Random Rita ~ Snake Charmer!

Wet Rob Avi


I found another great Rob gif on tumblr!

This one is fascinatin’ to me because it reminds me of one of those snake charmers…swayin’ back and forth, eyes locked on target!

Question is, who is the cobra and who is the snake charmer?


You be the judge!

Happy Tuesday, y’all!


Night Raider



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41 responses to “Random Rita ~ Snake Charmer!

  1. edwardsvamptramp69

    oooh Rita, Baby. Rob is DEFINITELY the “charmer” here. Need you ask? 😉

    But also, if you’ve ever seen those snake charmers, the snake tends to sway back and forth a little so clearly the dude in front of him is the snake (maybe in more ways than one)!

    Love the intense focus of Robs eyes……………*sigh*

  2. kleomary

    Oh God Rita….Ok, how can you expect me to be able to write a complete coherent sentence after seeing Rob’s face like this…..??? Jesus……. I have a Huge problem right now 🙂 I think he killed me….my sanity…. and my panties! LOL

    • rita01tx

      Mary darlin’! I think I have the same problem LOL! Watchin’ that gif endlessly…Rob is charmin’ ME like I’m the snake! Can’t.Look.Away!!!

  3. Clairebamboozle

    Hi Rita, love this gif…Sooo intense, he sure charms the panties off us Rob hoors and angels.
    You are a wicked woman, now you’ve gone and mentioned snakes, I wonder how many of us are thinking about the trouser variety???
    Thanks for the extra post, always a pleasure honey. xx

  4. mississippibellalis

    Miss Rita, something very funny (not haha but twi zone) is going on around here. I woke up this morning from a clear dream about a snake that got loose in the house. Where are you Rob the Snake Charmer when I need you? But concerning the other ‘snake’ in Rob’s pants… it’s should be MissBellalis the Snake Charmer (hehe).

    • rita01tx

      According to Freud’s classic dream interpretation theory, a snake featured in a dream represents a phallic symbol that could relate to a male figure {ROB!}, male energy {ROB!} or how you experience your sexuality {obsessed with the idea of charmin’ the snake outta ROB’s trousers!}
      Well, Missi darlin’! I’m willin’ to bet lots of us have that particular snake dream LMAO!!!
      On the serious side, however, none of my dreams involvin’ snakes has ever been less than terrifyin’! Much like the several RL encounters I’ve had with them! {no, never been bit…close, but no cigar!}

  5. eewee333

    Rita, Rita, Rita…you render me speechless….again. I can’t get any work done now because I’m staring at this gif and I’m hypnotized (or should I say Robnotized). 🙂

    • rita01tx

      {RF!!! Eewee’s got another word for your RobDictionary!}

      See, Eewee, darlin’! This is the kind of trouble I get {you all) into now that I’ve retired and have 24/7 to perv on Rob LMAO!!!

  6. naughtyhisbella

    Wait….did you say something, Rita sweetheart?
    Rob had me in his spell…what time is it? Crap! I missed my shift at work…oh, Rob…

  7. ddflgj;hjdhdkee’rtohldd;lgfbFld *dreamy eyed stare*
    gs *drools*
    [er[q *licks computer screen*
    qw;rkssksg;fd’lka[a[ *falls off chair*
    fafsFks;f *drools s’more*

    yeah, that about sums it up!!


  9. christa64c

    Snake charmer, panty dropper…call him what you will. I just call him Rob and my goal is to one day, charm his snake! 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Guess we’re all here for the same reason, then, Christa darlin’! LOL!
      {followin’ his eyes…back ‘n forth, back ‘n forth…ungh!!!}

  10. Oh, Rita! YUM YUM & SWOON! ❤

    • rita01tx

      *Wicked Evil Grin!* Ah, Carrie darlin’! “Another one bites the dust,” LOL!
      It is, isn’t it? Really, really hard to stop lookin’ at it! So, I don’t !!!

  11. exaltada

    ¡¡Ay, por los dioses!! I pray all the gods of sex and wet panties (yes, I´m reading El Infierno de Gabriel) he can some day look at me THAT way… He´s charmer, and he´s mesmerizing like a snake…mmm… thanks for this treat.
    BTW: sorry because I´m missing, but my time is sooo little

    • rita01tx

      I understand, Exaltada darlin’! Ain’t never too late to catch up! Now, if you can tear your eyes away from this one, I’ve posted another one already LMAO!!!

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