Handing Over The Honours

Hi everyone,
After today I shall be leaving all posts to RF and Rita. For a while now I’ve been going through some things which have affected not only my drive to come here and post, but also my enthusiasm for the fandom. This is not me bowing out in that respect. What I am doing is stepping away to concentrate on RL stuff, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t be around. I’ll still come by every now and then to leave comments and see how everyone is doing, I just won’t be posting any more.
Purely for the purpose of reiteration, I’d just like to say that I haven’t ‘gone off’ Rob. I still find him attractive etc. I just have less…interest in doing this whole fandom thing every day. However that is merely due to personal issues. I have been in a very difficult place recently and have decided to first try to help myself before someone else has to step in. So that why I shall be handing over to the two lovely ladies who made this site what is.
It’s been fun, it’s been fabulous and I’ll miss you guys.
I hope this all makes sense!

Thank you for your understanding.

For one last time, this is TMM signing off. Stay cool, kittens xoxo



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6 responses to “Handing Over The Honours

  1. Thanks for the fun TMM! i hope everything goes well for you and you find some place to be happy. i hope you find what your looking for or rather i hope it finds you BB! I wish you well. Mwah! xoxo

  2. itsjustme1217

    Best of luck to you honey

  3. edwardsvamptramp69

    We’ll miss you TMM and I wish nothing but the best for you!


  4. Take care TMM, we will miss you! All the best! xx

  5. haystackhair

    Hey TMM, best of luck to you bb! I know the feeling, I’ve been MIA for a while now. Lost a fur baby, lost a dear friend, a dear friend lost her dad, just been one thing after another in RL to deal with. I lurk to get a few laughs from you ladies. Hopefully I will be here more often soon.

  6. exaltada

    Be lucky with your RL, TMM. My best wishes for you ❤ ❤ ❤

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