Sensual Sunday ~ Rita’s Recipe for Rob Soup!

Good mornin’, Ladies ! {Well, it was mornin’ when I started this…been addin’ ingredients all day!}

My inspiration is all over the place, today…it’s like comin’  face-to-face with one of RF’s Alien Invasion Robs and not knowin’ where to grab onto him first, so this “Rob Soup” is gonna have a little bit of everything LMAO!!!

Can’t go wrong with a large dollop of RobSpice!  Think I’ll just start with one of the hottest, steamiest, sexiest NSFW Rob vids I’ve come across in a looooong time!

What else can I use?  Oh, yeah…a stalk of RobStalker! Remember this photo I posted recently?  Remember I told you about that girl stalkin’ Rob all over NYC?

Recognize a certain person in the background as Rob was arrivin’ at the Museum of Modern Arm for the Cosmopolis premier on August 13th???

Not that I blame her, but it must be frustratin’ to get so close only to watch him disappear into the maddin’ crowd!

Might as well add some RobBeauty to the mix! You know I love light and shadow play LOL! {You NEED to see this full screen…click it!!}

So, that was Rob all spiffed up and lookin’ fine!  How ’bout tossin’ in a little Hobolicious Rob? Only our cheeky man could get away with turnin’ up at an interview with the New York Times wearin’ a backwards baseball cap and bumble bee striped shirt LMAO!!!

Of course, bein’ the pervy hOOrs we all are, his wardrobe malfunction did NOT go unnoticed…

As much water as he was drinkin’ durin’ that long-assed interview on August 15th, I’m not surprised he got “sidetracked” between the end of the interview and the photoshoot LOL!

Yeah…laugh it up, Rita! Like you’ve never come out of the ladies room with the back of your skirt all tucked in the top of your pantyhose!!!

Wha…how…who TOLD you that?!?!?!? {True facts, unfortunately *sigh!*}

Just a dash more RobBarrassment?  It would appear Rob’s switched from boxer brief to boxers!!!

Crap! He was movin’ too fast! Did we miss it? Uh, not likely LOL!

Time for Rob to have some damn FUN after all the rushin’ around and who better to have fun with than our favorite RobFanboy…Josh Horowitz!

And Rob DID have fun! No pressure…just laughs, giggles and evil chuckles when Josh handed over the award for beatin’ Hunger Games for the MTV Movie Brawl with Cosmopolis!

Rob had a couple days down time {I hope} before turnin’ up for Jimmy Kimmel on August 22nd!

JK always gets the best interviews out of Rob! They have a rapport that’s the envy of every other presenter LOL!

Ha! Rob knew exactly who all those women were there to see and it wasn’t JK LMAO!!!  Ummm, I just gotta steal me a little taste of sweet, sweet WonkyFeet!!!

After the show, Rob disappeared off into the night…

and went into full ninja mode for a couple weeks! That is, until Jayme kindly escorted him through LAX just in time for the VMA’s on September 6th!!!

Can you say Alpha Male?” {Now, that packs a punch…need some of that, too!}

And the Alpha Male will have his due LOL! {yeah, I KNOW it’s just the camera angle, but still…}

Rob melted a ton of panties as a result of…THIS bit of RobHotness {beautifully captued by @fearlessmore}!!!

Not only did Rob melt our panties at the VMA’s, he completely melted our hearts with RobHumbleness when he made a surprise appearance at the Stand Up 2 Cancer charity event the very next night!

Rob, darlin’! You’re the BEST!!! {a RobHug FTMFW!!!}

As always, Rob left us pantin’ for more…just can’t get enough of that man!  Francies67 gives us this partin’ shot of RobAngelness!

Heeey! I know what to put into my Rob Soup for the finish touch! RobPizazz!!!

Garnished with a drizzle of Rob’s DreamCream, and there you have it…Rita’s Rob Soup!

Happy Sunday, y’all!




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12 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Rita’s Recipe for Rob Soup!

  1. clairebamboozle

    Rob Soup hmmm, well serve me up a double helping, with a little bed,(I mean bread on the side.) LOL. Cheers Rita, Fluved this post, Videos were hot and funny in that order. Keep on finding us lots of steaming Rob goodness. You rock girl. xx

    • rita01tx

      Awww Claire darlin’! You crack me the fuck UP…glad you liked it!

      • clairebamboozle

        BTW funny thing, my other half does the same wonky feet thing, but it doesn’t look as cute with his size 12s. Sadly that and being British is were the similarity ends. LOL

        • rita01tx

          *Gigglesnort!* What others might find a flaw, I find completely endearing in Rob…all that bendyness! Boggles my pervy mind, I tell ya!

  2. christa64c

    Now that’s a meal I could eat everyday for the rest of my life!

    Rob is a wonderful man with many beautiful characteristics. And you managed to showcase the cream of the crop. Thank you!

    P.S. When do I get my Robhug?

    • rita01tx

      And so we shall gorge ourselves on RobGoodness each and every day forever LOL! Did you see our boy handing out hugs left and right at the VMA’s {especially backstage}? It ain’t fair, I tell you!

  3. naughtyhisbella

    Rita, that’s some tasty soup right there! You, my sweet, are a fabulous Chef! I haven’t commented in a little bit but I’ve been around. Keep up the lovely lovely posts Ladies.

    • rita01tx

      Naughty, darlin’! Good to see you, angel! Glad someone thinks I’m a good cook LOL! My DH does all the cookin’ around here {which might explain my expandin’ figure over the years}!!
      Whenever you don’t have time, or can’t think of anything to say, you know you can always just hit that “Like” button…as a sign of life, you understand LMAO!!!

  4. nebfan51

    🙂 Thanks for putting that smile on my face! Great post – loved the “I Want You” video – again thanks for putting this together and sharing!!!!!

    • rita01tx

      Hey Nebfan darlin’! Manu didn’t put any credits on that vid as to who was singing that song. From the pronunciation…rather, a bit of mispronunciation, I wasn’t anyone professional. Aside from a couple blips in language, it sounded great though, didn’t it? And WOW she used some FUCKHAWT footage and sexy sexy Rob photos! Great stuff!!
      You know I’m always happy to share the goodies LMAO!!!

  5. dazzledbyrp

    Hey Rita and ladies. I know I’ve been remiss in posting in a while, but be assured that I lurk constantly and haven’t missed anything. Just been busy with RL lately. I had to take a sec though and chime in here. Floved this post. That video was to die for. He’s been lookin’ so fine these last few weeks that we’ve seen him. (sigh). I had to LOL at the “wonky feet” pic at Kimmel. I’ve seen him twice now live at Kimmel tapings and I get so fixated on what he’s doing with his feet during the interviews!! They’re often in just the position in the photo that you posted. Of course, as adorkable as they are, it doesn’t stop me from drinking in all the rest of him while he’s right there in the living flesh in front of me. (double sigh).

    And I also wanted to put in a plug for the fan fic Breaking Free from last Friday’s post. It’s a good one. Don’t miss it.

    • rita01tx

      {{JUMPY HUGS!!!}} Maggie darlin’! Me’n RF was just talkin’ about you the other day! Good to see you, sweetness!! Even if RL is gettin’ in your way a lot, I do notice signs of life when we reblog each other on Tumblr LMAO!!! So much RobGoodness on there…hard to keep with it all *sigh,* but we persevere! Youz got to be one of the luckiest h00rs we know for the times you’ve gotten to see The Pretty! Here’s hopin’ you have many more opportunities…Mwah!!!

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