Sensual Sunday ~ The Last Time I Saw Sydney!


We have lift off, ladies!

Rob and Dean {good to see ya, Dean darlin’!} are wingin’ their way to Sydney, Australia as we speak!!!

LAX – Friday : October 19, 2012

Hell’n they probably landed already {they have!}, but I’m breakin’ our non-pap photo rule cause I’m just so excited that it’s finally happenin’!

Wooeeee! We’s gonna be rollin’ in RobPorn like Scrooge McDuck rolls in his money!!!

The one and only time Rob’s been to Sydney brought us some absolutely gorgeous RobPorn!

Star Date:  May 6, 2011

Location:  Sydney, Australia

Event:  Premier of Water for Elephants

Wow! They’re all here to see ME?

Yup! You didn’t think all your Aussie h00rs and angelz were gonna miss the chance to bask in your presence, did ya darlin’!! {And it wasn’t even for a Twilight premier LOL!} Ever notice how many women make up Rob’s entourage? I can understand Stephanie being there as his agent, but the rest?  Hair, make-up and wardrobe…maybe?

Eat your heart out, Rita! You’re just jealous you aren’t one of them!!

Hell yeah, I’m jealous! How ’bout I volunteer to lay out your pj’s at night?  Maybe brush your teeth for you and sing you to sleep?

Not happening, Rita! Now, stop trying to distract me, woman!

Sheesh! OK OK, I’ll shut up…for now {pouty face}.

Aaaah! Feeling love, love, love, love, love…!

Rob sucks up the energy of the crowd like a vampire sucks blood LOL!

The sweet sounds of success! There’s nothing like it!!

The Pretty {and boy, was he pretty in Sydney} deserves all the adoration we can give him!

Don’t Bogart that Sharpie, Dean! I need it!!

Rob does let himself get carried away when he’s wallowin’ amongst his fans…

Aw, come on! Just give me five more minutes!

jonesing like an addict for just a little more time with them LOL!

Just when I was having fun, damnit! He’s not the boss of me!

Anyone else would be completely freaked out by it all, but not Rob!

Let’s see how many female reporters I can confuzzle!

It’s his opportunity to dazzle us all and he never misses the chance!

Wait for it…she doesn’t stand a chance LOL!

Just when those reporter ladies think they’re gonna be cool with a face-to-face encounter…


he stuns them with That Look!!!

Come wiz me to the Casbaaah, my dear!

LMAO!!! One down…

Boobage! Sweeeet!

Oh, Rob! You dog, you!!!

Sorry! I can’t help being tall enough to look down her dress and…shit, they were RIGHT THERE!

Aw, baby! I wouldn’t give you hell for lookin’ at MY boobs and they’s bigger than Reese’s!

Hmmm, in that case, I might reconsider our…um, relationship!

OMG! Really, Rob?

No, not really!

Well, poodiddle! Way to dash a girl’s dreams!

Rita, Rita, Rita! Make me an offer I can’t refuse!


What’s the matter, Rita? Cat got your tongue?

DAYUM, Rob darlin’! If I didn’t think you were just funnin’ with me {again}, me and my tongue would be down on our knees IYKWIMAITYD!!!!

Here’s wishin’ Rob a Sunday filled with fun to make up for last time before Monday’s madness begins!!!! {Remember how pissed off he was about missin’ out on stuff like Jet Boatin’ and Shark Divin’ LOL!)

Happy Sunday, y’all!




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30 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ The Last Time I Saw Sydney!

  1. clairebamboozle

    Morning Rita sweets.
    LMAO at this one.
    Love, love, love our boy in blue, and that shot of him ogling Reese’e boobs will always make me laugh, his face is like ‘Ooh, who put them there?’
    Hmm, can’t wait for the fresh Robporn to start landing my computer (and fillin’ up my hard drive he he he)
    I can’t believe he’s still turning down all your offers to make his life more…erm…comfortable. But persistence is the key baby, keep trying, you’ll wear him down eventually.

    • rita01tx

      One of my very favorite suits on Rob, Claire darlin’! I’ve already got my new folders dated, labeled and waitin’ for the flood {don’t think I didn’t catch your innuendo} LMAO! It’s gonna be EPIC!
      Oh, Rob wants me, all right…he just doesn’t now it yet. No plans to stop buggin’ the hell out of him ’til he caves {yeah, right}!

  2. claire is right the boob ogling pic is hilarious. i love the look on his face.

  3. mississippibellalis

    Wait for it . . .once again, lmao at 6 A.M. on a Sunday morning, Rita. I, too, am in desperate need of new RobPorn. I did a recent approximate count of the pics on my computer of your man and there are somewhere near 5,000 pics. This doesn’t include the video stash. Do you think I will be like this the rest of my life? What we all need is RobTherapy! Help us, Rob.

    • clairebamboozle

      If you want my opinion (which you probably don’t snigger), it’s not therapy we need, it’s better computer storage and cataloging facilities.
      I too have more pics of Rob than I do of my own folders with cryptic names like ‘very nice’ for the half naked manips. LOL, shh, just don’t tell them, it’s our secret…

      • mississippibellalis

        If you really want to keep prying eyes out of the naked manips try naming the folder something like ‘banking procedures’ or ‘advanced geological processes.’ The more boring the better. But, yea, we need RobTherapy! We need Rob to be our group leader!

        • clairebamboozle

          Ha ha ha, I like your folder names, must make some changes to mine, could rename the manips one DIY jobs for tackling, that would keep the other half away.
          (Dons tweed jacket with corduroy elbow patches and picks up clipboard and clicks pen) As your therapist, I would recommend an inverted approach to our ‘hobby’
          It’s not obsession, its gentle admiration.
          not mania, it’s a social outlet to be enjoyed with other like minded sisters.
          not stalking, more a friendly concern for his well being.
          (I could go on, but at $100 an hour, I’m sure you get the gist.)

          • mississippibellalis

            Rita, Claire, it seems the first step is to admit that I am in denial of how serious my gentle admiration for Rob is. Second, the social outlet with like-minded ladies who have friendly concern for his well-being is no cause for an intervention! Third, my delusional state of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pattinson’ is no reason to medicate me.

            • rita01tx

              Aw now, Missi! If number three was a reason for medication, ALL of us would be flyin’ high class drugs on a permanent basis LOL!
              I’ve come to the conclusion that our main problem is that we can’t believe we’ve been granted the privileddge of existing in the same world as our Angel Man. He’s too good to be true and, therefore, we doubt our senses so much that we MUST revalidate his existence with sight, sound, touch and smell {some of us…not me…HAVE been that lucky!} again and again, ad infinitem!
              Our greatest fear is that he will disappear in a puff of smoke like magic…as if he never existed, and so we hold onto what we get of him like misers hoarding our stash of RobPorn. Hmmm, my Scrooge McDuck photo was spot on LMAO!!!

              • mississippibellalis

                I’m starting to see the Light! Like McDuck I should just jump right in and hoard even more RobPorn! They more I have the faster the fever leaves and the heart rate begins to pulse more evenly. It’s not the abstinence, but, rather, the embracement of more nude manips, flashing anatomy videos, wreckless fantasies, and incessant RobConvo all accomplished by getting new perscriptive glasses , a larger monitor, and expressing my feelings to other ladies in my same shoes. Do they sell monitors that are perfectly tuned for viewing RobPorn?

                • rita01tx

                  By Jove, you’ve got it! Amass great quantities of RobPorn, SHARE with your sisters! Relax and enjoy in good company LOL!
                  As to special RobPorn monitors, the best we can do is procure the LARGEST ones we can find!!!

                • clairebamboozle

                  Don’t know about bigger monitors, but I do carry a magnifying glass (a la Sherlock Holmes) that makes my eye look the size of a dinner plate, that usually enlarges the porn to a more satisfactory, life like size

    • rita01tx

      Missi darlin’! Don’t you know there ain’t no Rehab for the Robsessed?

      • mississippibellalis

        Rita, you mean there is no fancy facility in sunny California for a troubled woman like myself? Oh, well, I guess I am gonna have to keep collecting the pics, vids, and movies and keep uploading to Tumblr and YouTube. I’m not ashamed to flaunt my need for Robsession Rehab.

        • rita01tx

          There probably is, Missi, but since I’m still in the denial stage {and plan to stay there indefinitely}, I haven’t investigated. However, my DH might stage an intervention if he ever gets a clue just how much RobPorn I’m sittin’ on LMAO!!!

    • 5,000? IS THAT ALL? LOL shoot BB Rita and i passed that amount by the thousands a year or so ago!! *giggles* If you aren’t this way the rest of your life THEN i will say, for the first time ever, that’s NOT Normal LOL

      • mississippibellalis

        The only excuse I have for such a small RobPorn stash is that I was sleeping until about a year ago when Twilight came of FX for the first time. Ladies, I have to tell you I woke up that day! So if you would excuse me, I must return to the lastest post or tweet of when Rob sneezes, breathes, or tossles his hair.

  4. luvtwilight72

    OMG!! I think my ovaries are going to explode from all the hotness!!!

    • rita01tx

      I can completely sympathize, Luvtilight darlin’! Can you imagine what the upcoming deluge of RobPorn is gonna do to us? We’ll be rendered totally useless to the opposite sex {except for Rob, of course}. Well, more than we already are LOL!

  5. exaltada

    Rita, it was a funny post, and I´m still drooling here! LOL. Woman, you do know how to mix the beauty of our bb and the fun of your wits! Thanks!

    • rita01tx

      The Devil made me do it, Exaltada darlin’! I try so hard to be respectful and appreciative of Rob’s God-like beauty, but some photos just BEG for my kind of witicisms LOL! Good thing, though, or it wouldn’t be near as much fun!

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