FanFiction Fridays – Sept 14/12

Happy Friday! It’s been a crazy week for me, so today I am going to review 1 WIP rec that I am thrilled to be reading, and Cared is going to wrap-up a previous rec that is almost complete and was an excellent read.

My rec for you today is by one of my all-time favourite fanfiction authors, Troublefollows1017. She wrote the epic CEOward Friday’s at Noon and the lovely romance My Beautiful Stormto name a few, and now she is gracing us with a new Rockerward fic entitled Now and Then.

Now and Then by Troublefollows1017

*banner made by Jaime Arkin*

Now and ThenRight now, she can’t remember. He can’t forget or let go. Then, she fell in love fast and hard. So did he. Can the heart remember what the mind has forgot? Edward can only hope.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Chapters: 3 – Words: 7,688 – Reviews: 681 – Updated: 9-11-12 – Published: 9-4-12 – Edward & Bella.

Now and Then was inspired by the storyline in the movie The Vow, which is actually based on the tragic, true life events “…of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, who wrote a book about their marriage, also known as The Vow. Ten weeks after their wedding on 18 September 1993, the couple was in an automobile accident in which Krickitt suffered brain trauma, which erased memories of her romance with Kim as well as their recent marriage. Kim, however, was still madly in love with his wife, although she viewed him as a stranger after the accident.” – quote source. But Troublefollows1017 has added her own spin with our favourite Twilight characters, making Edward and Bella both Rockstars, with interesting pasts. As well as incorporating the other traditional Twi cast in unique and different roles – like Rose is Bella’s twin sister.

The story is called Now and Then because each chapter is a reflection of their lives Now – present day – and Then – their past, before the accident. All the Now chapters are told in Edward’s POV and all the Then chapters in Bella’s POV. I like that we get both POVs and that we flick back and forth between the past and present for this story because, for me, I feel like I’ll really get to know the characters in depth, from their personalities to the intricate details of both their personal and professional lives.

The story begins with Now, told by Edward. He is struggling, emotionally, as he watches his estranged wife move on with her life without him – having no memory of him after the accident, he says,”When my wife woke up from her medically induced coma, she had lost a year. A whole year of her life vanished from her memory. Every moment with me… gone. It was as if I had never existed.” And now, Bella is out with friends, enjoying her new life, and Edward is anxiously taking it all in…from a distance, of course…

Chapter 1 – excerpt


The back of my neck is slick with sweat. The heat in this club makes my T-shirt cling to my skin. I finish off my beer, but it does nothing to quench my thirst or help relieve the tension in my shoulders. The music hurts my ears. It’s too loud and the bass is turned up too high. I can feel it in my chest and inside my head like it’s banging my brain against my skull. I know all about brains and skulls and the two of them colliding.

More than I ever wanted to know.

I see her. It’s dark and loud, but I see her. She has always been my light in the dark. She shouldn’t be here. The crease between her eyebrows tells me she has a headache. Her “friends” don’t seem to notice. I notice. I also notice the guy in the black button-down and designer jeans. His sleeves are rolled up so he can show off his forearms and his fancy watch. His hair is too long and his teeth are too white. I can see them fucking glowing from all the way over here.

He and his buddies infiltrated her table in the VIP area. She’s tolerating him and his attention, but she’s not interested. I can tell by the way she doesn’t maintain eye contact and because she has to force herself to smile politely. I know what it looks like when she really smiles. The apples of her cheeks become that much more kissable. She once told me that thinking about me made her smile. That feels like a million years ago and just yesterday. And suddenly, I need another drink.

I push off the wall and order something stronger than beer at the bar. A double. I need something to numb the ache that starts in my chest and radiates out to every other part of my body. My heart’s been damaged and continues circulating this burning pain through my veins. You’d think I’d be used to it by now since it’s my constant companion, but somehow that shit never gets old. It waxes and wanes but never goes away. And it always hits me hardest when I know she needs me and there’s nothing I can do about it.

My phone buzzes in my pocket. It’s probably Jasper. It didn’t take him long to figure out I wasn’t where I said I was going to be. That means he knows I’m here and he’ll be coming to get me. White Teeth hands her a drink and she tries to wave it away, but he insists. She shouldn’t be drinking, but there’s no one here to look out for her. No one but me, and I have to stay put. If I don’t, I’ll do something stupid like I did in Cincinnati. Jasper will never forgive me if I do a repeat of Cincinnati.

I can look, but I can’t touch. I’ve tried telling myself she’s an apparition, a ghost of the girl I love. I couldn’t hold on even if I tried. Sometimes that works. Other times, not so much. She’s not a ghost. She’s alive, living and breathing. Her heart beats, her skin is soft and warm. I didn’t have to put her in the cold, hard ground. I should be grateful. The fact that she still exists is a blessing. Alive but not whole. And her missing parts leave me broken as well.

Edward loves his wife, regardless of the – for worse – circumstances, and he is having a difficult time letting go, he just can not accept that his life has to move on without her. 😦 But I love his determination to fight for what they had and I totally understand why… Edward says, “She. Bella. My wife. My heart. My soul. My pain. My everything.” And we see this bond, this special connection they shared, in chapter 2, Then, as Bella explains the first time she watched him sing, and their first romantic encounter…

Chapter 2 – excerpt

The band plays. Edward’s voice floats around me, its warmth and depth can be felt on my skin. I can’t ignore the way the words leave his mouth with purpose. He sings about what he believes, what he knows. The music doesn’t just fill my ears, it enters my chest. It speaks to my soul. It captures my heart. He’s still looking at me and I still want to know what it feels like to kiss him. I know I got it bad because I wish I was a fishy-smelling mic right now. His mouth is so close that his lips brush against it, making me squirm in my seat.

I close my eyes again. I keep them closed until they finish…. 

“I put you to sleep? That can’t be good.” I open my eyes to find Edward standing in front of me. He’s so damn tall. His body is lean and long. His tattoos make him look tougher than I think he really is. One arm is sleeved in pretty designs in a myriad of colors. It looks like there’s a dragon breathing fire and musical notes. I spy the tail of a tiger that must reside on his bicep. He looks dangerous and pretty – a lethal combination for sure.

I stand up. “You want to get lost?” His eyebrows pinch together in the cutest way. I hold out my hand. “With me. Do you want to get lost with me?”

“With you?”

“It’s probably more fun that way.”

“I think I’d do anything you wanted me to do,” he says with a smile that makes really getting lost together my truest desire.

I take him under the stage…. 

I show him where they raise me up elevator-style at the beginning of the show. I let him peek into my quick wardrobe change spot. It’s nothing but a little curtained off space where Rachel hands me the next dress to throw on in between songs. He pushes the curtain aside and pulls me in with him. I’m surprised we both fit inside. I always feel so cramped in here when I’m changing. We have to stand close. So close, but I don’t mind. He doesn’t seem to mind either. His arms snake around me.

“So, let’s be clear. You get naked in here multiple times a night?” he asks with that devilish smirk. I want to be naked right now.

“Eight costume changes per show. So, yes. I am usually half naked in here eight times a night.”

“That makes this my favorite place in the whole world.”

The temperature goes up a thousand degrees and I’ve lost my mind. I’ve known this man less than an hour and I’m ready to do whatever it takes to know him the rest of my life.

“Have you ever met someone and just…connected? Right away? Instantly?” I ask. My body is pressed up against his. I slide a leg in between his. His heart is beating as fast as mine. I can feel it beating fast and furious. His body is warm and I want to crawl inside. There’s something about him that makes me feel like he’d protect me, hide me, shelter me. Maybe I’m crazy.

“Never. Until today,” he whispers. His hands slip under my shirt and softly touch the skin just above my jeans. His fingertips are rough, calloused from playing guitar, and I want to feel them touch me everywhere.

“Me either,” I admit. “I swear I don’t bring all my opening acts in here.”

He laughs and I can feel his breath on my neck as he bends his head lower. “Good to know.”

I let my hands move up his chest, around his neck. I breathe him in. Mom will never let this go any further if she finds out. I’m going to have to make sure she never finds out. Because I want this. I want him. For once, I want something that’s just mine.

He could be mine.

“I’m gonna try to not overthink this, whatever this is,” he says as his hands travel lower over my ass, pulling me closer.

“What do you think this is?” I practically pant.

I can feel him hard and eager against my hip. “The start of something beautiful.”

I can’t tell you how excited I am to follow this story because I know it’s going to be a hell of a tumultuous adventure to get to their HEA. I absolutely love Trouble’s stories, and while Now and Then is a take on The Vow, if you’ve ever seen the movie or know anything about the story, you’ll notice we can already see where Troublefollows1017 has creatively incorporated her own original storyline attributes within that premise. The story is labeled Hurt/Comfort/Romance and so far we have 3 captivating chapters, and Cared and I think we may need some stiff drinks for this one as we continue! lol

I asked Troublefollows1017 if she would like to say anything about Now and Then and this is what she graciously shared….

Somebody brought up the movie The Vow, I was jonesing to write a Rockerward, and Now and Then was born. Now chapters will always be EPOV and Then chapters will always be BPOV. We’ll get up to her waking up after the accident in the past. And I hope everyone knows I’m a HEA kind of gal. That doesn’t mean I’ll be nice on the way there but we always get there!! LOL.

I hope you will consider joining me, for what I know will be, an amazing Edward and Bella love journey to finding that HEA after such a tragedy. Please Enjoy!

Troublefollows1017’s blog


Completing Sunday Sept 16th with the posting of the Epilogue, originally rec’d  by MC on FanFiction Fridays – Sept 23/11.

Plight Thee My Troth by Gingerandgreen

*made by Cared*

Plight Thee My TrothEngland, 1795. Lord Edward Masen and Miss Isabella Swan promise to love one another for all time; but will the harsh realities of life allow two souls from very different backgrounds to fulfil their vows? EPOV, AH

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Drama/Romance – Chapters: 28 – Words: 156,174 – Reviews: 2914 – Updated: 9-2-12 – Published: 9-4-11 – Edward & Bella

Review by Cared

The Epilogue for Plight Thee My Troth will post on Sunday and I won’t be the only one sorry to say goodbye to these fascinating characters.  I was struck recently by a comment Rob made in an interview regarding how the themes of the Cosmopolis book, written in 2003, ring just as true in the world today.  Plight Thee My Troth is set over 200 years ago, yet the complex characters, their actions and reactions, while authentic to the era and setting, could easily be transposed into a modern day story and still work.  Having said that, let me tell you that I wouldn’t want it to happen.  There is something very swoon worthy about Lord Masen in his tight britches and leather boots, never mind his desire to rip Isabella’s bodice. Sigh!

There are 28 beautifully written, historically correct, thought-provoking chapters bursting with drama and romance.  Admittedly, there are some subject matters you would rather not dwell upon and even more you wish to savour. Edward will make you mad, he will make you think, and he will also make you fall in love with him.  Isabella is a deceptively strong character, especially for a woman of her time.  You will instantly like her, as despite her less than stellar upbringing, she is sweet-natured and forgiving.  Her capacity for love and compassion bring out the best in her Lordward.  The rest of our beloved characters, Alice, Rosalie, Em and Jasper are integral to the story in ways that are truly unique to PTMT.  There is mystery surrounding Charles and Wren Swan, their twisted relationship with the dastardly and despicable William Black, which gradually unfolds whilst adding another layer to this captivating story.

So ladies, fans at the ready please, as we take a peek at Lordward.

I hold her nightgown open for her, and she pushes her arms through the sleeves. I take my time fastening the ribbons, kissing her back until it is entirely hidden from my lustful eyes. Who knew covering a woman could be as erotic as uncovering her?

I lead her to the bed, and she climbs in, turning to watch me. It is my turn.

Holding her eyes with mine, I begin by untying my cravat. It hangs loose around my neck as I undo the fastenings on my waistcoat. I discard both items on the floor, and my collar follows. My shirt hangs from my shoulders, and I untuck it from my breeches before I bend to remove my boots and stockings.

Barefoot now, I tug my shirt over my head, followed by my under-shirt. I straighten to watch Isabella’s reaction. Her eyes are wide, and excitement sparkles there. She stares at me, her eyes roving over my shoulders, chest, and belly. She follows my hands as they move to undo the fastenings on my breeches. I pull them and my underwear off swiftly and straighten to my full height, my erect member bouncing against my belly in the wake of my movements.

I hear my angel’s sharp intake of breath before her hand moves to cover her mouth. I cock my head to one side and raise my eyebrow at her in challenge.


She tears her eyes away from my body and looks into my mine, displaying her honesty, before whispering, “You are beautiful.”

I climb up onto the bed next to her and recline, leaning on my elbow. I reach out a finger to stroke her cheekbone. “Thank you. I am glad you think so.”

*Reaching for the smelling salts.*

*made by Cared*


Thanks for joining us today, have a wonderful week, and please share what you’ve been reading in the fanfiction world.

Midnight Cougar

Edward Cullen – Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse  *origin unknown*



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16 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Sept 14/12

  1. Hi Ladies – Happy Friday!

    MC, I am very excited about Troublefollows’ new story – I have not started it yet, but I will this weekend. I love her work, and I loved your review of the story – fabulous!

    Cared, wonderful reminder about PTMT – I am a few chapters behind, so I will catch up on this one this weekend – what a great weekend I have in front of me.. hehe.

    This week I have been very busy reading.. the story that owned me earlier in the week was Proud: Fictionista Witfit Prompts Winter 2011:2012 by jennde *COMPLETE*
    Summary: Based on Fictionista Workshop’s Witfit prompts. There’s nothing quite like a man who works with his hands for a living.
    This story really owned me for a few reasons – first of all, Edward is fabulous – he has so many canon traits that often (unfortunately) get lost in some fan fic Edward’s. This Edward is a bluecollarward/daddyward and his love and dedication to his little girl is so beautiful 🙂 Bella is the rich one in this story, but is by no means happy.. it truly is a great read!

    The other story I read and loved was actually recommended to me by Cared – The American President by rushed *WIP* Summary: As the President of the United States, Edward Cullen finds it difficult to meet women. So his brother secretly employs the services of an escort agency to help fulfill certain presidential needs. Cared encouraged me to read this one and I am so glad I did – this story is a great read, light, but with enough drama and good plot to keep things juicy. I look forward to more chapters of this one!

    I am between fics now girls, so I am off to pluck something off the very loooooong TBR list 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what is owning you all this week! Ally xox

    • Thanks Ally, N & T is definitely worth reading & what’s another WIP! 😉 lol Proud sounds perfect for me from your description of Edward – the canon traits sold me, & I love a bluecollar/daddy Edward – made me think of Edward in A Rough Start (not the exact same but you know what I mean) 🙂 I have TAP on my TBR, lol Have a great weekend, xoxo

  2. You know, I wrote PTMT, but if you read it it was probably because of Cared. She has been the best pre-reader/teaser-poster/visual artist/story pimp/friend a woman could ever ask for. Thank you Honey. I wish there was a bigger word to express my gratitude. I hope you all enjoy the epilogue on Sunday. It’s a little scary, posting the final chapter, somehow.

    I adore Troublefollows, but I read her other stories as complete…hmmm, what to do, what to do…

    This week I read by Ayden Morgen, which satisfied my need for true love to utterly overcome everything bad in life. But what I really enjoyed (and I seem to be very late to the party) was Kinkily Ever After by Bornonhalloween Some chapters made me blush – or wince – but for a Dom, this Edward is adorable!

  3. MC, I love what you have to say about Now and Then. It might only be three chapters in but I’m hooked already. It felt like I was reading two stories intertwined, I could feel the heartbreak of the Now and the excitement and joy of the Then, all mixed together. Fabulously done!

    AllyVera I’m glad you are enjoying The American President, you picked a good time to catch up to date as it’s an really great stage in the story. I like a powerful Edward but the fich00r that I am, I also like a bluecollarward. Proud is on the list for this weekend, thanks.

    Happy FanFiction Friday Ladies.

  4. I just love PTMT…. I even have the T-shirt to prove it (thanks to Cared). It’s been one of my favorites and Gingerandgreen was so careful about keeping her characters consistent with the time period in which they lived. It’s a story that greatly details how the preservation of one little lie can ruin so many lives.

    • Ahh, the t-shirts georgiaedwardlover. Happy Days! I know what you are talking about and I love that thread running through the background of the story. Plight Thee My Troth has completed now, I’m thrilled but sad LOL.

  5. rita01tx

    Hi, y’all! I’m most definitely following Now and Then and Plight Thee My Troth has been an awesome period fic! Sorry to see it end, but what a great read!!

    Now, you know how a lot of fics have play lists, but we probably never / hardly ever actually listen to the music as we read? Well, I’ve been reading Chandler1200’s EverClear & EverClear Revamped and reading that without the music of Evanesence is a sacriledge!
    But, what I liked about the story was seeing Vampward performing on stage!!! Plus, the bad guy in this piece was totally out of left field {not James} and had something to do with Alice’s past!
    It’s been almost 5 years since that terrible day in the woods. Bella and Edward have both struggled with the devestating aftermath of their last conversation. Both have found solice in music, only in ways neither could have imagined.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Romance – Chapters: 42 – Words: 119,565 – Reviews: 1463 – Updated: 10-1-11 – Published: 4-23-09 – Edward & Bella – Complete
    After an explosive reunion in Atlanta, Bella and Edward find themselves in uncharted territory. On the road with EverClear, they must learn to cope with new found fame and an ever growing shadow that seems determined to block out their happiness.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Suspense/Angst – Chapters: 39 – Words: 229,704 – Reviews: 1646 – Updated: 10-1-11 – Published: 5-29-09 – Complete

    She started EverClear Reunited, but it never got finished.

  6. rita01tx

    Guess it’s my turn to ask if anyone remembers a fic about…

    Can’t find it in my TBR, which puzzles me no end, but there was a dark story about Bella being taken hostage with a bunch of her colleagues. I think it was a bank job. Edward and his follow perpetrators are not good guys. He takes her out of the…I’m thinking some kind of dungeon…and knife/blood play is involved in their encounter. No HEA. Think Thelma & Louise!


  7. ilovealion

    Thanks for the wonderful recs ladies. I actually watched the vow for the first time last week, so N&T sounds good to me. I hope it has a better ending than the movie.

    PTMT is ending… And that makes me sooo sad. I have so enjoyed that story. Lordward is yummy. G&Gs attention to historical detail is wonderful. The mystery of their pasts is intriguing. Just a great fic all the way around.

    I actually posted a different comment on Friday, but it never showed up… So that’s why I’m posting today. Weird.

    xoxo to you all.

  8. somanywards

    Hi Ladies,
    Thank you for the recs*

    I’ve been reading Caged by Savage7289 this week

    The American President by rushed

    and I just started

    Wishing everyone a great week!

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