FanFiction Fridays – Sept 28/12

Welcome to another FanFiction Friday! It’s been a busy week, RL is nuts, as always, and there are so many great fics on the go, my WIP list is growing by the day… I think it’s damn near as long as His Holy P33n! 😉  Oh my, I am in a mood… *clears throat*

Anyway, this week I thought I’d give you an entertaining WIP Sportsward to read. It’s my weekly lighthearted pleasure fic that I really look forward to every Wednesday. I love a good Sportsward, and this fic is light and funny, with sweet High School characters that make me smile… Oh and there’s some serious UST….’cause it’s a slow burn, baby! It’s a well-written Hockeyward called He Shoots, She Scores: The Full Story by WitchyVampireGirl; also the author of another slow but exciting burn, Seattle Express. (I loved this story as well and it’s complete!)

*made by CullensTwiMistress*

So, the reason it’s now entitled with The Full Story is because originally He Shoots, She Scores,  was written as a One Shot for an entry into the TFA Summer Fantasy Contest (Twilight Fanfic Advocacy), where it was also the Winner of the Public’s Pick. I had read it and loved it, so I’d put it on alert and now it’s being written as a full fic! We have Hockeyward and…Obsessella! Oh yes, she is a piece of work. What an amusing, original character. I can guarantee she will make you smile, laugh, and shake your head sometimes at her; personally, I think she’s fantastic to read.

In the full version of the story, we start out with the Prologue, where we have Bella giving us a bit of a fleeting introspective overview of where her life ended up, and what the story is going to be about, because the actual full story, is partly her journey to get to here…


When people hear what is said to be my story, whether it’s from rumors or innuendos, there is only one of two ways they react. First they look at me like some money grubbing whore that slept her way to the top. I find that preposterous, but whatever. The second is that I’m crazy and a tad obsessed. I think those people are closer to the truth. But then they go and lay on the guilt trip and pity party. I need neither of those. I’m perfectly happy where I ended up in my life.

But the issue is that no one really knows the whole story. Only I do. Not even he knows it all. So it’s time I lay it all straight. Ya want the nitty gritty details? Fine, I’ll give them to you. I have nothing to hide because I regret not one thing I ever did to get where I am. Okay, so maybe there was this one thing I might regret. But in the greater scheme of things, it got me what I wanted, so I can’t regret it too much. So get comfy, it’s a long story.

But before I start, give me a second, Chuck Fletcher is at the podium, I want to remember this moment.

“With the sixth pick, the Minnesota Wild selects winger…”

Once you start to read the story, you will begin to understand what Bella meant by her evasive speech to the reader. Like I said, this is a High School fic, and it begins Summer Junior Year where we meet these two crazy kids and learn a bit about how this all got started (You can also read more about this in the one shot I mentioned above.) We start out with some lovely canon storyline, with a slight fanfiction twist, lol. Bella explains what has recently happened in her almost 17 years of life…

I looked out the window of the plane, high over the clouds and wondered what in the hell prompted me to turn my life upside down. I mean, was watching my mom, Renee, and her new husband, Phil, fuck like they were teenagers really that bad?

Ok, so maybe I had walked in on them in the kitchen, the bathroom and in the laundry room. So what if I had seen my new step-fathers ass more than I had seen my own father’s. Really, was that so bad? If you take that into context that this all happened in one day, yeah, maybe it is.

Plus, I hadn’t really spent any time with my dad, Charlie. So, this would be good for me, for us, right? I sighed. It had to be. I really couldn’t take all the sex going on in my house. They had been married for just a few months and they were honeymooning it all over the house. At night, I am lucky that my room is down the hall from theirs. However, there are nights when I can still hear them. I have learned to sleep with my ear buds.

In no time, the plane landed, Charlie was waiting for me in baggage claim and then we were home.

“Welcome home, Bella,” said Charlie as he carried the last of my bags into my new room. “I’ll let you get settled. I’ll call for a pizza in an hour.”

“Thanks, Charlie.”

He gave me his best cop glare.

“Um, sorry, Dad.” He hated that I called him Charlie. It wasn’t my fault. That was all Renee ever called him around the house. He had never really felt like ‘Dad’ to me.

He nodded and closed my door. I went to my window and saw nothing but clouds. Welcome to sunless, dreary Forks, Bella. I dropped my forehead to the cool glass. This was going to be a long two years.

But, as Bella quickly discovers, it’s not so bad… She meets Alice first, then Rose and they all become the best of friends very naturally. Alice and Rose provide love, guidance and support for Virginella, as she learns the way of the world…in Forks…with her new Vibe (OH HELL YES, we’ve got some good reading there!) and especially when she finally sets eyes on Hockeyward. It’s a slow burn, takes a while before they actually meet, and it’s in November of Junior Year, chapter 5, when Bella has that “First Sight”- the one where her life truly changes…right before her very eyes…

It appeared that hockey was a big fucking thing in Forks. Who would have figured that? I mean we didn’t have months of snow and cold like in the Midwest. As far as I knew Washington didn’t have a professional hockey team. But as November rolled around, Alice was giddy for hockey season to start. I was sure it had nothing to do with the fact that Jasper played. No, none at all.

She had already cornered me and made me promise to go to all the games with her. I agreed to it if only to get her off my back. I knew nothing of the game and from the snippets I caught on TV when Charlie watched it looked confusing and a bit brutal. It was nothing that I was remotely interested in.

So, it was with some trepidation and a small dose of boredom that I journeyed with Alice and Rose to the ice rink. Alice was wearing a Forks Hockey shirt that she had embroidered Jasper’s number onto it. She had FHS in green paint on her cheek. I sported one as well, although, it wasn’t by choice.

We were a few rows from ice level. I perused the rink and did some people watching. The student section we were in was filled with green and white shirts. I wasn’t the only one sporting paint on my face. The arena was filling quickly and it surprised me that there was such a turnout. Rose explained that most of the town showed up for home games. Seeing as it was the first game of the season, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement.

I was wondering how long a hockey game would last as all I wanted was to go home and sleep, when the students began to boo. The opposing team had come out on the ice to begin warming up. Alice informed me that we were playing Sequim. They supposedly knocked us out of the playoffs last season so there was some bad blood between the two teams.

Just then our Spartans came out onto the ice and my friends stood up with everyone else hooting and hollering. I stood only because I didn’t want to seem like I didn’t support my school. When the last player walked onto the ice, I watched them warm up. I would have to say I was impressed. Maybe there was more to hockey than I first thought.

Just the way they could skate was impressive, but then I watched them handle their sticks and the little black puck thing, I was mesmerized. I was fascinated by it all; these kids had some serious skills. Just then my eyes were drawn to a Forks player standing by the glass nearest us when another player came skating up. He flipped off his helmet and I stopped breathing.

Oh, my fucking god, who is that gorgeous creature?

He had a strong profile, hard jaw, straight nose, high cheekbones. His hair was the craziest shade of bronze, copper maybe. It was hard to tell, his helmet had flattened his hair and the sweat he had worked up made it look darker. When he turned more towards us I saw that he had the most stunning green eyes and a lopsided smirk that was cocky and sexy.

I shifted slightly in my seat unsure of the dull ache that now resided between my thighs. If I moved in just the right way, the friction from my jeans was almost pleasurable. Holy shit! I was turned on by a complete stranger. My eyes hungrily devoured the sight of him, taking in the casual way he moved his skates back and forth on the ice and the absolute ease in which he projected himself. The back of his jersey read CULLEN with the number 13 blazoned in black lettering.

Suddenly, I was roused from my blatant eye fuck of a guy named Cullen…

And, so it begins, Obsessella – who may *cough* have a few “stalker-ish tendancies”- is born and she amusingly admits, “By Monday morning, I was a bit obsessed by Edward.” Each chapter, which faithfully posts every Tuesday or Wednesday, takes into account a 1 month time period of both Hockeyward’s and Obsessella’s life, and also includes a song rec for each character, pertinent to their plight and the tone of that chapter’s plot. We get to read both POVs in every chapter “one will be the more dominant POV…but you will hear from both” – I really love this, it’s adding a whole new dimension to the slow burn of their relationship; it’s like we are reading two stories in one.

This week we reached August Summer Break of the next year, chapter 14, and the gang – Alice, Jasper, Rose, Emmett, Bella, and Edward, etc – are almost ready to start their Senior Year and Edward might have finally realized he can’t fight his feelings for Bella, and Bella…well, she might just have had a plan… 😉 I have purposely omitted saying much about Edward’s POV in my review because I want to give you the opportunity to read his character for yourself, and experience Hockeyward’s journey on your own. He actually has an interesting, mature teenage boy’s outlook on life…hockey…his friends…and Bella! I think he’s pretty sweet!

I hope you enjoy this  Romance/Humor fic, it really does bring a smile to my face every week when it updates. I enjoy the canon references and I love that Bella, Alice and Rose are so close. It’s a fun story to read, Bella and Edward will both take you on quite an amusing adventure! Also, like I’d said, with the duo POVs in every chapter, it really does seem like we’re reading two life stories at once here, and it’s exciting to see how their lives are converging into each other’s – I can’t wait for them to finally *cough* literally collide… Witchy says that’s coming in November’s chapter!.. *giggles* Here’s a taste from EPOV…

I wanted to brand her body with my kiss.
Just that first contact of skin to skin had shivers racing throughout my body.
I couldn’t help but thrust my hips, I wanted to plunge my cock down her throat.

Well, on that note… You can join WitchyVampireGirl on Facebook at Sweetward’s Mistresses, where I ply her with Robporn and she graciously gives us teasers every Friday – song videos and excerpts from the next chapter. We have lots of fun and great laughs!

WitchyVampireGirl on TWCS


And, if you’d like a quick read, this week I also read a lovely, romantic one shot, written for FGB that I really enjoyed, called Love Song by elusivetwilight. The author says, “The idea behind this one shot was a song prompt, and of the many songs I was offered, I found a lovely cover version of I’ll Be, by Edwin McCain.” I think you’ll like this Rockerward/Tattward! *swoon*

She was his, and when he left, he took more than himself away from her. She never moved on, and lived a quiet anonymity; until one afternoon she turned on the radio, and heard her very own love song. FGB auction win. AHAU E&B

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 1 – Words: 9,725 – Reviews: 177 – Published: 8-9-10 – Bella & Edward – Complete.


Have a wonderful week and please share what you’ve been reading!

Midnight Cougar



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13 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Sept 28/12

  1. Good Morning MC and ladies. He Shoots, She Scores looks like a fun read so thank you MC for the rec. I have many angst fics on the go at the moment and this sounds like a nice anti-dote. I’m a sucker for a good one shot, so thanks for that too.

    Lately I’ve taken to reading older stories from some of my favourite authors. This week I read Amnesia by GemGirl65, author of Massage Therapy and The Agreement. It’s a vamp fic with a great mixture of romance and mystery. It is quite short as it’s complete at 16 chapters and it kept me guessing right up to the end.
    What if Edward Cullen weren’t a 109-year-old-vampire…what if he were ‘born’ yesterday? When Bella Swan’s truck breaks down in the forest one rainy afternoon, a fateful meeting between the two will alter the course of both of their lives forever. AU, OOC
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Mystery

    Maurigirl60 told me about this story, I See The Moon by Shahula. It’s only three chapter in but I can tell it’s going to be great, and I was hooked straight away.
    One fateful night, an innocent mistake is made. Bella and Edward are strangers until the truth is revealed and their worlds collide. How strong is the bond between parent and child, when the one you raised isn’t your own? AH, Rated M, ExB
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Family/Drama

    Just last night I started reading Tailspin by ruinedbyrob. Edward and Bella that fabulous instant connection that I love in a fic.
    He’s gorgeous, sexy, foulmouthed and tired of women throwing themselves at him. He’s not looking for company, but when a little brunette coed catches his eye in a crowded bar, he’s inexplicably drawn to her. Edward’s POV from Loss of Control
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella & Edward

    Happy FanFictiion Friday!

    • Thanks Cared, HS,SS is my smile fic away from all the angst I’ve been reading; I thought it would be nice to rec something I really enjoy but is a little less heart-pounding. lol Thanks for all the recs…they all sound great. Amnesia & Tailpsin sound familiar…I wonder if I read them! *my old brain can’t remember, I am definitely checking them all out, thanks! 😀

      • rita01tx

        Tailspin is written by our very own Christa64c! It was originally a BPOV one shot called…
        Loss of Control
        For 21 years Bella has lived a quiet, safe, boring and unsatisfying life. She’s always in control, never allowing herself to just let go and feel. With one look from an unkempt beautiful stranger she takes a chance and changes all of that. EPOV to follow {and that would be Tailspin!}.
        Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella & Edward – Words: 8,308 – Reviews: 56 – Favs: 130 – Follows: 71 – Published: 03-16-11 – Status: Complete – id: 6830209

        I rec’d this back when we were still on RAoR cause it had fuckawesome wall sex LOL!

        Christa also has a wonderful story going called…
        Mirrors don’t always tell the truth. That’s what Edward would have Bella believe. But when an overheard comment leads her to believe he’s been lying, she runs. Will perceptions change when she’s forced back to Forks and her supposed best friend, Edward?
        Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 7 – Words: 49,926 – Reviews: 63 – Favs: 44 – Follows: 65 – Updated: 08-21-12 – Published: 08-26-11 – id: 7326121

        The friendship that develops between Edward and Bella as children {Bella’s on the plump side while Edward is weedy and clumsy} is so precious! Christa is turning out to be a master wordsmith and paints the most beautiful visuals! She’s a great pleasure to read!!!

      • I’ve just read Love Songs MC. It was just as you said, a lovely romantic one shot, and of course it had to be good given the author. Thanks.

  2. Hi MC and Ladies

    Oh, thanks so much for the rec of HS,SS – I cannot resist a good Hockeyward – I am very excited for this one!

    As for Love Song, I have read this and I can’t encourage people enough to read it – it would be my favourite one shot, well, actually it shares top spot with IsaKassees’ “Monday Morning”.

    This week has been a bad week for me, reading wise but l have got a lot of updates read 🙂 However, last weekend I am pleased to say I finally was able to read Snowbound by Edward’s Eternal that you told us about ages ago, MC! I just loved it! I look forward to reading more of EE’s work now.

    Oh, BTW, Cared, I have read Loss of Control and Tailspin ages ago and I loved them! I didn’t realise Christa64c wrote them 🙂

    Have a great week, ladies! A x

  3. eewee333

    Hi MC and Ladies. I’ve been MIA the past couple of weeks. My daughter’s wedding is in a month and I’ve been busy with a capital “B”! I always enjoy all your recs and I will add all these to my TBR list which is now 1100 and growing.

    This past week I’ve been reading your rec from last week, and loving it! I really feel her characters emotions, but what a wonderful story. I’ve also been running through the Taste of the Forbidden Contest entries when I get a moment here or there. It never ceases to amaze me the talent that is in this fandom.

    My husband and I are continuing our course through the Fifty Shades trilogy as well. Our discussions have been….interesting.

    And last but not least, Jaxon22 updated A Pound of Flesh!! Only the epilogue is left. I don’t like to read WIP’s but this one sucked me
    in a long, long time ago and I just haven’t been able to stay away from updates when they come in. But I will have to go back and re-read it when it’s done so I can have the full effect of PAWS and his Peaches.

    Didn’t mean to go on and on, but I’ve missed you guys. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    • Hi EE, so glad you stopped by! Yeah, I read A Hoped Renewed as well, after Ally rec’d it, & I loved it; beautifully portrayed in that era. I love that you & hubby are still sharing 50 Shades…& that its interesting! 😉 *giggles*

      Take care & …good luck with the wedding plans, all the best! 😀

  4. ilovealion

    I’m a day late MC, but I’m glad I made it. I always live a good Hockeyward story, so I can’t wait to read that one. And I appreciate the one shot Rec, too. Sometimes, I just want a quick read when I’ve for a few minutes (like when I’m getting a pedicure). I can’t wait to dive into this one.

    As always, thanks for all the time and effort you take to give us our fic fix.


    • Thanks my friend, I think you’ll enjoy HS, SS; it’s a fun, cute read…with a little bit of drama to spice things up! And, of course, a sexy Hockeyward never hurts! Love Song is just so romantic! xx

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