Sensual Sunday ~ Setting Fire to the Rain!

ROTFLMAO!  This is kinda how my chat with the boss went yesterday…

Robs Fan-tasy: What you gonna post about this weekend?

Rita: The only thing that won’t leave my head is Rob at the London premier of GoF, dressed in leather pants, loose white shirt and red velvet jacket. Barely Legal LMAO!!!

Robs Fan-tasy: Rob in Leather is always a win in mho! but Gof Rob was such a baby! I feel like a real perv!! LOL

Rita: IKR? But such a beautiful baby {le sigh!}
Robs Fan-tasy: Totally! True facts!
Rita: I think I can do it in good taste {oh crap!} TASTIN’ ROB!!! Guess not LMAO!!!
Robs Fan-tasy: Well, there went that plan! LMAO!! Well good taste we have cause it’s Rob! But, hey, no one said you had to behave! It IS Rob ATTACK after all LOL!
Rita: Fist bump!
~ ~ ~ ~

So, here I am, givin’ in to temptation. Even at the barely legal age of 19, Rob on the red carpet in London for the premier of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, well…sets fire to the rain!

Star Date:  November 6, 2005

Location:  London, UK

Event:  Premier of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Aw, fuck me blind!  You can see my problem, right?  Rob’s signature smirk, those delicious dimples and mussed up hair we wouldn’t have a name for until MUCH later, are absolutely lethal!

I don’t think Rob fully understood the impact he had on us, even back then, but it was 50 shades of things to come in the future!

And it didn’t take us long to get the message!  I love it when Rob’s eyebrows haven’t been plucked to hell and back?  *GAH!* JawPorn Alert!!

19 or not, Rob sported chest hair that just begged to be touched!  Any volunteers? ME!!!

Shiny black, TIGHT leather pants *THUD!* Don’t know who dressed him, but it was an audacious choice!  There mighta been moments when it appeared Rob wasn’t havin’ any fun…

but things looked better after a few beers {Hey! Where’s Rob’s beer?}

Cause we all know, Rob’s a Beer Drinker, Baby! Yeah!!!

Couldn’t decide between this photo and the next, so I just used them both LOL!

Besides, we can NEVER have enough TonguePorn!!!

or JawPorn LOL! How lucky was the fan who got close enough to The Pretty to take this photo?  Rob really DOES light up when he gets in amongst ’em, doesn’t he?

Oh.My.God!  SexHair before it was called SexHair!  Wonder what’s goin’ through Rob’s mind right then!  Is he dreamin’ of his future?  If he knew then what he knows now, would he have walked the same path?  Lucky for us he did! {And before anyone freaks out, that’s his sister, Lizzy!}

Well, that was the beautiful boy who got our attention in 2005…

THIS is the man we all love today!!! {I don’t feel quite so guilty pervin’ on him now LMAO!!}

I loved all Rob’s interviews for GoF, and there were many! Just to remind us of how sweet and funny he was back then {and still is, of course}, here’s this one by Access Hollywood!

Happy Sunday, y’all!




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20 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Setting Fire to the Rain!

  1. Ha! Barely legal to you guys at 19, but three years over the age of consent in dear ol’ Blighty, my dears. Yep, I could have tapped that – without fear of arrest – in 2002… when I was still in my 40s LOL!

    Such a handsome boy *sigh* – and, holy fuckbuckets, he just keeps getting better and better. I’m wondering whether Rob is subject to the law of diminishing returns, or whether he simply rises above it, improving year on year until he has to be locked away in order to protect women’s hearts and ovaries!

    • rita01tx

      Oh, hell no! I’d hafta junk punch anyone who even THINKS of trying to lock Rob away from us!!!

      Not only did Rob inheret great genes from his parents, especially his mother, but he’s always had such a happy-go-lucky attitude! Happy people are beautiful people…it glows from the inside out!
      God, I can’t wait to see his beautiful face again tomorrow!

      • You’re right, of course, bb. It would be a crime of epic proportions to hide away that incredible beauty. And, as you quite rightly point out, there is so much more to Rob than just a pretty face – otherwise he would appeal to no more than the original teen and pre-teen demographic of Twilight. No, what makes his attractiveness so deeply affecting to those of us of a certain age is his unique blend of humour, modesty and sweetness – plus, of course, his prodigious talent!

        • rita01tx

          *Squeek!* Aw, please don’t say “prodigious” when referrin’ to Rob! I’m feelin’ particularly susceptible today for some reason! I mean, you’ve seen what the word “taste” did to me!?!?! Two perfectly normal, innocuous words and I’m gutter divin’! WTF?

  2. christa64c

    I’m not ashamed to say I’ve been perving on that man since Cedric fell from the sky GOF! And I’ve never stopped. It’s readily apparent that like a fine wine, Rob will only improve with time.

    • rita01tx

      You so read my mind, Christa darlin’! I actually put that in about fine wine under the last photo, but took it out cause I have no idea what fine wine tastes like LOL! {Oh, fuck! Tastin’ Rob…again *face palm!*}

  3. One of my fav GoFRob pix…

    • rita01tx

      Jesus Christ, Fluffy darlin’! Some pics of Rob literally take my breath away…this is one of ’em! That’s from one of the Collectormania conventions, isn’t it? The lighting makes his hair look particularly touchworthy in a lot of those photos!

  4. dazzledbyrp

    He was a beautiful, beautiful boy who has matured into one hot, helluva man (sigh).

    • rita01tx

      Wow, he REALLY looks young in that photo as Cedric! Must have been 18 while they were filming. Yup, our baby has become quite the MAN!!!

  5. We are all taking trips down Memory Lane this weekend it seems. Ah the memories! I seem to remember Rob saying in an interview that he bought the velvet jacket in a charity/second hand shop.

  6. I dunno about you ladies but Rob and either the words “Velvet” or “Black Leather” always make me think of this song and what do you know, I’m not alone because someone made a Rob video to go along with it! This song is so sexy, just like Rob! and now Rita has a one track mind or should i say Taste Buds For Rob this week so the beginning *whispered* word “JUICY” Just seems so apropos for this post!

  7. WTF? Why didn’t that post the video??? trying again.

  8. I just noticed Rob’s funky shoes in that one pic….bwahahahaha So Love that man!!!

  9. eewee333

    Hi Rita. Great post. I had never seen these pictures before. I loved him in GOF, but didn’t have a clue who he was then. I just thought he was really a handsome young man. Love the velvet jacket and leather pants and that one picture where he looks like he is going to give us all a big kiss….just….yeah. 🙂 And I agree with RF, brown shoes with black pants? Really? ( He must have dressed himself back then.) But Rob can make anything look good, so what do I know? Have a wonderful week ladies!!

    • rita01tx

      Thanks, eewee darlin’! Same for me, actually. I thought Cedric was a very handsome young man and it wasn’t until I saw Rob’s name on the Twilight credits that I put 2 & 2 together! Of course, when I watch GoF NOW, it’s a whole ‘nother exerience LOL!!!

      • eewee333

        I actually saw GOF after I saw Twilight! When I put 2&2 together I went back and watched them both again. Good Lord, he was beautiful even then!! Now, just …..GAH!!

  10. exaltada

    LOL, Rita, I agree with you, he was and is yummy, but now I feel less guilty to drooling over my laptop when I see him. I loved Cedric, I cried in the film, and once again when reading the book because I remembered our dear Rob in that scene.
    Thanks for this post!

    • rita01tx

      Hey Exaltada darlin’! I STILL cry every time I watch that scene…man, Rob did a great job of playin’ dead LOL! But, yeah, he’s definitely maturing nicely {and that’s an understatement}!!!

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