Monday Madness Around the World~Mad about you all!

Animation1Dear Friends,

It’s a very quiet Christmas Eve for me here in the States. Everyone else has long gone to bed and I’ve finally got the place to myself LOL!  I’m sitting happily alone in my living room with a glass of wine, a candle glowing on the coffee table, Christmas lights twinkling, listening to MY favorite music and thinking, which always gets me in trouble!

WordPress has made some serious changes for us as admins of RA. I spent a couple hours browsing around through all the new stuff that they have added and changed. In doing so, I discovered a page that shows a map of the world and highlights every state and country that clicks on RA. It stunned and amazed me at how many places across the world have clicked on RA, looked around, lurked at work, quietly giggled into their pillow in the night over something that was posted or a comment that was made. People all over the world took a moment and stopped in to ogle “The Pretty.” Sometimes they’ve left us some love and sometimes they went about their day. Then, as I browsed through the extensive list of countries {some I’ve never even heard of!} and the numbers behind them…

Country – Views
United States 92,145
United Kingdom 19,364
Canada 8,833
Australia 5,933
Germany 5,558
Ireland 2,810
France 2,573
Brazil 2,544
Netherlands 2,300
Spain 2,209
Italy 2,171
Mexico 2,157
India 2,065
Hungary 1,792
Greece 1,339
Philippines 1,270
Russian Federation 1,228
Belgium 1,134
Malaysia 987
South Africa 851
Denmark 788
Switzerland 771
Bulgaria 771
Romania 744
Turkey 708
Cyprus 688
Indonesia 679
Poland 648
Sweden 647
Argentina 643
Slovenia 625
Croatia 583
Pakistan 502
Serbia 447
Portugal 426
Czech Republic 418
Thailand 370
Honduras 366
Austria 338
Singapore 310
New Zealand 287
Chile 278
Finland 252
Slovakia 246
Egypt 225
Ukraine 212
United Arab Emirates 199
Belarus 188
Armenia 186
Bangladesh 185
Israel 171
Norway 162
Republic of Korea 142
Sri Lanka 134
Colombia 133
Iraq 109
Saudi Arabia 82
Puerto Rico 81
Venezuela 80
Hong Kong 79
Morocco 78
Peru 76
Taiwan 72
Japan 71
Trinidad and Tobago 68
Viet Nam 67
Iceland 64
Latvia 63
Sudan 50
Algeria 49
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic 47
Lithuania 46
Estonia 44
Georgia 43
Costa Rica 40
Macao 40
Luxembourg 37
Ecuador 35
El Salvador 35
Dominican Republic 34
Uruguay 33
Jordan 29
Lebanon 29
Guatemala 28
Tunisia 25
Bosnia and Herzegovina 24
Malta 21
Qatar 21
Panama 21
Albania 19
Kuwait 17
Azerbaijan 17
Montenegro 16
Nigeria 14
Nicaragua 14
Bahrain 12
Mauritius 11
Isle of Man 11
Libya 11
Syrian Arab Republic 11
Suriname 11
Moldova 10
Jamaica 10
Cambodia 10
Bahamas 9
Oman 8
Palestinian Territory, Occupied 8
Nepal 8
Gibraltar 7
Mongolia 7
Paraguay 7
Belize 6
San Marino 6
Virgin Islands 6
Kenya 5
Swaziland 5
Bolivia 4
Martinique 4
Antigua and Barbuda 4
Jersey 4
Senegal 4
Réunion 3
Brunei Darussalam 3
Yemen 3
Saint Lucia 3
Kazakhstan 2
United Republic of Tanzania 2
Lao People’s Democratic Republic 2
Myanmar 2
Netherlands Antilles 2
Faroe Islands 2
Northern Mariana Islands 2
Guam 2
Aruba 1
Maldives 1
British Virgin Islands 1
Guadeloupe 1
New Caledonia 1
Monaco 1

It occurred to me, as nothing else has, just what a profound testament to Rob this really is! We’re just the little blog that could, ya know? A group of women who had one thing in common when we all came together…Rob!


We aren’t a huge blog like Robsessed. We’re just us! Normal women and housewives, retirees and working class women who adore Rob. So we set about posting these blogs, sharing our love for this man’s incredible, multifaceted talents as an actor…


His gifts as a model…


His talent as a singer…

The fact that he inspires so many of us to write…

A few “Published Fics” Made by RobsFan~tasy

And others to read…


He’s inspired us to be artistic, whether it’s in a drawing…

made by Mississippibellalis

made by Mississippibellalis

Or in a manip…


Or a banner for a fic or a timeline…


It doesn’t matter if he looks wild and rough…{unf}…


Or if he looks like a clean-cut gentleman…*le sigh!*

8--Robert-Pattinson-Another-Man Photo-Shoot-Black-Leather

No matter who you are or where you live, Rob inspires our dreams…


So, I sit here with my glass of wine, my pretty tree and candlelight, occasionally pausing to see if it is snowing yet, thinking about all these people around the world who may read these words tonight {and yes, Rob too, Always!} Even though it may not be Christmas Eve for you, I would like to hear from you, every one of you. Even if you only type in the country from which you’re reading, please take a moment to let me know you’re there!

And from my house to yours…

Merry Christmas!!!

Much Love to you all,





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121 responses to “Monday Madness Around the World~Mad about you all!

  1. rita01tx

    Wow! When you can actually see all the places and numbers in black and white, it’s pretty awesome the number of people who visit RA!
    {wavin’ wildly at all our friends out there!}
    I claim at least a good portion of the numbers from The Netherlands LMAO!!!
    Merry Christmas, Angel! MWAH!!!

    • Daw… MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO BB!! I’m sure I’m a large portion of those US ones too and Cared is gotta be several of those from Ireland and ILAL is probably all 40 of those in GA!! LOL but all the rest of them…WOW!! I feel special!! 🙂 Hope anyone seeing this takes a moment to say hey!! THAT would make my Christmas…To have the most comments ever from the most places around the world!

  2. samiwm69

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog. Merry Christmas from Sami in the UK. 🙂

  3. Amazing numbers! Thankyou for all your hard work bringing Rob to us each week. You brighten our day with each post. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and an even better New Year xx

  4. Hi, it’s Laurie here from NYC (w a bit of insomnia). I usually just lurk, very occasionally I comment. I do love the site and appreciate all that you ladies put into it, so thank you. That is an amazing list!!

  5. mississippibellalis

    “Glass of wine, my pretty tree and candlelight, occasionally pausing to see if it is snowing.” And me over here chugging slugs of beer from silver cans. Yes, that’s right, silver, not gold. It’s 57 degrees and the fireplace is out. Did I miss something here? Love you, ladies. Best wishes forever! Happy Holidays everyone. And especially, to Rob, our fav to perv on!

    • rita01tx

      Merry Christmas, Missi darlin’! Since you’re talkin’ Farenheit and I’ve gotten used to Celsius, is 57 degrees warm? Over here, it’s not that cold, but it’s dull and grey outside! Wouldn’t I just love to have a fireplace goin’ just for the ambience LOL!

    • Weelll, it’s possible it could snow right? I mean it IS Christmas Eve!! You know, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…” Beer, wine, fireplace or candlelight, makes no difference really, we all have visions of Rob’s “sugar plums” dancing in our heads LOL

  6. And how I would love to take REAL good care of him while he is here!

  7. clairebamboozle

    Hi RF, wow, how amazing to touch the lives of so many around the world. (Wonder how many of the UK hits were mine LOL)
    Have a very safe and peaceful holiday season honey.
    Hugs to you

    • rita01tx

      Claire! {I love that we’re in the same time zone LOL!} Have a great Christmas break, darlin’!

    • Claire! darllin I stole a couple minutes and posted a few comments earlier but now…I think I’m finally done cooking!!! YAY!!! It is amazing isn’t it? it surprised me. even though the reason they are here is for all the Rob Goodness, it still made me feel speshul! LOL

      And for all those who i missed before now because i was rushing around like an eejit…


  8. Rob will be filming in the Sth Australian (Adelaide) outback and surrounding areas. Hope he comes to Melbourne, I personally would love to pin him down or tie him up lol

  9. dazzledbyrp

    Hey bb! What a wonderful post. I remember when you started RA so many moons ago. It’s not only a testament to Rob but also to YOU that it has reached and continues to reach so many people. Keep on keeping on. I know I’ve been remiss in checking in, but I lurk religiously! I wish you and all the other RA ladies a wondeful Christmas and I hope that all of our Rob dreams come true iin the year to come. xxoxox

    • MAGGIE!!! Giiirrrlllll, you CANNOT be a lurker!!!! nonononono! You are as much a part of this family as i am!!! You were my FIRST online friend and you’ve been with me through every Rob step i have made! why i THINK you were even the first RA subscriber clear back when I was on Web .com. Nope, No Lurking for you!! hehehe

      Merry Merry Christmas Sweety!!! xoxoxo

  10. Thank you for all the fantastic fic recs this year and of course all the panty combusting Rob pcs. You can totes keep those coming :). Merry Christmas from sunny South Africa!

    • rita01tx

      Now how in the world did we miss your comment, Twiststix darlin’? My apologies, ma’m {couldn’t resist LOL!} Awfully nice of you to leave us some love!
      Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

      • WElcome Twiststix!!! Wow! South Africa? Totally Awesome!! Wish I could visit ever country that RA Reaches! We’ll keep the Fics and pics coming and you keep the comments coming!! *Fist Bump*

  11. rita01tx

    No worries, Maggie darlin’! We can feel you through the computer when you lurk LMAO!!! {Rf went to bed to get a little sleep before tacklin’ a whole day of cookin’!}
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  12. Hell yeah definitely time to look them up! Anything for an encounter of the Rob kind!

  13. That was a lovely post, and all your hard work is very much appreciated by me here in the UK, as well as everyone who clicks on around the world. I bet lots of people who are too scared to say hi – especially the ones whose first language isn’t English – still want you to know they love RA. Hey, maybe you could make a mini-survey that says ‘I love Rob, I love RA and I’m from…’ – much less scary than logging in to comment! Thanks so much for the beautiful post and Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates. xxx

    • rita01tx

      Merry Christmas, Gingerandgreen darlin’! A mini-survey sounds like a right fine idea! Thanks for the suggestion!

      • You know G&G you might be right about that and i agree it is a good idea. But they’s nothing to be skeered of! We are all just lovin and perving on The Pretty and what harm can come from that?? besides the desperate need for a sham wow I mean…hehe

        Thanks for coming by G&G and Merry Christmas to you too.

  14. edwardsvamptramp69

    What a GREAT post! See how many lives you ladies touch? This just proves that you CAN NEVER LEAVE US!!!! And it shows just how connected we all are no matter where on the globe we are. Thank you for showing us that.:)

    It’s Paula here, in South Carolina, but missing the snowfalls from my home state of New York. 😦 I’ll be thinking of you ladies while I’m sipping my egg nog and scouting new Robporn this Christmas Eve. Because I believe it’s NEVER too late to ask Santa for my very own Pretty under the tree!

    Thank you again for a magnificent post. I’ll be lurking for as long as you’re willing to feed my addiction!

    Happy Holidays, Ladies!


    • rita01tx

      It is humblin’, to say the least, when you see the numbers like RF found! Pretty much a given as to whom each and every one of us would like to find under the tree on Christmas morning {someone seriously needs to get onto clonin’ The Pretty for us!} LMAO!!!

    • Awww EVT We ain’t going NO WHERE!! One way or another we will Keep this blog alive With the help of our friends from around the world! We need all your comments to keep going. I’ve had alot of people ask me, “Now that Twilight is over are you going to shut down?” Uh… that’s a Great BIG NFW!!!!!! This is ROB ATTACK, not Twilight Attack. We are a Rob Blog and we are here forevah!! Well for as long as you all keep stopping in to let us know you’re reading and wanting more! LOL In Fact…*drum roll please* I have lots of new things in store for this site for next year and you’ll see some of them next week!!
      Thanks for your Lovely words BB! It does our hearts good to know you all Care and it makes us WANT to continue! Enjoy your Eggnog BB!!

  15. That is quite a list. It is so cool that Rob has so many fans all over the world, but can find a place where we can all come together here. More the merrier. 🙂

    Merry Christmas ladies, from Chicago, IL!! Katiebird xxoo

  16. bevey99

    Thank you for all the work you and the others to do keep this blog running. I maybe new to this site. But I love it. Been around the fandom since early ’08. Happy Holidays

    • rita01tx

      LOL! Hang around with us ol’ RA h00rs long enough, you won’t be a newbie for long, Bevey darlin’! You didn’t say where you hail from??

      • Well we’s old pervs but maggie up there can tell you i haven’t been perving long just since 2010!! but boy i cought up quick! LOL my robporn stash could rival anyones i imagine! Except i need to oorganize it better. i just get so click happy when i see new Robporn i forget to name and organize it all. i tried to talk Rita into zipping up her stash and mailing it to me but she said, “Huh uh!” LOL she’s greedy like that when it comes to Rob!! {LMAO just kidding!}

  17. Merry Christmas and THANKS for warming up me self to a blazing fire just when I need it. If I could put a different avi on here I would but hey, I haven’t learnt’ it all yet. lol. OMG it just started snowing on your fire, ha ha. Love this whole kit n kaboodle of a fandom, I mean Robdom love. Ya make me smile. So there is more than myself as a stalker as in 100’sK+….that’s a good thing. Happy New Year baby!

    • rita01tx

      Glad you dropped in, Gardenlilie! RF just figured out how to make it snow here on RA today LOL! {and I just noticed the fire has started jumpin’, especially when I type WOW!} One thing’s for sure, darlin’, there are no better fans than Rob fans! Much as we’d each like to have him for our very own {well, duh!}, we are all about the sharin’ of him {well, our RobPorn, anyway LOL!}
      I’m guessin’ you’re from the UK, is that right?

      • Hi honey, no I’m from the us of a! Merry Christmas, etc. I need to be in bed now to get up for tomorrow ! Okay, talk later. Email me.

        • rita01tx

          Where ’bouts? {I’m so used to my English friends sayin’ “learnt!” LOL!

          • I was being funny, could you tell? Mis-spelling and sounds of expressive talk. People like to do that in the south, to make a point more dramatic. I live in Atlanta, one of the best cities in America in my opinion! Where are you? Merry Christmas.

            • Rita is a Texan by birth but now living in the Netherlands! I’m in Indiana. Rita and i tend to swithch to southern accents all the time. Especially in our comments. we have a habit of using Darlin’ wayyyy to much!! LOL didn’t know you were an author BB!! Bravo!!! A woman after my own heart!

            • rita01tx

              Born and raised in Houston, Texas! Married a Dutchman, but that’s a whole ‘nother story LOL! Livin’ in the tiny village of Bloemendaal {flower valley}, The Netherlands since 1977 {and yeah, I speak Dutch…with a Texas accent LMAO!} You can google it!
              Real glad to have another southern lady to talk to!

              • Oh wow okay. My mother has a Dutch friend and that accent is distinct, like German with a French twist…am I correct? Nice to meet you. I’ll comment on the Rob Fantasy if I can get another avi.

                • rita01tx

                  Yes, there’s a huge German and French influence to the Dutch language, but even in such a tiny country {Texas is 17 times biggers), there are different dialects. Lucky for me, I plonked down in one of the areas where normal Dutch was spoken. Took me 2 years to be able to carry on a decent conversation, though, and I’m still learning LOL! However, I found that the more you speak {read and write} the language, the more comfortable you become with the Dutch culture. I would have hated to miss out on that! There are people from other countries living here who have never learned Dutch so they are quite isolated from it all.

    • Welcome Gardenlilie! So Nice to see some new faces around here! It makes the perving more fun! Indeed Gardenlilie YOU are not alone!

      changing avi’s isn’t difficult. just hover over the one you have on here click view profile and then click upload gravatr. See, not hard at all!

  18. Lovely post, as always. It makes me feel so connected to the world when I see those numbers! We may be far apart, but we are all connected by our love for Rob! I wish all my sisters around the world a wonderful, peaceful and happy holiday season! ❤ you all!

  19. kleomary

    My name is Mary, I am from Greece and been reading your blog for about 2 months……. never comment before… my bad I know. I was amazed by the numbers, you do a great job and I would like to thank you so much!
    Merry Christmas and my best wishes!!!!!

    • rita01tx

      Awww, Mary darlin’! So very sorry your comment got lost among the rest {been awhile since we’ve had this many}!!!
      You are our very first reader from Greece! Visitin’ Greece is on my bucket list, for sure!
      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, angel!

      • kleomary

        Thank you so much for the reply!! I like that I am the first to leave a comment from Greece, I hope other compatriots to leave a comment,too. When I saw the number I was shocked…thank God there are other completly insane from Greece like me 🙂
        This post is the best I have read ever… and I so completly agree with everything, it is amazing.
        I hope you all had a great Christmas!
        Thank you

        • Thanks you for commenting and visiting us Mary!! So Glad you’re here! It’s nice to know that you’re not alone in perving on The Pretty isn’t it?

          • kleomary

            We are so many perving… lusting… on the Pretty it is insane!!!
            This whole fandom is so huge it is unbelievable… I was just a silend reader, but all of you do such a wonderful job that I felt like I had to comment you know, praize and thank each and everyone of you guys. Please excuse my english. I wish I could explain it better.

            • rita01tx

              Don’t you worry, darlin’! Speakin’ “Rob” in any language is something we have no problem at all translatin’ LOL!
              PLUS, the more you perv with us, the better you get…win win situation, right?

  20. wow that is a lot of rob love. i claim a good portion of the aussie ones. thanks for the gorgeous pics. perfect for a lovely christmas morning. merry christmas everyone.

  21. naughtyhisbella

    Merry Christmas, Gals! What a lovely post! My 11 yr old is in bed at with his alarm set for 6 am tomorrow morning. Let’s hope he doesn’t interrupt my christmas Rob dream…you know…the one where’s he’s in the Santa hat and that’s it…*sigh*

    I wish you all a very joyous Christmas with your families. Being a part of a ‘little blog’, sharing our love of “The Pretty” is something I understand. So I’ll speak for all of us at “12 Months of Rob” and wish everyone here and all your readers, a Merry Merry Christmas and Happy 2013!!!

    Love to all of you!!

    • Well NHB, You shoulda told us you were part of “12 Months of Rob”!!! I am completely in the dark here I tell ya!! I must be going daffy after all the Rob perving!! haha

    • naughtyhisbella

      Yep, RF. BellaTesoro and I are 2/10 of 12 months of Rob. Hope your day has been lovely. Off to the inlaws!!

  22. Merry Christmas ladies and a happy year of perving to us all!

  23. xpreadmywings

    WOW Isn’t it wonderful to see how many you reached with your amazing blog? My heart is swelling in happiness to be here with you and I now claim my Brazil clicks LOL I’m a SE girl (from the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro) but presently stationed in the NE.
    RF thank you so much for giving us the gift of this post today (I mean yesterday), I was so moved by your words, actually a bit teary eyed…I cld so see you sitting by the fire, sipping your wine…whilst I was enjoying my fam at 28C…Today ‘m basking in the sun, looking at an emerald green sea 27C ohhh the perks of living in the tropics!
    I came to RA when Jag left us all orphans and I looove your FanFic Fridays!
    Thank you again babe, thanks to all the beauties here, have you all a happy Xmas day and may 2013 bring you health, wealth, serenity…and lots of perviness *wink wink nudge nudge*

    • rita01tx

      Xpreadmywings, baby!!! {{{JUMPY HUGS!!!}}} Sooo good to see you again, darlin’!
      The old RAoR h00rs still drop in occasionally…nothin’ like it was in the beginnin’ but we take we can get and LOVE it!
      Maybe we should just all come down and join you in the tropics for a sunny Christmas for a change LOL!
      How ’bout hostin’ a RA / ex-RAoR convention in your neck of the woods! Just kiddin’…or not!

    • oh Xpreadmywings! So nice to see you again!!! I’m with Rita {{{GROUP JUMPY HUGS!!!}}} Would love to see the day when all the old RAoR hOORs and angels and all of our lovely new friends above show up here and have one hell of a Rob party!!!

      Oh i envy you your Tropical Paradise now that I’m about to get slammed by a blizzard!! but I’ll be safe and warm inside with my laptop! {as long as the electricity holds out!!}

      Aww, glad I could touch your hear from so far away!! Best Christmas pressie Ever!! Come back and play with us someday Soon! We are going to make FFF Even better!!!


  24. Merry Christmas from Chicago, IL.

    • rita01tx

      Hi Hizpetal darlin’! {Hugs!} Nice to see you BB! Are you havin’ a white Christmas???

      • Hello Hizpetal!! Merry Christmas!!!

        Rita, Sorry about last night. after 11 hours of cooking in a hot kitchen i was tuckered plum out!! But it looks like we are going to have one hell of a white Christmas because I just found out we are under a BLIZZARD WARNING!!!! From 7pm until 1 am!!!

        • rita01tx

          You know I always have your back BB! And I was havin’ fun with our friends!!! Hope the blizzard’s not bad enough to keep your guests from arrivin’!?!?! All that cookin’ for nothin’ would really suck rotten eggs! {I was gonna say green monkey dicks, but that would be rude LOL!}

  25. Amazing numbers..WOW!!!! Love the blog..Wishing you All a Very Merry Christmas & happy, Healthy & ROBfilled 2013!!

    • rita01tx

      Rob bless us, every one! *gigglesnort!* Sorry, Melissa darlin’! Couldn’t resist!! We are all lookin’ forward to followin’ Rob into 2013 and beyond! Good to see you, BB! Merry Christmas!!

  26. Welcome Melissa!!! Always thrilled to have more friends around! Merry Christmas!!

  27. All these comments on my post on Christmas have made me feel like this…
    image host ‘click it’

  28. Merry Christmas, ladies, from Mysweetdar, in Dubois, pennsylvania..

  29. WOW! This is absolutely amazing! 😀 Rob definitely is one of a kind, and he always gives us many reasons to smile! Thank you, RF! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! xoxo

    • Hi MC! Isn’t this great! so many friends all over the world checking in to see you FFF and our pervy posts. I had no idea we reached so many and it just does my heart good to see so many new faces stopping in to say hello! Merry Chistmas and the happiest of New Years to one and all!! XOXO

    • rita01tx

      Hope you and yours had a wonderful Chistmas, MC darlin’! Let’s keep this party going forever!!!

  30. Sorry I’m late to this Christmas Party! Thanks for sharing this with us RobsFan-tasy, it’s lovely to see how many sisters we have worldwide.

  31. nebfan51

    Thank you for your time and efforts:) All the pictures of “the Pretty” are truly devoured and appreciated! Missed being able to say Merry Christmas so I’ll wish you a very, very HAPPY NEW YEAR now. United States/Nebraska

  32. eewee333

    Hello and Merry Christmas to you all from Charleston, SC, USA!
    Thanks for the lovely Robmas pictures too. 🙂

  33. ilovealion

    I’m late to the party… And I DO live in the USA Georgia, not the country lol.

    Merry Christmas to you all. May RA flourish in the new year as Rob gives us many many many new roles and photo shoots and interviews to enjoy. Maybe we’ll get a song or two as well.

    I’m working on my very first fic review as a part of the Sexy Six… Can’t wait.

    hugs and kisses to all my RA friends around the world.

  34. Hey i love this and ill be a regular follower from here on. He does inspire us all in unknown ways indeed

    • rita01tx

      *Fist bump!* Glad to have you on board, Gigi darlin’! Welcome to RA, where the Rob pervin’ is sweeeet! Stick around, BB! This party is just gettin’ started! 2013 is gonna be awesome for Rob, which means it’ll be awesome for us, too!
      What part of the world are you joinin’ us from?

      • I am Indian but currently residing in Kuwait. Keep up the good work i was totally enthralled by the site.2013 is just around the corner and i wonder what surprises it will bring for us in terms of Rob :P.

        • rita01tx

          Whatever Rob surprises us with {and I can’t WAIT to see his new films}, we will be right there with him, Gigi darlin’! And, of course, we’ll be pervin’ on his sweet ass LMAO!!!

        • Welcome gigi! Glad to have you with us! We know Rob has Rover and Mission Blacklist and Lawrence of Arabia on his “To do” list this year for sure! All so very different from the other. And our boy has the range and the sex appeal to pull them all off!

          • Hes going to be soooo busy this coming year i wonder how much free time he’ll have left but more screen time for us to drool over i guess so im not complaining at all 😉

  35. somanywards

    Merry Christmas ladies* (I thought I had posted on Christmas but I don’t think it showed up). Love to all of you and many thanks for all you do* Thanks for being here and always sharing the love xoxoxo

    • rita01tx

      Didn’t see your Christmas day comment in the pending folder, so I don’t know what happened to it, Somanywards darlin’! But you iz here NOW and that’s what counts! Real good to see ya, BB!
      Hope you had the best Christmas ever and that the New Year brings you all the wishes you make! XOXOXO

    • SMW!! Hi honey! How ya Doin? How’s ur mom? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have nothing but Love and Joy for the New year!!

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