Sensual Sunday ~ Somethin’ Wicked This Way Comes!

Wet Rob Avi

Black is…what? Good!

Well, only if Rob is wearin’ it LOL!

Otherwise, black can be depressin’ {like the weather outside today} and downright skeery {as in you really don’t want to be walkin’ down an unlit alley in the middle of the night just ’cause it’s a shortcut…just sayin’}!

However, black also brings with it a connotation of wickedness, which I noticed in some of Rob’s photos from the Twilight 2008 LA and Paris premieres! When Rob dresses in black, from head to toe, he exudes a certain sensual aura of “somethin’ wicked this way comes”!



Rob must have been nervous at the first ever premiers of Twilight, but you couldn’t tell by lookin’ at him!


In fact, with those heavy lidded eyes, he looked like the cat that got into the cream!


Or maybe he was just beginnin’ to revel in all the female attention!


For damn sure, he was flirtin’ with us!


And gettin’ better at it with every passin’ minute LOL!


Damn, the sex appeal just drips off of him *hOOrMOAN!*


Watch out! He’s goin’ in for the kill! *THUD!*


Owww! He got me! *DED!* *Whimper!*


Damn him {NOT}…every RobHOOr within range of that gaze melted into puddles of goo!


'Twilight' Paris Photocall

After his success in LA, Rob just got better ‘n better with killin’ us all softly with his smile LOL!

'Twilight' Paris Photocall

But he wasn’t gonna play nice…we were gonna have to beg for it *gigglesnort!*

'Twilight' Paris Photocall

And beg we did LOL! Smirk us to sweet death, Rob darlin’! *le sigh!*

'Twilight' Paris Photocall

Aw, man! He’s bringin’ in the big guns…EyePorn!!!


And it gets worse! How, you may ask?



Fototermin zum Film "Twilight" in Paris



Hide now, if you value your ovaries, ladies!


Too late! Frozen to the spot! Can’t.MOVE!!!


He’s got us right where he wants us…wez so DED!


I don’t believe for a second that he’s backin’ off…RUN!!!


What part of run did you not understand? FUUUUUCK!!!!!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider



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24 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Somethin’ Wicked This Way Comes!

  1. christa64c

    He got me too. DIRECT HIT!!! He could put on a flirting seminar on how to melt panties from just a look and a lip bite.

    • rita01tx

      I can just see all the Rob wannabees fillin’ up the room to hear him, Christa darlin’ LOL!
      As a matter of fact, Rob could very well have written this book:

      image host

      Another fictional book cover. Rob’s been busy writing again! This time it’s a fully-illustrated educational manual to great sex! Everything from A-to-Z about keeping your partner happy in bed! Or the living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, forest, beach, back seat, front seat, swimming pool, hot tub, or any place else you can imagine. These are tried-and-true methods to getting and giving the best performance ever all night long.

      Rob has included a mail-in coupon in the back of the book to receive absolutely free a special addition to the guide. I won’t say what it contains but you’ll be glad you mailed it in.

      This ‘Robert Pattinson Way Edition’ has already sold over a million copies. You’ll be pleased with the results and wondered how you ever lived without this guide. Rumor has it he’s working on another edition to this book.

      Coitus maximus, ya’ll.

      {This is a Mississippibellalis edit! Missi, darlin’! Is the text all your handywork, too? If so, VERY CLEVER!!!}

      • mississippibellalis

        It is all mine (I’ve corrected the misspelling too.) Thank you ma’am. I was in self-dialogue in the kitchen earlier in the day and was thinking of books that Rob should write. As the photos you chose for today’s SS post clearly show, Rob is the man to write the manuals that alleviate bedroom boredom. To describe today’s photos I would say, “When I was dreaming last night in my sleep I had a vision of heavenly bliss and became ‘frozen to the spot’ when Rob, styled as a sex god, showed me how to use the book to coitus maximus.” Well, happy day, ya’ll.

      • Missi, I Loved this! Gorgeous, perfect job! I reblogged that minute i saw it! I will e-mail you soon!!

  2. Clairebamboozle

    Phwar!! Rita, loving the post. I’m a gonner too, trying to scramble back onto my chair to type this.
    Who the hell taught him to do that to us all??? And then he goes and does an interview and is all giggly and butter wouldn’t melt. (too late for all our panties)
    Such a sweet and sexy guy. Always leaving us wanting more, more, more.

    • rita01tx

      Practice makes perfect, ClaireBear! Rob’s been practicin’ his moves on us for years and only gets better as he matures into the Sexy Beast we all know and love!!!

  3. blondemel47

    Am down n out for the count…. well nearly…. Damn that boy needs to wear a Danger sign!! Thanks Rita – loved every minute!!!

    • rita01tx

      “Take this ride at your own risk!” Was gonna say “Enter at your own risk,” but that would be ME LMAO!!!

    • HA!! Purrrfect Idea blondemel47! But doubt it would do him any good! I know i wouldn’t pay any attention to a Danger sign. Hell it’d probably turn most of the hOOrs on even more!! *snickers*

  4. Oh lord, yes, Rita – Rob in Black is off-the-scale sexy, no doubt about it. I know that, strictly speaking, he’s not all in black here (he’s wearing the beloved 501s) but the b&w makes it look like he is, and there he is, the pure, unadulterated definition of sexiness, all in one gorgeous package…. and now I’m think about his package… damn, damn, damn…

  5. kleomary

    Jesus…Rita…. excellent point!!!! Loved it!! He is just killing us softly…. and he does not even try it…..
    He is playing with our sanity…. and our panties 🙂

    And now I definitely need a smoke…….LOL

  6. *crawls back into chair. Tries to type but has to wipe drool off keyboard first*
    Dayum Girl! you trying to kill us all in one fell swoop?!?!? Well, you are doing a dayum good job at it!!! But i think you need to step out into the cold night air and cool your bwains and your panties off! RUN???? what the hell from??? Panty melting, Heart exploding, heavy lidded, just the tip {of the tongue} sex hair, wicked black wearing, F*ck hawt, Death-by-sex-appeal, smirking sex stare from Rob is THE Way to go!!!!! Imma stand there arms and Eyes WIDE OPEN and welcome That for sure!!! Can only think of one other way I’d want to go!!!
    *Falls off chair and melts in a puddle of goo just thinking about it!*

  7. eewee333

    Rita! Thanks for the wonderful post on this most pleasant Monday. I’ve been sick in bed for four days and am just now getting back to work and checking emails, etc. What a wonderful way to get my heart going again. Thanks for all the wonderful, oooey, gooey RobPorn. You’re the best. 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Awww, Eewee darlin’! Hope you’re feelin’ better! Bein’ sick sucks, don’t it? Takes all the fun outta pervin’ on The Pretty! That’s a bad bad thing LOL!
      You’re pervy perveyor of prime RobPorn is pleased that you enjoyed today’s worship at the altar of St. Mattress LOL!

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