Sensual Sunday ~ Wet Wet Wet!!!

Oh my Rob!

I have died and gone to Heaven!  Nuthin’, but NUTHIN’ turns me on more than Wet Rob!

{Changed my Avi just for today LOL!}

So, when Jimmy Fallon challenged Rob to a Water War the other night, I nearly fainted! Well now, if you know me at all, you know I was never gonna be able to resist postin’ epic Wet RobGoodness!!!

Pretty sure Rob had been warned ahead of time, because…

there was a distinct twinkle in his eye when he walked out…

and a wonky spring in his steps that usually spells trouble…for us! LMAO!

OMG! He’s wearing GREEN…again!!!

Waaay better than the Kenzo suit he wore in Sydney…well, except for the Dad tie LOL!

Has Rob spotted the signal for the games to begin? {THIGH PORN ALERT!!}

Gotta give kudos to the people who build these crazy set contraptions LOL!

Round 1 to Jimmy and Rob was such a good sport about it!

So good, in fact, that even when he won the next round, he poured the water on himself instead of Jimmy LOL!

But once he discovered how much fun it was to soak JF….

Rob showed no mercy LMAO!!!

Aw hell! Why wasn’t Rob wearin’ a white shirt too? {Pouty face!}

ROTFLMAO!!! The look on Rob’s face is fuckin’ priceless…JF’s too!!!

And the winner is….ROB!!!

*Gigglesnort!* Hit  ‘im again, Rob!

Hell’n Rob’s havin’ way too much fun, ain’t he?

Nah! The Pretty deserves all the fun he can get after the hellaciously busy week he’s just had.  Now, let’s watch the whole thing again…and again…and again…and again!!!!

One more week of BD2 promotion for Rob and the team. This week’s premier schedule is:

Monday, November 12th, LA {Waves to all our friends campin’ out down there already!}

Wednesday, November 14th – London

Thursdday, November 15th – Madrid

Friday, November 16th – Berlin

Ladies, this was my last post for a couple of weeks, it bein’ time for my annual vacation to Texas for Thanksgiving!  See you when I get back! MWAH!!!

Happy Sunday, y’all!




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19 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Wet Wet Wet!!!

  1. clairebamboozle

    Oh Rita, Rita, Rita. When he poured the glass of water over himself…Gah, I am undone…Dragging myself upright to type this.
    I had only seen the photos before, so thank you for bring the moving version to my attention (may just be gonna hit replay when Ive posted this,LOL)
    I’m with you BB wet Rob is always a BIG WIN, and I love the AVI too.
    Gonna miss you for two weeks, but I wondered if you would do me a favor and bring me a big rugged cowboy back (preferably one with snakeskin boots, a silver belt buckle and a black Stetson…Oh and make sure he knows how to say ‘yes Ma’am’ -cause he’ll need to say it a lot when I get my hands on him. wink wink)
    Have a great time honey, you deserve it.
    Take care

    • rita01tx

      Thanks, ClaireBear! I’ll see if I can rustle up one for you *wink!* You’ll have to “brand” him yourself, though…I’m sure you can handle it LMAO!

  2. naughtyhisbella

    Oh, Rita! Thanks for making my day! Love a Wet Rob too! Enjoy your Thanksgiving with the family!

    • rita01tx

      Hi, Naughty darlin’! Too bad I couldn’t find the first 2 parts of that interview on YouTube {yet}! Heard tell it was chock full of Rob’s epic word vomit LOL!

      • naughtyhisbella

        Lots of Rob word vomit. Talked about going to a guitar shop in Nashville and ended up sitting there with Brad Paisley. He didn’t even know who Brad was at first. Somethin’ tells me he doesn’t really know anythin’ about country music. LOL It was good. Did you go to Jimmy Fallon’s website? I’m sure the videos are there.

    • rita01tx

      Whoa! How cool is that! Thanks BB! I’d seen the part about his visit to Nashville, but I’d missed the part where JK showed a couple of photos from Rob’s L’Uomo Vogue (Italy) photoshoot!! Woo hoo! Love those photos! Rob said he wore a pair of skintight leather pants that made him feel like a 45-year old divorcee, but they didn’t use them! WTF? Now I WANT to see them LOL!

  3. Oh Rita! thanks for sharing BB! i had not seen the video yet either!! he so beautiful and honestly, i think he’s prettier when he’s having fun! positively more lovable and adorkable!!! i’mma treasure this vid and these pics!!

    • rita01tx

      My hope is that it’s not the last time he visits Jimmy Fallon to promote one of this films! They always have the most fun together LOL! But, my greatest wish is that he never again has a contractual obligation to appear on the Today Show!!!

      • naughtyhisbella

        Yep! That’s them, Rita! I need to see the back end of those pants to truly make a decision…*snicker* I don’t think our Man likes to go on the Today show either. I think he prefers the fun shows like Live with Kelly & Michael, Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel.

        • rita01tx

          At least he gets free undewear every time he visits Ellen LOL! I like her, too! Oh! And fanboy Josh Horowitz is always a hoot!
          In fact, most all the interviews I’ve seen so far have been pretty damned respectful and Rob took them all on like the champ he is!

  4. mississippibellalis

    Rob loves Rita in his emerald green suit on premiere night in L.A.! Enjoy your trip to Texas, Rita!

  5. exaltada

    Rita! Have a very nice time in Texas, baby! Enjoy it!
    Thanks a lot for this post, I have this video but I haven´t watched it… I have no time, and I want to enjoy every second of it. But looking at these pics I know I´ll laugh a lot. They are funny!! Rob´s happy face is contagious like chickenpox LOL. And, of course, he´s as hot as ever… wow.
    Thanks, bb!

    • exaltada

      I forgot a thing: Rob today in Madrid!! *Cries a lot*. He´s far from me :(. I miss him… I´ll never forget the Barcelona BD-1 Premiere *sigh*.

      • rita01tx

        Exaltada darlin’! After Rob does Berlin, I’m thinkin’ we’ll all have time to catch up with the epic flood of RobPorn comin’ out of the last promo tour for the Twilight saga!! Personally, I haven’t had time to snag ANYTHING since the LA premier of BD2!!

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