FanFiction Fridays – Oldies BUT Goldies – Part 1

Happy Friday, hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! Please get comfortable RA FFF readers – grab a cold drink, or a nice cup of tea – because today I have special post for you to enjoy, that will carry into next Friday as well; prepared and brought to you by Cared, AllyVera and myself, MC. We invite the seasoned fic readers to join us on a trip down memory lane and help us share the treasures of early Twilight fanfiction with our newer sistas. These Oldies BUT Goldies are, in our humble opinions, some of the best Twifics to have popped our fanfic cherries – all that we have chosen for today’s and next week’s posts, are still available online in some form, and are complete. So please enjoy…

*made by Cared*

Goodnight, Noises Everywhere by Feisty Y. Beden

Review written by Cared

Bella is the only survivor of a virus which has killed off the human race. Is there anyone-anything-still alive on this dying planet? Entry for the Twilight 25 Challenge. Post-apocalyptic good times. Bella/Edward

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Chapters: 25 – Words: 63,043 – Reviews: 2731 – Updated: 8-9-10 – Published: 1-8-10 – Complete.

This Golden Oldie may have a golden banner but that is not why I’ve chosen to spotlight Goodnight, Noises Everywhere, LOL.  TBH when I read the summary in 2010, it didn’t entice me, as it’s not a genre that I thought would appeal to me.  I planned to pass on it, and then I read a glowing review that persuaded me to give it a chance.  Now two years and countless fic later, Goodnight, Noises Everywhere, an amazingly written emotional story, is one that I’ve never forgotten. That is precisely why I have chosen this unique fic to spotlight; I want you to give it that chance too.  For me, there are three main reasons to love this story, namely Edward, Bella, and the utterly amazing connection that forms under the strangest of conditions.  It’s an intense tale of both their love and their struggle to survive, all set against the background of a terrible and terrifying world.

I asked him perhaps the simplest question of them all. “Who are you?”

He removed his arm from his face finally, and sat up with great effort. Wearily he opened his eyes. “My name is Edward Cullen, and I am the last of my kind.”

“Hello, Edward,” I said, getting out of the recliner, sending it rocking slowly, as if Charlie were sitting there still. “Let’s do this right. Let’s start again.”

I held out my hand. “I’m Isabella Swan, but everyone calls me Bella. I’m also the last of my kind.”

He took my hand in his cold, powdery one, and squeezed it weakly. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Bella.”

“And you, Edward,” I said, shaking his hand back. Despite his weak grip, it was like squeezing a stone.

“Your hand is warm,” he said, closing his eyes again, drowning in the feeling.

“Don’t,” I said. “Don’t what?” “Don’t close your eyes. I want to see them.”

He opened them slowly, as if it hurt him. I cupped his face in my hands and studied his face, gazed into his inky black eyes. I could see the pale outline of my face reflected back at me. His eyes were like the sky at midnight, the outside light reflected off them glinting like stars set in the firmament.

“I remember when the sky looked like that,” I murmured sadly. “I miss the stars.”

“The sun is a star,” he pointed out.

“I suppose,” I shrugged. 

“It’s dying too,” he said.

“We all are. But not quickly enough.” I’d been alone for so long, and I’d wanted to join everyone who was gone. But the truth was, I was too afraid to die on my own. And I knew Charlie wanted me to live as long as I could. I thought of his stocking up our house with enough food for years. It seemed like spitting in his face if I tossed my life away. I lived for him.

And sitting next to this beautiful boy who I had not merely imagined, I thought that maybe, maybe now I could live for someone else too.

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not promising a HEA but I encourage you all to put on your big girl’s knickers, (not the men reading of course…well unless you are into that) and read Goodnight, Noises Everywhere, today.

*made by Cared*


The Wedding Party by Spanglemaker9

The perfect person appears at the worst possible moment, and one unforgettable encounter changes everything. AH

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 33 – Words: 196,766 – Reviews: 9,048 – Favs: 5,372 – Follows: 3,469 – Updated: 11-03-10 – Published: 04-01-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5861484.


Girl with a Red Umbrella by justaskalice and spanglemaker

Paris, 1950. Rosalie Hale went to Paris to study, then vanished without a trace. Her friend Bella has come to find her. Following a trail of clues left behind by Rose’s letters, Bella searches for Rose and might find herself.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Mystery – Chapters: 30 – Words: 156,197 – Reviews: 1960 – Updated: 4-16-10 – Published: 10-4-09 – Bella & Edward – Complete. – justaskalice – spanglemaker


For The Summer by  camoozle

Every year Bella waits for the ‘Pay Checks’ to roll into her sleepy river town and every year Edward’s hers, just for the summer. AH, AU, OOC, B/E

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 19 – Words: 176,780 – Reviews: 8,475 – Favs: 6,509 – Follows: 3,710 – Updated: 08-19-10 – Published: 04-30-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5934882.


Alphabet Weekends by the-glory-days

Bored with their dismal love lives, best friends Edward and Bella come up with the idea of exploring the world of sex using the alphabet for the next twenty-six weekends. What happens when things go from two friends having fun to something serious? AH OOC

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Friendship – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 34 – Words: 124,991 – Reviews: 11,166 – Favs: 9,831 – Follows: 5,527 – Updated: 03-13-10 – Published: 03-12-09 – Status: Complete – id: 4918784.


*made by Cared*


The Tutor by itzmegan73

New student Bella Swan needs to break out of her shy exterior and her guidance counselor has the answer: tutoring. And Bella is too new to know she shouldn’t want to tutor Edward Cullen.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 35 – Words: 162,443 – Reviews: 6,125 – Favs: 8,120 – Follows: 2,577 – Updated: 12-25-10 – Published: 04-18-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5003930.


Facebook Friends by GreenPuma

Bella is shocked when her sexy but standoffish lab partner, Edward, friends her on Facebook. Will Alice, convince her to accept Edward’s friend request? Or will she write it off as a prank of the conceited, spoiled rich kid she knows him to be?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 18 – Words: 78,603 – Reviews: 3,417 – Favs: 3,991 – Follows: 3,308 – Updated: 04-23-11 – Published: 08-26-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5334078.


*made by Cared*


Hide and Drink by Savage7289

 Bella’s blood was just too tempting to be ignored. While Edward drags her around the world, barely keeping a step ahead of his frantic family, Bella battles the monster for possession of the gentler vampire inside her captor. Rated M-violence/Mature theme.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 35 – Words: 256,652 – Reviews: 6,173 – Favs: 4,099 – Follows: 2,237 – Updated: 08-28-10 – Published: 02-06-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5722450.


Dark Games and Twisted Minds by katinki

COMPLETE. 2010 Indie Award Winner. A decades-long feud between two powerful vampires. A contest. A deadly game of cat and mouse. A woman’s fate rests in his hands… but he can save her only if he manages not to kill her himself first. AU. (Warning: character death – not E or B though)

Rated: Fiction M – English – Suspense/Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 28 – Words: 123,650 – Reviews: 2,151 – Favs: 1,230 – Follows: 631 – Updated: 05-12-10 – Published: 10-25-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5467692.


*made by Cared*


High Anxiety by EdwardsBloodType

 Cute, trendy Bella returns home to escape the heartache of her past. She immediately befriends neighbors Jasper and Edward, bonding with them in the treehouse out back. Bella and Edward discover they have more in common than they ever dreamed of. AH A/U

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 45 – Words: 538,967 – Reviews: 20,683 – Favs: 10,607 – Follows: 7,189 – Updated: 01-18-11 – Published: 07-16-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5222490.


Boy in the Red Sweater by starrynytex

Laced in silence and bound by his black web of a backpack, the new boy dressed in the faded red pullover is driving Bella insane with curiosity. Don’t judge a boy by his sweater. AH. M for future chaps, language, dark themes.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst – Chapters: 46 – Words: 149,023 – Reviews: 5914 – Updated: 8-3-09 – Published: 6-19-09 – Bella & Edward – Complete.


Silver Strand Nights by Greeneyedgirl17 (aka JenGreen03)

Bella Swan is tired of her boring life and ready for a change. When former Navy SEAL Edward Cullen enters her life, everything will change, more than she ever expected. AH – B/E. Rated M.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Romance – Chapters: 25 – Words: 110,049 – Reviews: 12058 – Updated: 8-16-10 – Published: 2-3-10 – Edward & Bella – Complete.


Bare by stella luna sky

Winner of two Summer 2009 Indies. A beautifully plain girl writes the colors used to unravel a young prodigy of the brushstroke. What color are the eyes that see through the heart? Forest green and their rooted brown.

AH/M. COMPLETE. Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 28 – Words: 95,675 – Reviews: 5,535 – Favs: 5,945 – Follows: 3,629 – Updated: 08-04-10 – Published: 06-05-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5115281.


The Weight of Words by georgeygirl

Bella is finishing her undergraduate English degree at U of T. PhD candidate Edward is her new TA. Shakespeare brings them together while a strict anti-fraternizing policy keeps them apart. Recommended for readers who enjoy the Bard, love a romantic Edward and appreciate UST. Rated M for language, literature and lemons.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 56 – Words: 378,051 – Reviews: 9,377 – Favs: 5,301 – Follows: 3,505 – Updated: 12-30-10 – Published: 10-24-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5463683.


*made by Cared*


The Naked Guy Upstairs by AngryBadgerGirl

It’s You’ve Got Mail meets Pillow Talk meets…eh, you get the picture. It’s the usual ABG yuks and lemons. Playboyward v. Straightlacedella. Love/Hate/Love/Banter. RATED M COS WHY ELSE DO YOU READ FIC, HONESTLY? AH, CANON PAIRINGS

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 29 – Words: 192,615 – Reviews: 13,423 – Favs: 9,516 – Follows: 7,492 – Updated: 09-14-10 – Published: 09-17-09 – id: 5383757.


Midnight Desire by Twilightzoner

An All Human parody of Midnight Sun. AH, AU and consequently OOC. No blood lust – just uncontrollable human lust. Smut filled fun . . .

Rated: Fiction M – English – Parody/Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 26 – Words: 89,654 – Reviews: 5,185 – Favs: 6,436 – Follows: 3,204 – Updated: 07-01-10 – Published: 07-13-08 – Status: Complete – id: 4392180.


His Personal Assistant by NorthernLights1

Bella Swan, personal assistant to handsome, rich, successful Edward Cullen, decides to take her friends advice and make her oblivious boss fall in love with her.

AU/AH.Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 46 – Words: 172,828 – Reviews: 13,521 – Favs: 9,725 – Follows: 4,178 – Updated: 10-28-09 – Published: 04-14-09 – Status: Complete – id: 4992721.


Cullen Unscripted by FL95 (aka FictionFreak95)

When Edward Cullen scores an entry level internship as a writer for his distant Uncle’s TV Station immediately following College, his life takes some crazy turns as he makes new friends and finds love.

AH, BxE. Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 25 – Words: 95,009 – Reviews: 2757 – Updated: 8-30-10 – Published: 4-16-10 – Edward & Bella – Complete.


*made by Cared*


Stay by Crimsonmarie

As an actor, Edward Cullen is surrounded by people that he couldn’t really care less about. What happens when he buys a house in the middle of nowhere and meets his new neighbors? AH, AU, ExB, rated M for future chapters and language.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 38 – Words: 276,486 – Reviews: 5303 – Updated: 6-27-09 – Published: 12-30-08 – Bella & Edward – Complete.


Help Wanted by jaxon22 

Bella Swan applies for the job of PA to the rude, arrogant and distant Hollywood star Edward Cullen. Will she be able to do her job without letting feelings get in the way? A/H Lush Lemons Graphic and language.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 64 – Words: 607,440 – Reviews: 11,886 – Favs: 8,525 – Follows: 3,468 – Updated: 04-19-10 – Published: 04-03-09 – Status: Complete – id: 4966784.


*made by Cared*


Purgatory: A Love Story by americnxidiot

Link to download –

Or author link  –

What do you do when your life is over? What do you do when maybe it’s not? Rated: M Genre: FantasyAngst/Romance – AU

Published: 01-07-10, Updated: 05-03-10 Chapters: 25, Words: 97,519.


The Mirrors by adorablecullens

Teddy’s secret and magical childhood is lost when a family heirloom is destroyed, changing his life forever. Now an adult, can Edward open himself back up to magic and love when he meets a beautiful – and hauntingly familiar – woman in real life?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Fantasy – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 23 – Words: 93,498 – Reviews: 3,821 – Favs: 3,331 – Follows: 1,109 – Updated: 07-23-09 – Published: 04-05-09 – Status: Complete – id: 4971734.


Wow, what an incredible trip down memory lane, we hope you enjoyed it! Lots of fantastic complete fics for you to read, and that concludes our Oldies BUT Goldies – Part 1, with a review of Goodnight, Noises Everywhere by Feisty Y. Beden written by Cared, as well a list of many of our favourite Oldies BUT Goldies

Thank you so much to Cared and AllyVera *HUGS* for their hard work on helping to prepare this post, we had a hell of a fabulous time looking at our cherry-pop favourites! I know Cared and Ally had a ‘few’ lengthy discussions, lol. Now we’d love for your to please share yours, we know there are many more great Twific Oldies BUT Goldies, and please come back next week for Part 2.

Have a wonderful week, I am on vacation! 😀

Midnight Cougar



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  1. Cared, MC and AllyVera thank you. This post is perfect.

  2. Good Morning E. I know you like complete fics so happy days for you. Do you recognise your ‘first’?

  3. Hello Ladies

    I am very excited about today’s post. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s Golden Oldies and their “firsts”. I can’t tell you mine as that is coming next week *winks* but I will share my second fic… “Edward Wallbanger” – boy I did love that fic, but you know what I remember most? feathersmmmm used to give fic recs at the end of every chapter, and some of those original recs I got from her, are here on this list! AV xox

  4. Oh Ally, Edward Wallbanger – I loved that fic and I loved that Edward! It’s such a shame that some of the all time greats are no longer available, they may be gone but never forgotten.

  5. edwardsvamptramp69

    Thanks, Ladies. Some of them I’ve read and some of these I just added to my TBR list! Said list is ssssoooo long, can you believe I’m just NOW startting to read “Creature of Habit”???????? Yeah……………’s that long! “Edward Wallbanger” was one of my FAVORITES; I think it was like the 2nd FF story I ever read. My cherry popper was “The Office” by the wonderful tby789 and I will always remember it. I miss her writing. Can’t wait for next weeks list!

    Huge boob gropes to all of you! I love this site.:)

    • Hey edwardsvamptramp69!! You will love Creature of Habit – great read! Ooh yes, The Office – How I loved Beautiful Bastard!

      • You popped with The Office edwardsvamptramp69 – talk about doing it with style!

        • edwardsvamptramp69

          Yeah, tell me about it. I have never even HEARD of fanfiction so I had no clue what it was about. I just kept reading on Twilight websites about all these FF stories and “The Office” kept popping up so I decided to take a peeksie. Well……….let me tell you. My life has never been the same. I was literally slack jawed and stunned at the lemons and thought “This is what Twilight SHOULD have been. Dayum!” The day after I started reading “The Office” (my cherry popper) , I kid you not, I was out buying a brand new BOB because I knew I couldn’t continue reading without some sort of “release” available. I mean………W.O.W! Still one of my favorites. *sigh*

  6. *squeak*! I can’t ever thank you ladies enough for even mentioning something of mine up there – so honored to be listed among some of the best fics around! THANK YOU!

    My 1st of course, was Wide Awake but others that came (no pun intended) right after were The Office, Alphabet Weekends and THE RED LINE I still consider such a classic… The Sub & Dom were fantastic and OFF LIMITS I think was the first rockerward I ever read. *Swoon*

    LOVE! and thank you again and I hope you all have a spectacular Friday!

  7. That list is amazing!! Such memories…some of them I had not heard of, so that was a nice surprise. 🙂

    The first AU story I read was The List by LauraACullen

    First AH was Deconstructing Dracula by hmonster4

    • Thanks katiebirdie, that’s great you found some new oldies LOL. I loved everything by hmonster. Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a favourite of mine. The LIst is another good one, I remember that well, thanks for the suggestion. weeks before her wedding to Edward, Bella is frustrated. She knows there’s little-to-no chance of getting him to bend his rules and boundaries now, but there’s no harm in fantasizing about what could happen later. So she begins compiling a list…
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Fantasy – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 28 – Words: 195,361 – Reviews: 2,773 – Favs: 4,528 – Follows: 1,720 – Updated: 03-18-10 – Published: 03-19-09 – Status: Complete – id: 4934524

    • I love hmonster4 stories. I did a guest post back in the day on RAoR, featuring her. I don’t know if her work is still posted somewhere?

      My all time favorite AH story though is The Lost Boys by hwimsey.

      • I remember your guest posts on RAoR katiebirdie. Good times! The Lost Boys is one of my all time favourites too – it had a bit of everything in it and of course that Edward and Bella connection that I just love.

        It’s published now as Grave Refrain: A Love/Ghost Story by Sarah M.Glover and is available from Amazon.

      • I was so excited when I heard Sarah got the story published!! I bought it right away. There was one scene missing that I was sad to see it didn’t survive the editing process. It was my favorite scene too!! The bathtub scene with my most favorite line. Bummer.

  8. ilovealion

    Hello Cared, Ally, and MC!!

    I thought I was pretty “well read’ in the Twific world, but apparently not. There are several listed here that I have never even heard of. What’s up with that??

    I popped my fic cherry on Wide Awake. Back in the day, I didn’t even have a laptop, and I couldn’t pull it up on my Blackberry, so I would sneak over to my mom’s house and read it on her computer. GAH!! (I wonder if she ever checked her history and got a shock. haha) Anyway, after that it was full steam ahead with Clipped Wings and Inked Armour. Then The Tutor, which you listed. I love love love the Tutor. And High Anxiety gave me palpitations! I do miss Hunterhunting. Her writing was phenom. She made me laugh sooo hard. Remember The Misappropriation of Bella Swan?

    I could talk about fic for days and days. I am such a Twific nerd that I have a list and synopsis of every fic I have read. You know, sometimes the lines get blurred because so many have similar plots… so I wanted to be able to keep them separated in my nerdy head. There are some fics that have no equal. Like Surviving Bella by Savage. OMR! Her Edward was sooo bad, but I fell in love with him just like Bella did.

    I have to get to work, but I may come back and chat again later.

    Thanks to you ladies for taking us down memory lane. Fanfic is now a huge part of my life, just as you all are. *tear* I heart you guys. Know this.

    laters, baby.

    • Waves to ilovealion, welcome bb. Yes you are a Twific nerd but you are not alone and we even have the t-shirts to prove it LOL. I love all those great fics you mentioned, every one is a classic.

      For some really good ‘bad boy Edward’ here is the link to Surviving Bella time on a sailboat on the sea should be the time of your life! But when the ship sinks, Captain Edward and passenger Bella end up in a life raft together. Can they survive the elements and their colliding pasts? M for mature themes/language.
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 18 – Words: 133,620 – Reviews: 4,871 – Favs: 4,115 – Follows: 2,320 – Updated: 12-03-10 – Published: 06-13-10 – Status: Complete – id: 6049832

    • Hey ilovealion! Great to see you, we had such fun doing this one as you can tell! Ooh TMoBS. I can’t tell you how many times I have read this story. Hockeyward still remains my favourite Edward ever – for me, he was perfect, strong, sexy, sweet but he had a vulnerable dorky side too *le sigh*

  9. Cullen Unscripted has always stayed in my mind as one of the great fics. I only realised fairly recently that you are the artist formally known as FL95 LOL. Thanks for sharing your first with us and please stop by for Part 11 next week. Have a great day too.

  10. mauigirl60

    Hello everybody!!! My first fics were the LolaShoes’ trilogy. I had seen them being talked about on RAoR and they were still up on FFN. I was so fic-retarded back then that I did not know how to save them to PDFs so I printed them out. It took over 2 reams of paper and I have them in several binders. Talk about stupid!! I did the same thing with MoTU because I didn’t know how to save it from a blog either.

    • Hi mauigirl60, what a way to enter fanfiction! LolaShoes is right up there with the best. I loved her My Yes, My No as I felt she wrote a very realistic Bella. I may or may not have endangered the rain forest given the amount of fics I printed out before I discovered how to pdf. You were not alone LOL.

      Have a great weekend!

    • ilovealion

      I printed out Wide Awake. I even had georgiaedwardlover print a few chapters for me when my mom’s printer went down. haha I remember that I met at the Cinema in Moultrie, which is a town half-way between our houses, and she had a stack of papers with her. I wanted to sit and read the chapters instead of going in to see the movie. I can’t even remember which movie it was. I still have a messenger bag with the Wide Awake hard copy in my closet.


      • I remember being in a frenzy when some of the most popular stories were being pulled. I started to print out WA, because I was so worried about it being lost forever. My DH thought I was crazy, and introduced me to portable zip driives. We used the “printed” version as scrap paper for years. *shaking head*

      • And I blame you, ilovealion, for getting me entangled in all of this. Wide Awake was like a drug for me and I’ve since read it several times. I went through and copied and pasted it into this HUGE Word file, because it was so hard to keep together. I think we were going to see New Moon again—no, that was the one that I gave the teenage boys in front of us a warning before the movie began. Hey… I take Edward very seriously.
        I love your list Cared and AllyVera. Now I have more things in my Favorites that need to be read. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this!
        Emancipation Proclamation was one of those “up till 1:30 reading” stories. I hated her Edward, but the story was so addictive. Ilovealion was a few chapters ahead of me and we emailed back and forth the whole time. That story was so freakin’ intense!

        • So georgiaedwardlover, Wide Awake is your brand of heroin and ilovealion was your first dealer LOL. Don’t tell anyone *lowers voice* my husband changed the brand in printer ink cartridge he bought as his usual one suddenly kept running out very quickly; there may or may not have been a box of printed out fanfic under my bed. Thanks to a post on RAoR I discovered how to download – the box is still there though. Intense is a very good word for EP – I think I just survived from update to update.

          It’s great you found some new fics here today and please stop by again next week for Part 11. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for including The Weight of Words on this list. I’m really honoured to be included among such amazing stories. ~ gg xoxo

  12. Hi Georgeygirl, you are welcome, The Weight of Words is a classic Oldie but Goldie; it deserves to be remembered.

    For those of you that read and enjoyed The Weight of Words, there is now a companion piece The Swan Files. I know I’m loving Edward’s words.
    Edward Cullen, University of Toronto TA, starts the semester documenting the details of his banal meetings with Isabella Swan. But what starts as a “CYA” exercise, soon becomes the outpourings of a man falling in love. To be read after TWoW/tTSF.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Poetry – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 5 – Words: 9,606 – Reviews: 231 – Favs: 107 – Follows: 156 – Updated: 08-08-12 – Published: 07-29-12 – id: 8372662

  13. miniaturemom12

    Hi ladies! Long time no ‘see’! WP refuses to keep me logged in, so I just lurk… Anywho, you know I’m a fich00r so I had to see which are my oldies but goldies. So many have been pulled 😦 – The Worst of Weather and Rose like thunder by YellowGlue, Unwanted by BloodRedLust, UoEM by SR, CW&IA by HunterHunting, And with Thee Fade Away by Derdriu oFaolain just to name a few. Then of course Wide Awake which is the Standard against all other fics be judged!
    But here’s a great fic that is still around. It has mega drama but handles it beautifully and skillfully: This is not my life by Isakassees.
    Definitely up there with WA.
    And Parachute which is not THAT old but still very good:

    Some other not so old but extrememly good: Transcendence by ShaySavage, Written in the Stars by Lissa Bryan, Unloved, Unwanted by Content1.

    Well we have a work function I have to get ready for but I am so happy I got to come in and actually ‘talk’ to you guys! Have fun and I’ll be back on the weekend to see everyone elses Oldies but Goldies. ❤ MM12

    • Thanks so much minaturemoma12, you named some great live fic there and some are very dear to me. All of those pulled fics are classics. Preparing this post actually made me quite sad as I realised just how many of the original greats are gone. Some to be published which is wonderful for the authors of course.

      Next week we will feature Part 11 as there are too many Oldies but Goldies to fit in one post, hopefully you will win the WP battle again.

      • miniaturemom12

        Oh I know, Cared! I was so sad too, that so many were pulled. Not sad for the published ones, they deserved to be published. Just really miss the dialogue about some really great fics.
        I look forward to pt2! I know I have more.
        Oh and I totally lost the WP battle. It wouldn’t let me log in from home on Sunday. Kept trying to get me to reset my password at the same time that it has me logged in under same password at work! It just hates me, I know it! 😛
        Anyway, see you guys on Friday for more!

    • Hi MM – I can let you on a little secret – the only reason Parachute isn’t on the list that we made is that it was a little newer. I actually only read it recently, and I loved it so much! Thanks so much for your recs. I am glad you mentioned Unloved, Unwanted I plan to start that soon, as I love content1 – she is an amazing author. A x

  14. haystackhair

    WOW! I too thought I had read a great deal of the “oldies but goodies” but I am surprised to find some on this list I haven’t read. Dayum my list just got even longer. I just finished Last Call, and it was a GREAT read! You ladies never steer me wrong, so I’m adding to favorites…adding to favorites….adding… well you get the picture. LOL. TGIFF!

    • haystackhair

      Oh forgot to mention, I too popped my ff cherry on Wide Awake. Next was EP and then CW&IA. Le sigh. So many good fics. Sometimes I find myself re reading them instead of starting something new LOL. And sorry, great story or not, I will wuss out and not be reading that first rec. I still haven’t recovered from a few others I have read that did not have HEAs. 😦

      • ilovealion

        Um… Goodnight noises isn’t a HEA??? Me no likey. I can tolerate a lot of angst, but I NEED a HEA. The last two chapters of High Anxiety almost did me in. I couldn’t believe we had been through sooo much with B and E and they didn’t end up together. But, thankfully, the last chapter made it all worth it.

        Since Goodnight noises was first on the list, it must be good. I’ll have to have a one-on-one with Cared and see if I can handle it. lol

      • haystackhair – how are you enjoying Memory Lane? I don’t know how I’m going to read new fic now as I want to reread all these treasures again. I’d be embarrassed to say how many times I’ve read some of them. I’m glad you found some new Oldies but Goldies, I’m sure you will enjoy them.

        Thanks for sharing with you and Happy Friday!

      • Hey HSH! Cripes, girl, you certainly cherry popped in style and angst too! Those three are heartwrenchers! Thanks for letting us know 🙂 A x

  15. For hizpetal86 – I can’t reply to your comment asking for the link to OFF LIMITS but here it is! Hope you find this. LOL ❤

    Womanizing Edward has been told to stay away from his band's new lead singer, Bella. But with their instant attraction and obvious chemistry, how can he adhere to that? OOC. AU-H. Rated M for naughty humor, intensely bad behavior, language, and sexing.
    Twilight – Fiction Rated: M – English – Humor/Romance – Chapters: 36 – Words: 182,739 – Reviews: 2586 – Updated: 4-10-10 – Published: 6-11-09 – – Bella/Edward – Complete

  16. eewee333

    TGIF Ladies!! Thank you for all the COMPLETED recs! I have read several of them, but some are definitely worth reading again. My TBR list continues to grow and is now over 1000 fics! I don’t think I’ll live long enough to read them all. One of my favorite oldies is Alphabet Weekends. I’ve read it a few times. Of course, The Office and LolaShoes’ BD Trilogy will always, always be dear to my heart because they were the first fanfics I ever read. You all have a lovely weekend! 🙂

    • Hey eewe333, you’ve got good taste in fic girl. Like me you have enough fanfic to keep you reading right into old age, as I said already, it’s great to know I’m not the only one. I hate to break it to you but your list will grow again next week as Part 11 of Oldies but Goldies contains only completed fics also.

      Have a great weekend too!

  17. newyorkkisses

    Hi ladies!
    What an amazing topic, MC, Cared and Ally! I love reading the classics, there were/ are so many gems to be found among them. And I am ecstatic that there are quite a few that you rec’d that I haven’t read yet. Yay, thanks for making my week! 🙂

    My cherry popper fic was Wide Awake, something I’ve discovered I share with many many readers in the fandom. After that the usual classics followed: High Anxiety, CW&IA, The Blessing & The Curse, Fourteen, Coming to Terms, Hide & Drink…*sigh* those were the days, discovering that it was possible, and veeery enjoyable, to read a different kind of Edward. 😉 And of course MotU followed shortly after and opened up a whole new world of smut, lol.

    This week I read a book for a change, so I have nothing new to rec.
    I’m itching to dive right into “Goodnight, Noises Everywhere”. So you’re saying it doesn’t have a HEA, MC? Argh…o-kay…I’ll go for it anyway, it sounds too good to pass up. If it gets too bad I’m coming back here for someone to hold my hand, lol.

    Can’t wait for Part II next week.

    Have a great weekend, ladies!

    • Hi newyorkkisses, it seems Wide Awake certainly got around LOL. Love all the classics you mention. I think Fourteen is one of my very early ones too. It’s great you were able to find some new ‘oldies’ and I’ve found a couple of new ones myself from the comments.

      Go ahead and read Goodnight, Noises Everywhere, nyk. You know how much of a wuss I am and I love this fic. I just said I did not promise a HEA, that does not mean that Edward and Bella break up. I don’t want to give the exact ending away but I will say to remember the setting for the story – it’s post-apocalyptic – I will say though that while I found the ending sad it was also beautiful. Take a chance and let me know what you think.

      Happy Reading!

      • newyorkkisses

        Hi Cared, the type of ending you described sounds like what I imagined. I can take that type of non-HEA (if it fits the circumstances, like you said). Incubus Anomaly was the last fic with a non-HEA I read and it fit the story perfectly. It just made sense.
        Ok, I’m off to bed to start this fic. 😉

    • Hi NYK! Great to see you! Your starting list sounds very much like mine. The only difference being I didn’t read Wide Awake until a bit later in my Fan Fic Career 🙂 Oh, Clipped Wings and Inked Armor. What a masterpiece that was! A x

  18. Can anyone help me out? My first fanfic was set in the Lodge in Forks. Bella went to stay there, and Edward was there already, being all angsty. I can’t remember anything else, except I’m pretty sure the author had lemon in her name somewhere. And there was piano playing, I think. I have holes in my brain, I’m sure I do – why can’t I remember any more than that?? There was sex, and I think it was right near the end. And for some reason, I think the sex was on the floor. LOL. I’m hopeless!!

    Really looking forward to reading some of these that are new to me.

    • Well ladies, Gingerandgreen has set us a challenge. Does this description ring any bells? Floor sex anyone? Maybe we can sweeten the deal – 7 minutes alone in a confined space with any Edward of your choice, for the correct answer LMAO.

      Thanks g&g, have a happy reading/writing weekend.

    • newyorkkisses

      Could it be “The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep”?
      Bella visits a quiet lodge in Forks and she meets the secretive, tormented Edward Masen. Just as their relationship transcends friendship, Edward’s past comes back to haunt him in the most brutal way. B&E are human, but oh…there will be vampires. AU.
      Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Romance – Chapters: 38 – Words: 322,392 – Reviews: 5220 – Updated: 5-21-12 – Published: 4-15-09 – Bella & Edward

  19. nancym5621

    I have read and loved so many of the stories mentioned above, some more than once. I am currently reading a beautifully written story called Branching Inward by LifeInTheSnow.Her way with words is just beautiful. I’m not good at writing reviews but this story owns me big time right now and I think you will love it too. Edward is a man you will fall in love with once his true nature is revealed. He’s had a bit of a rough time and Bella helps him come back to the wonderful man he once was. This was written two years ago so it is truly an oldie but glorious goody. Complete and 28 chapters long.

  20. That’s it! Thank you, Newyorkkisses, how awesome are you? (For some weird reason I can’t write this comment as a reply, sorry about that.) So much for lemon in the author’s name, but bananas are also fruit, LOL.

    • Yeah, that is fantastic newyorkkisses, I will have to organise Edward for you now LOL. I’m reading that fic and didn’t recognise it. Good woman!

      • newyorkkisses

        Squeee! So I get Edward for a day? Yay me! I’d like Tattward then, pretty please. Should probably take tomorrow off from work then, I’ll be busy if you know what I mean. 😉

    • newyorkkisses

      Yay! So glad I could help you, Ginger. 🙂 There’s nothing worse than loving a fic, wanting to re-read it and not finding it anymore. I had that happen before, too. LMAO about the bananas-lemon relation, so true. 😉

  21. Thank you everyone for coming out today & sharing your firsts with us! This is excellent! xo

  22. somanywards

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!!!! Some of my all time favorite stories xoxoxo
    ~Alphabet Weekends~
    ~His Personal Assistant~
    ~Help Wanted~
    Awesome post ladies*
    Thank you for the recs and for your time and care with RA.

    Big hugs

  23. exaltada

    Wow! I have to say I usually doesn´t read or comment this wonderful part of Rob attack, FF Fridays, because I´m spanish and it´s a little difficult for me to read in English, plus I have a RL very busy (who don´t, btw ;)?). But I read the title and he dragged me like a moth to the light :). Congratulations for this golden post, I´m happy to know a lot of great fanfics… My first fanfic in English was “The submissive” (*coughs*) because it was a strong recommendation of a friend. Of those fics you put here, I only knew about High anxiety. So… thanks a lot for sharing!

    • exaltada, it’s wonderful to have you here, thanks so much for saying hi. I can guess why The Submissive came highly recommended – say no more LOL.

      Oldies but Goldies Part 11 will post next Friday, we’d love to see you again and hopefully tempt you with some great fics.

    • Hi exaltada – thank you so much for dropping by, we enjoyed doing this post so much! I hope that you will be able to pick up a few more favourites from this list (and next weeks’!) Ally x

  24. exaltada

    Thanks, Cared and Allyvera, I´ll be there… 😉

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