Sensual Sunday ~ Remember Me…With Love From Me to You!

Welcome back, Angelz!

If you’re wonderin’ about that little ♥ symbol at the top of my avi that’s been makin’ an appearance lately, it’s just to keep the text from starting off so high up {just don’t look right to me}.

Coulda been any symbol, I guess {Ω ♠ Ψ ♣ Σ or ♦}, but I  Rob, and I you all, of course, so ♥ it is LOL!

There IS a point to this…I think!  Yeah, I was thinkin’ about Remember Me!  One of the only films where Rob looked and dressed so much like himself for the role of Tyler Hawkins that the end scene just broke my !  I know I wasn’t the only one!

I didn’t show you this edit by Sally ~ InRobWeLust last Sunday.  I was holdin’ out on you cause it’s what inspired today’s post!

So fuckin’ beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes!

Sally wasn’t the only one to move me with their lovely edits, enhancements and banners for Remember Me…

I credit this one to Floren83, even though it’s not tagged, cause I snagged it from her RobPorn stash a long time ago {shameless lurker that I am}!

You have to look close, but I promise this is a Robelied edit {gonna have to search for more of her stuff}!

Have I ever told you how much I love Rob in RED???  This is tagged RPAU {Robert Pattinson Australia}, but it has Jules’s fingerprints all over it…Jules? This yours?

Now, I KNOW this one is Jules’s!  Absolutely one of my very favorites!

The lovely Biel made this photo look like it mighta been found among the debris of the Twin Towers…soooo haunting!

There’s a raw earthiness to some of Biel’s edits that speaks to me!  I like her style!!

If you’ve never seen this Melbie edit before, shield your eyes…it will burn itself into your bwainz!  Oops…too late!  I consider this a triumph of her craft!

Once again, I can only tell you this fabulous banner is credited to Nylfn…people need to tag their shit, damnit!

If I knew who made this beautiful banner, I’d hug ’em to death, I tell you! {You guys double clicking these things? They’re huge!}

Such a poignant scene {unknown bannermaker}!

By the time Rob / Tyler spoke those words, I was sobbing my  out…I just broke *ungh, ungh, gulp!* {damnit, Jules!}

Thanks, Melbie darlin’!  Just what I needed to, uh…refocus LOL!

Oh, yeah! Now we talkin’!!!

Lordy, the light on his hair! Those lips…GAH!  With plenty of red in the background? FTMFW!!!

Another Melbie Masterpiece I just had to share with you all!

Am I crazy for lovin’ that beat-up face?  Only because I know it’s just make-up, right? But, oh, that razor sharp jawline *drool!*  So lickable!!!

Whoever chose this photo for the official movie poster was genius! Love the way the wind ruffles his hair!  And the half smile on his beautiful face *groan!*

Take us out with a smile, Biel darlin’!

And, if all that RobGoodness wasn’t enough for you, I’ll leave you with her awesome vid “Just Tyler  / with love from me to you”…

Now, Imma just go watch Remember Me again!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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21 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Remember Me…With Love From Me to You!

  1. LoveLoveLove Tyler and all the edits above! i agree Tyler was more like Rob than any other character he played asfor as looks and dressing goes. When he is with his kid sister that is how i imagine Rob to be most of the time, {not with his buds but with girls? yeah!} I remember sitting in the middle of my bed, my chin in my hands with remember me playing on my laptop. completely enthralled and then i started to put it together… Tuesday September 11 2001… and i started to TRY not to cry. i picked my laptop up and sat it in my lap and started to Rock back and forth saying “Oh no, not Tyler, Not like that, not now. No, Not tyler, Not like that.” and when i was sure that’s what was going to happen i cried like a baby for hours! Rob can act so well that he makes your heart hurt for him hours and days and months after the movie is over!

    • rita01tx

      Truly, I don’t know how Rob did it. He has a wonderful family and many great friends in his life, so it’s not like he could relate to anything Tyler was going through. Guess that’s why they call it acting LOL! Anyone who has watched ANY of Rob’s films from day one know he’s the real deal!!!

    • As a ner who lived through the ordeal of their home violated, Rememer Me struck such a cord. I remember September 10th so clearly. It was a beautiful day, and my last day of innocence. This film captured this moment in time perfectly, everything was normal, happy and hopeful and then it was a world of pain.

      • rita01tx

        Holy crap BB! Were you at home when this happened? The day before Sept. 11th to boot? I cannot even imagine and, yes, that’s exactly what the film was trying to show us…normal people going about their lives and then, in a split second, everything changes!

  2. edwardsvamptramp69

    Thanks, Rita! I cried for days after seeing “Remember Me”. It literally felt like someone punched me in the gut, that’s how much that movie hurt my heart. 😦 And not just because I’m a New Yorker, either. He really brought the feeling the screen…………….true genius, that Tyler. 😦

    • rita01tx

      Yes, very powerful performance by our sweet boy and his best to date. Maybe because he was playing one of us, in a way, and not some supernatural creature like Edward, or Eric Packer, which was so amazing I can’t tell you!

  3. dazzledbyrp

    Remember Me is my favorite Rob movie to date. He’s never been more gorgeous. It has The Best Rob Sex Scene that we’ve seen so far. He’s fantastic in it. And the movie hit me like a ton of bricks. It made me understand the loss that happened that day like nothing ever could – and it was because the story and Rob’s performance made you love Tyler so much. I always thought that if I could say one thing to Rob, I would say, “Thank you for Remember Me”. (Of course, when I have had the chance to say anything to him, my brain freezes over……) Anyway, I loved the visuals too, Rita. Rob definitely has some talented admirers.

    • rita01tx

      Oh God, the sex scene started out so tender with him approaching her so slowly, waiting for her permission to proceed LOL! And then, WHAM! Unleashed sexual power!!! That scene gets repeated a lot before I can let it go and watch the rest {blushing}!
      I’m amazed at all the different styles of creativity he inspires! Each one unique and just gorgeous, like him!

  4. Remember Me is my favourite Rob movie ever – not only did he look insanely gorgeous in it but his acting was so awesome. If it weren’t such a sad movie I’d probably rewatch it more than twilight, lol!

    • rita01tx

      IKR? DH voted no to watching it again last night cause he hates to see me cry LMAO!!! Oh, well, when I’ve got some time to myself, then {snickers!}!

  5. Great post Rita,I love the vid.the photos OMG.they are so pretty.I need to watch remember me again.I will always remember Robert .

    • rita01tx

      Hi Annette darlin’! Biel’s vid was what reminded me to remember Remember Me, plus all these lovely edits I was gathering for some as yet undisclosed reason deserved to be drooled over in the worst way!
      Tybert is gonna be our favorite Rob character for years to come! Well, unless he wows us again, which is pretty much a given LMAO!!!

  6. Rita, this is simply gorgeous! I agree that Remember Me is possibly the most fun set of movie stills because Tyler is so Robly in appearance. (Though the NY accent doesn’t work for me coming out of that beautiful mouth from whence we’re so used to hearing lyrical Britishisms) Especially love those battle scars, I think because he looks a bit older, and that means I feel slightly less pervy. Which is truly helpful.


    • rita01tx

      Tons of great photos came out of Rob filmin’ in NYC, BOH darlin’! That wonky legs photo from last week bein’ an all time favorite!
      It’s funny…I was just lookin’ at some old set stills from Twilight and New Moon over on RPAU. So young! So beautiful! Still is, of course, but age is just a number, baby LOL! Hell’n I’m old enough to be his grandmother but it doesn’t stop me lovin’ the shit out of his sweet self {and pervin’ on him forever}! I refuse to be ashamed of it!!

  7. haystackhair

    Great post Rita! Finally had a few secs to respond. RL has been kicking me hard lately- lost a fur baby, lost a dear friend, brother going through divorce after 30 yrs of marriage. UGH! BUT, I have adopted another fur baby which helps. The rest will be what it is. I fluv Robler, I agree he was so Roblike. I feel the need to watch RM after this post. The pics here are to die for as usual! RM hit me like a punch in the stomach too. I bawl every time as soon as he says he loves Ally and leaves for the office right to the end. It really did hit home- again- as I clearly remember sitting and watching the whole thing unfold with a sense of disbelief- especially after hearing the first plane came from Logan in Boston. I have a friend who was almost on that plane. This movie was the perfect way to show how that day affected so many people just going about their lives. Great post BB!!! Oh, and p.s. Magic Mike owns my @ss !! Holy mother and hot damn!!!

    Oh and p.s. Magic Mike owns me this week! Holy shite!!!

    • haystackhair

      sigh, guess I really wanted you to know about Magic Mike. LOL.

      • rita01tx

        Dayum, Haystack darlin’! RL surely is kicking your ass right now! So sorry to hear of your losses and DB’s troubles. Glad you got yourself another fur baby…kitty or puppy? Home is not home without one or two {or more LOL}! 9-11 was a heinous day to watch unfold, especially if anyone you cared about was in any way in the fallout. Remember Me portrayed that so perfectly and Rob was the perfect Tyler {how anyone can criticize his performance, I’ll never know. {Youngest DB worked in Manhattan…did the whole walk home thing, only to find out his ex was on the plane that went into the Pentagon. Total freak-out by the whole family cause she was a sweetheart.}

        I keep hearing good things about Magic Mike, so your rec is making me wanna go check that shit out LMAO!!!

        • haystackhair

          Thanks Rita honey!! So sorry about the loss in the pentagon crash. Just awful. I was depressed for days after I saw RM (the first time)!! Rob’s Tyler just really made it hit home. He nailed it.
          It was a fur puppy I lost, so adopted another fur pup.
          I highly recomment MM if having many gorgeous male bodies and asses in your face (and I’m talking closeups!!) is appealing to you. Personally, I can’t see any breathing female not liking this movie for the eye candy alone!! enjoy BB, it is just a fun movie with lots of D&A for a change instead of T&A! LOL

          • haystackhair

            p.s. I always have two fur pups, so the one left was so sad. We are all happy now that there are two again!

            • rita01tx

              Thanks BB! Long time ago now…isn’t that amazing? I have two sister kitties (12 years young now). I keep swearing they will be the last, but my DH knows me so well, I’ll never be without fur babies LOL!

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