Sensual Sunday ~ The Cuteness Factor!

WARNING: If you’re readin’ this at work, you might wanna wait til you get home…just sayin’!

Don’t know ’bout you, ladies, but I feel the need to exercise our Rob given right to PERV!

These pics have been burnin’ a hole in my pocket for a while now, and I do believe it’s the perfect time to share!

It wasn’t until recently that I found out who was doin’ these, but I remember laughin’ my ass off the first time I saw Jayme DuRob puttin’ herself right where we all want to be…in the photo with Rob!!!

Jayme has done this in the cutest way imaginable {and the perviest…just wait for it} !!!

What? No itsy bitsy teeny weeny purple polka-dot bikini, darlin’?  {Hell’n I should talk…gave up wearin’ bikini’s years ago LOL!}

Ride ‘im, Jayme!  Wooeeeee!!!  {I cursed and blessed the fuckin’ paps in the same breath that day, ’cause there wasn’t any way in hell I wasn’t gonna watch The Pretty havin’ the time of his life!}

It ain’t easy gettin’ Rob’s attention, is it sweetie?  Anyone who’s ever stood in line for him can testify to that LOL! {Anyone else findin’ yourself livin’ vicariously through “ME”? GAW…just the chance to stroke that face…DED!!}

Now what the heck’s the name of those shoes with the red soles again? Don’t look like he’s impressed with fancy footware, angel! {Although I think HE might be makin’ a BIG impression on her butt…stop wrigglin’, darlin’ *gigglesnort!*}

I think you got his attention that time, hon…just not the kind you were lookin’ for! {Can’t tell if he’s about to scratch or sneeze LOL!}

All riiiiight! Now we’re gettin’ somewhere, darlin’!  Well, damn…Rob seems a bit distracted, though. You got any other ideas?  {Man don’t kiss with his eyes open if he’s payin’ attention, right?}

OK, good strategy! Make friends with sweet little Mackenzie! {Rob can play “Bad Daddy” with me any time!  Oh yeah, guess we’d have to play “Bad Mama” LMAO!!!  What can I say…Rob makes me FEEL young!}

Why, Jayme darlin’!  Thanks for includin’ me in your Rob encounter on the red carpet in Cannes! What? Oh, it’s not me {pouty face}, it’s your bestie SD? {Don’t have permission to use your name, SD, but you know who you are LOL!}

OMFG! Goin’ straight for the Promised Land, you pevy little hOOr?!?! {Yup! Jayme is definitely one of us LMAO! You go, girl!!!}

Damn, woman!  If that don’t get Rob’s attention, nothin’ will! {Not quite the strategy I was expectin’, but whatever works LOL!}

NipplePorn FTMFW!  I like where this is goin’, angel!!!

Smart girl!  Keep alternatin’ moves on him…his attention’s definitely on YOU!!!

Well, hell!  If SD gets a turn, I want one, too!!!

Holy Hell in a Handbasket, Jayme darlin’!  {Livin’ vicariously, livin’ vicariously, livin’ fuckin’ vicariously THUD!}{Ya’ll just hang on a minute while I go change mah drawers!}

LMAO! After all that, um…exercise, you and Rob both deserve to chillax with a nice, cold Coke! {In Texas, pop, or soda, is a Coke no matter what it is LOL!}

For those of you who are followin’ the Olympics, enjoy them with Rob and “ME!”

I’d like to thank the fabulous Bornonhalloween for suggestin’ this merry madness LOL!!!

If you aren’t readin’ her fic “Lather, Rinse, Repeat,” you’re missin’ a great story!

Freshly graduated from Cosmetology School, Bella takes a job in a health club beauty salon called Mystique. First days on the job can be so boring…until that perfect head of hair walks in! All drabble, All human
Rated: Fiction  M – English – Romance/Drama –  Bella & Edward – Chapters: 281   – Words: 57,237 – Reviews: 13,022 – Favs: 805 – Follows: 1,210 – Updated: 07-28-12 – Published: 11-26-11 – id: 7584064

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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41 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ The Cuteness Factor!

  1. eewee333

    Oh Rita those are so cute and pervy! We all need a good laugh after all the crap that happened this past week. Especially our beloved Rob. Thanks for putting a smile on my face and brightening my weekend. LRR is on my TBR list. I just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day to read all that I want to. So many good stories (and Edwards) and so little time…Have a great week! 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Eewee darlin’! I kept seein’ these pics floatin’ around and started snaggin’ just for the hell of it. Once I found out they were Jayme’s and she was OK for me to use them, it all just clicked! Glad they made you smile…they made me LMAO!!!
      LRR is a great read but I know what you mean by not enough hours in the day! Thankfully, I get to retire in 3 1/2 more months! Don’t need 3 guesses as to what will be keepin’ me busy!!!

  2. Hilarious, cute and pervy all at the same time. Impressive!

    • rita01tx

      Thanks, Caroline darlin’! Just what I was aimin’ for LOL! Time to shake off the doom and gloom and do what we all do best…perv on The Pretty!!!

  3. You rawk Rita BB! every time something gets me down you make me LOL with your sense of humor or Drool over da Pretty! can’y ask for more than that! Thanks BB~for reverything!

  4. bornonhalloween

    Two of my favorite talents together in one blog! You got it exactly right, Rita- each of us is living vicariously, or as VISA puts it, “She’s everywhere we want to be!” I predict that little red stick girl is about to go viral, and we can all say, “We knew her when…” Fabulous post, ladies!

    Thank you for the lovely rec for LRR and your kind words.

    • rita01tx

      Well, you started it Born, honey! MWAH!!! Heard tell this post was already all over Twitter this mornin’, which was nice to hear. I saw Melbie put in on FB and I linked it on Hisdenofsin’s “Den.” We’ll see if we get more visitors today… that would be awesome!

  5. LMFAO I’ve seen most of those & yes, they are excellent! Jayme did an awesome job! Great shots of Rob too, *sigh* ❤

  6. too freakin’ cute! going straight for the promised land, a girl after my own heart.

    • rita01tx

      *Fist bump!* Hell yeah, Nathalie darlin’! That would certainly be MY favorite place to be…well, after working my way SLOWLY down from those sweet lips {might linger there for eternity first LOL}!

  7. ROTFLMAO Rita, thanks for that. I’ve seen some of the pictures of Rob and ME before, they are brilliant in their own right, add in your hilarious comments and you create magic.

    I hope ‘ME’ is going to explode like the jumping Rob phenomena. I would love to see her stalk him on his future press tours, the lucky girl LOL.

  8. rita01tx

    Hi Cared darlin’! {Hugs!} That would be so cool for Jayme! I saw another one the other day, but “ME” didn’t have on a little dress and the ME was written differently, so I wasn’t sure it was hers…did’n’t use, which was too bad cause she was ticklin’ Rob and he was laughin’ his ass off. Watch out for copy cats LOL!!!

    • shoegal2547

      Always lurking, but haven’t commented in a while…thanks for the smile – and keeping your perv going! 😉

      • rita01tx

        Heeeey! I know that handle, Shoegal darlin’!!! Good to hear from you, sweet girl! You’re always welcome here, you know that, right? We never forget our friends!!
        Yup, wez gonna keep pervin’ til…who the hell knows *gigglesnort!*

        • shoegal2547

          Trust me, these pics are hilarious! I stopped short @9 and 10…almost lost my mind! ;0

          I also missed the fanfics – haven’t read one since “Gentlemen was Washington State” last year – happy to have some time!

          • rita01tx

            Well, if you have time now, I can’t rec this one enough! Just finished it and, for the first time EVER, commented on every chapter even though it was already complete! Unique in so many ways and a great read!
            Stolen Secrets and Shattered Dreams by FoxxyJ
            A NYC barman views his mind reading as an isolating cancer, until he meets a lonely 28yr old trying to escape her sad reality. His life is full of harsh lessons. Hers an uphill battle, so she never complains when a beautiful boy pushes her away time and time again. EXB AH
            Rated: Fiction M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Drama – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 25 – Words: 172,297 – Reviews: 3,185 – Favs: 2,093 – Follows: 2,136 – Updated: 07-28-12 – Published: 09-16-11 – Status: Complete – id: 7385951

  9. Thanks for all the kind words, Rita and all the other ladeez. What can I say, it’s a labor of love. You did an awesome job, Rita, and I’m thrilled and honored to be featured.

    I can’t take credit for the nom nom nom drawing. That was done by someone else and I’ve never been able to find out who.

    • rita01tx

      Well, damn! I wondered why the quality wasn’t better…copy cats are out and about already! Maybe you need to put a secret symbol on yours or something, cause we want the real deal LOL!
      I’m so glad you liked what I did with your pics, Jayme darlin’, and thank YOU for giving me permission…I had a blast playing with them!!!

    • Enquiring minds want to know to you take commissions for personalised MEs? LOL

  10. Jayme , and her stick girl, are legend. I am lucky enough to get stick girl fixes from her on a regular basis. It is amazing how something so simple can bring joy to so many. Thank you Jayme!

    • rita01tx

      IKR? I’m amazed at all the different talents shared with us in this Rob fandom, Dewdrop darlin’! The ones that make us smile like loons are the best…that’s Jayme’s talent and I fluv her hard for it!

  11. annettepattinson71

    Lol.great post hon.I couldn’t stop laughing.thought I was gonna

  12. smittenkitten

    I LOVE ME!!! So funny… 🙂
    *wordpress still hates me, but I’m here*…*kicks wordpress*

    • rita01tx

      LMAO! Ah, Smitten darlin’…so glad you didn’t give up on WP! It’s always good to see you here!! I take it you like my post LOL! It was fun to do, I tell ya! Very sweet of Jayme to let me play with her little red haired stick girl *gigglesnort!*

  13. OMG – so freakin’ cute! It’s funny how this little girl thing can put such a smile on my 45-year old face! Someone on Robsessed has an avi like this, though not in color, and I look at it over and over. Plus, I am a redhead so I can pretend this is me. Thank you all for sharing your talents!

    • rita01tx

      Anything we can do to get some smiles goin’ around here right now, is what we’ll do, Laurie darlin’! And, hey, red is the new blond!!! {Salt ‘n pepper sure as hell don’t have more fun LOL!}

  14. annettepattinson71

    I wanna be that girl,mm.I started reading rinse lather repeat,love it.

    • rita01tx

      I’m enjoyin’ the hell out of Lather, Rinse, Repeat, Annette…don’t be intimidated by the number of comments, leave that sweet woman some love here and there!!!

  15. haystackhair

    GREAT post, bb, those pics are freakin hilarious. Man, is she speaking for all of us “me’s” out there! LMAO!!! Rob lovers are such a talented bunch. This post gave me a much needed laugh. I started RLR a while ago, time to pick it back up.

    • rita01tx

      Thanks, Haystack darlin’! This ME sure wants to be where that ME is finding herself LOL! Our sweet, beautiful man has no idea how much he inspires us, does he *snickers!*
      Don’t know how many more chapters BOH has in store for us, but it’s been such a fun read, I hate for it to end. All the best stories are like that…don’t want to leave!!

  16. haystackhair

    Hey Cared- trying to join you guys of FB- if any of you see a friend request from a Kathy you don’t recognize it’s me! Hypenated last name ending with Richards. I can’t figure out how to friend you Cared- no place I can see to do it. LOL

    • On your Profile or Home page, look at the top for the box that says “Search for people, places and things” Type my name in there and then request to friend me.

  17. exaltada

    Rita, you never disappoint. Great post, with zero drama ( Rob´s fans and Rob himself need it, I think) and lots of laughs and smiles. With the photos and comments you make ​​my day, as always, but I´d say that every time you get over yourself (I don´t know if the translation is right, I mean you make it better every post). A big kiss and thank you very much (I shared this on my FB;))

    • rita01tx

      We’re avoidin’ drama like the plague, Exaltada darlin’! No place for it in our RobWorld LOL! How sweet of you to say that I exceed myself with every post!! I’ll try to live up to your expectations *giggles/blushes!*
      Big kisses back and I’m proud you shared this with your friends on FB! MWAH!!!

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