Monday Madness ~ just for shizz and giggles

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hello my Lovelies! Well 2 more days and it will be Halloween here in the States. It made me realize I hadn’t posted Anything Halloween related. WTF is wrong with me? I Love Halloween! That means it’s time for some scary shizz and a few giggly treats right?  I thought about it being the End of The Twilight Saga…*nope didn’t want to go there! *wipes away tear*Not ready to say good-bye just yet*

Let’s Start with some scary shizz awwight?

Well you should be afraid because I went Trolling for some current Halloween Rob porn I could use and saw something Truly Frightening…

NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!! Not my Edward you don’t!!!!

Don’t make me have to hurt you Abe!!!! We “Protect The Pretty” ’round here so just Back off Dude!

If you thought your vampires were bad, trust me when I say You don’t want 50 million screaming fan girls coming after you! We will make your Vampires look like a pack of Care Bears! LOL

ummm. Don’t ask me why he’s dripping blood from his hiny cuz IDEWTK!!! Ewwww

I just couldn’t get away from Abe’s Evil Plot to destroy our Boyfriend. Everywhere I turned I found shizz like this…


As if this wasn’t silly enough…

Somebody has too much time on their hands!!

Oh somebody had to put a stop to this!!!

*warning: this has a little bit of blood and gore in it* just saying…

Ok this was getting Ridiculous! Why was everyone wanting Abe to kill MY Man!?!?!?!?

They were making Abe out to be some kind of major Bad ass out for Edward’s erm…blood?

But I knew There had to be an End to this somewhere…. Then I saw this….

Looks like this is one Battle Abe looses!!

bahahah THIS is so NOT where this post was going when I started it but it is What it is BBz! Hope you enjoyed it anyway Cuz, We all go a little mad sometimes!

Much Love to you all,



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12 responses to “Monday Madness ~ just for shizz and giggles

  1. Not our Edward!!!!!! I hate the Twilight haters. Will never understand people who spend large amounts of time focused on things that they do not enjoy/dislike. Correct me if I am wrong as I did not bother to look this up online, but I thought Abe the loser vampire hunter got released directly to dvd? Happy halloween!

    • it did go to the cinemas and did well enough i guess (according to the imdb it cost $69 mill to make and made $106).

      i know what you mean about the haters though. on there seem to be as many anti-twilight pieces as fan made ones. why on earth do they waste there time like that?

    • Laurie, IKR? so if they are going to make fun of our beloved Twilight i thought turn about was fair play. it went to the theatre June 22 but it didn’t even double the cost of making it. I confess i have seen it. {sorry i have a fascination for halloween/scary but not too scary movies and books} My Bro brought it to me to watch. i think if they had chosen someone besides an iconic figure like the president {I mean Abe Lincoln for reals?? WTF?} It might have gotten better results.

  2. rita01tx

    Very creative in spite of the subject matter bein’ the end of our beloved Edward…how dare they even THINK of such thing LOL! Indeed, there would be carnage if it were real!
    I think Laurie’s right cause I never saw ALVH in the theaters over here. Don’t plan on getting the DVD either LMAO!

  3. edwardsvamptramp69

    Very funny and creative, Luv! Thanks for the giggles on this Monday morning:)

  4. Love the clever crossovers, especially the videos! SOMEONE HAS TALENT! Thanks for pulling this together- what a fun TREAT!

  5. naughtyhisbella

    Thanks for making me laugh, RF! I soooo needed it this morning. Real life sucks abe lincoln’s hiney!

  6. clairebamboozle

    Hi RF just got in from work, I needed a giggle or two so thank you honey for making me laugh. ALVH was on release in the UK not that it matters LOL

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