Sensual Sunday ~ His Hands Obsessed!

Wet Rob Avi

Good afternoon, ladies!

A while back, I told HisHandsObsessed that I had an eagle eye out on her edits! And, so I did…and, so I still have!

High time, then, to share our obsession with Rob’s hands by divin’ into my stash of edits by HisHandsObsessed! Now, somethin’ tells me you’re not gonna be too upset at how many of them I’m postin’ today…hell’n I had more than 200 to choose from! It was HARD {TWSS}!!!

Once I had it down to these, I couldn’t choose which ones NOT to use, so I’m usin’ ALL of them!

Robert Pattinson, Kirsten Stewart & Charlize Theron leaving Quo Vadis Private Members Club in Soho, London

Rob has the most elegant hands and fingers…especially his fingers,  I’ve ever seen on a man {or woman, for that matter}!


Even Rob is fascinated by his own hands {or maybe he’s just tryin’ to understand why WE love them so much LOL!}


How expressive would Rob be tellin’ stories or recitin’ poetry in sign language?


Anybody read sign language? What’s he sayin’ here?


To anyone not appreciatin’ Rob’s long fingernails, need I remind you that he needs ’em to pick his… GUITAR!!!


Or to dig out the tab on his zipper!?!?!


Maybe to get at that tiny bit of lettuce stuck between his teeth from his In-N-Out burger?


Would you rather he hid his hands completely?  I thought not LOL!

robert pattinson on set

I swear, Rob’s hands take on a personality all their own! They dance with the grace of a ballerina!


They seduce with the lightest touch *SWOON!*

The Apple Store Soho Welcomes Robert Pattinson & Catherine Hardwicke

A moment of silence, please, as we worship at the altar of St. Mattress! *THUD!*


Don’t hide, darlin’! We didn’t mean to make you blush {much}!!!


You know, I don’t think I’ve seen this photo before!?! {I want that finger touchin’ MY lips *le sigh!*}

Robert Pattinson displays many faces on the set of 'Remember Me' in NYC

Those hands attached to THOSE arms? *DED!* {ForearmPorn alert!}


Rob might not have been a hand model in RL, but he sure COULD have been! {Hell’n he even makes bad habits look gooood!}


Includin’ chewin’ on your fingernails LOL!


Whenever Rob brings his hands anywhere near his face, it leads to completion distraction! {EyebrowPorn!}


Pointin’ straight to where I want to put MY lips! {Which reminds me…see how pretty and white Rob’s teeth are? They weren’t that white at the Golden Globes, which is my theory as to why he wasn’t smilin’ very often LOL!}


Oh, crap! Now he’s gonna sulk ’cause I embarrassed him…again! {Sorry, Rob!}


Loosen up, baby! You know I’m just fuckin’ with you…as usual LMAO!!!


Uh, I think I’m in trouble! Rob…you mad at me?


Looks like it…damn!


Aaargh! Nooooo! Don’t call Nick…I’ll be good, I promise {fingers crossed behind my back}!!!


Just give him a minute…he can’t stay mad forever, right? Right?


What? You’re givin’ me one more chance?


Only if I…WHAT????


OH! You were just fuckin’ with ME, were you? *Phew!*   (_E=mc2_)


Say goodbye, Rob!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider



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25 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ His Hands Obsessed!

  1. mississippibellalis

    So much RobPorn goodness today.

    “Rob has the most elegant hands and fingers…especially his fingers, I’ve ever seen on a man {or woman, for that matter}!” Agreed.

    “Anybody read sign language? What’s he sayin’ here?” Looks like he might be playing air guitar?

    Must be tough wearing tight jeans that bind you so much you have to dig at the zipper and button tab for comfort. {pausing for that moment of silence}

    One word to describe His Hands: Elegant!

  2. Clairebamboozle

    Hi Sharon, another swoonworthy post.
    I actually hold a level 2 qualification in British Sign Language, Rob is kind of making the Y handshape, which if he tucked in his thumb can be used for signs for example a bull, or the Devil, or if he bent his index finger down but left the thumb up could be amongst other things airplane or telephone, just so you know LOL

    • rita01tx

      So…what? He’s tellin’ someone he had the Devil on the phone talkin’ bull? Shoot! I was hopin’ for somethin’ pervy like, “…and when I got back to my room, there was this girl on my bed, legs spread wide, just beggin’ for it!” LOL!

      • Clairebamboozle

        Sharon BB you crack me up, I’m afraid I agree with Missi, I think he really is saying nothing more than I wish I had my guitar. LOL But now you’ve put that idea in my head DAYUM!!!

  3. kleomary

    Hello ladies! Yeah….Rob’s hands and fingers…… they are so beautiful and elegant…. loooong and straight …… his fingers of
    course! And you know what they say about men with long fingers… 🙂

    I do not read sign language but my mind goes straight to : “On your knees here !!! ” LOL

    • rita01tx

      Oh, believe me, Mary darlin’! We’ve had many discussions about the size of Rob’s…um, fingers LMAO!!! General agreement is that he must be as blessed in that department as he is everywhere else!
      Also glad to know I’m not the only one readin’ more into Rob’s sign language LOL!

  4. kleomary

    Yeah I know…… Rob’s sizes are a constant discussion….. like shoe size you know…. his feet also looks huge LOL

  5. OMG I love Rob’s Hands!! He has such large elegant hands one of my fav Rob hand scenes is in Eclipse. It is the leg hitch scene where his hands are on her face, her leg, her back and then grabs her leg with his large hand that scene makes me melt like butter!! Ohh to have Rob’s hands on me!!

    • rita01tx

      You’n me both, Jinny darlin’! I remember that scene well, but damned if I can find it in my RobPorn collection…gonna have to search harder! Somebody, somewhere, must have it and I KNOW how to stalk LOL!

  6. eewee333

    Rita! Thanks so much for making me smile on a Monday. I just love the one of him holding that cigarette, just his hand and that cig. Almost makes me want to take up smoking again. I’d take that one right out from between his beautiful fingers…swoon. I’m just going to sit here for a minute and imagine those hands….well, gotta go!

  7. rita01tx

    In case none of you recognized this symbol: (_E=mc2_)
    It’s an “Assicon” for Smart Ass!

  8. rita01tx

    Speakin’ of Rob and cigarettes, I wonder if he’s started up again?
    image host

  9. People have always complimented me on my long fingers, I never understood the appeal, until now. Yeah, Rob’s got some lovely digits.

  10. Well This is my FOURTH attempt to post this comment!! I was smart this time and wrote it in a word doc so I could paste, post and cut and run before my internet shuts down again half way through!! Great Post Rita as ever!! You Knows I has a thing for his hands and fingers. And I like that his nails are a bit longer than cut to the quick! as long as they are clean that is. I never noticed the darker teeth till you pointed it out! Maybe you were right about that. but who cares? I’ll take him anyway!! LOL

    and KleoMary this is for YOU!

    • kleomary

      Just got there…….. yeah……thank you Robsfantasy!!!! I left a comment there because I studied(perved actually) the post for quite sometime:)

      You know I smoke too, it is a nusty habbit, but the truth is I enjoy it…. so I do not care if he smokes again, I would take him darker teeth, smoky breath etc etc !!!!! LOL

      • rita01tx

        I KNEW I liked you for a reason, Mary darlin’! *Fist bump!* I’m a nasty smoker too! Enjoy it too much to stop!!
        Plus, I agree completely! I’d take Rob no matter what! And I would never look down on him for smokin’ again…it’s very hard to stop!

  11. Rita, I LOVE it when you and Rob have your little chats. You know, he is one good-looking young man and you do a beautiful job pointing that out for us in so many creative ways. MWAH! xx

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