Sensual Sunday ~ Futuristic Fantasy!!!

ritatx01 avi

Oh, ladies!

The last few days have been dark and cold, in more ways than one, and I’m needin’ to get to my happy place in the worst way!

So, c’mere! I’m takin’ you all with me!

Remember the Caitlin Cronenberg photoshoot Rob did for Vogue L’Uomo? Were you just as shocked as I was at the surreality of it? The fantasticness of it? Yeah, it was kinda weird at first but, the more I looked at Rob in all the strange clothes and poses, the more fascinated I became!

01 RobertPattinsonMag

In his last interview with Jimmy Fallon, Rob called the hardware on the coat “Nipple Armory!”  Someone else called them “Butt Plugs!” Either way, they look ouchy as hell!

02 Jules_caitlinvogue1

Didn’t take long for our enhancers extraordinaire to swing into action! This futuristic banner was made by Jules {Creations by Jules}!

03 cray4kstew

Cray4kstew shows us the coat without all the scary stuff! No distraction from Rob’s “Mile High” hair LMAO!

04 IRWL148

Sally {InRobWeLust} made this brilliant two-fer {two for one} and shared it on tumblr!!!

05 RobertPattinsonMag

This is more like the messy hair we love to see on Rob, with a closer look at the Butt Plugs {uh, I don’t think so!}

06 Francies67400

Personally, I’d like a better look at that full-finger ring! But, I’ll settle for Rob’s beautiful eyes in this Francies67 edit!

07 tinypixie

This edit I snagged from TinyPixie looks like a paintin’…again, his eyes are simply mezmerizin’!

08 RobertPattinsonVogue

Rob in red on red! Gotta say, I’m lovin’ the fingerware!

09 Pattinsonworld 001

A Pattinsonworld edit gives us the close-up we all crave!

10 Francies67419

Francies67 changed the color from red to grey, which immediately made me think of…

11 a_clockwork_orange

this poster from Stanley Kubric’s film, A Clockwork Orange! Damn kinky/creepy film, in its day!

12 RobertPattinsonVogue

Rob usin’ his middle finger in this shot…subliminal message to the paps?

13 PattinsonWorld

Another Pattinsonworld edit showcasin’ all the metal studs on Rob’s bad boy leather jacket!

14 Francies67420

Don’t know about you, but I sure wanna crawl into the back seat of that car with Rob!

15 RobertPattinsonVogue

Something about this shot is very Count of Monte Cristo…ish!

16 Francies67421

Rob looks HOT, in more ways than one! {Well, it WAS shot in the desert LOL!}

17 RobertPattinsonVogue3

But I needed a closer look at his eyes cause I swear they used mascara and eyeliner on him!

18 RobertPattinsonVogue1

Now, the pointy shit on The Pretty’s eyes was a real “whoa…WTF!” moment LMAO!!!

19 RobertPattinsonVogue1 - Copy

Somehow, the thin straps on his forehead make ’em kinda…well, sexy???

20 RobertPattinsonVogue2

Rob said {again, on Jimmy Fallon} that he felt like a 45 year old divorced guy when he hoisted himself into those painted on, skin-tight leather pants!  I disagree vehemently!!!

21 RobertPattinsonVogue2 - Copy

But, why couldn’t that long, silvery metal scarf have been waaaay shorter IYKWIMAITYD?!

22 RobertPattinsonVogue5

Give Rob a dashin’ rapier and a mask, and we’d have our new Zorro!

23 Mississippibellalis 001

Thankin’ Mississippibellalis for the multiple Robgasms!!!!

24 RobertPattinsonVogue6

Black leather jacket, tight leather pants, greasy leather chaps and a leather pirate’s tricorn? Now, I LUV Rob in leather, but I’m guessin’ Miss Caitlin couldn’t decide what “look” she was goin’ for LOL!

25 RobertPattinsonVogue6 - Copy

Need a better quality close-up of Rob’s face in that crazy hat!

26 Mississippibellalis gif

Lastly, Mississippibellasis made this painting-like gif…love the changing colors!

Can’t leave you without sharin’ this other Veranajj vid I found! She’s freakin’ awesome!!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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16 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Futuristic Fantasy!!!

  1. The talent in this fandom continues to amaze me. Thanks for sharing and your clever words Rita.

  2. mississippibellalis

    That was a good catch on the red to grey clockwork and I agree with Cared, not just cuz you posted a couple of my pics, but that Rob’s fandom has talent. It boggles my mind all the cleverness his fans have. Like I’ve said before, “Robs fans are the best!”

    • rita01tx

      Hey, Missi honey! Tumblr is an absolute treasure trove of edits, ehancements, and gifs made by some very talented Rob fans! I love bringing to the attention of a wider audience!

  3. rita01tx

    Oh, boy! Just got back from seein’ BD2! I enjoyed it so much that it didn’t seem very long, though. You shoulda heard all the gasps during the battle scene, which was freakin’ EPIC!

  4. smittenkitten

    Fantastic collection of pics!
    *squeeees…I got logged on to wordpress, GO me*

    • rita01tx

      Smitten darlin’! {Jumpy HUGS!} Glad WP is cooperatin’ for you today! Always good to see your pretty name pop up in my comments LOL!
      How the hell ya been? Have you seen BD2 yet?

  5. i loved that photo shoot minus the giant safety pin of course! But Rob just blinds me to anything else in the picture cause i didn’t notice the full finger ring or that he was flipping the bird!! What else Can i say The man’s beauty blinds me to all else!!

    • rita01tx

      What with the tatts in the Black Book Mag photoshoot and all the crazy hardware and leather in this one, Rob seems to be goin’ for more than just glamour and “Pretty!” Silly baby…nothin’ hides his beauty LOL!

  6. Beverly Bailey

    word press says I don’t have an account, and wont re-set it. Since I had to join word-press to receive notifications from this blog I don’t understand the problem.

    • rita01tx

      Hi Beverly! If you mean you don’t understand why your comment didn’t appear right away, it’s because I had to approve it…but only the first time. I won’t have to do it again.
      If not, then we’ll have to wait for RobsFan~tasy to answer that question. She’s our WP guru, seein’ as RA is her creation.

    • Bev, thanks for going through all that trouble for RA try to comment again and if you are still having trouble let me know.

  7. Amazing photos….I needed this today. Thank you so much for posting these.

    • rita01tx

      I’m happy to share my happy place and RobPorn with you, Emmamama! Welome to my home away from home and thank you for all your wonderful stories!!!

  8. eewee333

    Rob in anything is sexy as hell, but Rob in leather and hardware…*thud*….

    • rita01tx

      It’s that kinda wild, untamed, bad boy thing he’s got goin’ here, right? The more I look at him, the more I love it {and him, of course}!!!

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