FanFiction Fridays – Cache of Completes 2

Happy Friday and welcome to Cache of Completes 2! Today Cared and ilovealion – co-author of the excellent fic Pure Revelations – are joining me, MC, to wrap-up four previous recs that are now complete! Please enjoy…


Review by Midnight Cougar

Out of the Mouths of Babes by Edward’s Eternal

Originally rec’d on FanFiction Fridays – Aug 24/12 by Midnight Cougar.

*made by JA Mash*

Out of the Mouths of Babes: Dr. Edward Cullen loves his job, but lives for his daughter. When her little world explodes he will do anything to piece it back together. But could the solution also bring him the happiness he didn’t realize he was missing?

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Chapters: 38 – Words: 88,508 – Reviews: 7236 – Updated: 11-4-12 – Published: 7-5-12 – Edward & Bella – Complete

I had the honour and pleasure of reading and beta’ing every enthralling chapter of this Daddyward/Docward fic. Out of the Mouth of Babes is written by my dear friend Edward’s Eternal and is an absolutely beautiful story, told mostly in EPOV of Dr. Edward Cullen. It encompasses a dramatic storyline, where Edward leaves behind a terrible marriage and tries to move on with his devastated, young daughter.  It is a Hurt/Comfort/Romance fic that will make you believe in the power of love and all that it can do to heal broken hearts.

The characters in this story, especially Edward, Emma – his four-year-old daughter, and Bella, are all strong, unique and will make you laugh, cry and want to hug them tightly. Edward and Emma both overcome some huge obstacles in their lives, and sweet Emma and her endearing ways will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. And Bella, IMHO, is one the most compassionate, loving, healing and strong of all the Bella’s that I’ve read in Twilight fanfiction. Please enjoy!


Review by Midnight Cougar

Crushing  by MidnightLove87

Originally rec’d on FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Jun 8/12 by Midnight Cougar.

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Crushing: She’s been crushing on him for years, this year she vows to make sure he sees her as something other than his pseudo little sister. Will he crush her when he shows up to Christmas with his new fiancée or will she crush him in return? AH Olderward.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 31 – Words: 130,630 – Reviews: 3805 – Updated: 10-29-12 – Published: 4-9-12 – Bella & Edward.

Crushing was only the second story of MidnightLove87’s that I had the pleasure to beta, but we had a wonderful time working together to create this “crushing” story. She is a creative writer, and I was so excited for her that Crushing got the recognition it deserved when it won as a Fic of the Week at The Lemonade Stand.

When I first rec’d this exciting fic we were only ten chapters in, but now that it is complete at thirty-one chapters, with just an epilogue to post, I can say it’s a gripping Olderward tale that progressed dramatically as it came full circle from one Christmas to the next. It’s labeled Romance/Hurt/Comfort, and while it earns its rating with being an emotionally turbulent and “crushing” journey at times, it was incredible to see the real character development in both Edward and Bella. I enjoyed reading how they grew, changed and matured, both together and individually, while they worked toward their happily ever after. Enjoy!


Review by ilovealion

The Demon in My Dreams by littlecat358

Originally rec’d on FanFiction Fridays – “180 Degrees of Edward” by ilovealion.

The Demon in My Dreams: 27 y.o. social worker Bella Swan has seen her fair share of troubled souls, but nothing like Edward Cullen, part owner & manager of The Cullen House Group Home. Will he allow her into his life? And can she survive the demons that haunt him? OOC, Lemons.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Drama – Chapters: 16 – Words: 166,638 – Reviews: 2994 – Updated: 12-2-11 – Published: 4-26-11 – Edward & Bella.

Almost a year ago, I recommended a fic by littlecat358 called The Demon in My Dreams. I’m proud to announce that it is finally complete. Weighing in at a whopping 316,000 words and 32 chapters, it’s not a “quick read,” but it is soooo worth the time. I read it as a WIP and I plan to read it again now that it’s complete because it’s just that good.

Littlecat358 is a gifted storyteller and this tale of Edward and Bella is a masterpiece. I didn’t skim or skip a single paragraph, and, in fact, I reread several chapters more than twice because they were so damn good.

In DiMD, Edward’s a tortured soul, riddled with guilt over past indiscretions, who tries to move beyond his ex-con status. Working as a group leader in the family business, a home for troubled and displaced teenage boys, he tries to make peace with his past through service to others. Although he feels that he doesn’t deserve happiness, he does find some solace in the fact that he can provide the teens with a real-life example of how to be a productive citizen despite set-backs and mistakes early in life.

Enter Bella Swan, a social worker with a past of her own. She’s beautiful, tough and, above all else, dedicated to the children who are placed in her charge. When Edward and Bella are forced to work together to save two brothers from dire circumstances, the UST begins almost immediately. Edward doesn’t want to fall in love. He pushes her away at every turn, but he can’t stop the feelings that surface every time they’re together.

After many twists and misunderstandings, Edward and Bella finally admit that they have feelings for each other. But, theirs is not a lovey-dovey romance filled with roses and romantic dinners. Their love is deeper than that—passionate, needy, rough, essential.

The characters are wonderfully real. The storyline is absolutely gripping, and the ending is perfect.

Go take a look and fall in love with this story just like I did.


Review by Cared

 This Life by CaraNo

Originally rec’d on FanFiction Fridays – Irishward by Cared.

 This LifeThere’s no choice for Bella and Rose when the infamous Cullen brothers choose them as wives. It’s called arranged marriages and it’s reality. Another thing very real is Cullens lifestyle. Meet Irish Mobward and his beloved hellcat, Bella. No heavy angst.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Crime – Chapters: 53 – Words: 243,629 – Reviews: 12,004 – Updated: 10-31-12 – Published: 3-31-11 – Bella & Edward Complete

This Life by the talented award-winning author Cara No is now Complete at 52 chapters and an epilogue. I recommended this gripping fic as part of the Irishward post last St. Patrick’s Day. At that stage it was 41 chapters in and I said it was an interesting romantic tale that took off as a fascinating ride. I mentioned an international family feud, revenge, subterfuge, hot car sex, grand theft auto, a shoot-out, and a car chase.  I may have mentioned the hot car sex twice LOL. Little did I realize then what an understatement that would end up being. All of the above is only the tip of the iceberg in this riveting and entertaining mafia story. While it never loses the essence of being an Edward and Bella love story, it rivals a Stieg Larsson novel as a thrilling page turner err… next chapter button clicker.

It is told in both Bella and Edward’s POV – strike that – Princess and Whistler’s POV, just the way I like it. In addition to the larger than life protagonists there is also an amazing supporting cast. These range from close family members that you can’t help but grow fond of, such as Rosalie and Emmett, to the nasty ‘baddies’ on the opposing side that you soon hate, with a myriad of multifaceted characters in between. The story takes you all over the world; it has more riches than you can shake a stick at and Bella develops in ways you would never imagine. It’s not all about the highlife though; violence and death inevitably go hand in hand with this glamorous lifestyle they lead.

There is one aspect that does not change from the early chapters – the sex is as hot as ever!

When he was a little harder, I let him go and looked up at him. I gave him an innocent look. ―Want to fuck my tits, Mr. Cullen?

His eyes flashed with desire, darkening as heat spread to his cheeks.

He nodded slowly, jaw clenching, and then he bent slightly at his knees so that his cock was aligned with my breasts. I smiled and pushed them together, and he gripped his cock, lining it up before pushing in. He moaned quietly. We stopped for a brief moment so that I could make his cock wetter, which I did by gathering arousal from my pussy and coating his dick with it. That sure made him harder.

Fuck me, he whispered, thrusting slowly. So sexy…

I couldn‘t stop myself. I needed more.

So, I started touching myself.

I could smell us in the elevator.

Soon, he was hard as steel in between my breasts.

I need to fuck you, he groaned.

A shiver ripped through me, setting off a wave of arousal to my pussy.

He helped me up then spun me around to face the mirrored wall.

My skirt was bunched up, my thong was pushed aside. His grip on my hips was firm. His expression in the mirror was lethal. He was sex personified to me.

Ready, baby?

I nodded. Once. Just a quick dip of my chin.

And then he slammed in.

Fuck! I cried out.

Fast pace.

We watched each other. He fucked me hard.

Both pain and pleasure. So much pleasure…

Each time I exhaled, fog appeared on the mirror, and I could hear how wet I was as he slid in and out of me.

Hotter. So much hotter. Perspiration followed.

All air left me as I watched him behind me. How his hips slammed against my ass, how his head was tipped back, how his lips parted, how his muscles strained against his black t-shirt…

The fire surged. My breaths became shallow and choppy. I whimpered.

Fuckin‘ minx, he breathed out, meeting my gaze in the mirror. He leaned forward, grinding into me, and buried his face in the crook of my neck. More grinding. God, so deep. Then his fingers joined. Circling, rubbing, stroking my clit. You‘ll be the death of me, Mrs. Cullen, he muttered breathlessly in my ear.

I was done for.

I choked on a breath.

Trembling, shaking, shivering, tensing, clenching, coming.

Edward followed with a guttural groan, spilling into me while thrusting lazily.

I could barely stand afterward. My knees kept buckling under me, much to Whistler‘s amusement, but that stopped when he actually swayed on his feet. Through pants and chuckles, I gave him a pointed look. Yeah, I‘m not the only one who is properly fucked, honey.

This Life can be found here:


Thank you for joining us today, and thank you to Cared and ilovealion for their reviews!

Please share what you’ve been reading in the fanfiction world lately!

Have a lovely week!  Midnight Cougar



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17 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Cache of Completes 2

  1. ilovealion

    I can’t wait to dive into the other completes!!! Thanks MC and Cared. xoxo

    • Thank YOU for your review! xo

    • haystackhair

      ok wordpress is hating me lately, so I’ll try to comment. I’ve been MIA lately cause it won’t let me in. Thanks for this list, I know I started a few of these- Loving Out of the Mouths of Babes, will have to read the end. I agree with the review, just wonderful. I read a bunch from the last Cache of completes, so thanks for a new cache to start on!!! I missed you ladies!!!

  2. Happy Friday All! Thanks MC and ilovealion for the original recs of these and I have enjoyed all three of them.

    I have many WIIPs on the go and even more Complete on my TBR list. There are so many good ones I don’t know what to pick to read next LOL. Any suggestions ladies?

    • Thank you Cared for your review! We do have a *cough* few WIPs. 😉 I don’t know where to start anymore…I keep saying no more WIPs, gonna catch up on my Updates to be Read…but I totally fail at that! lol xo

  3. Oh girls – beautiful post!!! I honestly can’t wait to read all of these. I did start The Demons in My Dreams, but I think I got sidetracked (and I am pretty sure it was Nolebucgrl who was to blame.. lol) but what i read was wonderful – can’t wait to restart it, and the others look just as good.

    Seriously, why can’t I get a job reading fan fic? Where is the justice?! LOL

    This week I am working my way through “The Practice of Love” by Belladonnacullen: *complete* This a story I have had on my TBR for ages and I am about halfway through at the moment, and I am loving every chapter. A very complex Edward, this one 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend all!! AV xox

  4. Hi, just dropping in for a quickie – love ‘Completes’ posts!
    I too really love Demons and got sidetracked before the end. Looking forward to reading the last few chapters.
    Rochelle Allison is one of my favourite authors, and she completed in November. I read it all in one sitting, it is a deeply satisfying story about – ermmm – I would have to say ‘choices’ describes the theme best. Have faith in both E and B after you read the beginning.
    Oh, and happy Thanksgiving, Americans! (Or happy shopping??)

  5. ‘Sideline Collision’ just completed and I loved it. Also I cannot recommend ‘Letters to Corporal Masen’ enough. There are no lemons in this fic, but I never even realized it. Give it a read; you won’t be disappointed!

    • Thanks JaymeDuRob. I agree with you about both Sideline Collision and Letters to Corporal Masen – I loved them both. Both of them had an Edward you could fall in love with and a Bella that you’d be glad to have as a friend, a great combination in a fic.

    • Thanks Jayme, I agree SC was great, I love QBward & Noelbucgrl writes amazing ones! I have Letters…on my TBR. TY

  6. Wow! I actually read 3 of the 4 recommended fictions this week and just decide to stop by to show my appreciation for the work you girls do. I love getting recommendations about fics. I miss Emma! I adore OlderWard and the strong Bella and Edward tats from Demons captived my heart! Now I get a chance to read a complete “This Life” from Cara and still follow “We Could Run”… I would definitely add “Wild Child” from Liz McFlufly on the list. It was amazing! Thanks so much ladies! Cheers…

  7. rita01tx

    While monopolizing my sister’s iPad, I had the very great pleasure of reading The Demons in My Dreams while I was on vacation! What a great read!! The others are either on my TBR or will be added now LOL!
    Man, I’m feeling smug that, as a newly retired lady, I have all the time in the world to read fanfiction {and perv on Rob, of course}!
    My current favorite author has GOT to be Counselor so I also read ALL of her complete stories while I was gone! Those of you who haven’t gotten to her yet, please indulge yourselves!!

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