FanFiction Fridays – Halloween Horror Part 1!

Welcome to Halloween Horror Part 1! This week and next, Cared, AllyVera and I, MC, will be getting into the Halloween spirit by reviewing a variety of fics belonging to the Horror genre. We have One Shots, WIPs, Complete, and fics posting specifically for Halloween. There will something for everyone…who dares to go into this spooky literary realm!

*made by Cared*


Review by Midnight Cougar 

Que Sera, Sera by Livie79 *WIP*

*banner made by Cared*

*rubs hands together* My first rec this week is a story that will start posting today, for 13 days leading up to Halloween. It’s called Que Sera, Sera by Livie79, the author of Glass House. *Now updated with story link.*

*As soon as the first chapter posts today, I will update this post with the link, until then, if you put Livie79 on author alert you’ll get Que Sera, Sera in your Inbox as soon as it goes up!*

Summary: Isabella’s life was nothing more than a series of unfortunate events since the day she was born. For her, monsters are real, love is the fantasy, and life is a cruel mistress. The future’s not ours, to see…what will be, will be.

Que Sera, Sera is labeled Romance/Horror and every chapter title is the name of a book from Lemony Snicket’s series A Series of Unfortunate Events – Chapter 1 The Bad BeginningChapter 2 The Reptile Room, Chapter 3 The Wide Window, etc. That in itself,  if you know anything at all about the series, should tell you this story fits perfectly into our horror post today.

The story is told in third person narration giving Livie79 flexibility to naturally change character POVs, switch venues/scenes and give the reader an overall wider view of what’s going on throughout the story. It definitely works well here as we’re recounted a detailed story about the life challenges that Isabella struggles to survive through every day of her existence. But when she meets Edward the story’s path somewhat changes course “…because what happens to them…the love they share, it’s almost canon – that otherworldly love that is too big for this world; it’s sure and true and pure and unbreakable and he wants to save her, he wants to protect her, he wants to give her the world”…but can he? And if not, what will happen to Isabella?

Here is a look at the beginning of the story…which, IMHO, ominously sets the scene for Isabella’s horror tale…

Chapter 1 – The Bad Beginning

“They didn’t understand it, but like so many unfortunate events in life, just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t so.” 

Isabella closed the book quickly and slid it between her mattresses as footsteps echoed down the hall. She scrambled quickly under the sheets and screwed her eyes shut, hoping that whoever stood in the now open doorway would believe her feigned sleep. 

Several tense seconds followed, the air around her thick with anxiety as she waited. A sharp exhale echoed in the room followed by a muted swear as the door swung shut once more, the click of the lock engaging from the outside sounding like a cannon in the quiet night. 

She breathed a sigh of relief as she rolled onto her back, her exhale slow and measured, the last sentence of her book echoing in her mind. Isabella knew all about unfortunate events, her entire life had been one long string of them―starting from the day she was born.

Her parents never let her forget it either. They never failed to remind her that she killed her twin brother, sucked the life right from his body before he even had the chance to take his first breath.

Evil. Wicked. A spawn of Satan himself. That’s what they called her every time she did something to displease them, a validation that their treatment wasn’t ill-founded.

I know, it starts out tense and really, nothing has happened yet! 😉 But damn, it’s so enthralling,  and I know this because I’ve pre-read the first three chapters, and can honestly say that, once again, we are in for a hell of an exciting ride with Livie79! This story guarantees to be another emotional rollercoaster and I can’t wait to delve into the rest and see where it ends up! But please heed this warning… Liv is gonna give it to you straight…

I am going to WARN YOU ALL NOW! This is a HORROR STORY! Horror encompasses: terror – dread – fright – abhorrence – fear – death… So please, before you start reading Que Sera, Sera, remember that it is a romance, angst, drama, hurt, comfort, suspense, horror, and tragedy all rolled into one intense story. And for those of you who know choose to continue…enjoy!


Review by Midnight Cougar

Slots by texasbella *One Shot*

*made by JA Mash*

*only available to read on Archive of Our Own and TWCS*

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con

Category: Horror/Gore

Characters: Jasper, Bella, Alice, Edward

Summary: You know the saying, ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’… that’s not always true. Three travellers find themselves running there to attempt to right a wrong, only to have it backfire… in a big way. Rated NC-17 for extremely graphic scenes. Please heed warning inside. *Entry for the 2012 Twi-Harders Gorey-est Contest*

Texasbella wrote this one shot for an entry for the 2012 Twi-Harders Gorey-est Contest. I can tell you, because I beta’d this beast, that it is one of, if not the most INTENSE and GORIEST pieces of fanfiction I’ve ever read, especially as I was privy to the visuals as she wrote it. The story is told from Jasper’s POV, it is non-canon, and definitely HORROR! It’s very well-written, as are all of texasbella’s works, and my heart was pounding with anticipation and fear as I made my way through this sick, twisted story! So, if you want to read a story that will make you shiver and cringe as you experience the warped mind of Jasper and his “Slots” 😉 this is for you! Here’s a small excerpt…



Everyone plays them.

Sometimes they win.

Sometimes they lose.

When I play the slots?

I win.

With a motherfuckin’ payday everytime.


I was going to go for it.

I turned to the bartender and ordered two unassuming rum and cokes. After I’d paid for them, I turned away and nonchalantly pulled the vial of crushed powder from my pocket. Dividing the contents between the two glasses, I gave them each a quick swirl with the little stir straws. I extinguished my cigarette in the overflowing glass ashtray on the bar and took a deep breath. Fixing my face with my ‘good ‘ole boy’ smile, I lifted the cups and crossed the room.

“Evenin’ ladies, I’m Jasper. How’s lady luck treatin’ ya’ll tonight?” As expected, they visibly swooned and giggled at my thick Southern accent, the waify girl tugging on slot girl’s elbow as she shot her a pleading look. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was into me. Soon, little one, soon I’ll be so deep into you… you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. I chuckled at my private joke.

I continued to flirt with them and then offered them the drinks. I kept a comforting, friendly smile in place as they thanked me and introduced themselves as Bella and Alice. I was sure that if I’d had a mirror, my eyes would no longer be blue. They’d be black.

I’d just started tonight’s game of slots… and doubled the bet.

*SHIVERS*  Because that’s what you’ll be doing when you read what Jasper does to his “unassuming” victims…. Enjoy! *Bwhahaha*

Warnings – A/N:  If you could not read “I’m a Doctor,” step away now. This story is not for you. If you are a child, elderly or have a heart condition, click the X. This story is not for you. If you cannot handle torture scenes and/or have a weak stomach, why are you here? This story is not for you. If you have any problems with: language, nudity (and descriptions of such), drugs, forced sexual acts (including gore porn), maiming, torture, forced humiliation, self-mutilation, vomit, urine, blood, snakes, character death or necrophilia… this story is not for you. Now, having read the warning, should you choose to proceed and read the story, I do NOT want any flaming reviews, because let’s face it, you’ve been warned… I don’t think I can make it any clearer… this story is SICK… it is for a Gore Contest after all.

texasbella on TWCS

texasbella on Archive of Our Own


Review by Midnight Cougar

Next, I want to share with you the Countdown to Halloween 2012 – Movie Spin Off Edition because if you love a good one shot and are looking for some creepy Halloween daily reading, these special holiday fics are some fantastic one shots all based on  some of your favourite Halloween movies! They are well-written by talented authors, and very creative and interesting  to read! We already have 19 stories and more to come!

Author: Breath-of-twilight: A one shot each day, by a different author, with your fav characters & based off of some of your fav Halloween movies. Each full of citrus & spookish delights, all geared to get your month of October off to a good start each day. Ending with one mass collaboration written by every participant.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Chapters: 20 – Words: 100,003 – Reviews: 607 – Favs: 94 – Follows: 154 – Updated: 10-18-12 – Published: 09-15-12 – id: 8526898

Each one shot is rated M, and for good reason. Not all stories are canon pairings; there is a mixture of canon, slash, etc… As well, each individual story may be human and some may not, it depends on the author…. 

You, the reader, will guess at the end of each one what movie the one shot was based off of.

There will be no voting for this, just a bunch of superb authors sharing their citrusy, spookish stories with you, all in one place. But again, even though u can’t vote, you can leave one hell of a good review to let them know how much you loved their story!

Also, the next countdown – Countdown to Christmas 2012 – A Lyrical Melody is already in the planning stages – there is quite a line-up of participating authors already, and they are always looking for a few more, new and seasoned alike. 😀

COUNTDOWNS – Go HERE –> for more info. On all past/present and upcoming countdowns.


Review by AllyVera

Buried Beneath the Begonias by durtynelly  *WIP*

Straight off the bat, I am going to have to dive straight into the warnings about this story (it’s ominous already!)  I discovered this story when, a long time ago, I was reading a discussion where the topic was “the most shocking fic you have read” and this one came out the clear winner, and of course, I just had to go and check it out!   It resides no longer on, durtynelly posts straight to her blog now – and the main reason being it has been pulled from before, but this last time she took it down herself.  This story deals with a LOT of sensitive topics, such as extreme violence, abuse, rape, torture, mental health issues, gore and murder.  The other warning I do need to give is that it is a slow updater.

Oh dear, I have painted a pretty picture, haven’t I?  But all this aside, when I started to read this story there were only 14 chapters posted and I read the whole lot in one sitting, with my butt on the edge of the seat the whole time and since that first time, I have re-read it twice more, and in all seriousness there are only a very small handful of stories I have read this many times.  It is also one of the very few WIP’s I have read that I can honestly say, if it never completes, it won’t matter, because to me it is a really satisfying experience to read.

We meet Bella and Alice first who are close friends and studying at college together.  For some reason that Bella is unsure of, Alice never wants her to come home with her, but on a fateful day, Alice forgets her books and they need to return to the house to collect them.  Alice gives Bella strict instructions to stay inside the car, but after a while of waiting, Bella needs to use the bathroom and decides to go inside.  Here is a little tidbit of what happens in the first chapter…

Excerpt from chapter one:

“Alice?” I called timidly. “Alice…Anyone? …. I’m sorry, I need to use the bathroom…Hello?”

 Silence. Nothing. Not a peep.

 “Damn it.” I sighed.

I was thinking of maybe making a run for it and peeing in the bushes, when I heard someone coming down the hall – the sound of bare feet on hard wood, coming closer.

Turning around, the footsteps stopped. That is when I saw him, not even 5 feet in front of me. Starring, my breath caught and I knew I was blushing at least ten shades of red.

He was the most amazing creature I had ever seen! He was tall, lean and muscled, like a soccer player – dressed in dark skinny jeans and a tight, black, Sex Pistols t-shirt. He had a pale, but perfect complexion and wild, bronze hair that looked striking against his fair skin. His face was sharp and angular, with the most perfectly straight nose, and full pouty lips. But all of these things did not compare to his eyes, which now had me locked in place – they were the most startling color of jade green. I had seen eyes that color only once before, on Alice. This must be Edward, her twin brother.

“Heaven-fucking-help me.”

A small smile began to play on his lips, as I stood frozen, like a deer caught in headlights. He arched one eyebrow at me, as if to ask ‘who are you and what the fuck are you doing here?’ Before I could answer his silent question, he very obviously and shamelessly looked me up and down – ravishing me with his deep green eyes and biting his bottom lip. I blushed even harder and his smile widened further, before we locked eyes once more.

There is a very good reason why Alice doesn’t want Bella to meet Edward and you soon find out why that is.  I won’t tell you why – as if you are brave enough souls to read the story, it is part of fun finding out.  Ooh… and watch out for Masen! Twisted girl that I am, I luuurrvvee Masen.

For as confronting as this story can be at times,  there still resides deep at the core a great love that develops between Bella and Edward.  They are both incredibly damaged souls with horrific pasts,  but together they become a force to be reckoned with, each giving the other what they need. Durtynelly is a wonderful storyteller, and if you do like the horror genre, check out her other stories – she is the Master of the Macabre!

Oh, and the one thing this Edward definitely has in common with Canon Edward…  he will definitely kill for his Bella! <<wicked laugh>> 

DurtyNelly Fiction


Review by AllyVera

Into the Night by Babette12  *One Shot*

Summary: Bella gets a flat tire on the side of a dark, deserted highway. There she is kidnapped by her worst nightmare. Or, is it her fondest dream?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Suspense/Romance – Edward & Bella – Words: 11,269 – Reviews: 163 – Favs: 382 – Follows: 85 – Published: 09-15-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5378916

It is my great pleasure to share one of my favorite Vampward one shots with you, Into the Night.  This one shot was written for the Darkward Vampfic Contest back in 2009 and it is a tale of Bella travelling on a lonely road on the way home to visit Charlie.  She travels this road so she can admire the beautiful house by the coast.  After stopping to get a better look at the house and view, she starts to feel uneasy, thinking she is being watched.  She realizes she has a flat tire, and while fixing the tire Edward appears out of nowhere.  Excerpt:

“You should be more careful,” a smooth voice spoke from a dark shadow nearby and I whipped my head to the right from which the sound emanated.

 I couldn’t see anyone so called out, “Who’s there?”

“I’m the owner of the house you were admiring,” the voice sounded right over my left shoulder. I spun quickly, and once again lost my balance. Expecting a fall, I was surprised to feel ice cold hands griping my shoulders and keeping me upright. Glancing at him I suddenly gasped at the inhuman beauty that stood before me. He was tall, with pale skin, dark eyes, and leanly built. His hair seemed to catch the dying colors of the sunset, setting it ablaze like a halo around his head.

“You’ve wounded yourself, give me your hand,” he commanded and I felt a curious imperative to obey him. I lifted it up and was surprised to see him swallow as he took it in his, wrapping his cold fingers around my wrist as he bent over my wound to see it more clearly in the falling darkness. “That spike is old and rusty, you can’t risk infection. The blood must be sucked out some so it doesn’t infect your system,” he whispered and then he affixed his mouth over my wound and began to suck.

I just love this Edward, he knows what he wants and he wants Bella.  He is canon enough to have the similarities we all know and love about Edward, but it is the non-canon elements that make you squirm in your seat while reading!  Enjoy Ladies!


THANK YOU for joining us today and to AllyVera and Cared for all their help and support with this week’s post,  and if you dare 😉 please join us again next week for Part 2 of Halloween Horror!

Also, if you’d like some more Halloween Horror reading, you can visit my FanFiction Fridays – Happy Halloween post from October 28, 2011.

I’d wish you all a lovely week, but if you read these recs, it might be better to wish you a creepy week! *Evil cackle!*

Midnight Cougar

Vampward to make you swoon!
*made by Cared*



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31 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Halloween Horror Part 1!

  1. Hi Ladies!

    The post looks great, MC and Cared 🙂 I have not read the stories reviewed by the other gals – so I will definitely give them a stab! This particular genre is probably my least read (along with Supernatural) but the ones I have read I have enjoyed, so I look forward to that!

    This week has been another hellacious one for me at work, so very little reading has happened except for the Wild Child, Sideline Collision and Glass House updates.

    I have however, just last night, delved into High Fidelity which was rec’d here last week by our lovely MC. I am only 6 chapters in, and I am bracing myself for what I am assuming is going to be a bumpy ride!

    Have a great weekend all!! Ally xox

  2. Thanks AllyVera and MC, there is a great selection here. I’m like AllyVera in that I rarely read horror but make an exception this time of year. I’ve bookmarked Slots and the Countdown to read tonight – not if I’m alone in the house though LOL. I went to bookmark Into The Night and got sucked in, pardon the pun. It is everything you say it is AllyVera and more. I did start Buried Among The Begonias a long time ago but lost it and didn’t realise it was posted elsewhere. Thanks for that AllyVera and I’d love to catch up with it again.

    Que Sera, Sera by Livie79 sounds thrilling, exciting, and scary. I am soooo looking forward to this posting later. MC I’m hoping for hand holding from you to enable me to read this. Even better – group hugs and shots!

    • Hey Cared! Yes, BATB was pulled three times from FFN, I believe as it kept kept getting reported, and it was pulled from TWCS too, but I am not sure why Durtynelly pulled it, as her other stories are still there – but I have to say the way she has it set up on her blog is really great. A xo

    • Thanks Cared, for EVERYTHING, including your recs for everyone to enjoy in next week’s post… 😀 Yeah, Liv just post ch1… enjoy! I will definitely hold your hand later…um, yeah, we are gonna need each other! *shivers*

  3. Oooo Ladies! Big thanks for the recs! I’m giddy to dive in, they all sound so sinisterlly good! BTW: I’m dressing as ‘ Bellatrix Lestrange ‘ for Halloween this year. I don’t believe she ever officially crosses paths with our dear boy ‘Cedric’…but probably does somewhere in fandom *snicker* Happy haunting!

  4. ilovealion

    Thanks for the great rec. Buried Amongst the Begonias has been out there for a very very long time. I never started it because I couldn’t find it… I’ve seen so many recs for it over the years, I may need to start it. Plus, it will keep my mind off of “other” things that are making me nutty right now. *ahem*

    Thanks again, ladies. Have a great weekend.

    • Hi ilovealion! I know exactly what you mean, a good fic is the best distraction, and Edward will never let us down. BATB is definitely an “eye opener” but I just love Masen – he is so wicked 🙂

    • Hey ilovealion, I think we could handle a ‘wicked Masen’ together. Thanks for that description AllyVera.

  5. DurtyNelly’s story is one that I’ve always wanted to read, but lost track of it. I love reading horror at this time of year.

    Can’t wait to put that first story on my list, when it posts. 🙂

  6. All the love for you ladies!!! You make me smile so big!!!!!!!!

  7. naughtyhisbella

    I’m a chicken shit…so I won’t be reading these. Thanks for posting this though. The recs you give us are always spot on.

    • Hi naughtyhisbella, Into The Night is a pretty safe read for you, and next week we will have at least two that are definitely Halloween Naughty but Nice.

      • naughtyhisbella

        *wipes brow* Phew! Cool. I will definitely check that one out and look for the other two next week. Someone rec’d another ‘horror’ one to me before and scared the crap out of me. I’m not a horror girl. I taped American Horror Story the other night for Adam Levine’s performance and I haven’t gotten up the balls to watch it yet. I appreciate you telling me which ones I should read and not be disturbed by. You’re a peach, Cared!!!!

    • Thanks naughtyhisbella and I agree with Cared you will like Vampward! I know Horror genre is not for everyone, so if you need something else to read this weekend, the FFF Library is up to date as of last week and my FFF Posts page will show you what has been rec’d when in case you wanna read a review. Have a great weekend! 🙂

      • naughtyhisbella

        Thanks, MC. I am going to check out Into the Night and the library. I have a little notebook that is almost full from all the lovely recs you gals have given us! More than a few have ended up read and alot are on my TBR list.

  8. eewee333

    Hi Ladies! Thanks for all the recs. I love a good horror story. I wish BrattyVamps “Toye” was still available. That one shocked the bejesus out of me with the way it ended! Right now I’m reading “The Diva Diaries” by KiyaRaven. I’ve been waiting for that story to complete for what seems like forever and I just can’t stop reading it!! Well, I gotta get back to work…you all have a wonderful weekend. Oh, I almost forgot! Cared, thanks for that super-sexy Vampward picture. I’ve put it up as my wallpaper. God, he is just delicious isn’t he? He can bite my neck (or any other part of me) anytime he wants!! 🙂

  9. *Post is updated with link to Que Sera, Sera by Livie79* 😀

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  12. edwardsvamptramp69

    Hi Ladies! Saved this from last year – so glad I did. Been reading Halloween FF all day:)


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