FanFiction Fridays – Halloween Horror Part 2!

*made by Cared*

Today Cared, AllyVera and I, MC, are back to bring you Halloween Horror Part 2! Last week, on FanFiction Fridays – Halloween Horror Part 1 we rec’d and reviewed some seriously spooky Horror fics, we hope you were as creeped out as we were!… Because this week we have more with a variety of horror, some hot and fun Vampward, and, hell yes, some kinky fuckery! Please enjoy…

*made by Cared*


Review by Midnight Cougar 

 Darkness Consumes Me by MidnightLove87 *WIP*

Darkness Consumes Me: With a flick of my wrist I can keep you alive or kill you. But it’s always my choice. Remember that! Dexterward 😉 Suspense/Horror

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Suspense/Horror – Chapters: 1 – Words: 2,141 – Published: 10-25-12 – Bella & Edward

I have one captivating Horror rec this week, before Cared takes over, it’s a brand new WIP, posting exclusively for Halloween. It’s entitled Darkness Consumes Me by MidnightLove87.  It’s Suspense – Horror – Crime all rolled into one wicked story! I know this because I beta for the lovely and talented ML87 and this Edward is like none other I’ve read…he’s DEXTERWARD! If you’ve ever watched the creepy, psychological thriller show, you’ll know what we’re basically in for…and I will admit it’s a bit disturbing to think of Edward in this way, but it’s a hell of a fascinating story to read! We learn a lot about Edward and what makes him tick in the first chapter, as we get up close and personal with him while he murders his 57th victim…

Chapter 1

A string of murders have overtaken the normally quiet Sacramento community.

I sighed as I read the words over and over again. It wasn’t the first time my work had ended up in the paper. But I wanted to make sure it was the last, otherwise I was never going to be able to keep up with my addiction. The last thing I wanted was to be sitting behind bars rotting away while I was craving the sight of fresh blood.

I poured over the clippings I’d saved from the last week and hunted for my next victim. I was hoping something would stand out to me. Something would give me purpose to alleviate the guilt that rolled around in the pit of my stomach.

But just as I was about to decide, my phone went off.

“Cullen,” I muttered into the receiver as I ran a hand through my messy hair. I was more annoyed than ever.

It was the worst the day after my last kill, I needed more, always. But now, I liked to stalk them. To haunt them, so they remembered my face when the time came. I was thirty two with a problem and it wasn’t just the fact that I needed a haircut.

“We need you down at Willow Creek, we’ve got a gunshot wound to the head,” I heard Crowley bark into the phone.

“On my way,” I told him before hanging up.

I always held my breath waiting for the day where I would have to investigate one of my own murders, but that day hadn’t caught up with me yet.

I chuckled to myself as I thought about the last poor shmuck that had met his death. Last night was particularly entertaining….

“Any last words, Mr. Watermere?” I asked carefully. I was always patient when it came to my killings. It made the satisfaction last longer. I lived in the moment and savored every second of it.

He shook his head, which was the wrong move to make, because the edge of the knife began to bite into his skin. Blood bloomed and dotted the area around the wound. My mouth watered at the sight of the budding red on his white neck. I wanted more.

“Have it your way then,” I murmured before slowly and methodically pushing the blade into his neck. Further and further until the blood came gushing out.

It was the volcano stage as I lovingly referred to it. I liked when the rush of blood was so fast it actually gurgled. I stared, completely enthralled, as it flowed smoothly over the handle, pooling on the bed. Mr. Watermere began to show all the signs of hemorrhaging. The shaking, the feeble attempts of fighting for his life; ah yes, and there were the eyes beginning to bulge.

I let my fingertips smear through the steady steam on the blade as I carefully dug it deeper into his neck, finally ending Mr. Watermere’s life.

After removing the knife from his neck I adjusted myself. Killing always got me excited. It was nothing about the person itself, no, always the way the blood rushed out. It was the contrast of red against the skin. The way their eyes looked when I was just about to finish them off.

Fifty seven.

That was my number as of last night. Mr. Watermere being the fifty seventh. It was a good number…

*SHIVERS* Oh yeah, this is HORROR…you’ve been warned! Edward is a Crime Scene Investigator by day and cold-blooded killer by night. BUT, what will happen if Edward meets the one special person who could possibly hold the power to cure his addiction? You’ll have to read to find out! This is well-written and thrilling to read! There will be approximately 7 chapters, posted by the beginning of early November. Enjoy! *wicked laugh*


Review by Cared

Spinebreaker by Jadalulu  *One shot*

Spinebreaker : A bloodbath at a high school party isn’t the worst thing. Chief Swan’s daughter being abducted isn’t even the worst thing. The worst thing…is the Spinebreaker.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Horror – Chapters: 1 – Words: 11,048 – Reviews: 60 – Published: 11-22-11 – Bella & Edward – Complete

Author Note from Jadalulu

This one shot was written by EdwardsBloodType, YellowGlue, LovelyBrutal and myself. It’s important to mention the way it was written as well. LB kicked it off and we passed it around, each adding our own flavor. The only rule was a 500 word limit. No discussion, no planning, no nothing.

Can you smell the fuckery yet?

This is rated a big, fat M for…erm…graphic stuff because, well, we’re kinda gross like that. You’ve been warned.

Do you see the word Horror up there in the Summary? Believe me, it is there for a reason! Spinebreaker is spine chilling and shocking; it is also mysterious and plain old creepy. It has crazy twists and is in itself, quite twisted. I don’t mind telling you, this amazing one shot made my heart pound and my stomach clench. Spinebreaker may have four authors but don’t worry, this macabre tale is seamless in its telling. Remember you have been warned! *Cue Evil Laugh*

The static of the police radio was like another language. Indecipherable crackling and snapping poured over the tones of a dispatcher’s voice. Thankfully, it was a language Police Chief Charlie Swan was fluent in.

Damning his lukewarm cup of coffee to the trash as the voice called the Chief to break up an overly raucous party in a residential area, he shook his head. Checking his weapon and handcuffs, he rose slowly from the chair, a creak in his bones as he left the comfort of the station for the cruiser.

Pulling up to the house the dispatcher had directed him to, the Chief couldn’t tell if the party had dissipated on its own in the time it took him to arrive. Red plastic cups, beer cans and distressingly, female undergarments lay abandoned on the lawn of the two-story suburban home. There was no loud music though, no teenagers stumbling down the sidewalk in a drunken rush to avoid authority.

He pushed the front door and it swung open silently. He entered the home with careful footsteps, seeing more evidence of a party, but no partygoers.

Suddenly a rustle from his left sent his back against the wall and his hand straight for his holster.

A big yellow Labrador burst from the living room and ran past him, out the open door. Only a dog, he sighed to himself, trying to will his heartbeat to slow.

Exploring the first floor with his teeth clenched tightly and his breathing shallow, he found a keg on its side, more discarded items of clothing, and the lingering smell of marijuana.

But no kids.

“Hello?” he called as he climbed the stairs to the second floor.

No answer.

“This is Chief Swan of the Forks Police Department,” his voice boomed out with a familiar note of authority. “Anyone home?”

Carefully, he nudged door after door open.

Empty bedroom.

Empty bedroom.

Empty bathroom, smelling of vomit and piss. Nice tiles though.


Review by Cared

Trick or Treat by Skanky Frankie *One Shot*

Now here is a little something that could not be more different from Spinebreaker.  It is Trick or Treat by Skanky Frankie.

Trick or TreatLemon, One-Shot. Edward enjoys Drunk Bella’s costume at a Halloween party. Needless to say, things get hot.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 1 – Words: 2,034 – Reviews: 28 – Published: 9-26-08 – Edward & Bella – Complete

Edward groaned when he saw Bella’s costume. A thin layer of silk was all that separated his fingers and her white-hot flesh. He wanted to carelessly rip the offending material away, to take her there in the living room while everyone else looked on. He grinned – it would definitely give Emmett a reason to shut up about their sex-life (or Emmett’s opinion in their lack of). It would also ease the burn inside of him, the constant ache to be sheathed inside of her hot channel.

However, he smiled and nodded and acted like he wasn’t dying to touch her. Edward Cullen was an excellent pretender. He could pretend not to be a vampire, an immortal that would walk the earth longer than the majority of people in the world, let alone the room. He could easily pretend that he didn’t care that his girlfriend was wearing long silk stockings, a tiny excuse of a skirt connected to a corset that pushed her ample breasts up, making him want to … He sighed, thinking about the many things he wanted to do.


Review by Cared

Renfields and Chiclets by katinki *Complete*

Renfield and Chiclets: COMPLETE. Edward Cullen, PhD: brilliant, nerdy, mildly attractive, and obsessed with Blood and Vampires. Oh, and -edited out to comply with summary guidelines, lol-. Join him as he searches for Ms. Right. AH.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Edward & Bella

Renfield and Chiclets started life as a Halloween One Shot and is now, including outtakes, complete at 22 chapters. Seriously, with an Author’s Note like this one from katinki – how could you not want to read this fic? LOL

Warning: some might could find this somewhat offensive. If you are seriously offended when reading about various sexual activities and perhaps, perversions, ya might want to hit back on the browser. If you are not old enough to read or buy porn, stop here. This story contains:

– Questionable writing skill, various typos, and utter silliness.

– Lots of vulgarity and mature language. I mean LOTS. Really, just… LOTS.

– Explicit and graphic descriptions of sexual situations. 

– Dirty talk that could be considered slightly derogatory.

– Unprotected sex (WEAR CONDOMS, FOLKS).

– Situations that would be construed as sexual harassment in the workplace.

– Sexual deviance pertaining to Renfield’s Syndrome.

– All sexual situations are 100% consensual.

– This story is all for fun and entertainment; no offense intended.

The hilarious Renfield and Chiclets by the über-talented katinki is a perfect Oldie But Goldie for this time of year.  Show me a geeky Edward and I immediately love him and rave about him; show me a geeky yet very kinky and horny Edward, and suddenly I am lost for words to describe him. This story is like no other as it has a unique blend of fun, kink, and romance. Oh, and a Bella brilliant in more ways than one; she is just perfect for Pervward. Katinki says “this fic is satire – of porn, of vampires, of scientists, and of fan fic in general.” I say, do yourself a favour and read this kind of crazy, sweet, and sexy story.

Renfield’s Syndrome, or Clinical Vampirism: is named after the mythical vampire, and is a recognizable, although rare, clinical entity characterized by periodic compulsive blood-drinking, affinity with the dead and uncertain identity. It is hypothetically the expression of an inherited archaic myth, the act of taking blood being a ritual that gives temporary relief. [1]

The words glared back at him as he studied the computer screen.

“No, surely not,” he muttered under his breath. It wasn’t like he wanted to suck her dry – if that were even possible! – he just wanted a taste, a drop, if you will.

Was it really so strange? he mused. People shared all manners of bodily fluids after all, and no one thought anything of it. He’d watched countless women suck, and swallow copious amounts of cum off of cocks. Watched, in the sense that he’d masturbated to the flickering images on the Internet porn sites he so often frequented.

So, was it really that different? And, it wasn’t as if he wanted to taste just anyone’s blood.

“Dr. Cullen,” a sharp voice called. “Are you coming? We’re waiting. Would you care to join us?”

Bella Swan was quite possibly the most sexual creature he’d ever encountered. Everything about her drew his attention. And he swore that she selected her daily attire directly from his personal horny-secretary-librarian fantasy closet. Of course, fucking your boss, or even imagining fucking your boss was generally a poor decision. Not that she would ever consent to him.

Today, her ass looked divine, like something that you could eat, like candy. He wasn’t sure how she had managed to pour herself into that skirt, but he was incredibly grateful for her efforts. It was ridiculously tight, and it was perfectly obvious to Edward’s well-trained eye that she was wearing no panties underneath. Looking around the room as she bent over to pick up her pen, it became apparent that this fact had not escaped any other male’s attention as well. They were all salivating over those luscious mounds of flesh.

“Gentlemen, if you will turn your attention to slide number eleven in the handout. We need to review the status of all of your individual research projects,” she started. He would have gladly obliged her had he not been acutely focused on the pen cap that she was rolling along her lips, entirely too reminiscent of last night’s beat off fantasy.


*made by Cared*

THANK YOU for joining us today and to AllyVera and Cared for all their help and support with these past two weeks’ Halloween posts!

Also, if you’d like some more Halloween Horror reading, you can visit my FanFiction Fridays – Happy Halloween post from October 28, 2011.

I’d wish you all a lovely week, but if you read these recs, it might be better to wish you another thrilling, creepy week! *Evil cackle!*

Midnight Cougar

*Vampward by Cared*



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7 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Halloween Horror Part 2!

  1. I’ve just read the first chapter of Darkness Consumes Me. Wow, what a fabulous Darkward for Halloween. Edward is very OOC but he has me intrigued and trying to figure him out. Thanks for the rec MC. I don’t have a clue who Dexter is, perhaps I should google him LOL.

    Have an amazing reading weekend Ladies and watch out for Vampires. You never know, you might get lucky!

  2. clairebamboozle

    Hey MC, Cared and AllyVera, thanks for some more fascinating reads,I’m dying (no pun intended) to read Darkness Consumes Me , because Dexter is one of my all time favorite TV shows, also looking forward to some pervy geekward LOL Keep up the good work guys

  3. Hi Gals!

    I can’t wait to read Darkness Consumes Me – sounds great MC! I can thoroughly recommend Cared’s other stories – I loved them all, especially Renfield and Chiclets – Renward is one of my most favourite Edward’s ever. I loved how vulnerable he was with a lot of things, but when he was alone with Bella, he was “large and in-charge” if you know what I mean *winks* I think one of my favourite scenes in fanfic is where he takes the smarmy Dr Jacob Black down using only his intellect. SO good! Katinki is certainly one of the best authors we have in the fandom – everything of hers I have read, I love.

    This week I started Livie79’s Que Sera Sera that MC spotlighted in last weeks post. Oh.My.Edward, how I am enjoying this story – I have a serious crush of Liv, and I think this is some of her best writing yet. Magic! *WIP*

    As always, lovelies, I look forward to seeing what everyone is reading!

    A xox

  4. smittenkitten

    SQUEEEEE’s! * got logged in, wordpress hate me 🙂 *

    Good morning, RA gang!
    Thanks for the recs & I had to get in here today to say…..
    F*CK HOT VampWard pic by Cared!
    Love it hard.


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