Sensual Sunday ~ Just Off the Top of My Head!

Wet Rob Avi

Hey, y’all!

Wanna hang out with me for a little bit while we wait for Rob’s appearance at the Golden Globes? We could watch paint dry, or grass grow, or…oh, fuck! It’s winter…never mind LOL!

OR, we can ponder the chaos that’s not only IN Rob’s head, but ON top of his head!


Looks artfully tousled, doesn’t it?


But the longer Rob’s hair gets, the more it goes its own wayLOL!


And no amount of gel, or product…


Can tame it!

2pkimmelnov2011 (4)a

Which is fine by me!


Because, like women all over the world,


I wanna get my fingers in it so bad…


No matter how long…


Or how SHORT it gets!  {Even the feel of Rob’s stubbled head would make my whole body tingle!}


We might miss Rob’s gorgeous face when he ducks his head,


But the view from the top of Rob’s head has brought us some shockin’,




And downright awesome moments {especially those when we can see him up close and personal!}


I’d take my hat off {if I wore one} to anyone,


Who gets this close to Rob,


And still manages NOT to reach out and grab him {he said we could…on Ellen, remember?},


Or help him with his zipper! {Although I’d be wantin’ to get it DOWN LMAO!!!}


The man is just too damned lovable to ever leave! So, we just WON’T!!!


Couldn’t help myself! If the chaotic mess on the top of Rob’s head makes me crazy,


A double shot of Rob’s Happy Tail makes me *THUD!*  {See? He’s not just a pretty face LOL!}

*  *  *  *

I snagged the timing from Robsessed…they have the live stream links if you wanna go check ’em out!

{Looks like us Europeans are gonna have a very late night LOL!}

Red Carpet Coverage:
“E! Live at the Red Carpet”
Starts at 3PM PST/ 6PM ET/ 11PM GMT/ 12AM CET.

‘Golden Globes Arrival Special’:
Starts at 4PM PST/ 7PM ET/ (12AM GMT/ 1AM CET Monday Morning)

Award Show on NBC:
Starts at 5PM PST/ 8PM ET/(1AM GMT/ 2AM CET Monday Morning)

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider



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37 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Just Off the Top of My Head!

  1. Oh my goodness, how we love Rob’s hair – long, short or even half and half! And, of course, unlike most guys (and actors) who discover women love a particular feature, instead of cultivating it, he cut it all off as soon as he could after the first Twilight junkets. I don’t think it’s ever been as long as it was then, but it still looks gorgeous. I think he must have a double-crown, as it really does go every which bloody way, doesn’t it?! Has it ever been as long as this since 2008….?

    • rita01tx

      Nah, Rob’s long hair days were pretty much toast as soon as he started shootin’ Water for Elephants! But, GAWD! Those early days of wild haired Twilight Rob were freakin’ awesome while they lasted…we’ll always have the photos LOL!
      And how come we NEVER got any super huge HQ photos from that first Comic Con????

  2. Clairebamboozle

    Hi Rita, the thing with Robs hair is he always looks gorgeous, however long or short, (and I can’t say that about many men, some times you see a guy go for a change and have a buzz cut and look like a thug, or grow it a bit longer and look like an idiot.) But Rob always carries it off.

    Personally, I like it a bit longer on top, but clipped at the sides. Think it was the eclipse premier A.K.A Red suit Rob. But I would like to get my hands on his buzz cut, I love to feel the back of a mans head with short hair like that, Hmm, like stroking velvet the wrong way.

    Well, on the thought of rubbing Rob the wrong way..I’m a gonna go.

    Take care hon. Thanks for the post

  3. mississippibellalis

    Running the fingers through the hair is so sensual! A perfect plan for a lazy Sunday morning. Tracing the outline of his face. Gentle fingertips and nails slowly moving around his ear. A slight firm grip of a fistful at the base of the neck with a gentle tug. Petting and stroking his mane. {wake up, MB, you’re having a dream again}

    But, seriously, I just love the full thick hair look on Rob’s head. The RomeRob photos being my favs. And why can’t ALL the photos of His Holy Hawtness be in super huge HQ?

  4. kleomary

    Hello ladies!!! Lovely post, Rob’s hair…….. yeah…. my mind straight to the gutter Rita LOL As you said the man is not just a prety face…. he is prety hair, prety jaw, prety eyes, prety lips, prety neck…. I just love his neck…..and the happy tail of hair…. he is just delicious, isn’t he? Cannot wait to see him at the Golden Globes! And I will not comment the “zipper” ….. my words will be pure porn 🙂 LOL

    • rita01tx

      LOL! Ah, Mary darlin’! You are a girl after my own heart *fist bump!*
      Can’t wait to see what his hair’s gonna look like! Haven’t seen him without a hat since BD2 Berlin! That’s too long!!!
      Already got my RobPorn folder set up and waitin’ to stuff full of 2013 GG RobGoodness!!!

      • kleomary

        🙂 I love this virtual *fist bump* LOL
        I am watching the red carpet on E!Entertainment in TV… it is so late already….you live in Europe, too? I thought you were in Usa…..I so want to see him, hair, suit, clear shaven or scruffy etc etc

        • rita01tx

          Yes, It’s nearly 1 am here in Holland and I’m watching it on E! Entertainment as well…couldn’t get the live feed on my computer. No Rob sighting yet and I don’t know how much longer I can stay awake!

    • Aww c’mon kleomary!! we can take it LOL positive we have all thought it!!

  5. kleomary

    I feel you… it is 2:15 here in Athens…. and I have to drive my son to school early in the morning….

  6. aww you need a case of insomnia to keep up with Rob Darlin! I know! haha
    gorgeous post and pics too! the man’s hair is a sex object all by itself!! but then again, so are his lips, his smile {yes that IS a Seperate thing} his eyes, those cheek bones, his lashes, the happy Trail, the fingers, the voice the giggle, the talent, the music, all are sex objects by themselves. Roll them all together into one man, Rob and we don’t stand a chance in hell of surviving!!!….oh we were talking about his thick, fluffy, soft, long, or short, luscious, wild, wavy, hair weren’t we? yeah, well only One thing to say on that subject… *SWOON*

    • kleomary

      Reading your comment I was like ” Are we still talking about hair..???” LOL Yeah well The Man is delicious everywere…. and what I would’nt give to know by experience 🙂 !!!

  7. Red Carpet Rob Porn anyone?

    Source: via * on Pinterest

  8. Last one. the actual presentation video

    Source: via * on Pinterest

  9. Love the new perspective! Front, top, back…yep, he’s worth exploring from every angle. Beautiful collection, beautiful narration. MWAH! xo

    • rita01tx

      Mornin’ Born, darlin’! Yes Rob is endlessly fascinatin’ and we can never get enough of “explorin'” him LOL!
      {Just gettin’ caught up stuffin’ my newest RobPorn folder with GG 2013. One thing about his haircut last night, you can see every which way his hair grows all over his head and it’s NO WONDER it goes completely wild and untamed when it gets long!!!}

  10. You are so right about the GG hair Rita. Even short it has a mind of it’s own. I’m sure we are going to be treated to many more styles this year thanks to Rob’s variety of roles.

    • rita01tx

      Carrie, darlin’! I had to laugh as the evenin’ got later and later, while Rob’s hair {what little of it there was} got wilder and wilder in spots as he was completely unable to keep his hands out of it LMAO!!! Even when it was buzz cut, he couldn’t keep his hands off his head *gigglesnort!* One thing’s for sure, we’d ALL like to let him borrow our hands/fingers to tug on his hair when his own arm gets tired!

  11. OMG what great photos of Rob’s long Sex Hair you have collected!!! GAH!!!! Thanks so much!! I must take an keep!!! Maybe enhance! Thank you sweetie!!! Rob looks great no matter what kind of hairstyle he has, but I confess I do love the longer Sex Hair look…. such beautiful locks he has and I love that amber color…I would die and go to heaven if I ever had a chance to run my fingers through his beautiful hair! xoxo

    • rita01tx

      You’n me both, Melbie darlin’! Gots to have somethin’ to hang on to *gigglesnort!* Another thing I noticed when he had the buzz cut, though, is that Rob has the most beautifully shaped head! Not a flat spot anywhere!! Our man is just ridiculously handsome, ain’t he?

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