Inspired Again! :D

Hello Everybody *waves*


Holy Hell Angelz! I haven’t been this excited for awhile now and though I’m still crazy about Rob I was totally at a mind numbing loss for things to post about our boy or even write in my fanfictions. My Rob mojo is strong but my writing mojo was just GONE. I had been trying to work on my fan fiction and wasn’t getting anywhere fast. Then I realized that today is our favorite Vamps one hundred and eleventh Birthday! I just kept thinking what could I say about Edward’s birthday that hasn’t been said 111 times already?

{Or his “Eleventy-first” birthday as Bilbo Baggins would have called it lol}

Well, it might be Edward’s birthday but I’m the one that got a present!

I was working on my fanfic “WIT” and got to thinking about the battle scene Bella was supposed to write. A reader asked me in a review once if I was actually going to write the Non Battle scene that was suppsed to be Bella’s work. I told her that from the on set that had been my intention, either as a chapter or as an outtake {still undecided about where and how I should put that in WIT.} So Breaking Dawn 2 has always been very important to me since the beginning of my Robsession when I first started thinking about writing WIT. I was thinking about things I could write for that scene and I remembered that I hadn’t seen anything lately for BD2. {Yes apparently I do live under a rock in RL! LOL} but at any rate I started looking for a pic to use in chapter 17 when I stumbled onto this…

OMG! Life will never be the same!

Then I saw where it said it  was a pic from Breaking Dawn {was it from 1 or 2? I didn’t remember seeing this in BD1 but it got me to thinking, November is not that far off and didn’t someone say there was supposed to be a teaser trailer out this week?} So of course, greedy little Rob fan-girl that I am I wanted MORE!~ So I started searching and I found this~

Lord he just gets more beautiful every time.

Lord he just gets more beautiful every time.

Well we all know how addicting Rob is, he’s like a bag of chips, you can’t have just one, so my hungry eyes started searching for more.

“My Familys in danger. I need your help.”

 Now I knows this gorgeous pic wasn’t from BD1 so that had to mean it was from BD2 and THAT meant there was MORE!!!! That caption reminded me that there was supposed to be a vid and I started looking. I was thrilled at getting to see these pics but at this point I still wasn’t all that inspired to do a post. {I know, WTF is wrong with me? I’ve been asking myself the same thing for weeks!}

Then, without even looking for it, I found this and I knew that elusive vid was real and it was more than likely on you tube.

Volturi vs. Cullen clan.

and just before I went to look for the Vid I saw this…

You’ll have to go through us to get to Nessie.

Side by side forever.

It was starting to look like BD2 was going to be Epic but having read the books and the Epic “non-battle scene” I still had my doubts. They hadn’t ever strayed too far from SM’s original story line so I was pretty sure that while it would look great on film, it was going to be a huge lead up into a pretty bland face off. So with a lack luster enthusiasm I headed over to You tube to find the Video…

Now first of all let me say… “SQUEEEEEEEEEE! FTMFW!”

Second, this looks like it was taken straight outta my mind as the “re-write” Bella was going to write in my fic. This look,

Fucking thrilled me to no end. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching/reading a story where the “helpless, delicate, fragile Girl” Finally gets enough of the bull shit, picks herself up and says “Damn it! You’re not going to fuck me over anymore! You want to go there? Then Bring it bitches.” Then to everyone’s utter amazement she kicks some serious ass!

I hope and pray that someone actually has re-written SM’s ending and the Cullen Clan go head to head with the Volturi and kick their weird asses all over the big screen.

I am more thrilled and anxious than ever to see this movie. So ladies, what do you think?

Much love to you all,



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26 responses to “Inspired Again! :D

  1. eewee333

    Hi RF! Loved your post. I have watched the BD2 trailer several times today. Rob is a total DILF in this movie. I agree with you and I hope they did rewrite the ending. BD was not my favorite book of the series. I did read somewhere that SM and Bill Condon came to some kind of agreement regarding the ending that they were both happy with. It looks like we get some kind of battle. Can’t wait to see Bella kick Aro’s ass. Anyway, I’m so excited about seeing this movie. Can’t wait until November=happy birthday to me!! Have you seen the video of Rob and Kristen kissing in Cannes? It’s really sweet. They are laughing and hugging and kissing and touching…aahhhhhh. You ladies have a wonderful week. 🙂

    • Hi eewee33! Thank you! I can’t help myself I just keep watching it over and over. I get so excited every time and when I initally wrote this post I got so into the Vampella being a badass I forgot to mention the toatally swoon worthy moment when Edward touches her for the first time {romantically} and says “Your so beautiful, We’re the same temperature now.” GAH! Yes indeed he is a totally DILF and a VILF!! LOL

      I don’t know which is worse having to wait until mid November to see the whole thing or finding out there is still a non battle scene? i hope you’re right abiut SM and BC and that there is a fight but hehehe I liked my writing contest idea much better ~giggles~ Getting to see this will indeed be a great birthday present for you! I guess BD could also mean birthday for you huh? LOL

      have a great week!

  2. hello all
    i was thrilled when i saw the new trailer. now i’m all impatient for november. damn it. we still have ages to go. they enjoy teasing us. rotten sods.
    i loved the daddyward bit where renesmee jumps into his arms. mama bear bella looks amazing.

    • Hi Natalie! I’m thrilled about it still. i wanted to jump on a plane to LA tonight and stand in line already just to make sure i’d get to see it on premiere night! ~Snort~ They do enjoy teasing us because the more we talk the more the wprd will spread and you know what that means right? more moolah for BC and SM and scummit studios! but that’s ok cause i heard that Rob gets a percentage off these last two films and if that’s true I’m thrilled for him. Chances are there’s not much we will ever get to do for him in RL but one thing we can all do is support him in his acting career and make sure his movies are well received!
      I love the daddyward much more than i ever thought i would and the way he speaks to her now, it’s totally different did ya all notice that?

  3. rita01tx

    Whether it’s Alice’s vision of what would happen if Aro and company made their move, or if it really is a rewrite, I’m excited about the Volturi getting their asses handed to them! YAY!!!

    • Doh RITA!!!!! I never thought about it like that! Dang it! What if it is just one of her visions and their actions change it into the non battle scene SM wrote?? that’d be such a bummer for me! ~pouts~

      • Love the post rft. I hate to say it but I think Rita could be on the right track. My first thought on seeing the trailer was that the battle scene was a vision and that in turn set the ball rolling on the Cullens searching for allies. I will be happy to be proved wrong though.

        Daddyward definitely is a DILF. No way can he pass for 17 but who cares?

        • thanks Cared! Doh! Not you too!! I want there to be an Epic battle. this final stand off between the Volturi and the Cullen Clan has been the one and perhaps the only disappointment for me in the story line. Oh well, if Bill Condon and SM and Summit won’t give me what I want then I will write the thing myself!! { as i always intended to do } That’s what fan fiction is for right?

          as far as Rob not looking 17 in this pic well your right BUT the way i look at is this: they said that they stay in one place for as lng as they could before people started to become suspicious. at one point they said that rose and emmett lived seperately and pretended to be a young married couple. there for they would have to appear to age as much as they could so it’s ok if they look to be in their 20’s or so even thouh they are supposed to be eighteen. stress of marriage a rough pregnancy/illness and what not can account for the difference in looks right? Sound reasonable or am i just talking myself into it? LOL

  4. I’m right there with you RF, the BD2 trailer knocked my socks off and I am anxiously awaiting the final chapter in the saga (oh but I will cry when it is over!)… Edward Cullen, sexiest damn vamp ever, and bad ass Bella! YES! Can’t wait!!!! xoxo

    • Hi there Melbie! We won’t think about it being over or ending BB! when it’s all said and done we will throw ourselves a pity party and mourn the loss of the greates, most gorgeous vamp ever but until then we are gonna look forward to this with huge happy hearts and celebrate Rob’s success! Cannot wait to see what they have truly done to this movie!
      much love to you BB xoxo

  5. ilovealion

    Thanks for the awesome post. I’m enjoying the Trailer over and over and over. I wish they would have chosen a different costume for Aro–one that didn’t make him look like a drum major… but oh well.

    Remember that SM allowed them to change the Volturi conflict in NM. Felix and Edward did not fight in the book, but they threw down in the movie. I’m thinking that we’ll see a snowball fight in BD2. lol

    Now, have you heard that Bill Condon has something “special” for the Twilight fans at the end? I’ve seen it referenced several times. Even KStewart commented about it- saying that the fans were going to love it. Brought tears to her eyes… or something like that. Any thoughts??

    Could it be the Precious playing the piano for his ladies? like FOR REAL Rob tinkling the ivories?

    Could it be a future shot of Reneseme and Jacob / Edward and Bella that we never got from the original books?


    I’m gearing up for five months of fun, but I’m also sad that we are in the final countdown to the final movie. Like with HP-the end of an era. *sigh* I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

    • newyorkkisses

      Hi ILAL! I read that, too, and as I said below, maybe B letting E read her mind (like in the book) would be too obvious. The way Rob and Kristen worded it in EW, it sounded like something that even surprised them? There was also that pic floating around the net a while ago of B&E standing together nekkid in their living room 😉 with the sun rising behind them through the window. Maybe that has something to do with it? Would fans “go nuts” about that? Hm, probably, lol. 😉

  6. oh ILAL Thanks hun. I agree i kept thinking Aro looked like a bad cartoon charater come to life lol funny considering he is suposed to be the walking dead! ~snort~
    I have NOt heard this little tid bit of info you just dropped on me! hmmm if i wasn’t about to rush off to work i’d do some research!! got any links to where that info was at?

    • newyorkkisses

      Hi RF, Rob and Kristen mentioned this in the latest EW issue. Here is the link:
      And ever since the moment I read that, I can’t stop thinking about what Bill decided to do for the last scene. Maybe the part where Bella finally lets Edward read her mind would be too obvious? Hm, what could it be then? Can’t wait to see it. 🙂

      • hi there NYK! i just followed your link and after reading this:

        ~They also say there’s some kind of visual valentine to fans in the closing moments. Pattinson, who’s seen a rough cut of the film, found himself surprisingly moved. “The end is so sweet. There’s this nice finality to it,” he says. “Everyone who was watching started crying. It does a serious justice to the series.”~

        I have to agree it is probably a combination of the mind-reading,
        dawn breaking behind the nude lovers that we will see in the end of BD2.

        Like all of you I will HATE and HURT to see the Saga end but i refuseto think about it right now. {I’m pulling a Scarlett O’Hara “I can’t think about that now. I’ll think about it tomorrow.”} I’m going to relish every sneak peek and every second of the build up to this Final Epic Ending! and after I have watched it for the 30th time and can quote it forward and backward as i can with all the others then I will mourn!

        • newyorkkisses

          Ooooh, yes, a combination of those two things sounds highly likely and fitting for that image we saw a while ago on the net. It would be a nice setting and symbolism for them to be naked, not only physically but emotionally (mind reading), too and to have it set in front of a breaking dawn. Kinda perfect, if you ask me. 🙂
          And I agree, thinking about the end of Twi before the last movie is even out, is probably not a good idea. 😉

  7. newyorkkisses

    Great post, RF! I, too, loved the trailer. I was wondering lately whether I would still get as excited about BD2 as I did over the first 4 (since I’ve also been watching Rob’s and Kristen’s other movies in the meantime). And as soon as that trailer (and the sneak peek of course) came out, I was fangirling and squeeing along just like in the past years, lol. Guess that answered that question then. 😉
    I’m kinda nervous about what will happen to the fandom after the last part is out and it’s “the end” of the movies *sob*. I so hope that we’ll be able to keep everything going (on the various blogs, sites and FB), moving on to support their future movies and also of course that we’ll still have fic.
    The way I see it, it could go both ways, either fic will become more popular as it would then be the sole source of “more Twi” or authors might want to move on to other things after a while. I’d understand that of course, but still I hope that fic and all the wonderful blogs will be around for a long time. 🙂

    • NYK, I cannot begin to speak for the other blogs but as for RA, I built this blog on love and admiration for Rob, his incredible beauty, likabilty, complete adorkableness, lack of word and brain filter, and of course his inhuman beauty! {did I mention that before?} Sometimes i don’t know what to post and sometimes I don’t post but as far as RA is concerned we will be here, long after the Twilight has come and gone. I hope someday We will be discussing the phenominal sales of “Midnight Sun” and a whole new perspective on Twilight/Midnight Fanfiction.

      Unlike Alice i cannot see the future but i cannot imagine that Twilight Fan Fiction will die off anytime soon. Maybe when all of our grand children have grown to our age perhaps they will be saying, remember when grandma was all into that “Twilight fanfiction” stuff? Boy she really loved that Vamp. but i don’t think we will see it’s demise in our lifetime.

      • newyorkkisses

        I love that picture you painted of the future there, RF! And I am very glad to hear that you plan on keeping RA going long after Twilight has ended. And gosh, finally having the completed version of Midnight Sun in our hands? That would be beyond amazing. 🙂
        And lol, I can totally see that happening with our grand children! We might even still be reading it then, lmao! XO NYK

  8. exaltada

    Honey, I´d rewrite a lot of BD, not only the non-battle scene (yes, some bella-kickin-ass had been very enjoyable) but also the non-honey moon LOL. That was a book of “nons”. Not my favourite book of all the Twi-saga, of course.
    Sorry, but I don´t like Edward´s look in the trailer, but I do love Bella´s look. She´s agressively beautiful.
    I feel empathic with you about inspiration. I also write fanfics, and Muses are as mercurial as Fifty shades ;). And you not only write fanfiction, you also write a blog! Congratulations for your well done and beautiful work, bb!

    • exaltada! Glad to see you back BB! I agree there were other things that needed to be re-written, that could have been better, but i’d like to think that IF IF IF she ever finishes the Midnight Sun Series there will be considerable improvements. maybe things would look different from EPOV. Thank you for the lovely compliment! I won’t post a blog if i can’t make it feel right to me ya know? as for the writing i have tons of ideas just no time what so ever and abosolutley NO PEACE and Quiet to put all my ideas down. If you ever need someone to bounce ideas off of BB just let me know, imma good listener 🙂 and i got more plot bunnies in my head than a rabbit farm lol. you can email me at and i’ll send you my private e-mail.

      • exaltada

        thanks a lot, bb ;). These days I´m writing a two shot fic, and when I´m finished I´, thinking about another story that is in my head tormenting me LOL, long story. If I need a muse (sure), I´ll take your offer, honey! I know what you mean about ideas in your brain that want to be written 😉

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