Sensual Sunday ~ Be Still My Heart!

Well, Ladies!

The official Breaking Dawn Part 2 promotional tour was kicked off last Thursday, November 1st, with a press conference!

What with all the great interviews comin’ thick and fast, I’m just gonna let it all wash over me for a while.

In the meantime, this particular photo edit by Feisty-Angel34 has completely captured my heart so I thought I’d share it with you!

Heaven MUST be missin’ an Angel {best they don’t come lookin’ for him for at least another 70 years or so LOL}!

Happy Sunday, y’all!




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12 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Be Still My Heart!

  1. christa64c

    You got that right Rita! Losers weepers, finders keepers. He’s ours now! *laughs maniacally*

  2. clairebamboozle

    Gah Rita, the beauty of that man never fails to shine through.
    So many beautiful photos, so little time to ogle…whats a Rob hoor to do?

    • rita01tx

      IKR? Just surrender to the inevitable, Claire darlin’! Dive in and wallow around in all the RobPorn!!
      There’s a peaceful serenity about that particular photo, isn’t there? His eyes…he’s lookin’ right at us! And we’re lookin’ back LOL!

  3. Sweet and simple! Not to mention Gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful!!! He’s beyound gorgeous:)

    • rita01tx

      Hi there, RZ darlin’! Certain photos of Rob are just unforgettable! I mean, there are gazillions of fabulous pics of him, but only a very few truly capture his natural, unearthly beauty!
      Yeah, yeah…he’s a man so we should say he’s “handsome!” But Rob can’t be contained by the word “handsome!”

      • mississippibellalis

        You’re right, Rita. ‘Handsome’ just falls short of accurately describing the beauty that dazzles our eyes everyday when we pour over his old and new pics. RZ, he’s as beautiful as a pristine mountain being seen for the first time by human eyes and as gorgeous as a glistening diamond glowing in the sun. I can tell you that my world would be boring without him and I truly pray for him and thank God for him being alive each and every day. Oh, and, Rob, dazzles us some more, please!

  5. exaltada

    Sure, Rita… He looks like an angel. Great pic. But I have a philosophical question… how does an Angel can make me feel so… sinful? 😉

    • rita01tx

      Exaltada darlin’!!! {{HUGS!}}
      Now that is THE question, BB! Rob can charm the panties off of us {literally} with just one angelic look! And don’t get me started on his ovary explodin’, fuckHAWT “come hither” looks {see RF’s new post for some exemplary examples LOL!

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