Random Rita ~ Thursday Tumblr Trollin’!

Wet Rob Avi😀

Despite the RobDrought {yeah, I said the “D” word}, I’ve been spendin’ many happy hours trollin’ tumblr for new/old RobPorn!

Lots of cool gifs cross my path, but most of them are just too damn small!

So, when I saw this one from Rob’s promo tour of Water for Elephants, I squealed and ran here to share…cause that’s just how I roll LOL!


FingerPorn, NeckPorn, JawPorn, LipPorn, EyePorn…if he had a little longer hair, we’d have SexHairPorn, but I guess you can’t have everythin’!

Happy Thursday,  y’all!


Night Raider


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22 responses to “Random Rita ~ Thursday Tumblr Trollin’!

  1. Love the pinkie finger ! His pinky fingers fascinate me to no end!! They seem to have a mind of their own! His face is just amazing it seriously looks carved! I loved the gif! Do ww know if he will be at the Oscars this year?

    • rita01tx

      Well, I haven’t heard anything official. But, since The Rover is filmin’ through April, the chances are slim at best!

  2. eewee333

    Scrumpdilly-Rob-alicious!! Who could ask for anything more? Thanks Rita!

  3. Clairebamboozle

    Hi Rita, what a lovely surprise, Rob in motion on a Thursday.

    I agree with you, too many gifs are teeny tiny.Rob porn should be big enough to see without the aid of a magnifying device.
    *Sigh* such a beautiful man.

  4. kleomary

    Hello Rita!! Yes indeed, this gif is so full of RobPorn LOL
    I just love his neck and jaw …….

    • rita01tx

      Umhmmm, Mary darlin’! I want my lips on that neck! I wants my lips on that jaw! Hell’n I want my fingers where those fingers are strokin’! Most of all, I want Rob to RE.CIP.RO.CATE!!!!

      • kleomary

        And I knew I liked you for a reason 🙂
        Well…I want my everything on his everything and for him to reciprocate as you excellent pointed out !!!!!! LOL
        Girls can dream right?? 🙂

  5. keyecullen

    Um…first of all…the new header????? DAYUM!!!! I love, love, LOVE it!!!

    Thanks for all that Rob porn all rolled into one excellent gif.

  6. I just Lurve a Random Rita post LOL Short sweet and deadly!

  7. mississippibellalis

    Hi Rita, I, too, love it when I find something new of Rob and it makes me shriek, giggle, and shout ‘yes, yes, yes.’ Robdom definitely needs lots more Robgifs.

  8. NEW Dictionary word via Mississppibellalis!!! Robnatomy!!! YAY!!!

  9. exaltada

    *Sigh* Why? Why do he makes me drool like I was looking at a big chocolate cake? Is a mystery… 🙂 Thanks Rita!!

    • rita01tx

      You’re welcome, Exaltada darlin’! And thank YOU for another excuse to drool over this gif for a few minutes…or maybe hours LMAO!!!

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