Sensual Sunday ~ In Rob We Lust!

Good evening, ladies…well, its evening here LOL!

I’m a little late posting today but it was just too gorgeous to stay inside. I mighta got a pink nose to show for it *gigglesnort!*

Now as to the title of my post, we are all “in lust” with Rob in every way imaginable.  BUT, this is all about Sally, aka InRobWeLust!

Back in March, when I posted “Slave for Rob,” RDMickey1989 said I should check out Sally’s tumblr cause she was a brilliant photo enhancer/editor, right up there with the best of them!

Well, I did check her out and I have since collected quite a stash of RobPorn by the lovely Sally!

Gonna try not to get all wordy and shit and just show you my favorites, but don’t hold me to it LOL!  Just prepare to be dazzled…

Brilliant montage from the Premiere Magazine photoshoot 2012.

Premier of Breaking Dawn 1 in Paris 2011! Goatee and all, Rob’s an angel in this one!

BD1 Promo Tour Barcelona 2011…looks like he trimmed the scruff by then!

Sexy Hobo stalking the streets of Beverly Hills in 2009! Baby rocks the color blue, don’t he?

Graham Norton Show 2011 for the Water for Elephants Promo Tour! Rob was daft side out during most of that interview!

Oh, God! Remember how shocked we all were that he showed up at Comic Con 2011 with half his head shaved? Rob absolutely reveled in all the gasps and groans LMAO!!!

Chateau Marmont 2008.  Am I the only one missing the Rob & Tom Show?

On the set of Remember Me 2009. So many beautiful shots of Rob for that film *sigh!*

This one, still on the set of Remember Me, cracks me the fuck up every time I see it!

Hauntingly beautiful in Bel Ami…not long now til we get the DVD!!

The way Sally colored this Bel Ami still makes it look like a painting…I love that effect!

Sensually lighted still from Breaking Dawn 1.  Damn sexy vampire! DED!!!

Majorly hawt NeckPorn from the Cosmopolis Press Conference in Cannes!

Couldn’t resist sharing Sally’s wicked sense of humor…Cosmopolis Premier Berlin.

I’m up for another threesome! How ’bout you?  Cosmopolis Berlin Portraits.

Fuck me sideways!  Those eyes will be the death of me!  H00r down ~ THUD! {still in Berlin for Cosmopolis}

Just to remind us that Rob is a human being like the rest of us. Remember Me afterparty in London 2010. {Still rocks the color blue!}

Edward {Eclipse} is one smooth motherfucker!  GAH! EyelashPorn…JawPorn…LipPorn!

I think it’s safe to say that THIS edit of Rob’s ass from Bel Ami is the one that put Sally on the map as a master photo editor / enhancer! Can I get an “AMEN” sistas!!!

With that, we’ll paddle off into the sunset with Rob {Malibu April 2012}!

So, was it all you thought it’d be?

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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60 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ In Rob We Lust!

  1. eewee333

    Holy hot sh*t batman! Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. She does lovely work. Rob is manly perfection. Thank you for spicing up by Sunday afternoon. 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Yes, Eewee darlin’! Rob himself is purely divine, but with the right person editing and enhancing his photos, we get so much more!
      Almost more gorgeousness than we can handle…I said ALMOST!

    • Oh BABY, “I like it like THAT!” Let me give a BIG ‘Amen!’ to Sister Sally for her heavenly work, and the good Lord for his beautiful handiwork that is Rob.

      • rita01tx

        Amen to the good Lord giving us Rob to love and admire, darlin’! Things round here would be pretty dull without him, right?

  2. Before I h00r down, lemme just say that these are supremely amazing especially the silhoutette montage. And I love the wonky legs(one of my favorite things) and the pink lips and the blue hoodie and… Yeah, I just love them all. Alright, I’m out. Thud………. 😉

  3. So true Rita, baby definitely rocks the blue! Sally truly is an artist! I can’t pick my favorite. Every picture is more beautiful than the last. She not only enhances his natural beauty, but she also creates such interesting compositions. Thank you for sharing her talent. I’ve found several I need to add to my extensive Rob collection.

    • rita01tx

      Lick ‘n save to your heart’s content, Christa darlin’! My own RobPorn cup truly runeth over…gotta get a bigger cup LMAO!!!

      • Rita, there is no cup in the world big enough to hold all the Rob hotness without running over!! buy several cups!!! lol still won’t help though but at least you can hold more ~gigglesnort!

  4. Oh Rita.. I think I am having heart palpitations! That Berlin Cosmopolis still – holy hell! Beautiful job, bb!

    I do love the Remember Me photos too, for me personally, the hottest level was at 100 in that movie 🙂 AV xoxox

    • rita01tx

      That absolutely sinful stare, right? Kill me now cause I’d drop like a stone if he ever unleashed that power on me for realz! And, still, I want it BAD!
      Rob looked and dressed most like himself playing Tyler Hawkins, which I think is why we all love that particular film so much!
      I feel a revisit coming on LOL!

  5. it’s winter here in australia and it’s been cold and wet for days. this post is well worth getting up for no matter the weather outside. so much yummy robporn. you definitely get an AMEN from me and i’ll toss in a few hallelejahs too!

    • we had severe storms all night and my street is blocked from two trees being torn down by the wind! it’s a 107 degrees today in the states where i live bb!!! too hot to go out, they are actually advising people to stay inside! and so hot the air conditioning can’t keep up!!! what they don’t realize is that if you’re looking at Rob Porn its even hotter than that and you’re definitely NOT any safer indoors lol !!!

  6. amen sistah!!! gotta start pinning these right away!!!
    imma fool for 2 10 sixteen 17 and eighteen!!! ~puddle of goo~
    Clean up needed in the RA Mansion!!! LOL

  7. OMG these are the most beautiful set of photos of Rob I think I’ve ever seen!… Gorgeous! Sally is such an artist! Absolutely beautiful…can’t stop drooling… Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful post!!!!! xoxo

  8. OMG!!!! we are so glad to see our edits in your site! thanks to all of you! and thank you Melbie for sharing! me and my mate @fearlessmore are totally dedicated to Mr Pattinson, his beauty his personality his talent are the inspiration.

    • Welcome to RA Sally! I know i speak for Rita as well as myself when i say, It was our pleasure to feature your edits here! we have admired your work for a long time! you are one of our many favorites and we both follow you on tumblr! 🙂

  9. Wowwwww my best friends here !!!! So happy!!!!

  10. Absolutely fantastic!!! Totally love all of these!!! THANK YOU!!!

  11. thank you again. just one thing… we are two girls (old girls lol), isn’t all my work, most of the amazing edits are by @fearlessmore, in true my master! and at the end all the congratulations go to Mr & Ms Pattinson who have created the most sensual beautiful sexy human being of the universe!

    • rita01tx

      Amen, Sister Sally! Mr & Mrs P done GOOD! And thank you, Fearlessmore, for your wonderful, amazing edits! I was very proud to show ’em to everyone!!

  12. Oh God, didn’t see these pics til Monday morning! If this is any indication of how my week will be, don’t expect to see me any where but here! Absolutely gorgeous collection of the beautiful Rob! I may not leave the computer all day. I’m enthralled by these photos and the man!!!!! Thank you, thank you – it doesn’t get better than this…..

    • rita01tx

      I tell you, Heidi darlin’, there were soooo many more I would have loved to post here, but there just wasn’t enough room. And they give us more and more every day on tumblr! I’ll ve revisiting this post myself all week LOL!!

  13. Yes, delivered as promised, as always, Rita. You’re right, those photos were all spectacular, one better than the next. And your captions- respectful and loving first, entertaining a close third- ALWAYS enhance the experience. We are so fortunate to have talented photo editors and bloggers in our midst. Thanks for this lovely experience. MWAH! XX B

    • rita01tx

      My very great pleasure, BOH darlin’! Some people are talented writers *bows to the queen,* some are talented photo editors *bows to Melbie, Sallly, Fearlessmore, Jules, SlaveForRob (Bru), HisHandsObssessed, and many many more…lucky for us!

  14. rita01tx

    Wooooow! Look what all happens while I’m at work today! You guys!!!
    And, just because I NEED to see this in a larger version…
    image host

    • rita01tx

      That they are, Tara darlin’! That they are! This is the kind of stuff we like to share here on RA. Thanks for hanging out with us today!!

  15. It just tickles me to no end to see so many commenters and visitors here. it reminds me of the good old days!!! YOU all are the reason we do this so Thank you all for stopping by!!

  16. simplydazzled1

    Ahhh pure quality Rob, Just what the Dr ordered. Lovely stuff.

    Thanks for posting, and thanks to Sally and all the other brilliant Rob only focussed tumblrs.

    • rita01tx

      ?? Did you just sniff a line of Pretty, Simplydazzled darlin’ ??
      Well, you’ve come to the right place to feed your RobAddiction LMAO!

  17. exaltada

    *Dead* Today it isn´t my birthday, but your post is a gift, Rita, thanks. The Pretty is pretty by himself, but In Rob We Lust do an awesome work with his pics. And you made a great choice for the sensual Sunday, Rita. BTW I´m feeling hormonal (yes, once a month ;)) and a little depressed… so you made my day, thanks!

    • rita01tx

      Awww, my sweet Exaltada darlin’! Let Doctor Rob and Nurse Rita make you feel all better today LMAO!! Just grab your laptop, a blankie, a glass of wine and put your feet up for awhile! Enjoy the pretty pictures and let the rest of the world take care of itself while you recharge your batteries!

      • exaltada

        You made me smile, and everybody knows the healing power of the smile ;). Thanks a lot for being so sweet 😉

  18. rita01tx

    OMFG! Look at the edit Sally posted on tumbler today!
    image host
    {Stewart Shining 2009 photoshoot}
    Click the photo for LARGE RobPorn!

  19. exaltada

    OMG….. please, call Emergencies… I need some mouth to mouth rescue 😉

  20. @rita01tx – HEY THERE! 😀 <————– *very happy face*.

    Aww thanks for responding to my comment (it wasn't exactly the most jaw-droppingly original, I apologise, but the pics kind of blanked my creativity … for the moment 😉 much happened later. Ahem). Anyway, VERY PLEASED I got to see the tag for this gorgeous blog on my tumblr 😀 I'll be checking in often. See you soon. xoxo

    • rita01tx

      I completely understand, Tara darlin’! You were in the RobZone, where reality is suspended and we are rendered deaf and dumb {but not BLIND, thank God!} for awhile…it happens to the best of us! Looking forward to your visits! MWAH!!!

  21. The talent of In Rob We Lust is as stunning as the original material.

    Fantastic post Rita, thanks so much.

    • rita01tx

      I didn’t realize there were two of them until Sally told me! I often wondered why on some edits there was and on others @fearlessmore! Well, now I know LOL!

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