Sensual Sunday ~ Stalkin’ Cricrila!

Wet Rob Avi

Good afternoon, ladies!

By now, y’all should know me pretty well…I’ve become a veritable “Stalker ~ First Class” on tumblr LOL!

That bein’ said, the lovely Cricrila’s edits have been patiently accumulatin’ in a special RobPorn folder of mine, just waitin’ for the right opportunity to be shared!

Well, you lucky h00rs and angels! Today’s the day!!!


Known as Cricrila70 on tumbler, I’m as dazzled by her edits as I am by her subject…Rob, of course!


Notice the tri-color composition of purple, green and orange? Rob’s face and SexHair highlighted in the middle? Perfection!


OMG! She makes Rob’s eyes look like fuckin’ jewels!!!


Out of her entire “New York Collection,” I love this one the very best!!!


Our Cricrila has a lot of fun with reflections in Rob’s sunglasses, too! Gotta say, this was hands down my favorite!


How to enhance a black ‘n white with color? Just like this!


Rob’s eyes and lips caught me here! Can you look away? I can’t!


This Hedi Slimane photo has been edited by many ladies, but just look at the way Cricrila focuses our attention on Rob’s lovely eyes!


Oh, Tyler! Such a beautiful, beautiful role for Rob! I chose this one for the softness…like a baby’s butt!


If we didn’t know this was an edit, you’d swear Rob had a touch of the Irish in his blood! Hell’n maybe he does! {I’d be proud to share that drop of heritage with him LOL!}


No one else’s eyes are as hypnotizin’ as Rob’s! And, when edited to such perfection? *Speechless!*


Since Rob plays Edward, and all our fan fic Edward’s have green eyes when he’s human, this is Cricrila’s Edward!


What caught my attention on this edited screen cap from Cosmopolis, was the swirly effect…


or, maybe it represents the smokin’ hotness of the best sex scene Rob’s done…to date! {we can always dream of more, right?}


Okay, now I think I know why she’s called Cricrila Redlips on Facebook LMAO!!!


Sometimes, I just go for the cuteness factor LOL!


It’s the expression on Rob’s face! Kinda sad? Tryin’ to pay attention but he’s tired? Whatever it is, Cricrila caught it!


Just because I’d never seen this one before! Rob behind the scenes in Italy for New Moon!


Here, as well! Also a new one to me! {Love findin’ rare Rob photos!}


Don’t think I can’t take the hint…enough for now LMAO!!!

Oh, but just to complete my stalkin’ tendencies, here’s one of Cricrila’s vids, which she posts as MsChristina70!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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20 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Stalkin’ Cricrila!

  1. mississippibellalis

    Rita, I’m in love with the first one. Soft and earthy. I, too, have seen many of Cricrila’s edits and they are worthy of worship! Her edits are unique and beautiful. Always a pleasure to view them!

    • rita01tx

      Very much so, Missi darlin’! I’d be hard put to choose a favorite! I’ve clicked each one to full screen several times and they each speak to me in their own way LOL!

  2. Hi Rita – wonderful post – those New Moon ones are new to me, I love the front on shot, gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing, A xox

    • rita01tx

      You’re welcome, Ally darlin’! As always, it was very hard {twss} to choose from the more than 250 Cricrila edits I had in my file LOL! But, what a way to spend a Sunday mornin’!

  3. Clairebamboozle

    Hi Rita sweetie, thanks for bringing us such a lovely collection of edits. Honestly I could sit and stare at Rob’s gorgeous face all day long and never get bored.
    But sadly, real life beckons, interrupting my ogle time. Why the hell does everyone want to eat every single day??!

  4. kleomary

    Hello Ladies!! OMG Rita what lovely edits, thank you!! I cannot look away…. his face is gorgeous…. and his eyes…… oh my… his eyes are beyond words……

    • rita01tx

      Ah, Mary darlin’! Your response is why I love doin’ these Sensual Sunday posts featurin’ the best RobPorn I can find! The Pretty deserves nothin’ less than our constant adoration and I so enjoy seein’ that he gets it!

  5. Lovely post BB!! I likey the video too!!! And the green-eyed photo, i just might have to print that off to carry around with me to drool on while i’m away from my laptop.

  6. I looove all the pics. my friend, the eyes was just staring at me with sad, happy, and amuzing looks heheheh, and so beautiful ❤

    • rita01tx

      Hi, Alba darlin’! Welcome to RA! Drop in on us any time…we loves to perv on The Pretty, as you can see LOL! Glad you love Cricrila’s edits just as much as I do!!

  7. eewee333

    As always Rita you outdo yourself! You have given me another wonderful Monday. The Pretty in my inbox…le sigh. My favorites are the Heidi Slimane photo, because that is my Fifty, and the New Moon ones. That is how Edward should have looked in all the movies. He never looked better in the Saga (IMHO). But truth be told, I love them ALL. How could I not? They’re ROB!!!Thanks again bb. Have a wonderful week. 🙂

  8. rita01tx

    Thanks, Eewee darlin’! Did you click the Hedi Slimane to full screen? Did you notice the very subtle green she gave his eyes? Simply sublime!
    We are lucky to have so many talented ladies in Rob’s fandom, producin’ such beauty as to be nearly incomprehensible! I’ve often wondered if any other celebrities get this kind of treatment LOL!

    • eewee333

      OMG! You’re so right. (excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard here) OK, I’m back. He is just so…….beautiful, sexy, robalicious, words just don’t do him justice. Sublime. Yes, I like your description…just…yeah…

      • rita01tx

        ROTFLMAO! *wipes tears!* Oh, Eewee! I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen you so speechless! *pattin’ myself on the back!* LOL!

  9. So very, very pretty. Thank you, Cricrila AND Rita.

    • rita01tx

      Born, darlin’! {{HUGS!}} Hope Miss Cricrila didn’t mind me doin’ this…didn’t ask beforehand *Bad Rita!* but I love it when our ladies make The Pretty even prettier LOL!

  10. Thank you Ladies!!! You made my day! And thank you Rita!!
    Cristina (Aka Cricrila)

    • rita01tx

      You are so very welcome, Cristina darlin’! We all LOVE your work and it was my pleasure to feature just a few of your best! Lookin’ forward to seein’ more of you on tumblr! MWAH!!!

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