Sensual Sunday ~ For the Love of Lashes!!!

Hi Ya'allDear Friends!

I was somewhat taken aback the other day when the lovely Mississippibellalis sent me a tumblr message sayin’ she was gonna miss my Sunday posts!

Hmmm, it would appear there’s been a slight misunderstandin’ that I was retirin’ from RA! SO NOT TRUE!!!

I have recently retired from WORK, darlin’s, NOT from RA! So, just for even thinkin’ the unthinkable, all you angelz and hOOrs are gettin’ 25 LASHES!!

Start filin’ into the RRoP and assume the position, ladies!!!


01 Aw, Rita! Don’t hurt my girls!

TWO!  {Trust me, Rob darlin’! It’s gonna hurt ’em real gooood!}


Oh, God! I can’t watch!

THREE!  {You don’t have to watch, but you’ll miss all the fun if you close your eyes LOL!}

Robert Pattinson goes to The Daily Show Wait! Fun? You mean you expect them to enjoy being lashed?

 FOUR!  {Well, duuuh! They’re YOUR lashes, Rob! So, hell to the yeah, they’re gonna love it LOL!}


In that case, swing away, Rita!!!

FIVE!  {Oh, I will! Don’t you worry your pretty little head!} Feel the burn, ladies!


SIX!  No squirmin’…you’ll make me miss!!!


SEVEN!  My God! Does this man not have the most beautiful lashes ever?


EIGHT!  The way they fan across his cheeks…GAH!


How’re they holding up, Rita?

NINE!  {Just fine, Rob. Hey, I thought you were gonna keep your eyes closed!}

Robert Pattinson at LAX

TEN!  If I didn’t know better, I’d think they were stick-ons LOL!


ELEVEN!  I think Hedi Slimane was in love with Rob’s lashes, too!


TWELVE!  A lethal combination with Rob’s thick eyebrows…THUD!


THIRTEEN!  Oh, my Rob! You guys are clickin’ these to full screen, right?


FOURTEEN!  Crap! The lips distracted me…missed!


FIFTEEN!  Notice how Rob’s lashes just shine!!!


SIXTEEN!  Sexy Beast! DED!!!

'Water for Elephants' Premiere in Paris

SEVENTEEN!  Golden lashes…can’!


EIGHTEEN!  The most beautiful man in the world!


NINETEEN!  Ah, Geez! Kill me now!!! I felt that one my own self!


Uh, Rita? Haven’t they had enough, yet?

TWENTY!  {Hell, NO! Not near enough! Now, don’t go gettin’ squeamish on me!}


TWENTY-ONE!  JawPorn alert! How can I be expected to concentrate on my swings?!


TWENTY-TWO!  My arm’s gettin’ tired…good thing I’m nearly done!


TWENTY-THREE!  Oops! Landed one on the same spot…never mind!


Damnit, Rita! You’re drawing blood! STOP!

TWENTY-FOUR  {Only one more, Rob darlin’!} You guys can handle one more, right?!


Seriously? That’s enough! Please!?

TWENTY-FIVE!  {You can open your eyes now, Rob! I’m all done!}


So help me, Rita! If you’ve left a mark on any of them, I’ll be very upset with you!

Rob, angel! You’ve got the longest, softest lashes in the whole wide world! How could I have possibly marked them in any way?

* * *

*Lightin’ up a ciggy!* Well, my lovelies…was it as good for you as it was for me?

Happy Sunday, y’all!




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56 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ For the Love of Lashes!!!

  1. anyone else hoping this will be a weekly punishment? please! after all we are such very naughty hoors.

  2. clairebamboozle

    Ooh Rita…25 lashes just wasn’t enough delicious Rob torture…I could probably go another 25…anyone else with me?????
    Love the post honey, and I laughed out loud with comments on ten and fourteen, because you and I were thinking the exact same things…great minds and all.
    BTW if you ever said you were retiring from Rob Attack that would be more a case for mourning the loss, not celebrating.
    Take care honey

    • rita01tx

      Rob permitting, I expect to be around for a loooong time, ClaireBear!
      Glad you liked my post! It was a labor of love for our wonderful, gorgeous, sexy, sweet ROB!!!

      • clairebamboozle

        Glad to hear you’re stickin’ round honey. I for one would miss your witty, weekly delve into the Rob porn bank.

        • rita01tx

          Hell’n they’ll have to pry my RobPorn stash from my cold, dead fingers before I quit LOL! Actually, I think I’ll make DH bury it with me…even better!

  3. Well I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed that !!!! Oh.. I think I’ve come over all hot n flushed!!! lol
    BRILL work Rita – Thank you for brightening up a dull Sunday morning & always love your comments…you make me giggle loads … Can never get enough ROB!! Take care xx

    • rita01tx

      Aw shucks, Melissa darlin’! It was purely my pleasure to provide some much needed RobDistraction for you and everyone else, for that matter! We all had a good time today pervin’ on The Pretty!!

  4. bellatesoro

    Well if this is the way we’re going to get treated now that you are retired…I say hell yeah, bring on the punishment.
    You found the best “lashes” ever. But I captured the best, if I do say so myself, the very best “lash-Rob” picture. If you want me to share, let me know.
    Look forward to all your lashes to com…

  5. *rubbing posterior* So worth it. This pic is the first thing that popped in my head when you mentioned RRoP. 🙂

    Can we have another misunderstanding soon??

  6. mississippibellalis

    Now that Rita has gently whipped me, it’s my turn to gently whip you, Rob! hehehe
    I’ll show you how naughty girls do it. For your pleasure, Rob, the girls can take turns whipping each other. And, then, you can whip each of us in turn. (she says with a smile in her eyes)
    If you rise to the occasion (wink, wink) you might find that it’s not your rear-end that’s sore!

    • rita01tx

      Sweet Jesus, Missi darlin’! What a brilliant idea! Now, if could just lure Rob to RA’s RRoP, we would make ALL his fantasies come true {and ours, of course}! I’m gonna have this scenario burned into my bwainz for a good while, I tell ya!

      • rita01tx

        And about that tumblr blinkie you were talkin’ about? I’m all ears!!!

        • mississippibellalis

          I went looking at the RA home page and you ladies already have an animated gif. (On the right hand side, the page peels back.) That would work. Also, I’ll play around on PSP for a day and see what I can come up.

          • rita01tx

            RF and I were talkin’ about that blinkie this morning! It’s not really relevant anymore since we don’t have enough people (or ideas) to do daily posts! But, it’s just so pretty and Cared did such a beautiful job for us we don’t want to take it down! If you have an idea for an additional one, we’re open to it!

  7. That man has owned me for years but through immersion therapy I’ve been able to get myself to a point where I could look at his gorgeousness without, one- wetting myself and two- falling to the floor in a heap of over overheated goo. But with this post you’ve set back all of that hard work.

    His lashes are my Achilles heel!! Long and thick… Oh god… I’m going to need some time to myself.

  8. naughtyhisbella

    I am honored to say I saw Bella T’s pic of Rob when she got back from NYC. We’re two of the 12 month h00rs. She doesn’t share that pic often, so feel honored! Rita…sweet, sweet Rita…I must confess I love you. You and the girls never fail to make me smile, laugh and be horny for Rob. Love, Love, Love the lashes…*sigh*

    • rita01tx

      Believe me, Naughty darlin’! I am definitely honored that Missi would share that jewel with me {and us}! And many thanks for the looove!

  9. keyecullen

    Made my Sunday evening!! Yummy!

  10. WOW!! Loving this post and the torture/punishment not to mention all the comments!!! You’re killing us softly here Rita!! But since you ran off for two weeks i think you need/deserve a few “Lashes” yourself!!! So Take This!
    image host

  11. That was just a Love Tap! haha I ain’t done yet
    image host

  12. Really, Rita? I’m supposed to go on with my day now? No, I don’t think so. That won’t work at all. GAAAAH!

    • rita01tx

      Well, hell, Born, darlin’! Didn’t mean to take you away from your writin’ {whistlin’, rockin’ back ‘n forth on my feet with an evil glint in my eye}! Just call it a well-deserved break, or a pause to collect some *ahem* inspiration!?!?!

  13. eewee333

    Good Lord Rita! My Monday just got even better! I ran to the RRoP and assumed the position and took my 25 lashes with a big fat smile on my face!! Needless to say I’m thROBbing all over!! Thanks for the work-out and pass the ShamWow.

    • rita01tx

      Eewee!!! Good to see you, BB! Glad you liked the “lashes,” which I was more than happy to give you LMAO!!! Knew you’d love the burn of a good Rob workout! {Here, have a ShamWow, darlin’!}

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