Be My Valentine, Sweetward ♥

We all like a little bit of sugar from Edward Cullen, don’t we? And never more so than around Valentine’s Day. This week the FicSix have worked really hard – sweat, blood and tears hard, no joke – to read and rediscover our favourite Sweethearts in Twific. Without further ado, we bring you Sweetward…



*Review by Cared*

Boycotting Valentine’s Day by jennlynnfs

*Made by AngelAtTwilight*

Boycotting Valentine’s Day ~ Valentine’s Day approaches, but Bella chooses to hang out with her best friend Alice. They decide to boycott Valentine’s Day. Non-Valentine’s Day activities are planned, including no boys. But, Alice’s brothers, Edward and Emmett, don’t count, right?

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 7 – Words: 34,051 – Reviews: 1131 – Updated: 2-15-10 – Published: 1-19-10 – Bella & Edward – Complete

I read this novella when it was rec’d on RAoR for Valentine’s Day in 2010. It’s now 2013, but say the word Sweetward to me, and this romantic tale immediately springs to mind. It’s by jennlynnfs, author of other memorable fics, My Brother’s Best Friend and One Cup Of Chunky Peanut Butter.

Bella has a problem…

There were just too many guys wanting to be the one.

It was one of those situations where when it rains it pours.

And it was a God damn storm right now.

And it wasn’t even the good kind where “It’s Raining Men” is playing in the background and you’ve got hot males beating the crap out of each other for you in the street.

The deluge of man storm ranged from the totally inept to the just say no kind.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and since none of these wishy-washy men float her boat, rather than endure a washout of an evening, Bella finds the perfect solution – Boycott Valentine’s Day!

Bella and best-friend Alice decide to stay home, eat pizza, and watch action flicks – an anti-Valentine’s Day celebration. Somehow this plan morphs into a girl only weekend, until Alice’s brothers Emmett and Edward decide to join them. Bella is not at all perturbed by the impending invasion of testosterone. She has known them for years and dismisses their sister’s complaints about the company of men with…

“Yeah, but they don’t really count.”

Oh, Bella, Bella! She has no idea as to how highly Edward is going to count! The rating is going to be off the Richter Scale! The earth is going to move as Edward emits seismic waves in her direction. Will she stand strong or will she tremble and fall? I know I would fall.

As for Edward – he is very sweet, and a little bit geeky too – sigh! He makes me smile with his Lord Of The Rings references; his shy and thoughtful ways make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside; his first tentative kiss makes me swoon.

So, whether you plan to boycott Valentine’s Day or not, don’t boycott this light and fluffy fic. Complete at 7 chapters it’s a sweet, short read, so grab some chocolate and enjoy Boycotting Valentine’s Day.


* Review by Gingerandgreen*

The Other Side of the Fence by Edward’s Eternal 

*made by CullensTwiMistress*

*made by CullensTwiMistress*

The Other Side of the Fence ~ He hides to protect those he loves, she hides because that is all she knows. Isolation is a way of life for both of them. Two neighbours. All that separates them is a fence. Who knows what waits on the other side? Can they be strong enough to find out?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 23 – Words: 60,723 – Reviews: 4,041 – Favs: 1,061 – Follows: 1,562 – Updated: 02-05-13 – Published: 11-27-12 – id: 8743349

This review may come as rather a surprise to the lovely and talented author Edward’s Eternal, because – weirdly – I haven’t left a review on The Other Side of the Fence, even once. I have no reason for my negligence either, just a crazy life; but if EE is anything like her sweet, kind, sexy, protective, generous and endearing Fenceward, she’ll forgive me immediately.

Fenceward and Chefgirl have intriguing back stories that are revealed enticingly slowly. How they end up as neighbours is an important aspect of the story arc, and I’m revealing nothing. How they “meet” over the fence in chapter one is adorable:

“The sound of movement to the right of the fence caught my attention. I had seen a moving truck a few days ago but had not yet glimpsed the new owner. The townhouses were all clustered in small groups; this one only had the two units and we both had attached garages which separated the two units, so all I had seen so far was a car coming and going. I knew it was a woman; that she lived alone and posed no danger to me. That I had been guaranteed.

As I listened, I heard her moving around and the unmistakable sound of boxes being broken down and papers being folded, then I heard a soft voice humming pleasantly. Another sound caught my ear and I wasn’t sure what it was until the scent hit me a few minutes later.

She was cooking something on a barbeque.

I inhaled the scent, my mouth instantly watering and the strange tasting sandwich I was holding no longing appealing in any way.
My head fell back and a groan escaped my lips, because it smelt fucking amazing.

“I beg your pardon?” a shocked, sweet sounding voice came from behind the fence.

Oh shit.

I had just said that out loud.”

Of course you did, Edward. It’s kind of a fic-thing, LOL. And as in all the best stories, Edward’s inability to keep his thoughts in his head leads to the start of a tentative relationship between our favourite couple. But unlike other neighbourly Twifics, the pair don’t set eyes on each other and swoon with lust; nor do they feel that electric zing from touching a soul mate – or not for a fair few chapters anyway. (Don’t worry pervy fic-h00rs, touching does feature later on, this is most assuredly an M-rated story). Even Fenceward’s sense of smell is titillated more by Bella’s magical cooking than by the desperately shy girl herself. All of their initial interactions are conducted from the other side of the very high garden fence.

I heard a nervous sounding, “Hello?”

“Are you all right?” I asked, unsure what was going on.

“Oh. Good. You’re there.”

I grimaced. I didn’t have anywhere else to go. “Yeah, I’m here.”

“I um … I put something on the fence for you.”

I sat up. “What?”

I heard the sound of retreating footsteps and the door opening again. “I can’t let a neighbour starve. Goodnight.”

I stood up and looked at the fence.

Holy shit. Was that really a plate sitting on the top?

Dragging my chair over, I stepped up, stretching as far as I could, and was able to snag the unexpected treasure and bring it down. Stepping off the chair, I immediately tore the foil off and basked in the incredible aroma that hit me.

Chicken. Grilled vegetables. Salad.


All mine.

I grinned. There was even a plastic fork.

I dragged my chair back to the table and began to devour the best meal I’d eaten in ages. Not even the voice in the back of my head telling me I shouldn’t accept food from a stranger could deter me. Nothing was keeping me from this feast.

I knew she was inside. I knew she probably wouldn’t hear me. But I did it anyway.

“Thank you!” I bellowed. “This tastes as fucking awesome as it smelt!”

It was soft and distant, but I heard it.

A giggle. Lilting and strangely delightful.

I smiled around my mouthful.

This new neighbour thing was okay.”

The Other Side of the Fence is 23 chapters in, and updates regularly. Every new chapter reveals a sweeter aspect of Edward’s personality. Don’t think that makes him a wimpy man though – he’s tough, he teases, he’s been through a lot and he’s all man, from the tip of his sexhair to his very, very large socks *wink wink*. He’s practically perfect by now, and can do no wrong in my eyes. I love reading this story, it’s a breath of kindness in a harsh world, and I know you’ll love it too.


*Review by AllyVera*

Perfectly Imperfect by lindsay520

Banner made by SoapyMayhem

Banner made by SoapyMayhem

Perfectly Imperfect ~ Bella is a socially awkward loner. Edward is lost in a meaningless marriage. Co-workers of a moving company, several long road-trips and lonely motel nights alone start a bond between them that may be stronger than either of them had ever expected. AH

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 27 – Words: 62,115 – Reviews: 1,879 – Favs: 870 – Follows: 806 – Updated: 12-16-11 – Published: 09-09-11 – Status: Complete – id: 7366855

There are so many things I love about Lindsay520’s Perfectly Imperfect, it is hard to get them all down on paper, but the thing that stands out at number one for me is Edward.  He shares many wonderful attributes that our beloved canon Edward does, and brings quite a few of his own qualities to the table as well.

Check, check and check!

Check, check and check!

As the summary depicts, Bella and Edward both work at a moving company owned by Emmett.  At first they don’t have a lot to do with each other, seeing as Bella is partnered with Victoria aka “Firecrotch Bitch” (I still giggle at the nicknames Bella gives Victoria).  However, when Edward’s partner goes on medical leave Bella’s wish to get away from Victoria is answered.  I just have to share a little snippet of Bella giving us our first view of Edward (from Chapter Two)

“Just as I was about to walk around Emmett’s desk toward the hallway behind him, the outside door swung open and he walked in.

Oh God. I tripped over my red sneakers and righted myself before he could notice. At least I think he didn’t notice. Geez Bella.

Tall, lean, solid, wearing a worn-out plain white t-shirt, loose jeans with a huge hole in the knee, and a dirty blue bandanna wrapped around his head. His forehead was damp with sweat and he brought his left hand up to wipe across his brow. The glint of his titanium wedding band caught my eye, burning a hole into my retina.

Edward Cullen. God he looked good today. Shit, he looked good every day, who was I kidding? He was so masculine. So rugged looking. Always with a little stubble on that strong jaw and such bright, green, no no, bright jade eyes. Shit, was I drooling?”

Oh yeah… this Edward is gorgeous on the outside, but he is even more beautiful on the inside. At first Bella is painfully shy around Edward, but Edward works hard to put her at ease, which is one of the things that makes him oh-so swoonworthy.  Bella, in turn, does little things for Edward that make him feel appreciated, which is something that he is sadly lacking in his not-so-good marriage to Tanya.

Bella doesn’t think she could ever be in Edward’s league, even if he wasn’t married – but little does she know her regard is returned – but this Edward would never cheat on his wife (what a shame his wife doesn’t feel the same way… or actually Tanya probably did him a favour)

A little taste of what goes on inside Edward’s head (extract from Chapter 10)

She stepped up onto the running board and reached over her head for the door handle. As she raised her hands up, her t-shirt raised up with her, exposing the small of her back. I eyed the dimples just above the waistband of her jeans. My eyes kept roaming. Stop Edward, stop stop stop…couldn’t. Slender hips, tight ass, toned thighs. Under those worn-out jeans and t-shirts, the girl had some body on her.

She grabbed onto the bottom of the passenger’s seat and pressed her palm onto the floor of the truck cab. I watched the muscles in her arms flex as she used her upper-body strength to lift herself up and bring her knee up to the floor. As she bent her legs, the waist of her jeans puckered out a bit and I caught a glimpse of the top elastic band of her plain white panties.

Saliva filled my mouth. There’s something about plain white panties that’s just so innocent, modest, and incredibly appealing. I don’t think Tanya even owned a pair of plain white briefs. She had to buy all the expensive, lacy, silky shit.

Fuck! Tanya! I’m married! I don’t care how miserable Tanya can make me, she’s my wife, and I would never ever betray her. Jesus Christ, just thinking these thoughts was betraying her.

I had to stop. I had to. “I’m done!” I blurted out loud to myself.

“What?” Bella asked, settling into the truck seat and looking down at me.

“Oh, uh…I’m done…helping you up into the truck. You proved you can do it yourself. Good job.” I said giving her a lame double-thumbs-up sign.

Smooth Edward. Really smooth.”

*giggles* Even when he is being dorky, he’s so sweet!

What I truly love about Perfectly Imperfect is that Bella and Edward end up being each other’s whole world.  Their love is unique and special and runs deeper than the ocean – and that right there everyone, is why I read fan fic!


*Review by Ilovealion*

Caught Looking by Marvar


*made by Jamie Arkin*

Caught Looking ~ Sometimes it’s easier to live your life for someone else. To ignore your mundane days and sleep through your lonely nights. And then one day, it’s not enough. A story about finding love when you’re not even looking. You just get caught.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 21 – Words: 33,562 – Reviews:2,801 – Favs: 1,670 – Follows: 2,677 – Updated: 01-20-13 – Published: 06-11-12 – id: 8206649

Sweetwards are as prevalent in Twific as chocolates are at Valentine’s Day, but I think I’ve found a unique one to tickle your taste buds. He’s a delicious mix of smarts and looks with a swirl of compassion and a twist of kink. I think he’s the perfect package, if you know what I mean. *wink*

You can find him in Marvar’s WIP, Caught Looking. Entirely in BPOV, it’s a fresh, college-aged Edward and Bella story that has the perfect mix of humor and light drama. And, as you’ll see, Bella is not convinced that Edward is “all that” when she has her first verbal encounter with him. In fact, she comes up with a unique nickname for him.

Goiter boy.

“Dr. Banner’s office, Bella speaking.” I try to sound polite, but these damn calls keep interrupting my studying. Don’t these dumb-asses know that I’m trying to pass Mass Spectrometry?

“Um, hi. I’m looking for Jasper Hale.”

Hmm, sexy voice. This is a nice change of pace from the usual dorks that call this number (me included). Too bad he’s looking for Jasper. Maybe he’ll let me watch them do stuff. I snort a little into the phone because Jasper isn’t gay and I don’t like threesomes. It’s sad that my perverted musings are my only form of entertainment. Well, that and reruns of Golden Girls.

Thankfully the perverted thoughts don’t mix with the Golden Girls. Because it would be gross to picture Betty White like that.

And really sad.

I collect myself, clearing thoughts of guy-with-sexy-voice and old ladies out of my head so I can sound professional.

“Ahem, Jasper isn’t in until three. May I take a message?”

“Yes, please tell him that Edward needs to talk to him about his sister. It’s extremely important. I’m tired of her trying to avoid me.”

Great. A guy actually sparks my interest and he’s taken. And he must be desperate to try to call this girl’s brother to get in touch with her. Which means he’s probably ugly. But he sounds hot – like he could totally get paid for phone sex. But I saw a special on television about phone sex operators and they were all fat guys on parole or had goiters or something.

Needless to say they weren’t datable.

I take down goiter boy’s number and leave the message for Jasper, the other teaching assistant. I hope this caller doesn’t cause any problems for Jasper. Now he’s the perfect guy. Not for me, of course, because he’s like my brother. He is brilliant and cute, in a “I buy clothes in a comic book store, but I have potential” sort of way. I tried to set him up with Alice, but she wasn’t interested. She says he’s too studious for her. Makes her feel dumb. I told him not to quiz her on the Periodic table. She thought he was asking about her menstrual cycle.

And Alice doesn’t like talking about either of those things.

As you can see, Bella is a hoot. Her inner monologues are hilarious, and, you’ll love her ridiculousness when she finally sees “goiter boy” for the first time. He definitely doesn’t have a bulge in his neck, but he fills his track pants out nicely. lol

Marvar has mixed together a cast of unique characters that even the most discriminating of palates will appreciate, so I hope you’ll give Goiterward and Bella a try. *snort – I laugh every time I write Goiterward!*

Until next time… love to you all. xoxo


*Reviews by Midnight Cougar*

The Practicum by TheFicChick

*banner, designed by Kassiah*

The Practicum ~ “We’re going to be teaching high schoolers how not to get each other knocked up or infected with gonorrhea. It’s hardly a romantic evening for two.”

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 9 – Words: 52,561 – Reviews: 1,874 – Updated: 2-5-13 – Published: 1-13-13 – Bella & Edward

For anyone who has read anything else Twific related by the talented TheFicChick – Departures, The Purple Banana Hammock, to name a few – you will know that this author seems to have a special knack for creating a dreamy, sweet Edward. Edward in The Practicum is so adorable with his blush and his endearing personality: he is shy, a bit reserved, swoonworthy, sports-minded, intelligent,  funny, romantic, sweet and sexy, and also trying to start life afresh in a new town.

Coach Cullen is the replacement Phys Ed teacher at Forks High School, and everyone is excited – students and teachers, alike – that they have a young, hunky, new male teacher on staff now. English teacher, Bella Swan, it would seem is the lucky one, though, according to her friends and colleagues…

Excerpt – Chapter One

“Youuuuu lucky bitch,” Jessica mutters around the salted rim of her margarita glass and I laugh.

“I beg your pardon?”

“You get to teach Sex Ed with Mr. Sex-on-Legs? Like I said, youuuuu lucky bitch.” She takes a generous slurp of her slushy drink and returns it to the table before snagging a corn chip from the black plastic basket between us and dunking it in the salsa.

“It’s not like I’m having sex with him,” I defend, even though the reality of teaching the ins and outs – so to speak – with the man doesn’t leave me completely unaffected.

Jessica shrugs. “Still, if I’d known the ol’ Clapper was going to keel over dead and be replaced by that fuckhot piece of man-meat, I’d have volunteered to be the female half of the Sex Ed lecture years ago.”

I take a small sip of my own frozen Friday night libation. “Perhaps God’s rewarding me for my selflessness,” I suggest and smirk when she glares at me.

“If you were truly selfless, you’d use this opportunity to give him my number.”

“Didn’t you already give him your number?”

She shrugs. “Maybe he lost it.”

I smile as Angela slides into the booth beside me. “Sorry, sorry, I’m late, I know, I suck.” She dumps her purse on the floor beneath the table and shrugs out of her coat as the waiter appears beside the table. “I’ll have one of those,” she says, gesturing toward Jessica’s and my glasses. “Frozen and salted.” As the waiter disappears, she retrieves a chip from the basket. “What’d I miss?”

“Bella gets to teach Sex Ed with Edward Cullen,” Jessica bemoans and Angela pops the chip in her mouth, nodding.


I roll my eyes again. “You guys. It’s a health class, not a demonstration.”

Damn, really? Well, that’s too bad, Bella, but maybe as time goes on, and Edward and Bella get to know each other, learn about each other’s pasts, what interests they share and would like to experience in life, and teach this challenging Sex Ed class together – which seems almost like foreplay for them, lol – that might change? 😀

Excerpt – Chapter 9

“How’s it going with Edward?”

The smile on my face is involuntary, and she matches it. “It’s going well,” I say, toying absently with the cardboard collar around my cup. “Really well,” I add, and she grins at the highway.

“He seems very sweet.”

“He is.” I want to tell her about second base and ex-girlfriends and diner breakfasts, but I don’t know where to start, and there’s something about the honesty and simplicity of dating Edward that I don’t want to compromise by analyzing it with someone else, even if that someone else is as easygoing as Angela.

“I’m glad.” Her complete refusal to push for details, however, makes me want to tell her. “I meant it when I said we were taking it slow,” I say haltingly, and she nods at the windshield.

“That’s good,” she says. “Getting to know each other.”


“So…what are you getting to know?”

“That he’s a really good kisser,” I say with the barely-disguised glee of a fifteen-year-old, and my friend’s smile widens.


“You said it.”

*Le sigh* Yeah, he is a memorable Sweetward, and I love reading how they are slowly exploring their relationship, really getting to know each other, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. If you enjoy a sweet, romantic story that will make you smile and swoon, then this delectable WIP is for you! And, of course, as TheFicChick says, “Rating: M. Because why else do we do this?” We are 9 well-written, fun, amusing and stimulating *wink* chapters in, and it updates regularly. Enjoy!


Countdown to V-Day 2013 - prompt challenge banner


I’d also like to mention some Valentine’s reading sweetness found in the Countdown to V-Day 2013 – prompt challenge hosted by Breath-of-twilight . There are some real Sweetwards found in several of these I have read so far, and some great authors presenting them. I am going to give you the challenge information, and then I will spotlight a few I have enjoyed…

Yet another addition to the countdowns. Many different authors, lots of fun and smexy one shots, and the continuation of the collaborated story ‘An Identity for Christmas’. Be sure not to miss out on this one. The month of love doesn’t get any better than this 🙂

Rated: Fiction M – English – Chapters: 9 – Words: 48,114 – Reviews: 170- Favs: 62 – Follows: 128 –  Updated: 02-07-13 – Published: 01-17-13 – id: 8916847

Introduction to the Countdown to V-day 2013- prompt challenge.

This countdown will post anonymously, all ones shots based off of prompts given to the writers. There will be one HINT at the end of the one shot as to who the author is. You guess, and hopefully u know your authors well and you get it right. If not, you get to learn a new fun fact about some of your favorite authors, and also find some new authors to check out….

Each author was given a different prompt, thus leaving you, the reader, with many different genres and styles of writing to read this February- ENJOY!


So, like I said above, I have read some of these romantic treats, and here are a few that made me smile…


He Loves Me . . . He Loves Me, Not

Prompt: Flowers

Summary: One girl. One boy. Best friends from childhood. One of them harbours a secret crush on the other, secretly pining away for the possibility that one day they’ll be together.

I wasn’t certain who wrote this, but it was lovely; sweet and hot! Childhood besties Bella and Edward were adorable characters and the daisy was the chosen flower, which is also my favourite flower. I loved how the author incorporated it throughout the story and made it so special for this Sweetward to make the perfect ending. I have to say, I would love to read more of this Sweetward…their college years, maybe? Does she go to Dartmouth with him?



Prompt: Freaky

Title: Hometown Hottie

This story was so cute, it made me giggle, and I thought pretty fun and creative. Bella and Alice work at  Freaky Pete’s diner and they are trying to win this contest, so Bella can capture the Hometown Hottie! *taps chin…I wonder who that might be?* 😉

The Hometown Hottie was a radio contest that everyone was following it seemed. 106.1 Kiss FM had started the contest two weeks ago to gear up for Valentines Day. The premise was simple. They gave three clues a day about an anonymous single bachelor residing in the Seattle area. The clues hinted at appearance, likes and dislikes, favorite places to go, personality and so forth. The listeners then had to try to find the Hottie based on the clues provided. If you thought someone was the Hottie you had to approach the person, kiss them and ask verbatim “Are you the 106.1 Kiss FM Hometown Hottie.” If you were right you would win a seven day trip for two to the Caribbean with the Hottie and $5000.00 spending money.

Wish I could capture me a Hometown Hottie for Valentine’s Day! lol



Love Among the Vines

Prompt: Wine

Summary: He’s always wanted her but in one twist of fate he fears he may be too late. Will Edward have the courage to tell Bella how he feels? Will they find love among the vines?

We have an adorable, shy, sweet Edward in this little story, and a lovely Bella. I really thought Wineward was wonderful. Both Bella and Edward work on Cullen Crest Winery and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, so is Annual Love Among the Vines Spring Dinner. But how will Wineward spend the day? Will he finally be able to tell, “…Bella, the girl who starred in a majority of [his] fantasies…” that she really is his special Valentine? Or will he have to watch her dine with someone else? I was totally rooting for Sweetward through the whole story!

There are now 7 Valentine’s stories to read, with a new one posting each day, and I know more sweet goodness to come. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day! MC


Look at those delightful digits dipped in decadence!

Death by Chocolateward anyone?

*Talented Maker is Unknown to us*

*The Talented Maker is Unknown to us*

Don’t be shy ladies. Share your finger lickin’ good stories with us.

The FicSix



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  1. mauigirl60

    What great recs this week, MC! Ally Vera, I’m Flagging Perfectly Imperfect as an ePub for my reader; the same goes for Cared’s review of Boycotting Valentine’s Day. I’ve had those on my list but never read them. I do have the WIPs on alert and I am also following that breath-of-twilight Valentine’s challenge. I love a Sweetward. Happy Friday, ladies!! xox

  2. Eek!! Sweetward!! I can’t wait!! And am loving the Countdown to V-Day Challenge!! 😀

  3. Oh my!!!! You gorgeous Fic Girls have outdone yourselves this week! I’m giddy about them and there’s only one I haven’t read! GAH! Sweetward…so swoony.

    I love them all, such a dreamy bunch of Edwards! The Other Side of the Fence and The Practicum both have me hooked and I could read Caught Looking and Boycotting Valentines Day over and over, but I’ve never read Perfectly Imperfect -and that’s about to be remedied!

    Cared-I have to praise that delicious choccy banner, full of Rob goodness!

    I’ve been lost in Pure Revelations haze this week. I’m still thinking it through and enjoying mulling it over days after I’ve finished it. Such a good story and so deserving of the praise being heaped upon it.

    Happy FanFicFriday and enjoy reading Sweetward ladies!


  4. rita01tx

    Got to share this very sweet Edward with you! It’s a one-shot, but…Wow!
    Isabella’s first assignment for her new job brings her into the little corner café that is owned by Edward. Can her zany tee-shirts and his creative cupcakes draw them together? **First Place Public Vote – Twilight Post Secret Challenge
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella & Edward – Words: 15,000 – Reviews: 54 – Favs: 188 – Follows: 36 – Published: 12-14-11 – Status: Complete – id: 7636310

  5. ilovealion

    Great post, ladies! I’m so happy to have a place to find great Recs now that I’m reading again. My TBR list is as long as HHP, but I plan to remedy that ASAP.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweetward banner and the Edward dipped in chocolate, Cared. Nom nom.

    Thanks for the support of PR Wiltshire Glo. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much.

    Let me dive into one of these Sweetwards.

  6. rita01tx

    Oh, Lord! The Edward in LayAtHomeMom’s story, In Your Room, is not only sweet, he’s fuckHAWT, devoted to Bella and…absolutely lethal!
    After years of bedroom boredom with Missionary Mike, can Bella find the sexual salvation she’s seeking in the arms of campus hottie, Edward Cullen? Rated M for Edward’s dirty mouth, Bella’s inner whore, embarrassing situations and lemons galore…

    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 22 – Words: 101,577 – Reviews: 2,151 – Favs: 1,483 – Follows: 2,428 – Updated: 02-07-13 – Published: 11-01-12 – id: 8664104

    If this excerpt from chapter 21 doesn’t have you runnin’ to read it…
    Now normally I call Edward ‘The Gent’ because he is just a real smooth, polite mother fucker. I would never think that he would be capable of getting into a fight, and if he did it would probably start with him smacking someone across the face with white gloves and saying “How dare you, sir!”

    As I look at him now, I know that’s not the case. Not by a long shot.

    “Another one of Cullen’s girls is down on her knees.” That punk, bitch Alec says loudly as Felix helps Bella up and into the bedroom.

    Other than the laughs of Royce and his friends, the room is dead silent. So long as I live, I will never forget this. I’ve seen some scary shit in my life, Emmett’s frame of mind right now being one of them. But when I see Edward turn around, I know for a fact that he is the coldest motherfucker I’ve ever met. And the next words out of his mouth are said low, but lethal.

    “Fuck ’em up!”

    And with that, he steps out of Em’s way and slowly stalks over to Alec.

    Oh Lawd, we’re going to jail tonight I think to myself as I shake my head surveying the chaos around me.

  7. kleomary

    Hello Ladies!!! Thank you so much for the lovely recs!!!! I am already following some of the stories, they are so good!! Especially the story ‘The other side of the fence” is one of my favourite wip’s at the moment.

    After reding this week’s recs about Sweetward there is this story that came to my mind ‘Practice to deceive’ by Livie79
    In the beginning Edward is an As*holeward in full force and mission, but as the story proggress he becomes the sweetest thing.It is a great story and by the end I was in love with him.

    But I have to say that one of my favourite Sweetwards-FuckHotwards-Perfectwards in every aspect is in the story “Terms and conditions apply” by TheSaintsMistress
    Great story with an amazing Edward.

    So thank you all once again for the great recs.

  8. edwardseternal1

    Wow – thank you for including Fenceward in this weeks rec! And GingerandGreen – totally forgiven! What a great review … and I picked up some new reading material as I always do with this awesome site and you ladies great recs- thanks again!

    • Thank you edwardseternal for writing such fantastic Edwards for us. I’m really enjoying Fenceward and ChefGirl at the moment. That ladder was a great investment!

      Glad you found some new fics here. Happy Friday!

  9. This was excellent. You have some of my favorite WIPs in there – Sex-Edward from The Practicum and Fenceward from The Other Side of the fence. You’ve also given me some smokin hot sweetwards to add to my tbr list. Plus Edward and Chocolate pic. Mmmm.

    Thanks for the reccs and have a great weekend.

    • With your fabulous name chocaholic123, you must feel very at home here today LOL. We are glad you’ve picked up some new Sweetwards and please feel free to share your recs with us – Sweetwards or Otherwards.

      Thanks for commenting chocaholic123!

      Have a delicious weekend!

  10. Love the recommendations, ladies. I try to stay away from WIPs, but I make an exception for Edward’s Eternal and a few others. I love her Fenceward and Chefgirl, and I am also reading Marvar’s ‘Caught Looking’.
    I’m going to add the rest to my TBR list which is impossibly long and getting longer.

  11. Thanks Jayme. I understand about WIP’s too Jayme. I know I have too many on the go but then I see a rec and I think ‘just one more’. LOL

    Have a sweet weekend!

  12. Thank goodness, Edwardseternal – but somehow I knew you’d forgive me. I’m getting worse and worse at leaving reviews, but I hope the recs I give here make up for it a little.

    What a lot of sugar in this week’s post! All of the Sweetwards sound delicious and I can’t wait to taste the ones I haven’t read yet. Rita, I’m pretty sure we have the same taste in fic, as I have read and adored both of the stories you described today. I am still perspiring from the latest update of In Your Room!

    Don’t you all love Cared Cullen’s chocolatey Sweetward banner? The FicSix had such fun with that this week. Cared’s already created something beautiful to head up next week’s post, and I know none of you will want to miss the fantastic surprise we have prepared for you. Make sure you are following us, because you really don’t want to miss it.

    😀 Happy Valentines day everyone!

  13. Sus

    I just read, and caught up with “The Other Side of the Fence,” and I’m loving it! They both have so many secrets, and she is very damaged, but he is so sweet and caring! Of course, his secrets haven’t been totally revealed yet, but hopefully, she will understand!


  14. Hey Ladies!

    I am late to the party today – the issues of living in the Southern Hemisphere – I am either very early or very late.. LOL

    First of all, fab banner Cared!! Love it 🙂

    Even though I raved on above, but honestly, Perfectly Imperfect’s Edward makes me swoon – and he is certainly on my top Edwards list. He is proof that Edward doesn’t have to be a millionaire (or billionaire) and drive an Aston Martin to be pretty much the perfect man. Actually he can drive a Chevy Tahoe *winks*.

    But if I had to rec another Sweetward I would go with Edward in Major Misconduct (BPOV) and it’s companion story Coincidental Major (EPOV):

    I loved these two HS stories with this gorgeous Hockey playing Edward. He adores his girl, that is for sure! And yes, I have a thing for Hockeywards.. Big Hockeyward (from TMOBS) and Little Hockeyward from the stories above are also on my favourite Edward list!

    Have a wonderful week, everyone and I hope you all get spoilt for Valentines Day!

    AV xox

  15. lovinrob1

    A luscious covered in chocolate one shot I’d like to recommend is Decadent Temptation by amandac3, my wonderful beta surprised me with this one shot for my birthday and I couldn’t have gotten a better present… Summary: Chocolate, paintbrushes and a naked body. When Edward is left high and dry by his go to girl, in steps Bella. Will Edward be able to maintain his professionalism or will he give in to the decadent temptation standing before him? A birthday one-shot written for my beta, LovinRob. EPOV ’cause that’s how I roll….

  16. Hi ladies, sorry I am late with post replies, had some RL stuff to deal with yesterday, but wanted to say I absolutely ❤ this post. I can't get enough Sweetward, and I started Caught Looking, Ilovealion – I am loving it! TY *swoon* So many great recs, and Cared is so talented with her banners; beautiful! Happy Valentine's!

    I was thinking about all the Sweetwards I've read, and another one that came to mind was Edward in From This Day Forward… He was so selfless, and loved Bella so uconditionally.

    • OMR MC, we have such similar taste. I actually mentioned From This Day Forward on Bookish Temptations yesterday. That Edward is definitely a Sweetward!

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