Monday Madness…TR&TD Edits/manips

Hello Everybody *waves*


This Post is Positively NSFW!!!

I’ve had this post planned for some time now. And as I promised eeweee333 last week here it is!

I have a friend on FB friend known as Therose Andthedragon and she had tagged me in some of the most amazing edits and manips. Flove them! I’ll start out relatively safely and increase to Gutter mode as I go along but just in case you didn’t see my warning above this post is NSFW! 

I LOVE this first pic. Rob looks pissed and with it all being in B&W except his eyes it looks like he will jump right off the screen to devour you!

Uh RRoP Mr Pattinson sir? uh ok!
“click it” to make it bigger!

This one just Floored me when I logged onto my FB page and saw this Beauty staring back at me! Hot Damn! Thank You TH&TD!!! I could think up a great one shot based on this pic alone! What is it about a man in a vest? It’s so hot and yet you just want to rip it right off of him. Especially when “Him” is Rob!!!

Those two pics were great but ya know I think Rob has too many layers on lets see if we can remedy that shall we?

Tattward is always a WIN!

That’s Better 🙂 but I still want to see more don’t you? {DUH!}

Oh the heavenly Happy Trail! THUD!

Heavenly Happy Trail indeed! and What is with the “A” Tattoo? That wouldn’t happen to stand for Angel now would it eewee333? When most people think of Rob as an angel it usually conjures up images like This one…



Angelward is great but when I think of Rob as an Angel my mind goes more along this train of thought…

Oh My! What BIG Wings you’ve got there ROB!!! hehehe

Awww I can’t help it! I’m a pervy hOOr where Rob is concerned! Oh Wait I forgot we were undressing Rob weren’t we? Well I think we should get back to that!!!

*DED* FL_________

And last but Absolutely NOT least TR&TD blessed me with this final Manip which I FLOVE!!!

Time to go take a LONG Shower!!!

No Seriously I meant I have to go shower now! heehee Now what did I do with that shamwow???

Much love to you all,






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15 responses to “Monday Madness…TR&TD Edits/manips

  1. haystackhair

    Holy Hell BB!! You sure know how to wake a h00r up!! I usually hate Mondays, but I officially love this one! THUD!

    • IKR haystackhair? I don’t post as often as i used but i DO try to make it worth while when I do post! 🙂

      • haystackhair

        Well mission accomplished, this one was tots worthwhile!!!!!!!!!!!! did everyone see the pics from TDS and the red carpet? How can that man be so gorgeous????? HOW??? THUD!

        • O.M.G!!! ROB in that luscious Blue suit was BEYOND DIVINE!!! He was soooo Beautiful!! And his HAIR!! Heaven Help me! The hair, the eyes, the bod, the lips, those huge feet! LOL LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!! I swear Rob has ruined me for any other man! HOW could any normal man possibly compare to our Beautiful Rob??? I wanted to run in here right away and post but HOW could I POSSIBLY choose just a few of the glorious pics we were blessed with??

  2. luvtwilight72

    Holy HOTNESS!!!! I like to wake up to this in my inbox, thanks:)

  3. eewee333

    Good morning RF! And OMG< OMG<OMG!!! Thank you sooooo much for the hot, sexy, beautiful posts!! What a wonderful way to start my week. TR&TD is truly gifted, thanks to her too for making our Rob even more beautiful and sexy (which I didn't think was possible until I saw these). I think my favorite is the one with the "A" tat on his arm. His look….it's just smoldering and I just want to run my hands all up and down his……(sorry, got distracted there for a minute) and my second favorite is the last one. Makes we want to jump in the shower with him!! And not to forget the "Angel" shots. SO HOT!!! I just want him to wrap me up in his wings and fly away *sigh*. I'll def be saving these to my Rob-porn stash. You can do another one of these posts for me anytime you want bb!! Love to you all!! RA ROCKS!!

    • G’morning eeweee Darlin! And you are all so Welcome! LOL I didn’t used to like manips much but little by little I fell in love with a few of those ones that are created by artist with a gift for making them stunning. I had this post running around in my head and when you mentioned Rob being our Angel last week i knew i had to do it!
      Love you all too!

  4. SEE!!! See how BEAUTIFUL he is!!!!
    image host

  5. MORE!!! we’ve had many a debate about the size of Rob’s errr…feet! yeah! and well I’ll just let the pic speak for its self!
    image host

  6. exaltada

    RF… just a question… do you want to kill me? Isn´t there some international laws about posting those manips? ;)) BTW, a manip of Rob barely wrapped in a towel, and the words LONG and shower in the same sentence… definitely not legal LOL

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