Sensual Sunday ~ But He’s Not There!

Wet Rob Avi

No, I’m not referrin’ to the fact that Rob’s been pretty much off grid since the last promo tour for BD2.

It’s actually somethin’ I noticed in a photo I came across recently that intrigued me enough to go searchin’ for more!

Seems that, even in the midst of chaos, Rob goes missin’…in his head!

For just a split second, his beautiful eyes go all blank and unfocused and I bless the photographers who capture that because it’s pure Rob, which is a thing of beauty!

001 010613

You know, I just this second realized Rob was chewin’ on a plastic bottle cap LOL! Wonder if HE’s even aware of what he’s doin’?

002 010613

This mighta been on The View and I sure don’t blame him for zonin’ out on those cacklin’ hens {tryin’ to be polite here}!

003 010613

Never endin’, repetitive questions would bore me to death, too LOL!

004 010613

The results of Rob’s photoshoots are endlessly fascinatin’ for us, but Rob might not find the process all that interestin’!

005 010613

If MY man stared off into the distance in the middle of fuckHAWT sex with ME, I’d…well, he wouldn’t escape unscathed! Just sayin’! {Gawd, I love Rob’s sticky up sex hair in that scene! Wish it had been my fingers makin’ it look that way!}

006 010613

I’d venture to guess Rob’s signin’ autographs here, only on autopilot LMAO!!!

007 010613

Easy to overlook that fact that Rob’s “gone” because of the JawPorn, LipPorn and FingerPorn LOL!


This is the same press conference so I don’t know why these 2 photos are givin’ him such red hair, but I like it!

009 010613

Almost missed Rob’s glazed over eyes for the DimplePorn *THUD!*

010 010613

Anyone else yearn for more “Rob as a Sex GOD” photoshoots? *DED!*

011 010613

Rob might be driftin’ away for a moment, but my eyes are rivited by LashPorn, LipPorn and the tip of that lady’s finger restin’ on his chin! I wouldn’t mind havin’ HER job…well, only for Rob!!!

012 010613

Much of Rob’s role as Tyler Hawkins in Remember Me revolved around him bein’ introverted.  Guess they found the right man for the part, ’cause it just seems to come natural to him!

013 010613

I always wondered what Rob was writin’ down in that journal! Too bad we never got a good close-up LOL!

014 010613

A quiet moment in the midst of chaos, indeed! Musta been a million people runnin’ around the set that day!

015 010613

See what I mean by pure, beautiful Rob? He doesn’t even have to try…he just IS!! *le sigh!*

016 010613

I mighta been a little dubious about includin’ this one, but decided the gratituous TongPorn was well worth keepin’ LOL!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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40 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ But He’s Not There!

  1. I think Rob spends a LOT of time inside his head – he’s an incredibly thoughtful, introspective guy, and even though he comes across in many televised interviews as a pretty relaxed and witty person, it’s clear that he can be a really deep thinker. This tends to come across much more in written interviews, and also from the kind of music and lyrics he writes and performs, and the books he reads. Here’s a favourite pic of Rob caught in his own thoughts…

    • Hmm, I’ve just noticed that part of my comment above has been hi-jacked by some kind of stealth-spam ad. I’ve seen it a lot just lately on FFn where words in the text have been hi-jacked as hyperlinks. What’s with that?

      • rita01tx

        Couldn’t agree more, Fluffy darlin’, and I believe David Cronenberg believed and trusted in Rob for the role of Eric Packer because he’d seen just how intelligent Rob is!
        {I haven’t seen anything like that yet. Looks OK from my side of the screen. But, I do remember it’s happened before on FFn, but no one could ever find out why and it eventually went away by itself. Very annoying, to say the least!}

        • I think the spam must only be via Google Chrome, which I changed to as Internet Explorer was so slow and useless, but I’ve just come in via IE and you’re right, there’s no sign of the spam (it was on the word ‘clear’). *scratches head*

          • rita01tx

            What’s IE? Google Chrome got my suspicious up from the get go and I couldn’t begin to tell you why. I just refuse to go there LOL! Resistin’ iGoogle, too and I’m pissed as all holy hell that Facebook timelined us! Why try to “fix” somethin’ that ain’t broke?

        • Fluffy, I chose this layout because it comes with spam protection. It looks ok from our end but if it was spammed and it’s not now the WP fixed it. if it still is let me know and i will look into it.

          As for Your pic, Oh Gawd!! Love that far away look in his eyes there. Makes you think he’s remembering a hawt night and is sad that he’s alone now.

      • rita01tx

        BTW, thanks for sharin’ that one! We might not ever get another photoshoot like it, but they can’t take away what we’ve already got, right?

    • eewee333

      Awesome picture. “Hello Biceps”!

    • Great photo,wondering what he is thinking

  2. I totally agree. I love how even when He’s not ON, he’s still got that thing that holds our attention. That IT factor works for him no matter what he’s thinking about, or not thinking about. It’s those eyes I think.

    My Cosmopolis DVD should be arriving this week!! I plan on watching that one particular scene alot… Hair, sweat, moaning, thrusting…oh my…

    • Here one my favorite new pics of him “deep in thought.”

      • rita01tx

        Oh, Katiebirdie! Rob’s eyes are not only the most beautiful man’s eyes in the world, they are honest eyes! You won’t find a shred of deceit in them! There is a very good reason why his family, friends and fans adore him so much!
        I already have my Cosmopolis DVD, but I’m waitin’ for when DH is out of the house long enough for me to watch it at my leisure LOL! Because you know I’ll be doin’ the same thing!
        Do you think we’ll ever get untagged photos from that stock photoshoot? The girls did their damndest to “untag” them, but the results haven’t always been stellar.

        • mississippibellalis

          I watched Cosmopolis the other day and it’s classic Cronenburg. He thought of everything for this movie. He even remembered the whirling dervish Sufis! And that photo shoot…I’ve been working on the one with Rob in the pickup for months. The tag went straight across his eye and recreating Rob’s eye is not an easy thing to do.

          I’ve also noticed that look in his eye. Sometimes I get the impression he’s going through motions while his mind is elsewhere. Contemplation? Daydream? Tired? It’s human nature to think and dream of something more, something new, something different. A restlessness in our souls that drives us to new worlds and adventures. To imagine and envision a future the way we want it to be. Maybe he’s planning and thinking up his future?

          Wouldn’t it be nice to know the thoughts in his pretty head?

          • rita01tx

            Maybe he’ll write a book, or a screenplay, someday and we’ll know a fraction of what goes on in his head! I often wonder, if I COULD get inside his head, or even have a conversation with him, would I be able to keep up? The man is scary smart!

            • mississippibellalis

              Maybe he should write his autobiography and tell us what makes him tick? All the important stuff, too, like his ideas on life, religion, politics, SEX, marriage, children, education, art, dreams, and his ideas of what a perfect world would be like if he were king.

      • Oh Katie i Fluv that photo shoot too!! In the top ten For sure and will be for evah!!

  3. keyecullen

    Happy Sinday indeed! Loved waking up to all things Rob to enjoy with my second cup of coffee! Thank you!

  4. christa64c

    What I love the most about his seemingly blank stares is that when he does them in interviews, he always comes back with something great to say. Even though the man deserves to zone out during those brain melting interviews, photo shoots and long days of filming, he never seems to go away for very long and he comes back stronger and better.

    Thanks Rita, You always bring us new and interesting ways to look at our Rob.

    • rita01tx

      You just hit the nail on the head, Christa darlin’! Those intelligent answers and/or awesome zingers gotta come from somewhere, right?

  5. kleomary

    I so completely agree with all of you!!! He has so many special things about him…..he is ROB you know? Unique and beautiful!! And he does not even try…. he just IS.

    Loved the photos!!!! Pure work of art …
    Thank you

  6. Clairebamboozle

    Hi Rita sweets, yet another great post with some dreamy pics. I don’t know about you, but I kinda zone out too when I look at these photos, (But I’ll bettcha I’m tuning out to different thoughts to our boy hehehe)
    Take care hon

  7. You know I have often wondered about what it had to be like for him. To go from smallish bit parts. To this fan crazed, obsessed my millions. NO privacy. No time really to come to terms with everything. I saw a picture of him once. He came off a plane and was bombarded with paps and fans. He is standing wall with his face turn towards the wall. You can tell he is flipping out. In the moment. I felt so sorry for him. No knew that he would be accepted as Edward when he first started all of this. He looked just like this overwhelmed young man that he was.

    His hide has gotten tougher. He is emotionally stronger. But when his eyes glaze over. He looks like this 26 year old man that he is.

  8. rita01tx

    I know which photo you mean, Debbie darlin’! Broke my fuckin’ heart to see him like that. But, not only has he gotten a tougher hide since then, he’s also developed incredible ninja skills to avoid them. The odd fan pic that pops up lately {usually days after the fact, I’m proud to say of the pic takers} also shows that he’s bound and determined to be his normal happy self no matter what!

    • And Amen For those ninja skills!! I Cried when I saw the video clip of that and several others. Doing that to some one, anyone, should be illegal!! Oh I feel a soap box coming on so I’m outta here! LOL

  9. LOVED The post Rita! Brilliant as I knew it would be!! Touching and beautiful as well!! I Lurve Sensual Sundays!!

  10. eewee333

    Lovely post as always Rita. Glazed over or in the moment, Rob is beautiful inside and out. I’d love to see him do a comedy one day. But right now I’m looking forward to him in a uniform. Thanks for make my Sunday Sinful.

    • rita01tx

      Thanks, Eewee darlin’! With the right script, Rob would be awesome in a comedy! Hell, just watchin’ him get his goof on with the likes of Kimmel, Fallon and Ellen makes me pee my pants LMAO!!!

  11. Yum! Even zoned out his got my full attention. I thought i’d seen every photo there as but the one with the makeup brush is new to me. Wow, what a job getting that close and focusing on those lips. That woman needs a medal for not passing out.

    • rita01tx

      With as many well known celebrities as these ladies get to work with, Foxxy darlin’, I’d imagine they keep it professional…until said celebrity leaves the room and then all bets are of LMAO!!! Wouldn’t it be a super great job to be Rob’s personal make-up artist or costume fitter on every single film he ever makes? Hell’n any job at all that would mean regular contact with The Pretty would be my dream come true, even if my workin’ days are over {bein’ very happily retired}!

  12. Oh,I love this,great fav is the last one ,I just wanna suck his tongue,oh my!!!!!

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