FanFiction Fridays – Actorward Special Edition 2

Happy FanFiction Fridays and welcome to our Actorward Special Edition 2!

I can’t believe it has been this long, but over a year ago, AllyVera, Cared and I, MC, featured FanFiction Fridays – Actorward Special Edition where we highlighted some of our favourite Actorward fics. As you may have  noticed from past posts, we ladies are very partial to Actorward fics here at Rob Attack, and I am thrilled to announce that today we are going to bring you some new and exciting Actorwards that we have been following and enjoying…

*made by Cared and AllyVera*


Review by Midnight Cougar

Glycerine by Livie79

*made by Shahula Fics*

Glycerine: Sweet, clear, odorless…harmless, unless mixed with the wrong ingredients. When Edward and Bella’s worlds collide a spark ignites. Will the highly combustible mixture of their love-hate relationship bind them, or create an explosion that will destroy them both? **REVISED**

My rec this week is very near and dear to my heart…and my fanfiction Actorward addiction! Recently, I was chatting with the lovely Livie79 via Facebook chat , and I asked her if she would consider writing me a compelling Actorward fic. One that makes me vie for updates, run to it as soon as it posts, that would invest me deeply in its characters, and consume me with emotions when I read…because all her past works have done that for me, and I knew she’d bring me what I was craving! *Yes, I am a greedy h00r!* Well, she has done just that, and more, in her new story Glycerine.

Liv told me that once I put the plot bunny in her mind, she couldn’t get it out, and then she said, “…I was driving to work one morning and the song Glycerine came on and POOF, I was in a chatbox with [Midnight Cougar] for the next 2 hours plotting this mofo out.” This is true, we have spent some serious time discussing the story in general, the characters, their storylines, and more specifically, Edward. He is fantastic…an asshole, yes, egotistical, definitely, but also fascinatingly complex… I wanted an Edward  who would make me love and hate him all at the same time…and that he is! YES!

*Here is the video and the inspirational lyrics of Glycerine  by Bush*

Edward is a sought after, successful actor, and Bella is a witty, creative Costume Designer. They work together for months on a movie…unbeknownst to Edward, until the wrap up party, where they meet. As the original story summary says, Bella decides to fulfill a fantasy, to seduce the egotistical Edward Cullen, who “didn’t do repeats.” He, of course, is happy to oblige with no strings, no commitments, and as sparks fly, a volatile mixture is created…

Excerpts from Chapter 1

Bella lifted her drink to her lips as her gaze lingered on Edward across the room. His shoulders were relaxed, his smile carefree and easy as he stood among a circle of random faces with one hand shoved into his pocket and the other holding a glass of champagne. To the casual observer Edward seemed completely at ease, unbothered by the number of people who gravitated to him, waiting on their chance to catch his attention.

But Bella wasn’t just a casual observer. She noticed the predatory look in his eyes as they darted around the room during a break in conversation, when one group shifted out and another shifted in, no doubt checking out the prospects for his next conquest.

She smoothed a hand down her side and finished the rest of her drink. If she had anything to say about the situation, she would be filling that position tonight, or better yet the one being filled.

It took less than fives minutes for Edward to haul her into the manager’s office in the back of the restaurant. Slamming the door shut behind them, he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her flush against him. His kiss was demanding and rough, their teeth knocking together as they clawed at each other.

“This,” he panted, reaching for the hem of her shirt and yanking it over her head, “has to go.”

He palmed her tit, his firm grip eliciting a moan from Bella as she twisted her fingers in his hair then scraped her nails down his neck.

“Fuck.” He flexed his fingers, groaning as he lowered his head, and grazed his teeth over her nipple. “They’re real.”

“Not…something…you see often?” she asked between kisses, dropping her hands to unbuckle his belt and flick open his pants.

“Not nearly enough.” Stepping back to pull off his shirt, he took a moment to appreciate the slight flare of her hips, the smooth curve of her waist, and the way her tits moved as she drew in heavy, labored breaths.

“Are you going to stand there all day, or are you going to get over here and fuck me?” Pulling down the zipper on the back of her skirt, she let the material fall to the floor until she was standing in just her panties and heels.

Edward reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom, tearing it open with his teeth without breaking their stare. He pushed down his boxers, his dick jerking when he stroked it once before rolling on the condom.

“Is that what you want baby?”

Not bothering to lift her eyes from what she wanted most, Bella sucked in a ragged breath, her clit aching and her heart pounding in anticipation as he stalked over to her. “Yeah, fuck yeah.”

Oh yeah, baby! We get some fuck-hot wall sex right out of the starting gate! 😀

As you can see this story is told in third person narrative, which will give us a comprehensive view of both sides of their story. This is imperative to the understanding of the complexity of Edward and Bella’s lives and the situations they find themselves in when their paths cross again months later.

I’ve read the story outline, and I will say, now that Bella’s drive to have Edward only once is accomplished, she is determined not to go back there, but with Edward’s ego, conceit and confident attitude, what will really happen? Well, I can guarantee it will make for one hell of a turbulent Romance/Angst story! Livie79 will update every Friday, and I know you will enjoy this Actorward!

Thank you Liv! xoxo

*Please Note: Glycerine was first posted Friday, November 23/12 but was then pulled by for *cough* “content violation” four days later. Livie79 has reposted the first chapter on and will post the second one today, but also see her blog for teasers and up to date story information. As well, Glycerine, and her other stories, can also be found on AO3, therefore, if anything gets pulled from again, you can read it there instead.*

Livie79 Blog


Review by AllyVera

Sexy Silk by jlho

Bella is a smart mouthed, celebrity hating P.A. to a Hollywood Stylist. Edward is an arrogant Hollywood playboy. What happens when their paths cross on the night of the Globes? Rated M for swears and lemons.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 28 – Words: 170,987 – Reviews: 2,916 – Favs: 2,984 – Follows: 3,220 – Updated: 02-08-12 – Published: 01-16-11 – id: 6659413

I wanted to keep with Midnight Cougar and Cared’s theme this week of Actorwards, and I thought I would share one of my absolute favourite stories with you, Sexy Silk by the seriously talented  jlho.

Sexy Silk has been around for a while, so quite a few of you may have read it, but if you haven’t, it is a treat.  It ticks so many boxes – sexy as hell Actorward, confident sassy Bella, great plot, really hot lemons and some good laughs, usually given by the conversations that Bella has with her “nether regions” affectionately dubbed Tulip.

Here is a little peek at the beginning of Chapter One…

“List of Mistakes:

I shouldn’t have had sex with Edward Cullen.

I shouldn’t have let Edward Cullen fuck me.

I shouldn’t have let that pompous arrogant asshole fuck me.

Are you seeing a theme develop? Yeah, me too.

I lived my life through tightly controlled lists. Although writing down what I had done in the past tense wasn’t typical. In fact, I only made lists to control my actions and navigations of the future, never to condemn myself for the stupid decisions, which weren’t many. I followed my lists and I didn’t write down; make a stupid, life altering, motherfucking decision. Did I?

*Checks* Nope. Nothing in the same vicinity.”

When reading this first part of chapter one (which is a prologue of sorts), you might think that this is an angst story, but it is far from it indeed.  But definitely what Edward does is turn Bella’s life upside down.  It really is fun watching Edward get under Bella’s little protective layer that she has developed to keep men from wanting long term commitments from her.  He certainly has his work cut out for him, but this Edward is nothing but persistent.  I just love him!

So ladies, enjoy Sexy Silk or as I like to call it, “The Adventures of Tulip and Slugger”.

Note:  Even though Sexy Silk is not marked complete, it really is.  I do understand that there is an epilogue on its way.


Review by Cared

Changing My Course by twilover76

*banner made by Ange de L’aube*

Sparks fly when two strangers collide in the dark. Will Edward star in Bella’s future, or will the politics of her life be too much for him to handle? AH/M

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 3 – Words: 12,705 – Reviews: 621 – Favs: 476 – Follows: 834 – Updated: 11-22-12 – Published: 11-03-12 – id: 8670473

Hands up everyone who has ever become lost while desperately searching for the loo in a club. Hands up, those who have opened the wrong door in their haste. (Going into the men’s room at BD2 does not count Ilovealion.) Now, hands up anyone whose search for relief led them to be trapped in a tiny, dark closet with an enigmatic stranger. Anyone? Yes we have a winner – Isabella Swan can proudly wave her hand in the air! I think we need to hear the details ladies.  Agreed?

Bella is out enjoying a rare night of freedom while celebrating her college graduation with her best friend Rose. Straight away the phrase “poor little rich girl” springs to mind.  It appears her wealthy and ambitious parents have Bella’s life mapped out for her; as a dutiful daughter she is expected to play her part in accordance with their lofty aspirations.  This includes expecting her to be willing to settle for a loveless marriage to a man with the so called right connections, one James Preston Hearst III – even his name sounds boring.

I warmed to this highly educated, somewhat sheltered, initially straight-laced Bella immediately. Much to my amusement, she hurls herself out of her comfort zone and says/thinks it like it is.  My kind of girl! “‘You’re so big,'” I blurted out, immediately wanting to kill myself for my verbal vomit. I couldn’t help it though. Sure, I only had James’ tiny parts to compare it to, but if dicks were populations, Edward’s would be China.” Ooh lucky Bella!

So now we now that all-important information about Edward out of the way, what else do we know about him?  At this stage not a lot, apart from the fact that he smells nice.  Oh, he is probably one of the good guys as he takes pleasure from being able to bring comfort to a maiden in distress; he hints that he likes to bring pleasure to maidens in other ways too *wink* and I don’t doubt him or his prowess. Since this post is all about Actorwards, it’s not going to come as a surprise that this intriguing stranger in said dark closet turns out to be Edward Cullen, the boy-king of Hollywood. The biggest star around.”  Also, in Bella’s words – the hottest, most gorgeous hunk of man in the universe.

Chapter 1

“You smell good.”

My cheeks burned from my jabbered confession, and I was glad for the lack of light. I was cringing from embarrassment when his voice rasped close to my ear.

“So do you.”

You know that moment on a roller coaster ride, just as you’re about to descend down a sharp hill? That’s what my stomach felt like when he uttered those words.

I was literally tingling from head to foot, and I couldn’t attribute it to lack of oxygen from my almost panic attack any longer.

It was him.

A thousand butterflies flew in my stomach, and I became hyperaware of what was happening.

I was attracted to this man.

But how could that be?

I’d never even seen his face. I didn’t know him at all. He was a complete stranger, even if he had been nice enough to keep me from breaking down completely.

And perhaps that was part of what made him enticing. The not knowing.

It was foreign. Not planned, but instinctual. Sort of forbidden—even slightly dangerous—and completely out of my realm of experience.

Maybe that was what I needed.

Rose had told me to live a little. Break up the monotony before I left New York and went along with my planned-out, boring future.

I probably wouldn’t come across a better chance than this to do something crazy and reckless.

So in a bold move, beyond uncharacteristic for me, I slid my hand up his chest and tilted my face up to align with his. The room was quiet, like a stillness before a storm, but the faint echoes and bass thumps from the music playing on the dance floor of the club made the setting somewhat erotic.

I took one more deep breath, and before I could talk myself out of it, I rose up on my toes and kissed him.

Bella calls her experience a demented form of Seven Minutes in Heaven, involving adults andliquor. I know it’s kind of crazy, just like their time in the closet is, but they somehow manage to form a bond under the weirdest of circumstances. It appears as though neither of them wants to let it end there, but the odds are stacked against them on both sides.

Obviously Bella is not happy with the course her life is talking, but she is used to going with the flow as she takes the path of least resistance.   The big questions are: will she change her course; and if she does, will she steer towards Edward?  Even if she does, will Edward be able to handle the baggage that comes with her?  I’m not talking about Louis Vuitton suitcases here – a relationship will Bella will not be simple. Edward is not used to being thwarted or indeed resisted, so this is unchartered territory for him also.  While he rises to the challenge initially, I just hope his has it in him to keep it up (no innuendo intended).  I think this lovely Bella is worth the effort, and they both deserve at least the chance of happiness.

Changing My Course is brought to us the talented twilover76, author of the wonderful No Ordinary Proposal.  This delightful story is told in Bella’s POV.  As it’s only three chapters in, it won’t take you long to catch up and join this endearing Bella and charismatic Edward on their unexpected journey.

If one of you ladies had a similar closet experience, remember you are amongst friends here, so please share in the comments.  There is no such thing as TMI!


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Thank you for joining us today, and again, THANK YOU to Cared and AllyVera for their recs, and invaluable help. I have read Sexy Silk and I am reading Changing My Course and I agree they are both excellent Actorward stories!

Have a lovely week, and happy reading! We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Midnight Cougar


*FanFiction Fridays – Best of 2012 VOTING*

*Made By Cared*

Again this year we will be having a Rob Attack FanFiction Fridays Best of 2012 List post. 

“It’s time” (in my best Alice voice) to vote for your favourite fic recommended on FanFiction Fridays this year. Please support your favourite Completed, WIP, and One-Shot by simply clicking on the survey links below. Winners will be announced in the final post of the year on Friday December 28th.  Go on, leave a great story some love, it’s an easy way to say thank you to the Twilight fanfiction authors who’ve given us so much enjoyment in 2012 from reading their fics. 

Please vote for your favourites!


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23 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Actorward Special Edition 2

  1. Thanks for the rec my lovely friend! ❤

  2. I thought my addiction would wane with the release of BD2, but alas no, o dear. You ladies keep me buried in great recs that I simply can’t resist! *sigh*

  3. nebfan51

    Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work (bet its fun too) getting all these wonderful recs out each week!!! I appreciate these posts and always enjoy reading them:)

  4. I love Actorwards, too, so I can’t wait to dive into these wonderful stories.

    Cared, you outed me! Okay, not really since I posted my BD2 experience on FB, but geez. Yes, I walked into the men’s bathroom at the theater on opening night. Unfortunately, it was not Edward Cullen or Rob Pattinson in the loo. I did see peen, but I did not say, “You’re so big” to the guy using the urinal. I ran out of there as fast as I could. UGH! Did any of you see peen at the BD2 premiere? Please tell me I’m not alone. hahaha

    Thanks so much for everything you guys do. MC, Ally, and Cared… you make it look easy!!


  5. *Please Note – There are three links at the end of the above post for The Best FFF Recs of 2012 VOTING – There will be a supplementary post solely for this topic soon*

  6. eewee333

    TGIF ladies. Thanks for all the great recs. ( I joined your actorward community as well) Some really great stories in that too. I look forward to being able to sit down and get back to some serious ficreading soon. RL has just been kicking me around this month 😦 But, that’s the way it goes sometimes. You all have a wonderful weekend and thanks again. You ladies really do a terrific job and I, for one, appreciate it. Love you guys!! 🙂

    • Thanks eewee333 and welcome to the Actorward Community. I hope you manage to squeeze in some fic reading this weekend. Please vote for your favourites in the polls below.

  7. Hi Ladies!!

    MC, the post looks great, and it is wonderful to be able to do another Actorward, it is very exciting that more great Actorwards are being written. And of course, I am SO excited that our Livie is writing one!

    I am having a terrible time deciding for the story I want to vote on. There were so many wonderful stories recommended on FFF this year.

    As a side note, last week I mentioned I was reading The Practice of Love by belladonnacullen Well, I have finished (I can’t believe it has taken two weeks to read one fic!) and I can’t recommend this one highly enough – it has everything, a great Bella, a fabulous Edward who keeps you intrigued, a gorgeous child in Vanessa – it has mystery, drama – you name it! And it is so well written. On my fic scale, I would give it a 9/10 🙂

    Have a great weekend ladies! xox AV

  8. Great job with the post ladies!
    Well we all know by now how persuasive our friend Cared can be. She’s been at me to read a fic for nearly a year and to be honest “period Romances” tend to loose me with their constant descriptions so I put it off for quite some time always promising her i Would read it eventually. well i always keep my promises…eventually and i finally broke down and started reading “Plight Thee My Troth” by gingerandgreen. Any you know what my first thought was? WTF is WRONG with Me that i didn’t start this story AGES AGO??? Seriously, even if period romance aren’t your thing YOU NEED to READ THIS FIC!!!! Here is the banner for it too. G&G is a Brillant author and i don’y know how she did it but even though the story is tol from the EPOV it still seems unique in the way it is done.
    Thanks CARED shold have known you’d never steer me wrong lol! and Thank You G&G for writing PTMT!! MWAH!

  9. eewee333

    Hey, I was going through my emails today and GUESS WHAT? Jaxon22 posted a new story today and let me tell you, the first chapter sucked me in like a vacuum and remember, I don’t do WIP’s!! But, I can’t wait for the next chapter now…go forth and read about Dirtyward….

  10. Ally Vera, I can’t tell you how big my smile is right now fro reading your post where you said “our Livie” I love that you guys have basically adopted me!! I love y’all like whoa.

  11. Aw, thank you so much, Robs Fan-tasy! *blush* And thank you Cared, for making her read it and for all your support. You’re the best.

    I came by earlier and skipped off to find the name of the actorward fic I read recently, lost track and forgot what I was doing. I still can’t remember it – oh well. In my defense, it’s been a helluva week. But because of Allyvera’s rec of The Practice of Love, I read that, and I loved it too. It really is fulfilling read.

    Much love to you all; have a great week. ❤

    • oh she was relentless G&G and i’m so glad for it. Our girl is truly dedicated when she finds a fic she loves. bless her heart! It’s a great story you should be verra verra proud of it.

  12. rita01tx

    Well, I voted, but DAMN it was hard {that’s what she said}!!! How do you choose from among such great fics? Can we make it maybe top 5 next time so I don’t feel so guilty about having to choose only one???

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