Doin it differently with different dos!

Hello Everybody *waves*



In preparing for this post it didn’t take me long to realize I could stretch this out to a 32 part series! But I’m not gonna do that LOL! Yeah, I can hear the sighs of relief all over the Robuniverse. So what am I posting about you might be asking? Rob’s multiple hairdos of course!

Rob’s got more hairstyles than I ever knew!

Who woulda thought this geeky kid would grow to be the Sexiest Man Alive?

The Geek

 And then the hair got bigger than the eyebrows!

The Beatles

But he soon swung back to the other extreme.

The Buzz Cut

Talk about extreme hair cuts…I remember thinking WTF? When I saw this one.

The 50/50

Who could forget the *GASP* heard round the world when he showed up sporting this do? {Which is definitely a don’t IMHO!}

The All Gone

Before that, there was the lovely Cannes do in the “Dad Shirt!”

The Windswept

And, of course, Rita’s personal fav…

The Wet Rob

This is the best pic I could find of Rob with black hair. Most of these make Rob look like he’s actually Rob’s creepy uncle or something LOL!

The Black Raven

Rob makes a better looking werewolf than Jacob/Taylor. JS…

The Wild One

We all remember the days when Rob had a bad reputation for not washing his hair…at all!

The Unkempt

And then there is the allure of the Vampire…

The Edward Cullen

This one is just sexy as hell and ONLY ROB could get away with it!

The Cock of the Walk

And in contrast…

The Disheveled Chicken

One of my personal all time favorites…

The James Dean

This profile shot shows off his sweeping sideburns to perfection.

The Wispy Wings

And this do is part of what made Tybert so appealing.

The Soft & Fluffy

There’s something about the pic, I think it’s the flannel shirt over the T shirt, That reminds me of practically every teenage boy I knew growing up.

The Boy Next Door {if only!}

The slicked-back do of the wealthy man…

The Millionhair Do

Just recently, we saw…

The Mad Max

And the hair standing at attention…

The Mile High

Rob looks very professional with this do.

The Clean Cut

We musn’t leave out…

The Romantic

The hair says as much as the eyes do.

The Come Hither

Will there ever be anything better than is? Indeed Dear Melbie he is a sexy beast!

The Just F*cked Hair

Still in my top 5 fav pics is…

The F*ck Me Sideways!!!

I gotta say, I’m lovin this!

The Current Gorgeousness

So girls I know there lots that I missed. Got any better names for these dos than the ones I came up with? Let’s hear em! Let’ssee you hair favs and what you’d call them.

Much Love to you all,



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20 responses to “Doin it differently with different dos!

  1. damn girl. i may to need to lie down. i think you were spot on with the names. of course most of them (i agree with you about the black hair) could be renamed ‘what i really want for xmas’.

  2. mississippibellalis

    Hi Ladies! RF, my fav style on Rob is a full thick style similar to the ‘The Wispy Wings’ and I’d call it ‘Fornication Fur’.

    • Glad to be of Service Naughty! 😉 Oh da Rome ROb!! Hell girl Those are deadly!! LOL I don’t have a license to carry a concealed Weapon! Although the “Just F*ucked* pic was from the day before the Red Carpet event in Rome.

      “Mmmm…that was tasty.” Oh I bet it is! Bwahahaha!!

  3. rita01tx

    Aw, c’mon! There’s something so endearing about The Disheveled Chicken do LOL! I could happily bury my hands in it up to my elbows…and never leave LMAO!!!

  4. ilovealion

    wiping the drool from my chin.

    thanks for sharing, sweets.

  5. Geeks and tortured artists are very appealing to me so the How to Be and Little Ashes haircuts are my favourites.

  6. amazingragdoll

    i love the cock of the walk, and i call it “MASTER”. well really i call them all master lol

  7. clairebamboozle

    Hey RF, great post again BB, gotta say the pic that Rita posted a while ago of little ashes Rob with slicked back hair and sexpenders is one of my favorites.
    But whatever style Rob chooses, he always wears it well.

    • Sounds like you and Cared have the same taste!

      Indeed he wears everything well even if it would look like crap on someone else. You know, Hair styles, shirts, Me, shoes, Hats, Me, SexSpenders, Neck ties, Me, Suits, Sex boots, Me, Beanies, Jeans… yup pretty much everything.

  8. exaltada

    Thanks, RF. Hope your mother is in better health :-*.
    About the post… THANKS!!!! OMR (Oh My Rob)… you killed me. I feel some twitchings in some parts… and a kind of fever… I need a cold shower.

  9. somanywards

    Love them xoxo thank you for this great post!

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