Sensual Sunday ~ Coincidence? You Tell Me!


If y’all remember, 2 Sundays ago I was moanin’ cause Rob never seemed to wear green, at least not very often, and I was hopin’ someone would stick him in green suit while he was out promotin’ BD2.

Well, you coulda knocked me over with a feather when Rob showed up for a BD2 fan event in Sydney wearin’ A GREEN SUIT!  Has “somebody” been readin’ RA???

I never should have listened to you, Rita!!!

Yeah, Rob darlin’! That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, although I FLUV the shirt!

Only because you thought it was paisley! A little bird told me you used to be a hippie LOL!

What? *freakin’ out!*  Who told on me?! {There goes my image as a hip, YOUNG blogger *groan!* Crap! I said “hip!”}

This isn’t just any old suit and shirt, Rita…it’s Kenzo and therefore cool by definition!

Kenzo Schmenzo! Only because YOU are wearin’ it, baby! In this case, the man makes the clothes and not the other way around LOL!

So that’s an ix-nay on the enzo-Kay, huh?

That’s a big 10 – 4, Good Buddy! And I know we all love your sex boots {especially RF}, but PURPLE sex boots? {Holy crap! Rob’s dom stance! *THUD!*}

Aubergine, Rita! They’re augerbine…are you blind?!

*Gigglesnort!* Never mind…I’ll try not to make any future wardrobe suggestions, darlin’! {Adorkable Rob forever LMAO!!}

I feel much more comfortable wearing the jeans-casual style!

{Sweet Jesus! The Rob Strut *DED!*}Rob sweetheart, you rock the jeans-casual look like nobody’s business!! {Especially the button fly, ripped knee variety LOL!}

Oops! Forgot to comb my hair!

No worries, mate! *gigglesnort!* We love your hair when it’s long, wild and free! {and when it’s tame, or GONE, or anything in between LOL!}

Rita, can I ask you something?

Sure, baby! What do you want to know?

Are you gonna stick around after all this Twilight crap is behind me?

Aw, angel! You don’t even have to ask…I’m your person! Course I will!!!

Yeah? You’ll watch over me even when I come back to Sydney in January?

Oh, I’ll be watchin’ all right. But, I would imagine Maria, Michelle, Vertigo, Lise-Lou, Suze and Jules will have your back while you’re there!

Hmmm! Those names sound familiar. Do I know them?

LMAO!!! Well, you should, darlin’! Maria nearly took you out with a big damn BD2 poster board at that fan event!

Oh, yeah! I remember now! First time a fan ever said “shit” to me LOL!

Yup! That was her, along with Michelle and Vertigo and some of their friends. They sure were glad they got to meet you, baby! {If y’all want to read Maria’s account of that meetin’, here’s the link to her story: }

Maybe I’ll see them again in January…who knows!

Fingers crossed you do, Rob darlin’! They’re a great bunch of girls!

So, Rita…do you have any more fashion tips for me before I go?

Hell’n I wouldn’t dare give you any more advice, sweetie! I’ll leave your wardrobe to the experts from now on LMAO *wipes tears!*


*Fist bump!* HELL YEAH!  Now, that’s more like it!

Laters, Rita baby!


Did I just hear Rita hit the floor?

*dead silence!*

Happy Sunday, y’all!




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28 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Coincidence? You Tell Me!

  1. clairebamboozle

    Oh Rita baby…The last pic, and the wink,,,the wink…I am … I am …THUD!!!
    (typing this from the floor where I am currently slumped in a crumpled heap)

    Does Rob read RA? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t blame him wanting to soak up all the love from his favorite girlies. We’ll just have to wait to see if he pulls the sexspenders out the back of his wardrobe, then we’ll know for sure. Oh God, I shouldn’t have used the words pull out and sexpenders in the same sentence, cause now my mind is racing…

    Another great post honey. Now I am upright again I gotta get busy clickin and savin all the fresh porn.

    Laters BB

    • rita01tx

      I tell ya, Claire darlin’! I don’t know how I’m gonna make it through all the upcoming RobPorn! I’d say it’s too much, but I’d by lyin’ LOL!
      If he ever wears those sexpenders again, RF will tap dance on the freakin’ MOON!

      • clairebamboozle

        Now that I gotta see LOL.

        Hey you never know he could be wearing them under the suit, he always has it buttoned up…

        Oh,oh I gotta get my patented rob porn enhancement device out ( Super strong magnifying glass to the rest of you) to check for any tell tale llumps and bumps under the jacket…Its a tough job but someones gotta do it!

        • rita01tx

          Oh, you got an R-PED? Me too! Maybe we should Pattin ’em and make a ton of money!

          • clairebamboozle

            You ‘n’ me on dragons den…I’d go for that.

            • O.o A new RobDicktionary Definition!!! FTW!!!
              R-PED = Rob Porn Enhancement Device

              • OK CLaire, you got some “Splainin”to do!

                “You ‘n’ me on dragons den…I’d go for that.”

                Huh?? Whut?? i don’t get it. *scratches head*

                • clairebamboozle

                  Oh not the fantasy kind of dragon.LOL I thought you would have this in the US too.

                  It’s a TV show where a panel of real life multimillionaire business men and women (the dragons) sit and deliberate over the likely hood of them investing their own cash in the inventions or businesses of sometimes genius but cash poor inventors and entrepreneurs. Some of the inventions and ideas are brilliant, but some are not…

                  The poor hopefuls have to pitch their ideas to the dragons live and then be cross examined. If the dragons aren’t interested they say I’m out. If they are they often want a steak in the business.
                  The den can be a very scary place .

                  Probably not the fun answer you were expecting hon, but hey ho now you know!

                  • rita01tx

                    We get here in the NL…Bear watches it all the time but I hate watching people being humiliated by rejection, so I play here LOL!

  2. LMAO at you two!! Yes, yes i will tap dance on the moon and clear through the milky way and float back down if those sexspenders show up for sure! because then i’ll know that Rob {or at least a member of his staff} Reads RA.

    Claire, uh yeah right! I’m sure if you get your magnifying glass out to look for tell tale “bumps” under his suit for the sexspenders I am POSITIVE you won’t be lingering on the upper half of his torso ~gigglesnort~! But Darlin’ don’t you know you don’t NEED a magnifying glass to see The Pretty’s “holy grail” LOL Don’t make me prove it cause I CAN!!!

    Rita, *looks innocent* I don’t know who coulda told Rob you were once a hippie!! *crosses fingers behind my back* why they oughta be taken to the RROP and hOOrse whipped. Bahaha But seriously, I hated that shirt on him!!! LOL and I am definately not alone in that! but Rob looks f*cking awesome anyway! Did you see what caused him to make that face in the gif you posted? it was so cute!!!

  3. Dear Rob,
    If your wardrobe choices were not a coincidence this week and you wore green and a version of the old sex boots because we mentioned them here on RA could you purposely wear the sex spenders {or a version of them} and wink at the cameras for us? it might kill claire if you do but i’m sure she won’t mind LOL we’ll sop her up with a shamwow and dry her out. she’ll be good as new.

    Much love and happiness to you Rob,

  4. mississippibellalis

    Hi Rita, a little late and catching up on your post. Those are my most favorite pair of jeans in the whole wide world! And the Kenzo shirt. . .great choice Rob!

    • rita01tx

      Hey Missi darlin’! It’s never to late to perv on The Pretty LOL! He do look fine in them jeans, don’t he? ThighPorn to die for *drool!*
      As to the Kenzo shirt, people either seem to love it or hate it. It grew on me after I got over the shock. Looks best in the close-up shots where can really see the colors and patterns!

      • mississippibellalis

        Yeah, skinny jeans do look good on Rob! And the multi-colored shirt is a wonderful change from the solid button-up shirts and plaid flannel. Very nice to see a young handsome man wearing stylish clothes. Oh, and I saw that, too, how detailed the design was in the close-ups.

  5. He’s unbearably sexy lately!!! He just seems flawless in his sweet adorkable way! I’m really glad y’all are still around:) I’ve been out of a tecnology loop, happy to finally make it back and find the “new roar” is still up and running!

    • Glad to have you back robzombie Darlin’!! Yeah we are still here and we ain’t going no where! Yes indeed he is “unbearably sexy lately” how can he get more stunning every time? Loving the long hair. so glad to see that the wild just f*cked look is back!!

    • rita01tx

      RZ baby! Good to see you, darlin’! Don’t worry about us, cause as long as Rob continues to dazzle us {and you know he will}, we will continue to share all the good RobPorn we can LOL!

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