Random Rita ~ You’ve Ruined Me Now!

Wet Rob Avi

Well, hell!

First thing that flashed through my mind when I saw this gif of Rob walkin’ out onto the stage for his first interview with Jay Leno in 2008 was the Nora Jones song, “You’ve Ruined Me Now!”

‘Cause Rob has completely ruined us all for any other man! Those of us with significant others hide this fact, where possible LOL!

When it’s not possible, said significant others reap the “benefits!” LMAO!!!

Check out the bouncin’ SexHair! *THUD!*


And the sexy, panty-meltin’ RobSmirk *hOOrMoan!*, AND the blessed open shirt!!! ChestHairPorn *DED!*

Nobody set this song to better visuals of Rob than our beloved PetitBiel!

Happy Thursday, y’all!


Night Raider



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51 responses to “Random Rita ~ You’ve Ruined Me Now!

  1. Happy Thursday Indeed. Totally swoon worthy. Thankyou, you have made my day xx

  2. I do believe I just experienced brainfog!!! LOL As I came back to mental clarity, I realized I was waving my arms in the air trying to clear away the fog – but – it wasn’t real – it was all in my head!!! My fingers were even tingling from running them through all that chest and bedhead hair!!! That gif just put me right in the middle of Rob fog!!! I loved every second of it. Thanks for the experience and sharing.
    P.S. This just might be my new favorite site to cruise around in!!! You guys are awesome!!!! 😀 ❤
    P.P.S Brainfog is real. According to Webster's, Brainfog (or cognitive dysfunction as it is more professionally termed) is a state of mental fuzziness or confusion that is generally caused by an underlying health issue. My underlying health issue is Rob addiction!!! O.O

    • rita01tx

      LMAO! Thanks, Sparkledamnu darlin’! We have lots of fun here on RA and you’re more’n welcome to perv with us any time!
      (Hey, RF!! Sparkle just gave us a new word for your RobDictionary ~ Rob Fog!!)

  3. Clairebamboozle

    Hey Rita, another random post, yum yum yum.
    Gah! The glint in his eye. He so owns the space around him; confident and sexy, we never stood a chance did we? Gonners from the get go…and what a way to go!
    Loving these big ole gifs .
    Thanks honey x

  4. mississippibellalis

    Dang it, Rita, you broke my concentration! hehe Rob can flip it, curl it, or dippity-do it. Fluff it, scruff it, straighten or set it. Dye it, neglect it, Mohawk or dread it. But, please, Rob, don’t mullet it.

  5. kleomary

    I just love it Rita!! The hair, the neck, the chest,the smirk,the light in his eyes….( Oh My God…my mind is completely in the gutter right now) … he is the definition of SexyWalkingPorn, he is just perfect!!
    And I totally agree with you in everything you wrote about our significant others LOL

  6. edwardsvamptramp69

    He’s just purrfect…………YUM! That smirk does me in every single time. *dreamy sigh*

    Thanks, Rita!

  7. That was sooooo hot!!! God the good ole’ days:-) he is such a beast in all of these early photos and interviews. I truly believe he is the single sexiest thing I’ve ever seen! Thank you for that! Y’all have made my day!

    • rita01tx

      I miss those early days, too, BB! The scruff, the head toss, lip bite, hands through his hair constantly tousling’ it even MORE, the struttin’ of those looong sexy legs, the sex boots, the sexpenders, the rip-kneed button-fly jeans…the list is endless *groan!*

  8. Thank you so much Rita for posting one of my favorite videos of Biel’s!! I had not heard of that song until I saw the video back when she first released it, and downloaded it immediately so I would continue that feeling when I hear that song come up on rotation on my music library. I think of Rob every time. 🙂

    And the video…Mmmm. It has everything in it. The “18 seconds of heaven”, the tongue flitter, Cannes 2009, Rome 2008, and more. Watching that video makes this drought a little more bearable. I wish I had figured out a way to save Biel’s videos when they were available.

    • rita01tx

      Katiebirdie darlin’! Remind my RobFogged bwainz what “18 seconds of heaven” is/was?
      As for Biel’s vids, they are still all out there, if you know how to stalk her, and I do LOL! Just saved all 9 parts of her 100% Robert Pattinson Content: Pure Unadulterated Bliss series to my fan vids board on Pinterest. Oh, yeah, and her Rehab for the Robsessed vid ~ our RobAnthem LMAO!

    • *High Fives katiebirdie* I do the exact same thing when I hear that song LOL.

      Thanks for the memories Rita!

      • rita01tx

        Carrie, darlin’! Biel used the coolest songs for her vids, didn’t she? I forget the artist, but my favorite was Part 4 – Lovin’ in my bb’s eyes! Mighta been the steel drums that gave it that carribean/calypso beat that makes me bounce in my chair!

  9. eewee333

    OMG! The scruff and the jaw and chest and hair. OMG! I’m not getting any work done this week Rita. But that’s OK, I’d rather just stare at The Pretty all day anyway. Keep em coming bb!

  10. Lovely post,but I can’t see the video.I just wanna run my fingers through his hair,maybe pull a little.dam I love him.

  11. I don’t know if it’s ok to do this here but I’m taking my chances:-) y’all all need to go read quietdrabbles new fic the lake house!!!! It’s so fantastic! I just can’t belive it only has 40 reviews as of right now. It’s an in-progress story, but she’s never abandonned one yet! Seriously go read it it’s great!

    • rita01tx

      Absofuckinglutely, it’s OK! But I couldn’t find quietdrabbles in the FF Author search…you sure that’s the name she’s usin’? You got a link otherwise?

      • Hey guys idk why I put an s on the end of that authors ne! It’s quietdrabble no s! Sorry:-)!

        • rita01tx

          Found her! I’ll put on the link so it’s easier to share!
          Life turned out nothing like expected for Isabella Marie. A trip to Seattle, she can’t explain, led her to buy a book she’ll never read, a book she could have easily written because she was there sixteen years ago. Memories morph into reality again when Isabella is finally faced with the ghost of her past. Will she find the answers she seeks, or will disappointment lie ahead?
          Twilight – Rated: M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Chapters: 3 – Words: 8,140 – Reviews: 43 – Updated: 2-7-13 – Published: 1-30-13 – Bella & Edward
          Really like the sound of the summary so Imma check it out! Thanks, Robszombie!

  12. exaltada

    OHMYSEXGOD!! Holy f*ck!!! Why, why I watched that gif?? Now, I´m ruined too :((
    (thanks *whispering*)

    • rita01tx

      Exaltada, darlin’! {HUGS!} Looks like you’re all caught up now LOL!
      Now that you are as ruined as the rest of us, I consider this a very good day *gigglesnort!*

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