Getting Goofy with Rob

*blows kisses*


Hey Girls, internet went down last night and refused to stay running so I missed my post. {ooopsie!} Sorry about that, but I’m back and going to put up a couple of quickie posts this week for you. This is totally just for fun but I found this pic and it struck me as so funny I wanted to see what You all would put as a caption beneath it?


Hit me with  your best shot ladies!

Much love to you all,




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21 responses to “Getting Goofy with Rob

  1. “The head? It reaches right up here!”

  2. naughtyhisbella

    “See these? These fingers are weapons of mass destruction. The mere thought of them destroys panties every 2.2 seconds…”

  3. Clairebamboozle

    When I read what Rita though my sign language was saying I got so hot and bothered I had to fan myself cool again!

  4. Clairebamboozle

    Slaying you with my finger porn!! Huh??? I just got my speech notes written on my palm.

  5. kleomary

    Rob : “Just take a look at me….I mean really look at me…. what do they see in me anyway???? God I just do not get it……. and the panties keep flying this close to my face , unbelievable” *Rob’s laugh*

  6. Imagine he’s talking about THAT scene in Cosmopolis…
    “Then David says to the Doctor guy, just slide those fingers right up in there!”

    hehehe…sorry, but it’s his slightly wide eyed, stunned look that made me go there.

  7. mississippibellalis

    Rob’s internal dialogue: “Hold it! Whose that middle-aged tattooed woman over there? She’s making me hot!”

    • rita01tx

      Please don’t let it be Kat von Dee LOL! {She’d be middle aged to him *snickers!*}

      • mississippibellalis

        I didn’t even know she existed until about 30 seconds ago. Def not her. I meant me!

        • rita01tx

          I thought you meant you, but I wasn’t sure…you got tatts??? Hot damn! While I admire the hell out of a beautiful tattoo, I don’t have any myself. But stories with Tattwards get me so hot *phew!* First one I read was Hunter Hunting’s Clipped Wings & Inked Armor! Been hooked on Tattwards ever since LOL!

          • mississippibellalis

            I do . I do. The oldest one is older than Rob. Got it 30 years ago. I’m looking for the FF story you mentioned but it is not on the net any longer. I’ll try contacting the author directly.

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