Something to Celebrate ~ Melbie Toast!

*blows kisses*


Good morning, ladies!

And what a wonderful morning it is because we are celebrating our beloved cougar momma MelbieToast’s BIRTHDAY!!!

happy birthday

Let’s face it, this fandom just wouldn’t be the same without our Melbie! She may not know it, or realize it, but she is nearly as famous among “Rob’s Girls” as  Rob is himself {almost}!

I know some of the things that suckered me into this fandom in a BIG WAY and showed me Rob’s incredible beauty were Melbie Toast’s videos and beautiful edits!

I met Melbie back in the days of RAoR and, bless her, she followed us here to RA during the big migration. She’s been one of our biggest supporters, pimping our posts to her many followers via tumblr and FB, and unselfishly shares her work with us for the pleasure of us all!”

No one expresses every Rob hOOr and Angel’s inner feelings and desires for Rob better than Melbie through her music choices like Mad About the Boy, I Only Want to Be With You, I Know Him By Heart, and He’s So Fine!

She brought our fantasies to life with Slow Hand, Feelin Love, and Nobody Does it Better.

Melbie told 50 Shades exactly what we all would like from him with Call My Name!

But, for me, all of her beatiful work pales in comparison to what IS {in my humble opinion} her Masterpiece, Oh My God!

I stumbled onto the “Oh My God” video, made by Melbie back in March of 2010, and I have never looked back. To this day, this song remains the most played on my iPod and ALWAYS, ALWAYS makes me think of Rob! That’s Melbie’s gift to all of us, not just her gorgeous edits, or her entertaini​ng, sexy, hawt videos, but the fact that she puts Rob into our lives every day and does it in such a way that we will always carry them both with us.

Thank You, Mel, for all that you do, for the way you do it, and just for being you!

* * * * *

Wet Rob Avi

RF pretty much says it all, when it comes to praisin’ the heavens for bringin’ Melbie into all our lives!

But, this I know about Melbie! Just mention the words Rome and Rob to her in the same sentence and she goes absolutely “doolally” LMAO!!!

It’s not hard to see why…

Melbie_Robs Neck Curl 03

And, when Melbie calls Rob “Sexy Beast,” this is what she means!

Sex Drive Rob01_Melbie

However, the thing that makes Melbie completely lose all control of her girly bits is any kind of reference to Fifty Shades!

AA Fifty Shades

This is Melbie’s most recent Fifty’s quote edit…you can see the rest of them in MY very favorite Melbie vid, REMEMBERING FIFTY SHADES – Master of the Universe!

Happy birthday, Melbie darlin’! We love you more than words can say!



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52 responses to “Something to Celebrate ~ Melbie Toast!

  1. Happy Birthday Melbie. I hope it is Rob-o-licious !

  2. ladyquinzy


  3. edwardsvamptramp69

    Happy Birthday, Melbie! No one does it better. I’ve been a fan of your work for a long time now and I’m always excited when I see something of yours that hasn’t crossed my path before. And I gotta tell ya…………….Rome Rob and 50………………..SSSQQQQQUUUEEEE! Nothing gets me “juiced up” like those two combinations. I totally agree with you.



  4. Happy Birthday Melbie!!!! I hope you have a fabulous day. Much love and big ass hugs. <3<3<3

    • Thank you so much Bakergirl 24! Had a great day and still 2 and 1/2 hrs left of my birthday – still have a great time! (in my happy place 🙂 ) Bigger Ass-er hugs to you dear! ❤

  5. Clairebamboozle

    Hi Ladies, fabulous selection of videos yet again, *sigh*

    Happy Birthday Melbie, I may not know you personally, but I feel I know you through your art. Your work truly showcases Rob’s beauty and charisma. Thank you for feeding our Robsessions by sharing your stunning edits and videos with us.

    Take care and have a wonderful day.

  6. Happy Birthday to a wonderful woman, xoxoxoxo manu

  7. mississippibellalis

    Hi Melbie, I’ve noticed your photo edits and videos like so many others. Nice a Rob fan labors so hard for all of us to give a fresh new look at Rob and to experience him through your eyes. Looking forward to another year of Melbie Toast’s fandom love for Rob!

  8. GREAT birthday tribute to Melbie…..I wish her many happy returns:) Thanks for this wonderful post!

  9. What can I say to one of my favorite people in this fandom? Thank you sweetie and Happy Birthday! A majority of my Rob pics are from your handiwork, and that last video for MoTU is a personal favorite. Memories….

    • Hi Katie! Yes, I know … “memories” of the beginning of this fandom…what incredible fun we had at RAoR… however I’m so glad Rob Attack is here. Last year was a rough one for me health-wise, but things are looking up and 2013 is going to be MUCH better 🙂 which means, MORE TIME for my Robsession! YEA!! Thanks so much dear for your comment and birthday wishes! xoxo

  10. eewee333

    Happy Birthday Melbie and thanks for all the wonderful work you do to make The Pretty even prettier. Have a wonderful day. E

  11. bevey99

    Happy Birthday!. Like so many others you have our lives more pleasurable ( take anyway you want) with your outstanding pics, edits and vids of MSP (Mr. Sexy Pants). Thanks and have a fabulous day.

  12. Happy Birthday Melbie. Thanks for all that the Rob pleasure that you bring to us all in this fandom.

  13. happy birthday melbie! this blog wouldn’t be the same without you. i hope you have a fantastic day.

  14. Happy Birthday dear Melbie! You’ve certainly brightened so many days for me with your gorgeous edits of Rob! Wishing you a magical day filled with Rob goodness 😉

  15. Happy birthday!!!!!! I also found melbie thru RaoR she changed EVERYTHING for me:-) I’ve never looked back! Hope your day was all kinds of fab!!!

  16. somanywards

    Melbie ~ Happy Birthday BB!!! Thank you for all that you do* Love you xo

  17. smittenkitten

    Happy Birthday, Melbie!!!

  18. christa64c

    Happy birthday Melbie, you beautiful h00r!! You’re one of the reasons this fandom is so special.

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELBIE! You GIVE US THE BEST ROB CREAM! MMM MMMM MMMMM Rob is perfection, but you make his pictures even MORE beautiful. Thank you for all you’ve given us through the years. You’ve made us all so happy with all your Rob work you’ve shared with us. LONG LIVE MELBIE!

    • Oh Daisy, thanks so so very much! We go way back to the old days of RAoR and the Church of St. Mattress… we were crazy about Mr. Sex on Legs then and we still are…if not more so! I may be 63 f*cking years old, but I’m still young in my heart! Hugs to you sweetie!!! xoxo

  20. I am just totally blown away your post today, about ME!?! Wow, I mean W.O.W.!!!! I am so honored and I love you all over there at Rob Attack! Thank you so so much!!! I will cherish this post forever and ever. Things like this make all the work so well worth it! I may be old (turned 63 today! Eeeeek!) but I still love Rob and will continue to adore him and enhance his photos and create videos about him! I love this fandom! HUGS and many kisses ♥ ♥ from Melbie

    • rita01tx

      It was our very great pleasure, Melbie darlin’! See how much you are loved and appreciated? Warms my pervy little heart LOL!
      Huge Bewb2Bewb HUGS, BB! MWAH!!!

      • Thank you so much Rita, I can’t begin to describe how much this post meant to me… I get teary-eyed… makes all the works so worth it…and you know I will continue to enhance photos and make videos, especially since I’m feeling so much better this year than last year! Love you much and thank you so much!

  21. kleomary

    Lovely videos!!!!!!!! I might have seen them before I think….. you know…perving…… I am addicted to FiftyShadesRob…… He is The Master Of Our Universe after all!!! 🙂

    And happy birthday to Melbie, my best wishes and thanks for the beautiful videos!!!!

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Melbie! You are one special lady! Hope you had a wonderful day!! ❤ XOXO

  23. exaltada

    Happy birthday Melbie! (sorry because I´m one day late 😦 ). I admire your work, Melbie. Thank you very much for sharing with us all that mastery 😉

  24. Melbie you are loved dearly hope you had a very happy birthday! Also I love Rob Attack! 🙂 – Sorena

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