Profile of Perfection

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hello Ladies, I finally got a day off work and found time to put up a post!Hang on to yourselves cause Imma taking you to Jaw Porn Heaven!!!  Back when Rita did her “Remember me” post We had a conversation that got me to thinking about Rob’s Perfect Profile ~SWOON!~ Then the Black Book photo shoot came out and while I loved it, *so different for him & I was  loving the tatts!* I was disappointed that there weren’t more profile pics, just this one gorgeous shot.

Black Book photo shoot 2012

I don’t know about you girls but I think Rob in Leather is a freaking stroke of genius not to mention sexy as hell. Case in point, The stunning pics from the “Another Man” photo shoot!

I just want to wrap myself around him like a gumby figure and never let go!

Look at that neck, that Jaw, those pouty lips, those lucious lashes, eyes, eye brows, side burns, hair! THUD!

No other photo shoot has captured Rob’s strong, sexy, purrrfect profile Better than this one. It’s absolutely stunning in its simplicity and B&W photos.

Unbearably Beautiful!

Rob looked pretty wiped out and exhausted when he appeared at the Today show back in 2010 while promoting Remember Me But from that show came one of the most beautiful and inspiring {for me}Profile pics of Rob EVAH! This picture is all kinds of WIN and remains my Twitter avi and one of my favorites of all time to this day.

One of my personal favorites of all time

This Profile shot is so perfect in my eyes I want to have a cameo made of it to wear all the time. I even looked into having it made once from an online site who makes custom made Cameos from family portraits but apparently they are no longer in business as they never replied. {Total Bummer!}

While “Edward” is man-scaped, he still has one of the most beautiful, intense and compelling profiles as seen here in Melbie’s Fabulous Edit.

No one can deny the sultry sex appeal of what I call the “work out” photo shoot. {Mark Segal 2008 another  great Melbie edit} I call it the work out shoot because just looking at it makes you breathe heavy, get all hot and sweaty and then you need a shower! LOL


Is it just me or does every profile picture seem entirely different? I Love the inquisitive eyes in this soft InRobWeLust edit of Remember Me and the smile playing at the corners of his mouth. We won’t even discuss those full, soft lips cause I have to finish this post and if we go there, I’ll never get it done! I also love how this picture hints at the cleft in his chin that we all know is there but we don’t always get to see.

Thanks Sally!

I don’t remember if this was a professional profile pic or if it was a fan pic but what a great shot. {Great edit by Francies67} I love the way Rob’s face is bathed in light and yet his eyes are in shadow. That just screams Rob to me. He is so open to the public and to his fans, friendly, out going, personable but you just know that there’s more to him than what we see. I think he has a brilliant mind and if you could hold a serious conversation with hm for a long period of time you’d find him to be very philosophical.

Again with that damnable smile playing at the corner of his mouth! I want to play there too!

Rob looks slightly perturbed here in this RM profile shot but somehow he even manages to make perturbed sex as hell.

See what I mean in this Rome Rob edit? He looks like an entirely different man and yet same beautiful face, great smile but he just looks like a different man all together!  How is that possible ladies?

Ok I am beginning to think Rob is actually a sex-tuplet *snickers* and that is why every pic is so the same and yet incredibly different! Another great Melbie Edit! What would we do without her?

*sigh* As usual when i start to TRY to focus on one specific part of our man I inevitably find something new to perv on and it’s happened again! Is it just me or are his freaking sideburns sexy as hell too!?!?! I never really liked sideburns before but Rob makes them look hawt  and makes me wonder why I the hell have I never noticed this before? I’m never going to get over this man!

Show me your favorite profile of Rob!

Much Love to you all,



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60 responses to “Profile of Perfection

  1. annettepattinson71

    He is so beautiful.I sometimes cry.sniff sniff

  2. Thank you so much…. Rob’s beautiful profile is always wonderful to gaze upon! xo

  3. eewee333

    OMG RF. What a super sexy post. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my laptop. He is just such a beautiful man=thank you God for sending us this angel. I love all these pics, but my favorite profile shot of him is from an early Vanity Fair shoot. It’s black and white and he’s sitting on a counter in front of a mirror and the great thing is you see both sides of his profile at the same time! Double jaw=porn…le sigh. Also, when I look at that picture it just screams “Fifty” at me. (At least that’s how I picture him in my head.) Sorry I don’t have the link to this picture,, but hopefully you know which one I’m referring to. Thanks for a lovely post! 🙂

  4. beautiful photos of a beautiful man. how can you go wrong?

  5. edwardsvamptramp69

    ” I’m never going to get over this man!” – Why the HELL would anyone WANT to get over him, is my question! He is all MAN and and extremely sensitive, thoughtful, self depracating with a beatiful soul. You don’t find “innocents” in Hollywood anymore; he’s like a breath of fresh air. *sigh* His profile does me in every time. My all time favorite (and I don’t have a link, sorry!) is at a premiere (I think around the time of Twilight or New Moon). It’s completely shot from the side, with his face angled down because he’s signing somehing, he’s got tthe longer hair and he’s wearing a greyish green shirt; he just screams ROMAN GOD. The jawporn on it is phenomenal!

    Thanks for gettng my Thursday off to wonderful start, BB!

    • rita01tx

      Something tells me you’ve got this image burned into your brain!!
      image host

      • rita01tx

        Ooooh! For your snagging pleasure, I found a BIGGER edit by @fearlessmore ~ InRobWeLust!!

        image host

        • naughtyhisbella

          Rome Rob, how I love thee…I’d count the ways but it would take up a whole post!

        • edwardsvamptramp69

          Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!! It’s THIS one!!! I have it saved on my laptop. I mean…………JUST LOOK AT THAT STUNNING JAW LINE!!!! He does look like he’s made of marble. A MARBLE STATUE OF A GOD! *bows down* We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!

          Thanks for posting it, Rita!

        • Shoulda knowed Rita would have all Rob porn right at her finger tips *gigglesnort*

    • oh EVT I never want to get over him I was just stating the facts ma’am LOL
      I agree with all of the above Darlin! sounds to me like you are describing Rome Rob! Hell Yeah! That pic will go down in the HAWTNESS HALL OF FAME!!!

  6. I am in complete agreement about his stunning profile, from either side. There is just someing about that angle that shows off his best features. When you do posts like this, it reminds me of why I love being here every week. 🙂

    Here is my personal favorite profile pic.

  7. Dictionaries should use one of the above pictures next to Profile to perfectly explain the word’s definition.

    Perfect post Robsfan-tasy, I don’t know how you survived putting it together LOL. Thanks.

  8. Great post…thank you and let’s see how about the smell of wool in the winter n cotton in the summer. Gah!

    • Wool in the winter makes me think of rob in the Irish Cable knit sweater and cotton in the summer makes me think of Rob on the pier in Cannes when he wore the dad shirt LOL. i’m sure I can relate just about anything to Rob one way or another.

  9. RF, it’s like you were reading my mind. I was trolling through google images and my own stash of RobPorn last night needing a good dose of Rob’s perfect profile. While I’ve seen most of these pics before there are a few that are new to me. *sigh* Beautiful man is beautiful from all angles. I like the profile shots because you can really see the little dip between his bottom lip and chin, it’s one of the 164,859,927,839 things I love most. LOL!! Thanks for the post.

    • I’ve been known to do that on occasion! 🙂 Yes but beautiful doesn’t quite do it. Beyond Beautiful, inhumanly beautiful, nah they aren’t good enough either LOL never seen anything or anyone who is that captivating!

  10. annettepattinson71

    How do I post pictures?

    • rita01tx

      Hi, Annette! Do you mean like I do…where the photo shows up in the comment? Gotta run off to work, but I’ll come back and give you a tutorial when I get home, OK?

      • rita01tx

        I’m baack! Ready for your tutorial? First off, you have to have an image host…I’ve tried a few, but have since settled on IMGBox!

        Step 1: Go to Google (or whatever web browser you use) and search IMGBox
        Step 2: Make youself an account…it’s free!
        Step 3: Login
        Step 4: Click “Select Files” (from the photos you have saved on your hard drive) and choose a photo you want to post in the comments. Click “Open”
        Step 5: Next to Content type, click SELECT CONTENT TYPE and choose between “Safe for “Work” or “Not Safe for Work”
        Step 6: Next to Thumbnail Size, click the drop down and choose (I use 350 x 350 pixel (resized)
        Step 7: Next to Gallery Option, click the drop down and choose “Create Gallery” or “Add to Existing Gallery.” You can also choose “Do Not Create Gallery,” but I never do that.
        If you choose “Add to Existing Gallery,” click the drop down and choose which one.
        Step 8: Click the “UPLOAD” button!
        Step 9: Once your photo is loaded, click on the photo!
        Step 10: At the bottom, there are 2 bars: BB-Code and HTML-Code
        Step 11: Left click the HTML-Code to highlight it and then RIGHT click to “copy”
        Step 12: Come here to comment and just right click to paste and the photo will appear like magic when you hit “Post Comment”

        image host

        And there ya go!!!

    • if you just want to post the link then you have to copy the pictures address link in your browser and paste it in the comment box. if you want to post the picture in the comment well, i guess you’ll have to wait for Rita cause i’m clueless! lol *the student has surpassed the teacher! it’s so sad!”

  11. exaltada

    Thanks, RF!! The post and the pics are amazing! I have a friend at work, she isn´t a twifan but she´s romantic as me, and she likes to join me when I go to cinema to see a romantic film. But I think she has vision issues… she doesn´t like Rob!! She likes much more “Charlie” in Twilight, and she says she doesn´t like Rob nose… Awww, I don´t understand that opinion LOL. Rob´s profile is incredible… all of him is incredible, in fact! I agree with you, a few years ago I said the same thing to a friend: I can look at thousands pics of Rob, he always look different. Incredible, but it´s Rob´s magic *smiles like an idiot*

    • rita01tx

      There’s no accountin’ for taste, Exaltada darlin’! I have a friend who’s happy to go see Rob’s films with me, but he’s “not her type,” which I don’t understand…at all LOL!

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