice versa), I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why they married. She’s an ice queen who’s constantly railing at him (rightly so, of course) for smelling of sex, but showing no signs at all of wanting it herself (her loss LOL!). His myriad excuses for “smelling like sex” are hilarious!!

Since his frigid wife is not giving it up, Eric takes sexual excitement where he can get it, even during a prostate exam. He randomly mentions his asymetrical prostate throughout the rest of the film, at the most inappropriate moments LOL!

This scene was very brief and I would have loved to see more of Rob, uh…  ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo…when she got up off him! Other than that, we see Eric’s unbelievably huge ego and disregard for his own wealth as he instructs her to buy something he covets…at any cost…even though the owner(s) have no wish to sell it!

The sex scene with one of his bodyguards was fuckHAWT! He BEGGED her to use the taser on him, all 100,000 volts, but it doesn’t show whether she complied…I like to think she did LOL!

The scene where Eric grieves for the death of his favorite rapper is the first sign we see of any real emotion on his part. Karin said it was like he was losing his mojo! Yeah, that about sums it up!

As the trip progresses, both the limo and Eric lose their spit and polish. By the time he arrives at the old barber, who remembers him from when his father brought him in as a child, he’s been pied in the face {I loved Pie Dude’s rant about his previous conquests and how he passed up the chance to pie the President to get to Eric, who he saw as the bigger target…something of a compliment LOL} and shot Torval, his main bodyguard…probably for letting Pie Dude get to him!

I can’t rememer why he left the barber shop with half a haircut, but he took the barber’s gun with him and winds up with only his driver for company, heading for the limo garage.

{Gotta share this fabulous Melbie edit!}

Which is where he gets shot at by a disgruntled ex-worker bee at his company and storms into the derelict building to confront him head on!

Rob’s alley strut just cracked me the fuck up!  {couldn’t find a good gif…sorry!}

I just love this shot of him waiting to burst through the door…looks like a painting!

Benno tells him he must be crazy to walk into a place where he knows someone is waiting to kill him!

Eric calls his bluff and thus begins the most powerful scene in the whole film! Benno {not his real name} burned out when the information flow became too fast and too much to keep up with. They get into a philosophical discussion about life, money and asymetrical prostates LOL!

I don’t remember exactly why Eric shot his hand…mighta been he didn’t expect the gun to go off cause he was just playing with it at that point…but the sheer shock and agony Rob gave to that scene was fuckin’ awesome!

Not gonna tell you how it ends. All I will tell you is that, when it ended, I said “WHAT?”

So, in conclusion…

Yes, you could follow the dialogue! Yes, you could understand it! But the whole film was like that!  Wordy as hell…lyrical in places…richly complex and hypnotizing!!!

Karin and I both agreed we needed to see it again! But we’ll wait until it comes out on DVD so we can watch without distractions!

Hell’n I might have to buy the damn book!!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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40 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Rob Showed Me Something I Didn’t Know!!!

  1. dazzledbyrp

    What a great write-up Rita. Lots of insights without giving anything away. I can’t wait to see this movie. I love Cronenberg’s films. Weird, dark, arty. I’m also really loving Cronenberg himself these days. He seems like a brilliant, likeable guy and, more importantly, he’s given our man so much and, hopefully a HUGE boost to his career. From all reports, including yours, this should be the vehicle Rob needs to be taken as a serious, talented actor by people who (unlike us) didn’t already see him as one. Oh – and beautfful pics. Especially, as always, love Melbie’s enhancements.

    Thanks, bb!!

    • rita01tx

      Maggie darlin’! I have definitely been impressed by Cronenberg…I’d never seen him before. I think I’ve seen some of his films without knowing they were his LOL! I’ll have to watch some again for sure. He sure as hell has given Rob the confidence he needed to move forward. Can’t wait to see his next films!!
      Melbie IS our Cougar Queen when it comes to gorgeous enhancements, isn’t she? Bless her for sharing with us!

  2. shepfan

    Love the summary – I had a similar conversation with my sister to get her to watch it with me! Just a note – the bodyguard did taser him – in the book it’s mentioned later on about him wondering why his ‘midsection smarted’ and remembered that it was from being ‘frizzed’ by the stun gun.

    • rita01tx

      Well, damn, Shepfan darlin’ {and welcome to RA}! Now I’m really gonna hafta buy the damn book LMAO!

      • This is a very complex story, read the book, it’s worth your time . You will really appreciate Rob’s acting chops in tackling this part and doing justice to an incredibly challenging character.

        • rita01tx

          I finally did read the book, BB! Now I wish they had included the scene where he unexpectedly meets up with his wife and has hot wall sex with her…Ice Queen finally gave it up LMAO!!!

          • dazzledbyrp

            I finally saw it last night. Simply amazing. A great adaptation of the book. This is not an easy story, but when you start to get it, it really is so profound. And Rob….oh, Rob. Eric Packer is such an extremely difficult role and he was simply mesmerizing from start to finish. So many scenes stand out in my mind: His face during the prostate exam – priceless. The sex scene with the hot bodyguard…..(happy trail….thud….ded!). All the scenes with his wife. The strut in the alley!!! So many more, but the last 22 minutes with Paul Giamatti – a truly great actor, show just how talented our man is. That scene was so riviting and Rob was ……well, I really have no words for how terrific he is in that scene.

            • rita01tx

              Playin’ in LA already? Great! When Eric shot his hand, didn’t Rob make you BELIEVE? OMG! The horror and agony on his face…I jumped a foot in my seat!!

              • dazzledbyrp

                Oh, I know Rita – the surprise and shock and then pain on his face was incredible. It was really a difficult role and he met the challenge and then some.

                It actually opens in LA on Friday. I was able to attend a special preview screening. I just bought tickets to see it on Friday (want to support the opening weekend box office) and althought it’s showing in a somewhat small theater, I was happy to see that it was already about half sold out. It’s only being released in a limited number of theaters. I never understand how movies are marketed.

  3. robpfan

    You should ‘cos there’s also a scene where he ends up bumping into his wife again on a film set where they are both naked and end up having sex – pity that scene wasn’t in the film!

  4. rita01tx

    You all gotta see this fan vid of Rob during the Cosmopolis promo tour!

  5. Hello all 🙂 damn Rita! you keep lying to me and imma have to have rob tack you to the RROP and smack you around a bit! LOL Would you all believe she told me she wasn’t any good at movie reviews??? WTF??? Damn good post Darlin! Great pics and vids.

    FYI in case you didn’t know our Crazy man actually wanted to get tasered in RL for the movie!!! he wanted them to taser him and film it!!! Has he gone mad? but they talked him out of it {thank goodness} by telling him it could cause brain damage! I saw all that on a vid not to long ago.

    You can tellthat Rob is actually happy to be talking about something else besides Twilight. He seems much happier in general and THAT makes me happy too! 😀

    Welcome to shepfan and rpfan! Thanks for perving with us!!

    Laters BBZ MWAH!!!

  6. Great review especially for those of us who have to wait a long time to see it. After reading the book I am anxious to see it on the screen as it should be very powerful. Not an easy read. WARNING for those who venture. It ‘s very very intellectual and very confusing for some readers. It is a sad commentary about how cut off from real life some Wall Street megalomaniacs can be. It’s still a very current subject so many years after the book came out.

    I just saw “A Dangerous Method” one of Cronenberg’s most recent. Again. Not an easy subject matter to deal with but extremely well done and amazing actors. Same actress in it as played RPs wife in Cosmopolis.

    Rob’s future is bright and will grow steadily. He will show that he is more than a pretty face from Twilight. Now he just needs to work on his interview skills. If he wants to be taken seriously he will need to talk more seriously about his work and films. It was disappointing to see the interviews re Cosmopolis. He didn’t seem ready to seriously talk about it. Crononberg then took over the interview. It appears that the director has taken him under his wing.

    • rita01tx

      Depends a lot on who’s interviewing him, Katie darlin’! I’ve seen him talk calmly and professionally about the film many times. And then there are the times he’s daft side out {which I love love love}! Rob has said himself he was worried about coming across as pretentious, but I think DC helped him a lot with that. Rob’s bound to get better as he gets older. Baby’s still a puppy and learning how to behave LOL! Personally, I hope he never loses his sense of the ridiculous!!!

    • I LOVE Rob’s interview style, he is so dynamic and unguarded. His passion and knowledge regarding projects comes across. His sensuous nature is so spontaneous, it’s disarming. (ex: 8/13/12 Daily Show,bending over to casually lick ice cream out of a container with the tip of his tongue *thud*) Talented, sexy and funny as hell!

  7. Rita, I loved your post – it makes me want to see it, and I have to be honest, this movie is not one I would go and see if Rob wasn’t in it. But you have given me hope that all will be well! AV xo

    • rita01tx

      Ally darlin’! It’s not one I would have gone to see if Rob hadn’t been in it either, but I’m so glad I did…he was absolutely brilliant in it!
      {I just noticed my comment after the hand shot was missing, so I fixed it!}

  8. naughtyhisbella

    OMG! Such a great review! I hope that we get to see this in Chicago! I’m a bit excited to hear that the audience was adults! So wonderful for Mr. Pattinson! Did you get to hear anyone’s reactions to the film? I have the book and I didn’t get throught all of it. I’ll have to go back and read it!!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

    • rita01tx

      I hope you get to see it in Chicago, too, Naughty darlin’! You might have to keep your eyes peeled for an obscure venue cause I don’t think it’s gonna be playing in any “regular” theatres LOL!
      Honestly, I didn’t stick around long enough to hear the audience reaction cause, during the last 30 minutes, I was about to burst and shot off to the facilities like a bat outa hell as soon as the credits started rollin’ LMAO!!!

      • naughtyhisbella

        I am expecting it to be in an indie type of theater. Bel Ami is playing downtown this weekend. I figure Cosmopolis will be the same way. For the same reason you ran from the theater, I always make sure to go before the feature, especially if our Man is in it. LOL

        • rita01tx

          I do, too…I did! Hell’n the older you get {trust me on this}, the less holdin’ capacity LOL! Plus it was damn near 2 hours, with no intermission!

          • naughtyhisbella

            I’m no spring chicken so I know all about the holdin’ capacity. Two hours? Psshh! That’s nuthin’! I sat through Lord of the Rings…wait…I was much younger! I’ll heed your warning and not drink that 42 ounce Sprite.

  9. Great post Rita :). Have seen Cosmopolis three times, and absolutely loved it. Aaah that second sex scene, gulp…

    • rita01tx

      Thanks, Steph da’rlin’! IKR? Hot…sweaty…sex hair!…the look on his face!…GAH!!! I saw that the DVD will be out {} some time in October.

  10. September 25th for us Frenchies ;).

  11. Hey girls, do any of you have or know where i can get the sofar sounds “Angel” song of Rob’s on MP3???? i have the recording of it for my pc but thsat won’t transfer onto my phone/i pod. So i need it in MP3 format.

    Thanks in advance ladies!

  12. dazzledbyrp

    If that’s the song that I call “It’s All on You”, I may have it on my iTunes in MP3 format. I’ll email you tonight, bb.

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