Sensual Sunday ~ Comic Con Coma!

Hello everybody!

Am I here? Are you here?  Is this real? I’m not entirely sure, at this point!  I’m think I’m still in a Comic Con Coma!!!

From the moment Rob arrived, until he vanished into the blue on a private jet, I watched it all!

No way was I gonna miss even one moment this time!

God Almighty, my heart near thumped outta my chest when he finally showed up, lookin’ all happy to be there and SO damn fine! {Check out those tight black jeans huggin’ his strong, manly THIGHS! Squeeee!!!}

As usual, Rob made time for his fans {lucky hoors!} and was quickly surrounded for autographs and photos…and sneaky hugs!!! {Did I already say “lucky hoors?”}

Sometimes the fans accidently take the most amazin’ photos of him, don’t they? {Can’t take  my eyes off his mouth *le sigh!*}

And so the circus began with the Press Line interviews.  Rob visibly struggled to answer the same damned questions over and over without sayin’ the same thing twice…wasn’t easy, bless him!

Did Rob realize how puttin’ his hands in his front pockets stretched his jeans so tight the white buttons showed, drawin’ our eyes to the Promised Land?  He didn’t really need to point it out, did he *gigglesnort!*

It would definitely have to be a full body costume if he wanted to have any fun at all…even then, his stride and posture would give him away LOL!  Which is actually too bad cause I’d love for him to have a fun day at Comic Con!

Before the Panel Discussion, Josh Horowitz of MTV got to interview Rob, Kristen and Taylor. Josh is such a fan boy LOL!

Bwahahaha!!! Rob takes nothin’ seriously, not even his own kissin’ skills {I’d like to get my own opinion on that LOL!}

But my favorite moment was when Rob spotted himself in the monitor and freaked out, hollerin’ that he looked FAT!  {No fuckin’ way!}

You’d think Rob woulda learned his lesson from last year that those stupid microphones screech when you mess with ’em LMAO!!!Remember? *Gigglesnort!*

When asked what advice BD Edward would give to Twilight Edward…I think he embarrassed himself with that answer…but it was too late to take it back…and Kristen just lost it LMAO!!! {Musta had a more accurate visual image than we did!}

When someone asked Stephenie Meyer what she would write as a sequel to BD, Rob started gigglin’ and she insisted he share his thoughts on the subject…BAD MOVE!  Rob thought that, 20 years down the line, Edward and Bella would be divorced and in Mr. & Mrs. Smith mode! When asked which of them would survive, he said vampires don’t die…at the same time, Kristin said “I would totally rip your head off!”  That’s one battle I’d like to see LMAO!!!

{Apparently there’s a fanfic based on Mr. & Mrs. Smith…don’t have the link, do any of you?}

A cheeky fan asked for Rob’s nameplate, so he made a paper airplane out of it and flew it to her…classic Rob impudence LMAO!!! {Note: All the above gifs were side-by-side in my draft…don’t know what happened or how to fix it *pouty face!*}

Looks like the photographer was impatient to start the portrait session…poor Rob couldn’t even finish his coffee LOL!

That’s OK, though…we LOVE Rob candids!  Especially those involving FingerPorn!!!

*THUD!* Did I say FingerPorn?  Add JawPorn, LipPorn, EyePorn, SexHairPorn…I’m just gonna shut up now on account of this man renders me speechless!!!

*GULP!* *Groan!* {noises don’t count LOL!}

Full blown sex hair FTMFW!!! Am I the only pervy h00r who wants to stroke his arm hair??

Cheeky angel that I desperately want to get my hands on!!!

Oh, hell…just one more or I’m a puddle of goo!

Hello biceps! *You can kill me now and I’ll die happy!*

I know wearing a baseball cap backwards is a dorky thing to do but, on Rob, it too damned cute for words LOL!

Mackenzie Foy is just the most precious little girl and I’m lookin’ forward to seein’ how she does in Breaking Dawn Part 2!!

Now do you see why I was in a Comic Con Coma???

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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31 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Comic Con Coma!

  1. Fab post, bb – so full of WIN. I thought Rob looked so happy at this year’s ComCon, and seemed to be enjoying himself. I was especially pleased to see that he still hasn’t developed a filter… at all, LOL!

  2. rita01tx

    Thanks, Liz darlin’! Rob’s lack of filter might explain why KStew took the majority of the questions LMAO! What we got was classic and I woulda loved to hear MORE from our beautiful man!!!

  3. naughtyhisbella

    *wades around in puddle* He’s so adorkable. Did someone mention stroking his arm hair? Can’t we just stroke him in general? LMAO Thanks for this puddle of goo inducing post…*fades into coma* You…gals…are…brilliant!

  4. dazzledbyrp

    Comic Con 2012 Rob was all kinds of goodness. You caught the highlights so beautifully in this post, rita. The sex hair was back. He was looking fine indeed. Also, although I’ve been loving the more mature, manly Rob that we’ve seen of late, at the same time I’ve been missing the adorkable goofball that we all initially fell in love/lust with. That dork was back in full throttle at Comic Con and I had a perpetualy smile on my face watching his antics. I want to squeeze him. I also want to pet that arm fur. Those are just two of the things I’d like to do to him. I better stop now.

    Here’s a few more of my favorite pics from Thursday:

    • rita01tx

      Maggie darlin’! I hope Rob never grows out of his adorkableness. Like you said, it’s only one of the many reasons why we love/lust him, but a very important part! Thank for the photo and gifs…Francies67 is on my radar LMAO!!!

  5. haystackhair

    Holy motha! The man sure looked fine at CC! I was thrilled to see the sex hair in its full glory!! Puddle of goo is right BB! Great post- how could it not be with all those f*ckhawt pics??

    • rita01tx

      Haystack darlin’! Let’s hope this wasn’t the last time we got to see the sex hair…perish the thought! He’s supposed to start shootin’ Blacklist soon, which might mean another buzz cut {pouty face}!


        Great great post though BB!! done pinned em all!! lol He is so…so… Everything!!! Gotta love him from head to toe!

      • delle1

        Read somewhere that Eric Maddox only buzzed his hair later,he had longer hair and civvy clothes while in Iraq…Just about to read the book but I know others that have already read it…

        • rita01tx

          He’d still be gorgeous, as we’ve seen, Delle darlin’, but the sex hair is just so Rob! Gotta have it!!!

  6. delle1

    Loved every bit of this Rita,thank you and I totally agree with you about rubbing his arm hair,I’d so do it if I could…

  7. damn! i wish i’d been there.

    • rita01tx

      Me too, Natalie darlin’! Me too! I’d hope to be at the right place at the right time to get in a sneaky hug while having a photo taken. But it must have been hard for those girls to let go of him LOL! I’d at least need time to get a good sniff cause I bet he smells divine!!!

  8. Omg fabulous post about our fabulous man – and rob fuckhawtness induced coma is right baby!

  9. exaltada

    Rita! May be you´re in coma, but I have to tell you that you gave me more hours of life with this post, because (all people knows it) smiling and laughing are good for the health, and you made me do these things a lot of times by reading you. And I learnt some funny words: puddle of goo! My translator says: charco de baba LOL. I love it, I say these words a lot of times when I talk about this man. Thanks, lovely Rita!

  10. Thanks so much for this yummyness Rita. I’m late to the party I know but I plan to enjoy the catch up. It’s hard to believe it’s the last one as it seems like only a year ago that I watched the very first one. What a change from boy to man!

    • rita01tx

      Cared darlin’! Welcome back! Did you have a good time hiking in the Alps? {I’ve seen the Swiss Alps from the car…not the hikin’ kind any more LOL! These old bones like their warmth and comfort!}
      Comic Cons have been RobHeaven these last 4 years, haven’t they? And The Pretty is maturing nicely for damn sure!!!

  11. annettepattinson71

    Great post rita,love the photos,robs ARM isn’t the only thing I want to rub.

    • rita01tx

      Ummm, like his knee? *gigglesnort!* No no no…you mean a little higher up, dontcha Annette darlin’? Actually, anywhere would do, but there’s only one part of him that makes more to rub when you rub and how the HELL did you get me this far into the gutter with so few words!?!?!

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