Sensual Sunday ~ Rob’s Panty Meltin’ Stare!

Yeah, ladies!

You know the one I mean! The one where Rob stares straight at the camera…at US…as if he knew ALL our durtiest secret desires!

Once I got that thought in my head, I knew there was only one place to go to find the best of the best, and that was our beloved Melbie Toast’s tumblr archieve LOL!

That’s the one I’m talkin’ about! *THUD!*

Rob’s eyes should be registered as lethal weapons!

Rob might not be lookin’ straight at us, but SOMEONE sure as hell was on the receivin’ end of it…hope they survived *gigglesnort!*

*GAH!* Makes me want to know what wicked thoughts are runnin’ through his beautiful head!

Would he like me to tie him up and have my evil way with him? {Where’s the key to RA’s Red Room of Pain when I need it?}

Oh, God! Maybe he wants to tie ME up? {I’ll just run get those ropes…BRB!}

No? Ah, Geez! Not the nipple clamps! Well, on second thought…

Holy hell! If I was a mind reader, I’d be thinkin’ a very nekkid Rita might be crawlin’ his way on hands and knees right about now! Or maybe that’s just wishful thinkin’!

Oh, Baby! The things I’d like to do to you! Better yet, the things you could do to me!

See that slight tilt of his lips? The man KNOWS he does this to us!  How can we resist him? We can’t…it’s that simple!

I just…

I mean…


*Can’t breath!!!*

*Hyperventilating now!!!”

If y’all ‘re lookin’ for me, I’m the big puddle of goo on the floor!

Which means I’ve lost the power of communication LOL!

Now, THIS is why Melbie’s pet name for Rob is “Sexy Beast!” LMAO!!!

I think we are all in unanimous agreement that Rob is Sex Incarnate!!!

And nobody…I mean, NOBODY rocks the Sex Hair like Rob!

I rest my case!

Happy Sunday, y’all!




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39 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Rob’s Panty Meltin’ Stare!

  1. Yes master…….Whatever you want me to do master….. THUD.
    WOOF. Ow ow owwwwwwwwwww

  2. Holy snappers Rita! I am feeling all flushed now! AV xox

  3. clairebamboozle

    OOOh Rita!

    Had to read this post 3 times before I had the ability to leave you some love…The thing with Robs eyes, like all painted masterpieces, is that they seem to follow you round the room, taunting you, teasing you, wanting you!
    (Erm…cough…not that I have a room in my house with walls plastered full of blown up A3 sized images of Rob or anything, coz that would just be creepy and make me sound like a stalker right? Nervous giggle)

    Anyhoo, gotta get on, The Rob Porn won’t print itself. keep up the good work Honey.

    • rita01tx

      Claire darlin’! I KNOWS you iz a pervy Rob stalker…join the company LOL!

      BTW, you are all clicking those puppies to full screen size, right? Cause *THUD!*…just sayin’!

  4. His eyes are amazing. One minute they can be all crinkly and amused, and in a nanosecond they become unbelievably intense, and the look he can give is utter carnality and desire, burning every stitch of clothing from you, along with your last moral and inhibition! I have just his eyes as my FB Timeline banner *sigh*

  5. Those were amazing pic’s! The only one I didn’t see. I don’t know if you have seen it. The look that he gives the lady at the Good Morning America interview. She is hooking up his mike, and he looks at her like and I think my I drooled! Sweet Jesus! Ir HAS to bet he hottest look I have ever saw!! Just Damn!

    • rita01tx

      Hi Debbie darlin’! I think you might mean this one, right?
      image host

      Since we wasn’t looking directly at US, I didn’t included it, but I did use it in my “Through the Looking Glass” post a few weeks back!
      I woulda fainted DED at his feet if that had been me!!!

  6. Omg! That man is soo damn hot!! I too felt like goo. ;). Loved it!!!

  7. exaltada

    OMG… Rita, I´m just drooling here… BB, you´re right, Rob is sex incarnate, and as it is, sex is in his smouldering eyes. Great post, as ever, and sorry about my lack of replys, but I´ve been very occupied :-*

    • rita01tx

      Exaltda sweetheart {HUGS}!! Don’t you worry, BB! We all know how RL can get in the way of Rob pervin’! But it sure it good to see you back MWAH!!!

  8. samiwm69

    Phew….. There should be a warning to look at those eyes…

  9. christa64c

    Resistance is futile when it comes to Rob. He’s a natural born flirt and he uses his gift against all of us innocent woman! He turns us into wanton Robaddicts with just one look. He knows what he’s doing when he turns those gorgeous eyes on us and curls one side of those pouty lips. Lord have mercy! We’re all goners!!!!

    • rita01tx

      Oh, Christa darlin’! Truer words have never been spoken! And to think, we’re about to be able to feed our addiction big time…not long now ’til BD2 starts crankin’ up the promo machine! Every time we get deluged with Rob’s appearances, I fear we will all OD on his hawtness LOL! What a way to go!!!

  10. naughtyhisbella

    Rita, Rita, Rita! It’s been a while since I’ve commented. This post? Dayum! Way to make a girl die of heart failure and wet panties. Perfect for a Sinday, I mean Sunday. Very Nice, as usual. The man is just perfect.

  11. Oh how i would be in so much trouble. Yeah drool everywhere!

    • rita01tx

      You can perv and drool here all you like, Karen! We keep a good supply of mops and buckets on hand for such “accidents!” LMAO!!!

  12. OMG! LOVe the post, LOVE Rita, Love you girls and LOVE LOVE LOVE the comments! You all are Awesome!!! I’m so happy to see some old and new folks around here!!! Welcome one and All!!!

    Now Rita, you knows you left off some good uns BB!!! like this one for example
    image host

    and this one too…
    image host
    {click it! it’s life sized}

  13. edwardsvamptramp69

    Good Lord, Rita! That wallpaper is so appropriate because my laptop is up in flames due to all the hawtness that is Rob! *fanning my computer AND my burning loins*

    And RF………………that picture you added of him in his beanie? KILLS. ME. EVERY. F*****G. TIME.

    Thank you, Ladies, for that wonderful porn. Gave me a pick me up at work on a Sinday.;)

    • rita01tx

      Oh, EVT darlin’! Glad we could brighten up your Sinday for you! How sucky it is to have to work on our Day of Pervin’? LMAO!!!

  14. Oh Rita, thanks so much for using my edits in this post…you can tell that I am astounded and completely “dazzled” by Rob’s sexy stare because of how often I focus on it… Unbelievably and almost intolerably smoldering H.O.T. Beautiful and so sexy at the same time!!!!!!!

    • rita01tx

      Melbie darlin’! Thank YOU for allowing me to…erm, “borrow” them. I was well aware of your fascination with Rob’s eyes and, especially, THAT LOOK and shamelessly took advantage LOL!
      It’s just that you have the “eye” for the best photos of Rob and you make them even better than the originals! How could I resist?

  15. eewee333

    Rita, Rita, Rita! You are constantly causing me to have to go to confession with your wonderful, sexy posts of our beautiful Rob. Lord this one was sizzlin’. Is there any way to make wallpaper out of them so I can plaster my bedroom walls with them? (although maybe hubs wouldn’t like that so much) And Melbie is da bomb! Somehow she uses her magic and makes Rob even prettier. 🙂
    Thanks again Rita for getting my Monday off to a thROBbing good start.

    • rita01tx

      ThROBing??? OMG, Eewee darlin’! You’ve just given us a new Robism!!!
      Quick, RF…to the Rob Dick-tionary! We need an update STAT!!!

      {Wouldn’t I just love to know how to make wallpapers, banners, manips and gorgeous edits *le sigh!*}

  16. He literally takes my breath away…no words once again…gasping for air, dizzy from staring at my laptop (yes, I clicked ’em all)…I am addicted to this man…whyyyyyy?…I was listening to Claire de Lune when I started down the post…of course….

    and Melbie is a goddess!

    I love you all soooo much….this post made me VERY happy (if you know what I mean)…and you guys are awesome!…..or, my suppliers of “exactly my brand of heroin”…yeah, one of those….please, never stop! I’d die from withdrawal pains…..see? I can’t even form a coherent thought now! did I tell you I love you?? mkay…need to lie down now… forcing fingers to STOP CLICKING….or not…this is never gonna end, is it? I am sooo sorry! your fault though….his eyes are my weakness! except for his mouth….and jaw…..and fingers, gah! Help!

    • rita01tx

      ROTFLMAO! {wipes tears} Oh, RE darlin’! I’ve missed your pervy ass hard! Good to see you again and we are all here for the very reasons you listed. Rob is totally addictive…everything about him draws us in! Gotta admit, every time I get a comment alert, I look at all the photos again…and again…and again! He’s too much, and never enough!

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