FanFiction Fridays – Ten Cracking Completed Fics

Oct 12/12 –  TGIFF! 😀 Lately I have rec’d a fair number of WIPs, and since I know how many of you love completed fics, and only read those, here is a treat for you… Today’s post is a list of TEN fics that recently completed. Now, three of them are previous FFF recs, and then a few I haven’t read, but had on my To Be Read List, and were rec’d to me. So, if you’ve read any of them and have an opinion, I would love to hear from you in the comments. Thanks and I’m sure you’ll find something complete and cracking to read! Please enjoy… Ten Cracking Completed Fics!

Hello Beautiful by SoapyMayhem 

Previously rec’d on FanFiction Fridays – Recs for July 13/12 by MC.

*banner made by SoapyMayhem*

COMPLETE – Bella Swan-Cullen has always thought her stepfather was a handsome man. What happens when that small spark of attraction ignites? It’s not just Bella that stands to get burned. Her secret attraction could tear her family apart! – Bella/Edward Drabble See Disclaimer Inside

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 104 – Words: 63,598 – Reviews: 14,926 – Favs: 2,008 – Follows: 2,676 – Updated: 09-28-12 – Published: 06-29-12 – Status: Complete – id: 8268907


High Fidelity by  IReen H 

 Previously rec’d on FanFiction Fridays – Recs for May 25/12 by MC.

Damaged Edward, damaged Bella. Two sides of the same scarred coin. When one side is up, the other is down. Language and lots of it. Lemons eventually. It’s a slow burn, slow and painful. Mature. Lots of random pop culture references. AH, AU, ExB.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst – Chapters: 22 – Words: 205,466 – Reviews: 5034 – Updated: 10-3-12 – Published: 1-24-12 – Bella & Edward – Complete.


 Sins of My Past by content1

Previously rec’d on FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Apr 6/12 by AllyVera.

Bella was left by Edward to clean up the ruins of her life after his betrayal. What happens when Edward finds out that not all was as it seems. What are the consequences of his sins and what will he do to get her back? AH

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 80 – Words: 426,458 – Reviews: 8,842 – Favs: 1,809 – Follows: 1,906 – Updated: 10-07-12 – Published: 09-29-11 – Status: Complete – id: 7423404



 A Pound of Flesh by Jaxon22

*made by rosearcadia*

To pay a debt she owes her father, Isabella Swan starts a new job as a prison tutor. Edward Cullen, with his own debts, is the Punk Ass inmate in her class. Can they fight the odds and their dangerous attaction to learn from each other? A/H, Lemons, OOC

Rated: Fiction M – English – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 47 – Words: 517,119 – Reviews: 19,555 – Favs: 8,571 – Follows: 7,967 – Updated: 10-01-12 – Published: 04-26-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5926016.


Black Diamond by Dishie 

*banner made by Amandac3*

The black diamond slopes of Lake Tahoe are just what Bella needs to start living her life again after a painful breakup left a hole in her heart that work couldn’t fill. Will a handsome and charming skier also prove that her heart is ready for love too?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 54 – Words: 275,534 – Reviews: 1,267 – Favs: 457 – Follows: 497 – Updated: 10-06-12 – Published: 04-20-12 – Status: Complete – id: 8044335


Close Your Eyes by CaraNo

*click banner to access pdf on CaraNo’s website*

Bella barely remembers her godparents, but after losing her mom and dad, she’s shipped off to rainy Washington to live with the Cullens for her final semester in high school. On the outside, the Cullens are perfect. Behind closed doors is another matter.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Hurt/Comfort – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 28 – Words: 134,562 – Reviews: 8,065 – Favs: 3,193 – Follows: 3,618 – Updated: 09-29-12 – Published: 02-02-12 – Status: Complete – id: 7799137


Coming Home by Sarge’s Girls

School teacher Bella sends a care package and letter to Army sergeant Edward, who is stationed in Afghanistan. They begin a relationship through letters, phone calls, and video chats. There’s love, there’s language, and there’s adult situations, plus a strong, independent Bella and the Edward we all know and love.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Friendship – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 176 – Words: 285,762 – Reviews: 15,015 – Favs: 2,484 – Follows: 2,693 – Updated: 10-06-12 – Published: 06-04-12 – Status: Complete – id: 8182137


Drenched by CullensTwiMistress

No amount of cleansing could wash away the guilt I feel, but hopefully someday I will earn her forgiveness. AH; ExB; HS fic.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 38 – Words: 20,917 – Reviews: 1,387 – Favs: 251 – Follows: 414 – Updated: 10-11-12 – Published: 08-01-12 – Status: Complete – id: 8381569.


The Diva Diaries by KiyaRaven 

*made by Vican*

Dear Diary, I’ve stupidly agreed to star with Jack-ass Cullen in a new Broadway show. What the hell was I thinking? I still haven’t forgiven him for what happened between us in drama school. I can’t let him in again. I just can’t. But how can I not? Bella

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 36 – Words: 327,103 – Reviews: 11,862 – Favs: 5,672 – Follows: 5,647 – Updated: 10-04-12 – Published: 02-28-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5782299


The Real Life of E A Masen by Vancouver-Canuck-Girl 

Edward Cullen – to most, he’s a boring book editor but he’s really an elusive romance novelist with an erotic flair. When he’s not writing porn, I mean romance, he’s just a guy who’s married to his high school sweetheart and father of three teens. Rated: M

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 35 – Words: 192,684 – Reviews: 2,022 – Favs: 697 – Follows: 957 – Updated: 10-08-12 – Published: 04-24-12 – id: 8057318 (Complete except for some outtakes to post and three epilogues.)


Thanks for joining me today, and thanks to Cared for always being there to help me whenever I need her; she is an amazing friend! ♥

Please let me know your thoughts on any of the above completed fics and also share what’s been owning you in the fanfiction world this week!

Have a wonderful Fall week! Midnight Cougar

Edward – Breaking Dawn 2
*enhanced by Melbie Toast*



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16 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Ten Cracking Completed Fics

  1. Oooh thank you MC for this interesting list of suggestions and possibilities. I’ve read five of these stories but I doubt my ability to make any insightful comments this morning. My brain is still resting in a darkened room trying to comprehend the breathtaking beauty of Rob’s latest photos LOL.

    The Real Life of E.A. Masen made me laugh out loud at the tale of living life with teenagers. Some scenarios were scarily familiar – not that my DH is a porn writer! I enjoyed Hello Beautiful and Sins of My Past and was put through the wringer by A Pound of Flesh and High Fidelity. They each have something different to offer so I say read them all.

    The other five are all on my TBR list but I can’t decide which to go for first. Any suggestions ladies?

    • Thanks Cared, for your help as well. 🙂 I’ve read many of them, & they were all great, & I actually started Black Diamond this morning…looks good so far! I will read The RL of E.A. Masen as well!

      Rob’s new photoshoot…*sigh* know the pics are incredible! *swoon*

  2. Hi, thank you for this interesting list. I read only complete FF so have not to wait for the chapter. Can I ask if and where I can found all the chapters to download? Thanks a lot. Sorry for my bad English. Mariella.

    • Hi Mariella, you’re welcome, thanks for stopping by. I tried to choose a variety, so I’m sure you will find something great to read. You can make your own pdf/epub, etc. document by using this site: But Cara’s Close Your Eyes, if you click the banner it will take you to the pdf to download. If you need any further help let us know. 🙂

  3. Good Friday to you. Cared, you know Diva Diaries is in my top 3 best-of-all-time fanfics, but I think you would truly love Coming Home’s E&B.

    Can I ask what people think about Close Your Eyes? I had to stop reading it early on, and wonder whether to pick it back up again now it is complete.

    Thanks! G&G xxx

    • Thanks Gingerandgreen for the advice. You know how much I love an Actorward so I think the first to be read will have to be the Diva Diaries – unless anyone else can persuade me otherwise…..

  4. naughtyhisbella

    I have read The Real Life of E.A. Masen (funnier than shit!), Sins of My Past (so good!!!), Coming Home (no words) and Hello Beautiful (sexy as goodness!). If you haven’t read them, do so. I have a few already on my TBR list. I started Diva Diaries. I want to dive into Black Diamond because I love a good Skiward. Thanks so much to MC and Cared for all these wonderful Recs. My accounts are brimming with their recs! Have a great weekend Girls!

  5. Thank you for your answer. I tride to download and maybe I was able to do it. You give me a wonderful way to save those beautiful ff in my e book reader. Thanks a lot, Mariella.

  6. thanks for the recs MC, I read only completed fics and all these sound great. And Flagfic is the best – it supports so many fanfic sites.

  7. I’m finishing Diva Diaries today. I loved that story so much, that I recd. it on our fan fic post on Bookish Temptations.

    The one story that got my attention was CaraNo’s story. I’ll read anything she writes, so I downloaded it right away. Thanks for the list. Can’t wait to read your reviews on these in the future. 🙂

  8. luvtwilight72

    Great rec’s 🙂 I have added to my To read list!!

  9. ilovealion

    Good morning ladies! Well, MC, you have made my day with all these completed fics. I read three of these as WIPs (High Fidelity, Diva Diaries, and Hello Beautiful).

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed High Fideltiy. Ireen H has a poetic way with words and the story is truly a work of art. Her character development and plot are absolutely wonderful. While the story was very difficult to read as a WIP, it was soooo worth it. As a general rule, I am not a Bella fan. In most FICs, the Edward character makes it or breaks it for me… But Ireen H wrote a Bella that was truly worthy of all my love and admiration. She is Strong and brave, but lonely and broken at the same time. That’s a difficult combination to pull off – and the author nailed it. Her Bella just might be my favorite of all time. I know I’m rambling a little, but this story is a MUST read. I don’t wanna give the plot away, but be prepared for EVERY emotion. I wanted to package-punch Edward at times (you’ll see why) but he is totally redeemed. Their stories are both tragic and inspirational… And when they find each other, their love and devotion and need for each other is palpable. Gahhhh. I wanna read it again. (Sorry for the word vomit)

    Diva Diaries is excellent, too. The story is divided in a “Now and Then” format which works very well for the plot line. This is another E&B story where they were destined to be together, but it took several years to get their HEA. Edward had to pull his head from his arse and work really hard to win her back. This isn’t a cheater fic… He was fighting his own personal demons – not substances or women – and finally has to conquer his fear and ask for another chance. Very well written and gut-wrenching at times.

    Hello Beautiful was difficult for me because of the step-father / daughter relationship. I think the author was able to overcome the EEEk factor by portraying her Edward as loving (not just lusty). I have a real problem with FICs that have older Edward and younger Bella (especially if he is her ward) and he looks like a horny old man. I have to see the LOVE he has for her before the lust… Otherwise I can’t read it. I was able to read Hello Beautidul because she was able show Edwards love and appreciation for Bella- not just the tent in his pants for a hot teenager. Lol

    I don’t think I’ve ever posted this much on here. Hope I didn’t bore you guys!

    As always, thanks MC and Cared. You guys are the fic gurus!! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  10. newyorkkisses

    Hi ladies!

    Thanks so much for these recs, you know I love completed fics. 😉 A lot of them I have faithfully bookmarked from your previous recs, but “Drenched” is new to me and goes straight to the list.

    I haven’t had much time to read this week, so I’ve currently still got about 8% left of TeamBella23’s “Revelry” (geeze, this fic did a number on me, I was bawling my eyes out a few days ago it was so sad).

    I did read a really sweet short fic in between though: “Wrong Number” by fallanydeeper.
    Bella is asked out on a date by a fellow student at Seattle University. What happens when she takes down his number incorrectly? BxE please R&R
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 2 – Words: 20,981 – Reviews: 77 – Updated: 4-6-12 – Published: 7-6-11 – Bella & Edward – Complete

    And regarding one of your recs this week, I am going to start reading “A Pound of Flesh” the second I finish “Revelry” this weekend, can’t wait. 🙂

    Have a great weekend, ladies!

  11. rita01tx

    My very dear MC! You couldn’t have picked 10 more deserving fics to rec for us this this week!
    Well, 7 out of the 10 anyway. Haven’t read Black Diamond, Drenched or The Real Life of E.A. Masen yet, but I expect them to be just as great as the rest, if they made your list!
    The Diva Diaries, Pound of Flesh and High Fidelity were my top favorites, but the others were well worth reading!

    This week, I have been purely amused, thoroughly entertained and quite enchanted by two brilliant (complete) stories by Purelyamuse:

    Masen Days
    3rd Place Winner in the Boys on Boards contest! Now an EXPANDED multi-chap! Bella meets Masen at the local skate park. He’s a quiet, mysterious loner. She wants to help him, love him even. Will he let her? Or will he skate away like he always does? AH

    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 19 – Words: 70,796 – Reviews: 2,630 – Favs: 1,868 – Follows: 1,453 – Updated: 05-18-12 – Published: 08-16-11 – Status: Complete – id: 7295348


    Take What You Want
    Based on January 2012 witfit prompts. Though Bella’s known Edward for years, they’ve just started hanging out. His crass, smelly boy self is not appealing, but his looks and charm are. How will she deal with her feelings for the gross, flirty boy?

    Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Angst – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 22 – Words: 66,629 – Reviews: 2,202 – Favs: 1,296 – Follows: 1,294 – Updated: 02-28-12 – Published: 01-06-12 – Status: Complete – id: 7716152

    You won’t be disappointed by either one!!!

  12. Hi Ladies!

    I am SO late this week, sorry about that! Wonderful post MC and Cared – and what really excites me is only two of these stories I have actually been reading! So that makes eight to be read! Yay for me 🙂 I have had Hello Beautiful, HIgh Fidelity, Diva Diaries, Coming Home and Close Your Eyes on my alerts list and I was waiting for them to complete.

    I can’t recommend Sins of My Past and A Pound of Flesh highly enough, I love them both.

    As this week RL was kicking my ass all over the place I only got one story read – just barely too!! But I enjoyed it greatly: A Forbidden Love by TwiLoverSue *Complete*

    This story is a period piece, I have read a few of these sorts of stories lately and I must say I have been quite spolied with the quality. In this story, Bella is a girl of noble blood who has to go on the run to her father’s close friend Lord Carlisle’s house, after a terrible fate befalls her father. She has to masquerade as a servant on the way, but finds she has to carry on the charade when she finds that Lord Carlisle is not in residence. Needless to say she meets Lord Edward and lots of drama ensues! If you like period fics, I am sure you will like this one – it is “lemonier” (is that a word?) than most period stories, but the plot line is good.

    I look forward to starting these stories recommended from this week!

    Have a great weekend ladies! AV xox

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