Sensual Sunday ~ Black Book Badness

Aaaah, Ladies!

Just wait until you see what I have for you today…Autum de Wilde’s photos of Rob for Black Book Magazine! AND THEN SOME!!

What a wonderful surprise when they hit our screens that day! Damned if our Bad Boy wasn’t back, big time!

Hell’n they even tatted up his arms, which was a huge turn on…

Love me forever, or let me go!

{Oh My Gawd! Is there even any question?} ‘Fraid you’re stuck with me, darlin’!  Ain’t never lettin’ go! *le sigh*

Once I got a closer look, I started wonderin’ if they’d turned Rob loose with a sharpie LMAO!

Jeez, Rita! Why would you think that?

What? You don’t remember your “balloon art?” *gigglesnort!* {Not that our boy ain’t creative in every way …

but, if they were gonna give him tatts, they coulda done better than a buncha chicken scratches, right?}

Any one of SoapyMayhem’s Tattward manips coulda given ’em all the inspiration they needed LOL!

You weren’t offended by the ‘peen,’ were you? {blushes} It just kinda…appeared!

Naw, baby, we’re good! Long as it’s not a self portrait *gigglesnort!*  Hmmm, although, on second, or third look LMAO!

I’ll never tell LOL!

{Crap! Remove brain from gutter…back to business} Our man looks amazing in everything from Gucci to hobo but, as far as I’m concerned, Rob compliments the clothes, not the other way around! Even yellow pants we would otherwise find completely hideous LOL!

Back to resorting to flattery to get my attention, Rita?

Ain’t nuthin’ but the truth, Rob…own it, sweetheart!!!

OK, this is the best we got of this one and I’m DYING for a better quality color outtake!  Just couldn’t bring myself to leave it out, cause Rob… {me?}… full length mirror??? {THUD! Straight back to the gutter!}

Hmmm, I could probably think of a few things…

*Fuuuuck!*  I’ll bet you could, darlin’…only not with me {story of my life *groan*}!

Aw, hell! You know I love you, Rita…just not that way!

Love you too, angel…always will!!!

♥     ♥     ♥

Ya’ll ready for the “AND THEN SOME!!” part of this post? @Fearlessmore~InRobWeLust has done Rob proud with her edits of this photoshoot!

Autumn de Wilde ~ Black Book 2012 / Norman Jean Roy ~ Details 2010

Autumn de Wilde ~ Black Book 2012 / Stewart Shining ~ Elle France 2009

Autumn de Wilde ~ Black Book 2012 / Hedi Slimane ~ Another Man 2009

Autumn de Wilde ~ Black Book 2012 / Theo Wenner ~ US Weekly 2009

Autumn de Wilde ~ Black Book 2012 / Matt Jones ~ Cosmo Girl 2009

and a double Autumn de Wilde ~ Black Book 2012

Are these not just the most amazing things you’ve ever seen???

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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47 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Black Book Badness

  1. edwardsvamptramp69

    Love it, Rita! Thanks. Now I’m off to work with a smile on my face.:)

  2. OMG RITA!!! you just put the image Of Rob an me and full length mirror in mah head minutes afore imma going to bed??? Help me Jesus!!! and I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before you see “ME” riding wild Rob in that same pic! And then on top *yeah i said it* of that you give me the image of Rob with his hand tucked inside Rob’s pants??? Is you trying ta kill me???? BAD good hOOr!!! You is so bad!!! now be a good little girl and go get da Tow truck to pull my arse outta da gutter!!!!

    • rita01tx

      LMAO! Well, if you don’t have sweet RobDreams now, darlin’, I don’t know what else I can do! Oh, and feel free to Rob my tumblr any time LOL!!!

  3. Oooh, luscious! These are much better quality than the ones I’d saved before, so thanks for that. And those edits are inspired. Love them.

    Why is that a tatt’d Rob makes me all swoony, even though I can’t bear the thought of him marking his beautiful body?

    • rita01tx

      I dunno know, Fluffy darlin’! Could it be that’s we’ve all been a little bit in love with Tattwards ever since reading Clipped Wings & Inked Armor??? Dayum, HunterHunting’s Edward was so freakin’ HAWT!!!

  4. Just ruddy GORGEOUS! Boy just gets better with age – he will be lethal when he hits his 30’s

    • rita01tx

      Sara darlin’! That man’s been torturin’ me in the worstbest way since he was a skinny kid in GoF! He’s only gotten better since then! I may not survive his 30’s, but it’s a price I’m willin’ ta pay LOL!!!

  5. christa64c

    I ordered Black Book off the internet. When it got delivered at work in it’s plain brown package, I had to endure the smirks and cat calls of my co workers as I clutched the shiny pages of Rob porn my chest, ignoring all of their knowing glances. Did I care? Hell no!!! Rob was worth it!

    InRobWeLust did a magnificent job with those edits. It’s not an easy job to make perfection look better. But she did it and did it well!

    • rita01tx

      OMG! That’s too funny, Christa darlin’ LMAO!!! The things we do for Rob, right? He’s so worth it {fist bump}! Now, if we could just start gettin’ some outtakes {cause you KNOW there have to be some}, I’d be a happy happy Rita!

  6. eewee333

    RITA, RITA, RITA!! Are you trying to kill me with these hot pictures? I had the call the fire dept to hose down my panties!! God, this is one hot, sexy hunk of man. I love the pic edits. I swear he just gets more and more beautiful the older he gets. It’s so not fair that men age better than women. Rob in those tight ass jeans and leather jacket? “THUD” Well, I better go take a nice cold shower now to cool off….:)

  7. haystackhair

    HOLY HELL!!! The Tattward manip. DED!!!!!

    • rita01tx

      IKR? Soapy is the devil for Tattwards…got loads! Want more?

      • haystackhair

        Hells yeah! You even need to ask??SHARE please!!

        • rita01tx

          If this works right, you’ll have access to my entire stash when you click the photo LOL!
          image host Have fun!!!

          • edwardsvamptramp69

            OMFG!!!!!!!!!! Your Tattwards are so FUCKING HAWT!!!!!!!!! My retinas are scorched! *fans self* I’m not a big tat person, but on him? *THUD* Yeah, must pick my tongue up off the floor. Thanks, Rita!

            • rita01tx

              ROTFLMAO!!! Guess I shoulda posted a ShamWow warning *gigglesnort!*

              • edwardsvamptramp69

                Uh YEAH! You should have! I was not prepared for the HAWTNESS GALORE! (*gigglesnorts* Don’t ask me why Pussy Galore from James Bond just popped into my head:)

                Geez! The one with Bella’s hand creeping down his pants and the one where they’re both naked facing each other and he’s grabbing her ass……………GGGGGAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! I need a few towels to soak up the snail trail!

          • Oh yes.totally loving this rob.

        • haystackhair

          OMFG rita!!!! It has taken me days to stop looking and get back here to THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! HFS those are f*ckhawt!! I seriously need to re-read CW&IA so I can look at these along with it!!!!! YOu have seriously rocked my world bb! Tattward is one of the hottest Edwards EVA!!

      • Yes I want more.can I save them please please with cherry on top.

  8. naughtyhisbella

    Oh, Lord, please help us all. He will kill us one day. Off to change the panties again!

    • rita01tx

      That he will, Naughty darlin’! But, what a way to go! Gonna make ’em bury me with all my RobPorn…ain’t lettin’ go even then LOL!!!

  9. “Rob compliments the clothes, not the other way around!” YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!!

  10. The pic’s are amazing as always. I love all your little comments.

    I have a question about the stories by Rob Fant~asy, that are rec’d on the side. Song of Angels, and Waiting in the Twilight. Where can those be found? I have looked in Fan Fic, with no luck.
    Thank you~

  11. Oh Jesus… he is so damn gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for this wonderful post!!!! xoxo

    • rita01tx

      Melbie darlin’, I amaze myself each Sunday that Rob and all the talented ladies from his fandom inspire me with something new every damn time! Glad you liked it!!

  12. OMG the last one . . .thud!

    • rita01tx

      The Black Book Double Whammy? Couldn’t agree more, TeamRob darlin’! Fearlessmore has outdone herself with these!!

  13. luvtwilight72

    OH WOW!! I love waking up to this in my inbox today!!! these pics are hot!!! thanks

  14. That musta been good cause I got me a big ol’ Rob stomach ache now. ACHE. XXXX

    • rita01tx

      Oh! I just saw the coolest name someone used commenting on Robsessed: LoveStoned4Rob
      YAY! Love Stoned…a very good description of how Rob makes our stomaches ache LMAO!!!

  15. @fearlessmore

    Hi, hun <333 thanks so much for posting my edits!!!!!

    • rita01tx

      Awww, Fearless darlin’! It was my very great pleasure…wouldn’t have been the same without them! You guys are great! Hey, did I see a “Queenie” joining you and Sally???

  16. All I can say is NOM NOM. LOVE the edits. THANK YOU for posting them.

  17. exaltada

    I was not ready for this … never . I wonder if I now have to go to the ophthalmologist to check if my retinas are damaged, like when you look directly into the sun LOL. May be I need sunglasses to see this blog! Thanks, Rita, for the amazing photos and your collection of tattwards … so yummy! As always you made ​​my day. Thank you very much, sweetheart.

    • rita01tx

      Dawww! Thanks, Exaltada darlin’! Rob’s been known to make our eyes ache, he’s so damn beautiful! Glad you liked the Tattwards, too! Hey, this isn’t RobPorn, but wanna see something cool?
      image host
      There should be 5 or 6 photos in the series. I LOVE this kind of weird art!!!

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